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MILF Sex Bundle

Many young men fantasize about older women, MILFs that they wish they could bang, but few get to sleep with the ones they desire most. In this sexy 5-pack bundle of MILF stories, five young men will have their wildest fantasies realized with sexy, mature, experienced women who are driven mad with lust.

Included in this volume are:

THE POOL BOY AND THE MILF: Tommy has a thing for MILFs — and Mrs. Williams is going to show him just how hot MILFs can be!

THE DELIVERY BOY AND THE MILF: Bicycle courier Geoffrey is called into Cassandra’s office to talk about just how he can satisfy the MILF’s every need.

THE FRAT BOY AND THE MILF: Jason is a frat boy obsessed with MILFs. Jane is a MILF who gets no sexual satisfaction in her marriage. What starts as an innocent photoshoot soon turns into an experience giving them both what they so desperately crave.

THE PAPERBOY AND THE MILF: What starts as the usual flirting soon escalates into tearing off clothes and Mrs. Miller showing eighteen-year-old Ryan just how phenomenal a bored housewife can be in bed.

THE CABANA BOY AND THE MILF: Eli works at a Mexican beach resort and has only one thing on his mind — banging a hot MILF vacationing without her husband — but his slimy boss seems determined to get in his way.

MILF Sex Bundle is a 22,600 word collection of previously published MILF erotica stories.

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The sound of the back door turns my attention back to the house. Mrs. Williams is walking toward me with a tray containing a pitcher of lemonade and two glasses.

“You’re looking a little hot, Tommy,” she says, with a warm smile. “Thought you might need a drink to cool you down.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Williams, I definitely do.” I lay the net down on the deck and join her at the poolside table. She places the tray down and pours lemonade into the glasses. When she hands me my glass, our fingers touch and I get a sudden jolt to my dick. It was a passing touch, harmless, but with where my mind is right now, it’s an incredible turn on.

I chug back half the glass, hoping the cold lemonade will cool the inferno of my building lust. Then I watch her take a dainty sip from her glass and then follow a bead of perspiration as it rolls down her neck and into the hollow of her cleavage.

She’s got a tight, white T-shirt on, with what looks like a floral bikini top beneath. Her outfit is finished off with cut-off jeans that ride high on her tanned thighs.

The lemonade is doing nothing to cool me down. My cock is at full attention, surely tenting my shorts if I would dare to look down.

Mrs. Williams quickly eyes me up and down and lets out a soft chuckle. My cheeks warm with a blush of embarrassment — I know she saw my boner tenting my shorts.

“Call me Sharon,” she says, as she puts her glass down on the tray. She takes a moment to stretch, thrusting her chest toward me. My eyes lock on her tits and my mind empties.


She chuckles again and says, “You don’t need to call me Mrs. Williams. Sharon is nicer. It’s more … intimate.”

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Forbidden Desires: The Complete Series

There are some lines not mean to be crossed ... some desires that are forbidden. But try as one might, some taboos are simply too irresistible to hold sacred.

From a young man hooking up with his best friend’s dad, someone he’s always considered to be like a father, to a priest who engages in carnal sins with a parishioner, to a bombastic American president and his illicit love affair with an illegal Mexican rentboy ... these men explore the forbidden, indulging in their deepest, darkest desires.

Collected in one volume are three such stories — tales of forbidden passions and devious desires.

Forbidden Desires is a 78,000-word bundle that collects Seduced By My Best Friend’s Dad, Erotic Love and Carnal Sins: Confessions of a Priest, and The President And The Rentboy.

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Still not breaking eye contact with Richard, Jay willed his fingers back to life, massaging Richard’s upper thigh. With every squeeze of his fingers, he moved his hand half an inch closer to that patch of ball skin. With every passing moment, he felt the tension build in both of them, like he was waiting for Richard to call him a pervert or Richard was waiting for Jay to burst out laughing at the prank. But then his fingertips brushed against that warm, soft, wrinkled, hairy skin, and the tension deflated from both of them.

“Jay...” Richard said, his voice a mere whisper. It was filled with lust and need, happiness and contentment. He wanted this — needed this.

Jay brushed the skin, rubbing his fingers back and forth, then carefully worked his hand under Richard’s shorts and boxers. Soon he had one meaty ball rolling between his fingers. It was almost plum-sized, firm and round. He squeezed the ball lightly, tugged it gently, and Richard let out a low moan, falling back on his elbows on the rock, head cast back. Jay eased his other hand in the other pant leg and grabbed Richard’s other ball, giving it the same massage treatment. He rubbed both balls, smoothing out the skin, holding them firm in his grasp. The long bulge in the middle of the pile of fabric at Richard’s crotch twitched.

