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Punishment (Punishing My Himbo Slut Brother #3)

Noah is finally on his way to his new apartment in time to start college for his ministry work. His older brother, Ark, is moving in with him as part of Noah's mission to save him from sin. This will be done through a punishment Noah has in store for Ark. By now, Noah completely sees Ark in a different light, and there's no turning back. It's the sinful kind of light that continues to arouse Noah like the Devil wants him to feel.

But the punishment isn't supposed to be permanent. It's meant to be a temporary way to steer Ark away from other men and have him be with just Noah, which could then steer Ark away from sin altogether as he becomes influenced by Noah's godly presence, enough to want to change his ways. After all, Ark is a himbo with a lack of faith, and he's very easy to persuade into doing whatever Noah wants.

However, it's not as simple as Noah thought. In fact, is it even possible when he continues to want Ark as more than just a brother? It's not about lust anymore. It's not just fulfilling Noah's suppressed sexual needs. Like Ark, Noah wants love too.

And he doesn't want it from anyone else.

Punishment is a 6,100-word short story.

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“Thanks for letting me live with you,” Ark said. Whenever he looked at me, it was in the same way one would when having a crush on someone. His greenish-blue eyes sparkled with the kind of emotion that told me I affected him in the greatest way. Topped with his red hair and lightly-freckled face, he really looked so much like me, a jock version than my skinny self.

But it was the Devil making him feel enamored with lust for his own brother. Satan continued to instill sinful thoughts about me in his mind, and I was here to repel the Devil out of him. Granted, this particular repellent wouldn’t be approved by most Christians, but I believed God would understand my special purpose since He knew the future before it even happened. If doing this ended up curing him, then how could that be wrong? God would’ve already known that.

I managed a little smile, ignoring my twitching boner. “You’re welcome. Just remember, though. It’s a studio apartment. What that means is there’s no bedroom. Well, not a divided one, anyway. Everything besides the bathroom is in one space.”

Ark formed a pensive expression, clearly not getting it.

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. You’ll see when you enter the apartment.”

“Okay.” He continued looking out the window.

I’d never hurt my big brother. This plan wasn’t pain or betrayal or anything bad like that. It was an eye-opener to get him to realize where his life had been headed. But since I wasn’t sure if it was a permanent fix, I decided to have him live with me forever. I was his savior. He needed me.

And I needed him.

“Noah, you’re suffering,” Ark said as he shifted his gaze to the front of my beige shorts. He frowned.

I lowered my eyebrows and attempted a sheepish chuckle. I’d just realize the huge wet spot from so much precum. Truthfully, Satan had gotten to me so hard that I was ready to burst. The unusual horniness was too much to bear because I’d never been in a situation like this before. While I hadn’t been turned on by Dad during our private moment together, I’d been turned on by Ark and hadn’t been able to get off yet.

Ark pulled something out of his pocket and showed it to me. It was a tiny bottle of lube. Why did he have that? What was he going to do with it? “I always take this with me in case of any emergencies, and it looks like you need to take care of that problem right now.”

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Release (Punishing My Himbo Slut Brother #2)

Noah continues on his mission to save his older brother, Ark, from living his secret life of sin by punishing him. Because Noah does ministry work, he believes God sent him to save Ark from the temptations of the Devil. As part of the punishment, Ark will be living with Noah in his new apartment while Noah goes away for college, just so that he's never able to continue living his sinful life. It does mean that Noah will have to succumb to the incestuous desires the Devil has instilled in him, but in turn, it'll steer Ark away from sex with other men.

Now, the brothers are ready to hit the road. But first, their father has a private concern to discuss that can't wait. So, Noah follows Dad to the backyard where they talk about Ark living a sinful life. Of course, Dad doesn't know the truth and believes it's women Ark is sleeping around with.

However, Dad has a private concern of his own, and it's affecting his life in ways Noah has never imagined. Because of his ministry work, Noah wants to help Dad take care of his personal problem, which is an agonizing frustration Dad is desperate to release.

But Ark also has his way of releasing Dad from this torturous frustration. Just because he's a himbo who isn't very bright doesn't mean he doesn't know how to come up with his own solution to alleviate Dad's pain.

Maybe both sons just need to show Dad how much they're willing to help him.

Release is a 4,300-word short story.

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I furrowed my eyebrows because I had no idea what Dad specifically meant. “What kinds of urges?”

“Well? Your mother hasn’t put out a single time since you were born.”

Goodness. Eighteen years without sex?

“She just completely lost interest and refused whenever I tried so much as to touch her. Turns out she never enjoyed being with me in that way, and she cried every time it happened. Just because I’m in charge doesn’t mean I’ll force myself on her, so I had no choice but to become celibate.”

