Spanked By The Naughty Librarian

Dale has the hots for Stephanie, the university’s hot librarian, and purposely returns books past their due date just to get a rise out of her. Tonight is different. Stephanie’s patience with Dale has run out and she decides to take matters into her own hands and teach him a lesson. Pulling him into her office, she lays him over his knee and gives him a spanking he’ll never forget — and Dale soon discovers that he likes a little punishment.

WARNING: This 4,300-word short story contains an explicit spanking and sex scene between a young man and an older woman that will leave you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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She sighed with what seemed to be true exasperation. “If you don’t pay your fees, then how are you going to learn your lesson and start returning books on time?” She stuck out her bottom lip in a pout.

“Like I said before — email or text me with what’s due next week and I’ll bring it on Friday. You’ve got my info in my file.” I picked up my backpack and swung it over my shoulder. Our flirty conversation had pretty much died down; I needed to go find a couple books for my psych paper.

“I have another suggestion,” she said.


“Follow me,” she said, then turned and walked away from the counter. “Mark, watch the desk for a bit,” she said to her colleague, not waiting for a reply from him.

I quickly darted around the edge of the counter and followed her. I’d never been on this side of the counter, so I didn’t know what lay in the hallway Stephanie was headed toward. I caught up with her; she had her hand on a doorknob and watched me approach. There was a look in her eye that I couldn’t quite read. I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen — was she going to give me a dressing down? Was she going to come up with some sort of bullshit academic plan that focused on returning books on time? Or was my wild university boy libido correct and she truly had the hots for me? Fuck, I wish. It was probably a conversation about responsibility.

She opened the door and pushed it open. “Go on in,” she said.

I entered the room to find a small office with a couple chairs, a desk, and a pile of books and papers. The plaque on the door read, “Stephanie Loewen, Head Librarian.” So this was her private office. As I sat in the chair facing the desk, I did a quick visual scan of the room, looking for photos of a boyfriend or husband — but the only photo I could find was of a St. Bernard dog. Good sign, I thought. If my wildest fantasy would ever come true, it didn’t seem she was tied down with another guy.

She closed the door, but a second click sound caught my attention and I turned to see her locking the door. I couldn’t fight the swelling of my cock — my erection was returning full-force as my horny imagination ran wild. If this was just a conversation, then why was she locking the door?

She crossed the small space to sit in the big leather chair on the opposite side of the desk. She leaned back and crossed her legs, her skirt riding high on her thigh.

“We need to do something about your bad habit of returning books late,” she said. The playful flirty tone to her voice was gone — what was left sounded stern and strict. That didn’t kill my hard-on, though, as it only seemed to intensify the naughty librarian fantasy I had of her.

“Maybe I need a stern talking-to,” I said, slipping back into the flirty mode we had going on back at the counter.

Stephanie shook her head. “You need something a little more ... impactful,” she said.

I cocked my head, confused about where this was actually going. “Huh?”

She rolled her chair back several inches and sat up straight, uncrossing her legs. She patted her thigh. “Come here,” she said.

I blinked several times. What the fuck? Was my wildest fantasy coming true? “Uh...” was all I could manage to say. I was in shock over the sudden turn of events from fantasy to reality.

“Come here!” she snapped at me.

My eyes widened — maybe this wasn’t the fantasy I’d hoped for. But there was no mistaking the authority in her voice, so I stood up and came around her desk. I started to sit down in her lap.

“No,” she said. “You’re not sitting in my lap — you’re getting a good, solid spanking. Bend over my lap.”

My heart raced with a resurgence of lust. Fuck yes! Fantasy come true! She was going to give me a little paddling on my ass and then for sure we’d end up making out or something. I couldn’t stop grinning as I bent over her lap, ass-up.

She pulled my sweats and briefs down to mid thigh, the cool air of the office caressing my ass and my dick hanging free, resting against her skirt. Oh my fucking God — I was in sex heaven! I couldn’t believe the turn in my luck! Months of flirting and teasing and finally this is happening!


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