Shifting to grasp both balls in one hand, Jay slid his fingers reverently up the length of Richard’s cock, watching the man’s face for any reaction that this was going too far. But Richard was too far gone, too lost in the heat of the moment to ever say no — Jay knew he had Richard, that the man was putty in his hands, but that he had willingly and knowingly put himself there.

He still didn’t understand it — Richard was straight and married and the very fact that Jay was his son’s best friend should have put up some immediate boundaries, placed him off limits. But those boundaries were obviously being ignored. The almost father-son relationship they’d developed over the years also wasn’t a boundary that could stop them. If anything, that closeness only added to the intimacy of the moment. Jay was giving pleasure to the man he’d looked up to all these years.

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My Black Master: Gay Erotica Bundle

This hot and sweaty bundle collects all five of Sandra Claire’s gay prison erotica stories. Each throbbing volume follows the journey of Adam as he submits, obeys, and comes to depend entirely on Tyrone, his black master.

Included in this volume are:

SUBMITTING TO MY BLACK MASTER: It’s Adam’s first day in prison and he has Tyrone, a terrifying and sexy black Dom, as his cellmate!
PLEASING MY BLACK MASTER: Adam has happily been Tyrone’s submissive for the past week, an arrangement that’s kept him sexually satisfied and physically safe in his new life in prison. Today, though, he’s lusting for some of the other men he’s seen in the showers.
MY BLACK MASTER PROTECTOR: Not everyone in prison is happy with Adam submitting to Tyrone. Paco, one of the most dangerous men in prison, is determined to steal Adam and make him his own!
SHARED BY MY BLACK MASTER: To prepare for Adam’s upcoming release from prison, his Master has a new erotic task for him.
LUSTING FOR MY BLACK MASTER: Adam’s Master is finally released from prison, but the first thing Master asks is the question Adam doesn’t want to answer: “Did you behave while we were apart?”

WARNING: This 32,000-word short story collection contains several explicit sex scenes between a submissive twink and dominating, powerful, older men, that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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A heavy set of footsteps echoed up the range, coming our way. I looked at the cell door and saw a portly guard walk by, looking in our cell to ensure Tyrone and I were both inside. I made eye contact with the guard and he gave me a look of pity, a look that told me he knew I wouldn’t last long, and then he continued on, checking the rest of the cells. Ten minutes later, the lights went out in all the cells, leaving only a dim illumination from the corridor.

My heart pounded in my chest and I knew my eyes were bug-eyed. I tried to still my breathing to calm my entire body, so that I could listen for any movements below me. Would he do it tonight? After what felt like half an hour of total silence and stillness, my heart calmed and my eyes drifted closed. Maybe I would be okay.

Then I heard the rustle of fabric from the bed beneath me. I strained to hear any further sounds, but it was silent. Okay, he just rolled over.

I jerked and gasped when a hand landed over my mouth.

“Don’t scream, white boy.” Tyrone’s voice was low and harsh in my ear. “Now get on your fuckin’ knees.”

He released his hand from my face and I didn’t scream — I was too terrified to do so. I shuffled to the edge of the bunk and hopped down, but in my nervousness, I stumbled and fell to my knees in front of him. Something heavy and warm slapped my forehead.

Oh, God, it was his cock. And it was fucking huge!

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University Sex Encounters Bundle

This hot and sweaty bundle collects all five of Sandra Claire’s university-themed erotica stories. Each scorching entry features university students doing what they do best — getting hot and sweaty and hooking up at any chance they can get.

Included in this volume are:
SEDUCED BY MY PROFESSOR: A college jock gets seduced by his MILF professor when he asks for extra help.
SPANKED BY THE NAUGHTY LIBRARIAN: When Dale returns his books late, he gets a spanking from the naughty librarian.
SORORITY SEDUCTION: Jessica wants nothing to do with her ex, Josh, until she encounters him in his underwear.
PLEASING MY PROFESSOR: Vanessa will do anything for an A — anything.
DOING MY TUTOR: Lisa has been lusting for her math tutor for months now — and today, she’s ready to finally make the moves on this shy, timid man!

WARNING: This 22,300-word short story collection contains multiple explicit sex scenes between lustful university students, dirty professors, football stars, sorority members, and more and will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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Kevin reached out and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Professor Cameron called. Her honey voice, with just a bit of a husky edge, always went straight to his groin. He nudged the door open so she could see him. She leaned back in her chair, her short skirt riding up her crossed legs. “Ah, Kevin, nice to see you. What can I do for you?”

“I’m having a little trouble with yesterday’s assignment. I was hoping to get a little help,” he said. He tried not to stare at her milky thigh. She pointed at the only other chair in her cramped office and he sat down opposite her.