Oh, Dad…

“And she hates it when I masturbate because she feels like it’s considered cheating on her, even though it’s obviously not. I’m so frustrated that I can’t think a lot of the times. But I have to respect her wishes and live the rest of my life without…you know…sex.” Dad had said that last word in a lower tone, his cheeks reddening. Maybe it wasn’t so much the word but the private thing he’d just admitted.

I frowned, still not knowing exactly what to say because this situation was so foreign to me. Would it apply to me too? I wasn’t gay at all because I refused to believe it, and my punishment for Ark didn’t mean anything but saving him from more sin. Also, Dad’s hand was still on my shoulder.

He sighed. “I pray about it every single day and night. You say God talks to you, right?”

I nodded, my sympathy for Dad growing enough to make my heart hurt a little. Why did all of us have to suffer? It was the mysteries of the unknown that only God could ever answer. “I can help you, Dad. Tell me anything you need from me, and I will alleviate all your frustrations by supporting you in any way I can. Just name it.”

He sighed, and for the first time in front of me, his eyes watered.

“Let it out, Dad. Stop listening to this toxic belief that men can’t cry and just cry in front of me. Your secrets are always safe with me, I promise. God’s telling me it’s okay, so do it. Cry.”

Within seconds, Dad shocked me by bursting into silent tears and wrapping his arms around me for a tight squeeze. We had so much privacy right now. No one could hear him because he fought any sound from coming out as the tears wet my shirt. No one could even see us because our privacy fence was high, our neighbors were very far apart, and open fields and woods surrounded us.

He looked at me but didn’t let go, sniffling while his face was drenched with tears. “Pray for me, Noah. I masturbate on occasion, but only in secret. She’s always by my side when I’m not at work, so I don’t have much privacy, not even in the bathroom. She’s a light sleeper, so I can’t even do it while she’s in bed unless I give her a sleeping pill or something. My job keeps me busy to where even using bathroom has to be quick. It’s why I can go up to a few weeks without doing it.”

I’d never known that, but then again, why would I? It now made sense why Dad had been so cold and distant, especially moody. I was just as moody and frustrated but for a different reason.

“I’m going insane, son. Help me, please.” That pained look on his face.

I wasn’t sure if Satan was trying to seduce me again, but I found myself desperate to alleviate Dad’s pain in the most forbidden way. I sighed. “How can I help? Just say it. You will never weird me out with whatever it is, and whatever you share with me stays with me. I already made that promise to God as part of my ministry work, and I won’t break that oath.”

Dad swallowed, sniffling again. “Can I alleviate myself here?” He’d just never looked this distraught, ever. He was like a different person the longer we connected. He gave me hope that I could change his mind someday about disowning a gay son. I’d happily cure Ark of his homosexuality, but I’d eventually find a way to sway Dad never to disown him over it.

Desperate to cure Dad, I gave him a nod. “I already told you that whatever you need, just ask. I’ll do it. Anything.” Anything? Then again, Ark wasn’t the only one in need of my specialized help.

“You don’t think it’s wrong or weird?”

I shook my head, even though I wasn’t entirely sure. I chose to believe that ministry work required all forms of help, not just the traditional ones. If saving my father like this led him to become a better and happier man of God, then why not? “Do it, Dad. No judgments. Just do it.” I couldn’t believe my growing boldness over letting my ministry work get to my head.

He let go of me and paused, looking away with shame. Then, he gazed back into my eyes and unzipped his khaki shorts, pulling out his cock that I didn’t dare to look at, not that I was interested because I didn’t experience those kinds of feelings for him. That only proved to me that Satan seduced me with Ark because the situation was different. Dad simply needed to release like any man did. There was nothing gay about this.

He took a few steps, took his T-shirt off to reveal his smooth, slightly-flabby body that was still good for his age, like a dadbod-to-be but not quite. I only hoped he wouldn’t burn like a lobster like I typically did under this hot sun. He covered his cock by wrapping his shirt around it, and he quickly stroked while his gaze continued holding mine as if no longer ashamed to give me eye contact. “I have thoughts, Noah.” Probably of all sorts of naked women.

“No judgments, Dad.” Why would I, given my new experience with Ark?

“But…they’re thoughts I shouldn’t have.”

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Sin (Punishing My Himbo Slut Brother #1)

At eighteen, Noah is ready to start college soon to study ministry and do God's work. He's concerned about his older brother, Ark, who isn't really the brightest crayon in the box. Ark is basically a himbo, and his looks and intelligence show that quite accurately. This worries Noah because it means Ark isn't so faithfully strong on the inside since he parties hard and lives a life of sin.

But Noah discovers something even more concerning. Ark has been living a secret second life: bedding one man after another. What he does, their family would never, ever approve. In fact, they'd disown him for it.

However, Noah doesn't believe in eternal damnation for select sinners since a sin is a sin in God's eyes. He does believe in punishments, though. It's the only way to save Ark from more sin. And through Noah's mission to punish Ark for the filth he's partaken in, Noah is about to find out just how sweet this particular sin really is, enough to where temptation can lure him into a whole new world his curious mind has never imagined. But in this sinful world, Ark isn't just an older brother.

He's a beautiful man who can meet Noah's suppressed needs.

Sin is a 3,200-word short story and part one in a three-part series.

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“We all sin, though. Sin is sin in God’s eyes.”

“I disagree. But I get it. Ark’s your brother, so it makes sense you don’t want to accept this. Anyway, I have to go. See you in church. God bless you.”

“God bless you too.” I ended the call and stared at the text that contained nothing but the suddenly-infamous link. Our cozy little town in northern Wisconsin had no room for gays, so why would our family? Dad would disown Ark if all of this were true. He’d said so multiple times about hypothetically having a gay son, while he’d use corrective rape for a pretty and feminine lesbian daughter. I didn’t agree with the latter because it was disgusting and just wrong. Gay was gay regardless of gender, and they all had a chance to be righteous with God if they repented. I just prayed it was all a big misunderstanding and that Ark really wasn’t gay.

After staring at the link for a moment longer, I bit the bullet and tapped on the link to open the browser. Ginger The Jelloboy? But was that Ark’s face pic used on the profile? Red hair, greenish-blue eyes, lightly-freckled face…oh, goodness, it really was him, and with a horny expression I’d never seen. The fact that we strongly resembled each other was even more humiliating because I could almost see myself in his face, just that he was a jock like Dad used to be—Dad was still in good shape for his age, though. Meanwhile, my skinny body couldn’t fatten up no matter how much I ate, just like Mom. I was a lot taller than Ark too, about Dad’s height, so our faces were all we had in common.

And that bio? Why would Ark call himself a “buttslut jock with a used hole?” That was disgusting. This wasn’t right. Maybe it was a prank. Maybe someone had created this profile and used his pic.

I reluctantly clicked on the videos tab, and my eyes grew wide at a slew of video thumbnails popping up. What the… I rushed to grab my earbuds and plugged them into my phone. This needed a proper investigation. It was too important to ignore. I swallowed, not wanting to accept any of this. Maybe it really was a prank. Yeah, yeah. It had to be. Ark wasn’t the type to do this. I knew him my whole life!

I clicked on the latest free teaser and started the video clip. Loud pop music with horny female moans and sexually-vulgar lyrics played, startling me enough to quickly lower the volume. Ark’s big and smooth butt bounced like jello on a huge, Black cock, moaning in a tone I’d never heard before while saying, “Fuck me like a dirty slut.” What…? Then, a big, white cock pounded his butt in hard thwacks, making it jiggle some more, along with cock after cock after cock. Even a double penetration scene involving two Black guys! Finally, his face was jizzed on by a bunch of jocks in a chorus of loud groans, his tongue wiggling around as if hungry for it. The video ended with a caption that said to subscribe to his videos “for more sinfully sweet fun.” And it had all taken place in his room.

On the other side of my left wall.

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Bits of Boy Love: 8 Bite-Size Love Scenes

This is an anthology short of eight flash fiction stories about boys loving boys. Whether at their high schools or in their bedrooms, their private moments can get a bit too hot to handle. But romance always wins in this collection because it's what boyxboy love is all about. And what better way to celebrate boy love than with tasteful storytelling? Sometimes, less really is more.

Bits of Boy Love is a 5,500-word collection of flash fiction.

Publisher's note: Zay de Parco books are more steamy than explicit, but still very hot!

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He’s not just my first love; he’s my everything. Our families know, and they don’t like it very much. We’re not just different in many ways; we’re the same in one socially-triggering way: we’re both boys.

Since we’re high school seniors at eighteen, there’s not much they can do to stop us from meeting up. So, here we are at a cheap motel just outside of town. It’s amazing how a dump can seem anything but, just because of the meaning we bring to this place. I mean, the yellow-stained walls were probably white at one time, the poop-brown carpet looks worn, the dresser has chips and scratches, the TV on top of it is outdated, the hideous bathroom works when it wants to, and the lopsided bed with tacky bedding squeaks.

But I bet we’ll remember this forever. It’s where we lost our virginities to each other while wearing our promise rings.

Like all the other times, we do less talking because we can do that any other time. We’re kissing in each other’s arms while lying on the bed, clothes on the floor. He’s always on my right side because I’m left-handed. That comes in handy whenever we help each other out. I love his passionate kisses because of how they make me feel. I don’t just get excited and stimulated; I turn into a molten mess of saccharine goo. Our lower halves rub against each other, and they create the kind of friction that threatens us to finish too soon.