She looked at him over her thick-rimmed glasses. Kevin couldn’t quash the fantasy that she looked like a naughty librarian, especially with those glasses, that skirt, and the tight white blouse she wore that barely contained her large breasts.

“That’s what I’m here for, Kevin.” She bit her lower lip. “I’d love to help you with anything you need.”

Is she coming on to me? No...fuck...why would she want a stupid first year student like me? Fantasies of Professor Cameron had fuelled many masturbation sessions over the past few weeks; and every time she so much as looked in his direction, his first thought was always that she was hitting on him.

But his runaway imagination didn’t explain why she squeezed her arms together just slightly, pushing her chest out. Her heavy, melon-sized tits strained at the fabric, the buttons holding her blouse closed nearly snapping off.

Kevin watched the gap at the center of her blouse—there was no sign of a bra underneath. He swallowed hard and cleared his throat, then forced himself to look up, to make eye contact.

“I’m glad you came in, Kevin. Your last quiz didn’t go so well, and it was basic anatomy.” She uncrossed her legs and parted them slightly, her dark skirt rising just a little higher. The skin of her inner thighs was smooth and shiny, drawing his eye up toward her crotch.

“Yeah, I just—I just don’t seem to get it that easily,” he said, voice cracking a couple times. It was difficult enough to concentrate on the subject matter when he was in Professor Cameron’s classroom, along with a hundred other people. But in the warm, cramped space of Cameron’s tiny office, concentration was just damn near impossible. Professor Cameron was like a wet dream come true. God knows how many times he’d jacked off to fantasies of her.

“What area are you struggling with right now?” she asked.

Kevin couldn’t stop the blush that heated his cheeks. He looked down at the papers clutched in his hand and then up at her again. “Um, the, uh...sex organs.” He put his papers down on the desk, to show her the diagram of a cross-section of the female reproductive system. “I’m, uh...unfamiliar with it and I’m struggling with memorizing it.”

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Forced Encounters

This hot and sweaty bundle collects all six of Sandra Claire’s gay erotica stories. Each throbbing story features a randy young man who gets himself into a dangerous situation — a situation that quickly evolves into the most mind-blowing gay sex these young men have ever experienced.

Included in this volume are:
FORCED SUBMISSION: Matty finally understands why Scott has bullied and picked on him his whole life.
FORCED ENTRY: Desperate for money, Dylan makes the wrong choice when he breaks into a gay dom’s house.
FORCED TO TAKE IT: Christian risks it all to hit on the straight cowboy at the country bar.
FORCED IN PUBLIC: A flight to Australia lands Kyle in the Mile High Club with two older men. *** This story is banned on Amazon and is not included in the bundle on Amazon. If you want to read this story, please purchase this book on any other site. ***
TAKEN BY FORCE: Caught buying weed, Craig will do anything if the cop will let him off with just a warning.
FORCED BY MY COACH: Coach Brown has had enough of Kevin and his disrespectful attitude, and tonight he’s going to get exactly what he’s been craving.

WARNING: This 28,000-word short story collection contains multiple explicit sex scenes between dominant Alpha men and the submissive men who live to serve them and will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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Matty grabbed his backpack and shoved his papers into it, then stacked up the books he still needed to go through. He looked up at the other table again and found it empty. Scott’s stuff was still there, but the man was not. Matty gasped and frantically looked around—was the beat-down coming?

“Dude,” Scott said from behind him.

Matty whipped around, the table and chair clattering loudly in the funereal library. He glanced around, hoping the sudden noise had caught the attention of another student, or maybe Jennifer, but no one was there. It was just Matty and Scott, surrounded by books, on the attic-like third floor of the library.

Matty looked up at Scott, taking in his incredible body, framed by slim jeans and a tight shirt, until he finally met the man’s eyes.

“Yeah?” Matty said, voice quivering.

Scott still had an intense look on his face, but it didn’t seem to be all rage and hatred anymore. Matty couldn’t figure it out, but it still terrified him.

Oh God, oh God, oh God, is he going to kill me?

Scott leaned forward and Matty leaned back—so far that the edge of the table jabbed into his back and he still kept folding himself back as far as he could go. Scott still moved closer. Matty could smell the man—a heady mix of his deodorant and personal musk. And a strong whiff of that made him lightheaded, but only for a moment. Finally, Matty couldn’t lean back any further, yet Scott still pressed on.

Soon, their bodies were touching, Scott’s thick chest pressed against Matty’s lean, twink body. And then Scott’s lips brushed Matty’s ear. Like a live wire, Matty felt a jolt, a shock from the touch. His body jumped, bumping harder against Scott’s solid form.

And then Scott stopped leaning forward. He whispered, “Why the fuck do you have to do this to me, you little shit?”