After a while, he breaks the kiss to smile at me. It’s not a normal smile, though; it’s the seductive kind that tells me I’m his and he’s mine. He continues his kisses. This time, he plants a trail of tender ones from my lips to my chin, and to my throat. He knows how to make me feel by kissing me this softly, goosebumps decorating my skin. He knows exactly what he’s doing because he wants me to want him. Not in a cocky way, of course.

Then, he kisses the right side of my neck and trails up to my jaw. Finally, he nibbles my earlobe. By now, I’m floating in the clouds. It may sound like a cliché, but it really does feel like that whenever he shows me this kind of passionate affection. Now, he licks my ear. His suction sounds when he swirls his tongue around tickle me in the best way, making me moan a little until I realize I should be quiet to avoid being heard from both sides of the wall.

He stops and stares at me, his eyeballs moving around just slightly to silently tell me that he’s admiring me. I only know this because he’s told me more than once. “You’re really beautiful. Both inside and out.”

My eyes flutter at the same time my heart does. He used to be a typical skinny nerd. Well, he kind of still is a skinny nerd, just not fashionably anymore. After we got together, he just changed on his own and started wearing nicer T-shirts and jeans. I never asked why because it didn’t matter to me. I would’ve never changed him. Why would I? I accepted him for him for a reason.

Me? I’m what you call an artsy jock. I like sports; I play and watch baseball. But I like art too, and I write poems and designs creatures on my drawing tablet.

He lightly traces my defined abs with his fingers, instilling a tolerably-ticklish sensation. When he reaches my taut left nipple and rubs it, he grins.

I breathe hard. “You know I’m sensitive.”

“I know.” But he continues anyway.

“But where do I…ungh…” A soft moan comes out of me.

He quickly gets on his knees in between my spread-out legs, and he starts bobbing his head with vigor. He rubs both my hard nipples while doing this, silently telling me he wants what he calls a very special part of me. He wants a taste of my sweet love.

I rest my hand on the back of his head and throw my head back against the pillow, eyes shut. I breathe harder, trying to control the intense sensation coursing through me, but I can’t. He knows it; that’s the point. And in just moments, Heaven crashes into me. My mouth opens, and I stifle a cry. Seconds pass, and I catch my breath.

He raises himself to his knees and licks his lips with a grin. Then, he snuggles into my arms and nuzzles my face with his. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

That was just the first half of our love round. Now, it’s his turn to relax and enjoy me doing the same to him. Afterward, we’ll carry on with our lives and try to make the best of it until we graduate from high school and go away together for college. We’re inseparable now. Why wouldn’t we be in the future? Heaven doesn’t just crash into me whenever we do what we just did; it crashes into me whenever I’m in the same room with him.

I guess this is what love really feels like.

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The Masked Master: The Complete Series Bundle

Eighteen-year-old Adrian is a virgin twink with a thing for older men. Particularly older, dominating men that require Adrian to submit.

Deciding to just go for it when an anonymous BDSM opportunity arises online—the kind of opportunity that is likely to fulfill every sexual desire Adrian has ever had—he ventures into Sir’s house.

There are a few important rules: Adrian must always obey Sir, Adrian must give his virginity to Sir, and Adrian cannot know Sir’s identity. Sir is always wearing a mask or these encounters happen in total darkness. While for some submissives, this masked rule might stoke fear in their hearts, for Adrian it just makes him want Sir even more.

But as Sir takes Adrian ever-deeper down the path of submission and experiences pleasures he never thought possible, he breaks the most important unspoken rule between him and Sir.

Don’t fall in love.

The Masked Master: The Complete Series Bundle is a 25,000-word collection that of the five previously-published stories in this series, including The Lustful Lie, The Painful Punishment, The Rapturous Release, The Video Voyeur, and The Contractual Commitment.

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I observed the man’s house some more. It was a quaint bungalow that really didn’t seem all that special, like any other in Michigan, including my home. Judging by the windows just above the ground, there was a basement. The porch was small but had a couple of plants hanging from under the awning. It all looked picturesque; ironic because of a kinky man living inside.

I sighed. The dizziness got to me and caused my heart to pound. I had to be brave, though. It was finally my chance to lose my virginity when just about every other man rejected me or showed no interest without stating so. Maybe it was my dorky profile picture in dim lighting. I never felt comfortable taking photos in clear lighting to where my face could be seen more.

I trudged toward the cemented pathway leading to the porch and climbed the few steps leading to the entrance. By then, my palms were moist, my forehead was slightly damp, and I felt more lightheaded. My stomach tightened too. Still, I could do it.

I opened the screen door to knock on the main wooden one until the main door opened and startled me. I couldn’t see a thing through the pitch darkness.

“Adrian?” It was a deep and butch voice that threatened to erect me, sexier than my dull, medium-pitch one with the occasional crack.

I nodded and gave the unseen man a polite wave like the dork I was.

After just seconds of awkward silence, he quickly grabbed my arm, pulled me into the darkness, and shut the door.

My heart pumped even faster than ever. Was it the end? Was I going to die? I didn’t even get to say “I love you” to my parents, and what about—

He pulled me into his strong arms and planted a tender kiss on my neck, his short facial hair tickling me a little. “You’re a real cutie, you know that?”

I swallowed a lump in my throat, and my heart slowed down from his affection and soft tone. I was safe, after all. Though, I couldn’t see a thing, and it drove me nuts. “H-hi.”

“Hi.” His voice really was sexy, though. It erected me.

“What’s…your name?”

The man turned me around, pressed himself against my backside, and gave me another kiss on the neck. “You don’t need to know that. You are to call me Sir at all times and nothing else. Got it, boy?”

Crap. Where were things even headed? Still, I didn’t dare be disobedient now that he’d hardened his tone in a stern way and had instantly done away with the soft affection I already missed. “O-kay.”

“Okay, what?” His tone wasn’t angry, though, just stern.

“Okay, S-Sir.”

“Use the word ‘yes’, don’t use ‘okay’ with me.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.” He turned me back around to face him, not that I could see a thing in the pitch-dark room. “We’re going to have some real fun tonight. I already have everything planned.”

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Wrestling for Dominance at the Dungeon Games (The Berlin Underground #2)

Peter is now an official candidate for the Antinous Society, but that doesn't make life any easier. As he dismisses romantic overtures from Mark, Peter joins an app to find a quick and easy hook up in the public toilets. But the man behind the divider is not just an up and coming politician, he's a direct competitor in the dungeon games, an exclusive event which will determine rankings for the coming trials to join the Antinous Society. Peter faces stiff competition at the dungeon games, forced to fight for a place as an alpha or beta. But will it even matter, as the competition's betas are expected to turn the supposed doms into quivering submissives as Berlin's fabled underground dungeon games begin.

Wrestling for Dominance at the Dungeon Games is a 12,000-word short story.

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“Please welcome,” the referee announced into a booming microphone, “number two!” A round of cheers and applause—twice as loud as for me—erupted as a man jogged confidently into the ring and waved to his adoring fans. My heart plunged. Who else would it be but Andreas Bareiß. The politician waved to his fans with powerful muscled arms, smoothing back blond hair while flashing a vote-winning grin. Bareiß didn’t even acknowledge me. Perhaps he didn’t remember? Certainly he hadn’t seen me as I’d sucked his ample cock through a glory hole, and during our interview in the car, he’d spoken more into the selfie camera of his mobile phone than directly to me. 

“Ranked number two in the entire dungeon underground,” the referee said, “the protege of the Dungeon Master himself will face off against the unranked newcomer for tonight’s Dungeon Games opener.” I wasn’t listening. Bareiß was doing warmups: stretching his legs and arms and cracking knuckles. I copied him exactly. Move for move, and looked like a fool in the process. I didn’t quite know what losing meant, or even what I had to do to win, but there was one seat left by the hooded and cuffed men, and one seat next to the victorious-looking ones. I knew which seat Bareiß intended to take.

“Standard penetration match rules,” the referee said, locking the hexagon’s door, with him on the outside. “You win by inserting your penis into your opponent’s mouth two times in a row, for at least ten seconds. Or once into your opponent's anus for a full thirty seconds. The penis must be inserted up to the testicles and must remain fully inside your opponent until the whistle is blown. A double whistle means the challenge or attempt is invalid, and you must return to the starting position. Ejaculation results in immediate disqualification.”

“Um, excuse me,” I chased him around the outside of the cage. “How do we forfeit?” The referee just laughed. I supposed ejaculation. 

“Gentleman, place your bets now.”

There was a flurry of activity from the crowd. Karl was leading a small but boisterous group who were all yelling and shouting down the rest of the crowd who clearly backed Herr Bareiß. As scared as I felt, if Karl and his crew hadn't been there, drumming up even the smallest amount of support, I would have vaulted over the mesh walls and made a run for it. 

Bareiß had me in his sights. A glowing look of recognition passed through blue eyes. A blond eyebrow raised. I felt he was about to say something when the whistle blew. The crowd cheered and I was thrust into some Roman-esque games more at home in a Colosseum than a Berlin sex dungeon. Bareiß edged around the mat, dancing on bare feet, arms up. No one told me this wasn’t a contact sport, so I rested on my years of forced rugby at high school in London and made a running tackle. In a flurry of shocked shouts from the crowd, the man who might be the next Chancellor of Germany fell flat on his back. I was on top, legs straddling his body. What the hell was I supposed to do now? Instinct told me to punch him in the face, but Karl, who’d rushed down to the front, shouted:

“Put your dick in his mouth!”