That felt like the precursor to a beating. Matty squirmed, trying to get away, but he was caged in by Scott’s chest and his massive arms, bracing the table on either side of Matty. He panicked, his heart racing and his mind going just as fast, but pushing through that was his erotic imagination—he was entrapped by this hunk, this bad-ass bully. What if...what if Scott were to kiss him?

Matty shook his head, trying to knock that absurd thought out. Not only did Scott hate Matty with every fibre of his being, but the man was also straight. Matty almost never saw him without a girl under his arm.

“What are you shaking your head for?” Scott said, still whispering in Matty’s ear. His breath was hot, making Matty’s ear moist. “Are you saying you don’t want this?”

“Wh—what? Want what?” Am I being asked if I want a beating?

“Don’t you fags want any cock you can get?”

Matty turned his head, almost bashing his nose against Scott’s. “What?”

Scott stared at him, his gaze travelling down Matty’s face until it rested on his lips. Now he knew what that other intense emotion was—he could see it now. Lust. Scott was fucking lusting for him.

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Cougar Encounters

This hot and seductive bundle collects all five of Sandra Claire’s cougar stories. Each raunchy story follows the sexy romps of older women on the prowl for masculine and muscular younger men and shows that mature women are really what those young jocks crave.

Included in this volume are:
COUGAR ON THE PROWL: Single mom Susan is lusting after her son’s best friend and decides to embark on a risky plan to seduce the younger man.
COUGAR IN HEAT: Jesse expects his friend’s mom, Melissa, to be a buzzkill when she joins him and the guys on a ski trip, acting as a chaperone. But then she shows up naked in the sauna.
COUGAR ON PATROL: Stuck in a dead-end job and eternally single, Rachel risks it all in pursuit of the young man who’s working late in the office.
COUGAR’S CATCH: Nancy’s car breaks down on a lonely highway. When the hot young tow truck driver shows up to the rescue, her already-high libido kicks into overdrive.
COUGAR ON THE HUNT: Julian’s heard all the rumors about naughty Samantha, the cougar who works out at the college gym. Tonight, he discovers the rumors are true.

WARNING: This 21,000-word short story collection contains multiple explicit sex scenes between younger men and the mature women who crave them and will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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He started up the truck and we put on our seatbelts. The radio came on and quietly played a country song. He put his left hand on the steering wheel, shifted into drive, and then put his right arm over the top of the seats, casually turning toward me as he drove. I could see his armpit hair through the sleeve of his shirt—there was nothing hotter than a hairy man.

“I’m Bobby,” he said, “I should’ve introduced myself earlier.”

“I’m Nancy. Thanks again for coming to my rescue.” I tried to force my gaze onto the road as we drove, but instead I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, off his strong neck and shoulders, the compact muscle beneath his sweat-soaked shirt, and, if I wasn’t imagining things, the bulge at the fly of his jeans.

“Ain’t no trouble. Especially for a pretty woman like you,” he said.

I felt my cheeks grow hot with a blush. I tried to hide it by giggling and holding a hand in front of my face, but I think he knew exactly what was going on. He smiled at me and looked at the road. I let my hands fall in my lap and my damn horniness took hold—I started pressing the heel of my palm against my crotch, pushing against my pussy through my skirt, hoping to give myself just enough satisfaction until I was home and could break out the vibrator.

Bobby took his arm off the top of the seats and let his hand fall in his lap, pressing his hand against his bulge. It felt like the world slowed down as I watched him, almost in utter disbelief that this was happening. Me, a mature woman, masturbating in the car with some young hunk I didn’t even know.

But Bobby reminded me so much of Todd that my mind just wasn’t working properly. I watched Bobby and decided that he was at least ten times hotter than Todd. But I knew I was just so horny that even if there wasn’t that resemblance to Todd, I’d still be careening down this path.

I looked down at his bulge—which he was still massaging—and found it had grown considerably. Bobby had to be huge down there.

I knew I shouldn’t go forward with this, but I just needed sex so badly and Bobby seemed to want it, too. Even if this just ended in me giving him a little road head, it might be enough to sate my desires until I could properly take care of myself.

He slipped his hand under the waist of his jeans and groped himself. I lifted my skirt up to my hips, exposing my black lace panties to him, and slipped my fingers under my underwear. I ran my fingers along the length of my folds, my fingers already wet from my moist pussy.

The truck jerked a bit as he tried to straighten his driving, but his eyes were almost entirely on me. I’ve never felt so emboldened, so brazen. I grabbed my skirt and panties and pulled them down to my ankles, and then kicked them off. I bit my lip nervously and sat back in the seat, waiting to see what Bobby would say or do.

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