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Spring Break With Dad

It’s college spring break for nineteen-year-old Jeff, and he’s about to have the ride of his life. But instead of spending the whole week with his jock buddies in the city, he decides to drive to his dad’s little cabin in the middle of nowhere. It’s not just a typical family reunion with Dad. They have some unfinished business to get back to. What started all hot and heavy last New Year’s left them torn, frustrated, and distant…

Until now, that is.

Jeff’s in love with his own dad, and he’ll do anything to prove it. It’s a good thing he retained his butt virginity aside from adult toys of various sizes. There’s only one special man in his life who deserves to be his real first.

After all, Dad is Jeff’s happily ever after.

Spring Break With Dad is a 3,300-word short story.

This book is FREE! Download here:


Deep in the lush woods and through the private gravel road, I finally reached the small, humble cabin and parked my decent-looking car behind Dad’s rusty, red truck on his excuse of a driveway. With my jersey jacket on, I grabbed my travel backpack and stepped out. My heart beat harder than ever the closer I approached the front door. I shivered a little since it still didn’t feel like spring yet, what with being this far north near Lake Superior.

The door opened, and there he was: tall and trim, dark-haired and brown-eyed, tanned from the sun, and as muscled and rugged as ever for a forty-year-old. He’d gotten a buzzcut months ago, his hair now grown out, and his full beard had also grown since his last clean shave. God, he was so handsome that I turned into a molten mess every time I saw him. We looked so much alike, except I was more of a lean jock with a bigger bubble butt, and he was more of a lean lumberjack who towered over me.

“Glad you came, Jeff.” That husky voice, just like mine, but sexier to my ears. A hint of a smile on his face was easy to capture in the dimness. Now that he was getting older, he started resembling Grandpa more, who was also hot in his own right.

“Are you?” I was only partly joking.

Dad looked around the woods, gently pulled me inside, and shut the door. We stood in the living room, away from the small windows. The woodstove served as the only lighting. He pulled me closer to him for a tight hug, giving me his intoxicatingly natural scent of musk. “Of course, I am. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I gave him a squeeze. “We have to talk, though.” My heart pounded for a while because it just wasn’t normal for us to be like this.

“I know. I had a feeling you couldn’t let it go. And frankly, neither could I. I think about you every single day, Jeff.”

“Same.” I let go halfway, partially in his arms, enough to look at his serious expression. I gazed into his beautifully brown eyes that drove me nuts in a way I shouldn’t have been feeling. “I can’t help how I feel.” My voice threatened to crack.

Dad sighed. “I know, son, but it’s wrong. We should’ve never done what we did. I should’ve never allowed it to happen.”

“But it happened. It’s too late to go back.”

“Is it?” He looked hopeful.

I gave him a nod and took the hand of his that wasn’t holding me so that I could hold it in mine. I slid my fingers in between his larger ones and toyed with them. “I’ve tried dating other guys, Dad, but it’s useless. Same shit, different guy. You’re the one I want. And don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way because I remember your confession very well.”

“I was drunk.”

“But you meant it.” I knew Dad had meant it when he’d told me himself that he’d been in love with me, the words I’d wanted to hear for so long.

There was a long pause, but he never looked away from me the whole time. He looked like he was trying to face me with courage.

My eyes watered. “Don’t lie to me, Dad. Please?”

His eyes watered as well, and he pulled me back toward him for the tightest hug ever, bursting into tears. He sobbed like the baby he rarely acted like. “I did mean it. With all my heart. Because I’m a sick man! I’m sick, Jeff, sick!”

“Then so am I.” I loved that Dad showed his emotions with me and not to anyone else, but I needed him to collect himself to make this trip less depressing. This time, I wanted more than what we’d had on New Year’s Eve, and sober too. “Dad, please don’t cry. It’s not like you groomed me or tried anything inappropriate when I was a minor. We’re adults. We’re men. Everything’s consensual.”

He didn’t say another word, just cries of shame.

I let go and took his hand to lead him into his moonlit room while he still cried. It was the only bedroom in the small cabin. The whole place was rustic and country-themed, except more fitting to a single man who didn’t always care about tidiness, especially with random junk lying around. There was a tiny room next to his with nothing but a twin bed and a small nightstand, next to the equally-tiny bathroom, but I knew I wouldn’t be using it during my stay here. I had other plans instead.

I undid Dad’s cowboy-style jeans and got on my knees. I could faint at any second from what I was about to do. My heart beat faster and faster, vibrating through my ears until my face flushed hot. But I’d still do this because I wanted to.

“Jeff, what are you doing?” But he didn’t stop me. He also stopped crying, just sniffling a few times.

I ignored him and pulled his dick out.

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Daddy Bear’s Horny Slut Son

As a teen jock with a perfect body, Rudy has become superficial—if he’s going to do stuff with a guy, it would have to be a guy as hot as himself. Guys like…his older brother, who Rudy secretly idolizes. One thing’s for sure, guys like his dad—older, grayer, and somewhat resembling Santa Claus—are definitely not his type.

All that changes, though, when he finds out that his dad’s job as a massage therapist is specifically as an erotic massage therapist…and that he’s been erotically massaging Rudy’s older brother for a while now. This revelation has Rudy’s mind going in overdrive and soon he’s undressing so his dad can give him some much-needed relief. After all, if it’s good enough for his brother, it’s good enough for him.

Rudy is about to discover just how magical his dad is with his hands.

Daddy Bear’s Horny Slut Son is a 3,500-word short story.

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Now, I was getting more erect, and I still couldn’t understand why. What was it like to have an erotic massage with a happy ending? I’d never even had sex or been kissed. Nick probably had, though. He’d been popular in high school, enough for it to be believable. I’d never seen him with a girlfriend, though. Maybe he was gay like me. After all, Cestin Island was very gay-friendly for being a U.S. territory. Either way, it made me want to gain experience so that I could be more like Nick. I’d always wanted to be like him because he was awesome. (And really hot in a Shawn Mendes sort of way, and I was similar, thanks to Mom’s Spanish genes.)

“Would it help if I stripped too? Maybe take the anxiety or shyness away?”

My eyes bulged. Was Dad serious? My dick got even harder than ever. What was going on? It wasn’t like I wanted my dad, but I was getting horny for no reason. Was it the challenge? Maybe it really was true about going days without jerking off. Maybe horny power really did mess with my head. I’d heard about hot guys messing around with ugly ones when horny enough, and straight guys too.

“Or how about I tell you a little secret that might make you relax more? Promise me it stays between us?”

I gave Dad a quick nod. “I promise. You know I’m not a rat.”

“I know, just making sure. Well, the truth is, Nick gets a massage from me quite often. And naked too.”

My mouth dropped. “Really?”

“Yep. Nudity isn’t a big deal, and I’d rather him come to me for massages than elsewhere. Besides, in his case, he gets hurt a lot around his back, arms, legs…and other places too.”

Other places? That made the head of my dick peek out of the waistband of my jockstrap. Great. Dad could really see my erection now.

But he just chuckled, making me realize how open he actually was and how unnecessarily prudish I was being. “You’re a horny teen, just like your brother and just like I was when I was your age.”

Nick did seem like he could be horny since we jerked off together. Why hadn’t we ever done anything, though? Did he think it’d be weird even though incest was legal here? Or maybe he really was straight?

“So, Rudy. Ready for the massage?”

I nodded and found myself taking off my jockstrap. At this point, if Nick did it, then I would too. I’d do anything he told me to; it didn’t matter what it was. Maybe I really was more on the submissive side.

That’s my boy.” Then, Dad shifted his gaze to my erection. “You have a real nice cock too. Almost as big as mine and about the same as Nick’s.”

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The Secret Fisting Academy (The Berlin Underground #1)

After a night spent with Mark and his friends at a live porn show where Peter wins the chance to fist the famous porn star Dolf, Peter is one step closer to deciding to join the Antinous Society. But it's not so easy. He must first impress one of Berlin's underground masters in order to progress his application, and decides the fisting route is the least bad of all the options on the table. All Peter has to do is survive a night at Berlin's secret fisting academy, but that is easier said than done.

The Secret Fisting Academy is an 11,800-word short story.

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“Number four-nine-five!” a voiceover said in English. People started to look under their drinks. 

“I’m four-nine-seven,” Mark said. “Quick,” he said to me. “Check under yours.”

Sure enough, under my glass was a small strip of plastic stuck to the bottom with the lucky numbers.

“Oh God,” I said, “what now?” Dolf had inserted a random fan’s beer bottle into his ass, and given it back for him to drink. Although I could respect his talent, if having a wide-open hole could be considered as such, but I was hardly a fan. I had a flashback to Noah and my night at a Berlin bar when a young twink got fisted on stage. My body shivered with the thought Dolf might do the same to me. “I don’t want to get fucked on stage,” I yelled to Mark. 

“Just get up there,” he said, and started pointing at me so the whole warehouse knew who the lucky winner was. Gulping, I had no choice but to make my way to the stage, surrounded by perfect bodies and mean, jealous eyes.

“What’s your name?” the famous Dolf asked me. He smelled like lube and poppers.

“Peter.” The crowd applauded, but I could feel their hate. I was more nervous to upset them than disappoint Dolf. The dildos had been cleared and Dolf mounted the table, readying himself on all fours, snapping the straps of the jockstrap cupping his round ass.

“Roll up your sleeve,” said his leather-bound assistant. With nowhere to run, I did just that. He unfurled a black silicone glove, long enough to birth a calf. With all the tenderness of a doctor’s office, the assistant raised my arm and slid the leather sheath over it. The crowd edged closer as I saw Dolf take a blast of poppers and realized what was about to happen. They wanted me to fist Dolf.

“Are you ready, Peter?” Dolf yelled to the crowd.

“Um…” My glove was slathered in lube as Dolf shuffled backwards. His hole beckoned. It didn’t look very open, but the crowd was starting to chant and clap their hands in time.

“Come on, Peter, give me your best shot. Who wants to see me get fist fucked?”

The crowd cheered. I had no choice. Sucking in an anxious breath, I approached with one gloved finger. It slid straight in. Dolf arched his back and pushed into me. I didn’t even have to move for his ass to expand around my knuckles. 

“Fist him, fist him,” the crowd chanted. 

“Punch my hole open, Peter.” 

What was I to do? I withdrew the half of my hand already inside, and more lube was squeezed on. Dolf pulled his cheeks apart and showed me the open target. I made a fist to the crowd, and they cheered. Tightening my grip, I held onto one of Dolf’s ass cheeks for support, then hurled my fist straight at his hole.

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Beachboy Twink Twins: The Complete Series 3-Pack Bundle

Twink twins Trent and Tyde have always been madly in love with each other, and have been sexually exclusive with each other for a long time. Now they’re opening up their relationship to other men.

The only problem? One likes older men and the other likes men their own age.

In this scorching-hot taboo bundle, Trent and Tyde take on a silver daddy and a twunk top, and then get pulled into a taboo secret as they indulge in a related pair of men.

Beachboy Twink Twins: The Complete Series 3-Pack Bundle is a 17,500-word collection of the three previously-published stories in this series, including A Silver Daddy for Two, a Twunk Top for Two, and A Related Pair for Two.

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We lay on our flat bellies with large, blue towels beneath us and barely any space between us because we never smothered each other enough. Tyde was the love of my life, and I was his. Sadly, we were both total bottoms, and sex was pretty damn important in life. Okay, we made out a lot, which was hot, and we sucked and swallowed each other because it felt good, as well as deepthroating and rimming. But when it came time to top each other? Barely hard, barely inside. Yeah, we’d tried multiple times and failed. Our cocks had kept deflating and slipping out of our tight holes. Would that make us demi-virgins back there since we’d managed only the heads of our penises? Who knew?

I smiled at Tyde and gave him a dreamy expression with no shame. “Are we still going through with the plan?”

He grinned, his eyes captivating me every time. “Yeah, Trent. Don’t be a little shyball now. There’s no backing out now. We didn’t douche the shit out of our asses for nothing.” He winked.

“I know,” I muttered, trying to mask a frown. I wasn’t against hooking up at all. It was just that we’d never been with others before, just each other, so it made me more nervous than I probably should’ve been. “But how are we going to do this?”

“Well? We just spot the first daddy we can find and voila. Fucked as new.”

“But why does it have to be a daddy?” I stifled a groan. I actually didn’t mind older men, depending on how they looked, but I wasn’t super crazy about them like Tyde was, and I especially didn’t like to call them Daddy. I much preferred someone closer to me in age like my cousin Crayden who was a beautiful fashion model already with his own reality show at only twenty. Mugh, it was bad enough that Tyde and I were a bit tallish for being bottoms since many tops seemed to prefer shorter guys. Crayden was at least taller than me, not that he’d ever see anything in me. We’d only touched and humped each other a few times during our childhood, so he was probably still as straight as I’d known him to be.

“We’ll have someone closer to our age the next time, okay?”

I sighed. “Okay.”

“Hey, cheer up, broby.” Tyde flashed his perfectly white teeth, something we’d been great about managing. We really were like twinkie Ken dolls, or so many people had told us online.

“What if he has a huge penis?” Mugh, I didn’t even want to think about taking a monster or anaconda up the butt.

Tyde sighed and rolled his eyes. “Please say ‘cock’, my love.”

“No,” I said in a whiny tone.

“Do it, Trent. Make your brother proud.” Tyde smirked.

“I don’t want to.”

“Do it. Please?” He wasn’t letting it go.

I pouted, and it took me a moment. “C-c…c-cock…” I muttered, barely saying it.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I didn’t say anything. It felt so dirty and weird to say bad words. I was able to have all the filthy sex I wanted, yet I couldn’t utter a single vulgar word.

“We’re going to work on that this summer. When we start hooking up more, I want you to say nothing but filth while getting fucked in that hot little ass of yours.”

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