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Cucking Daddy: Part 5: The Wedding

The big day has arrived. It is time for Christian to walk down the aisle and say his vows. In a matter of hours, he will be married to his father in a holy ceremony. The only thing left is the pomp and circumstance of formality and then he can put the previous week behind him forever.

Some sins refuse to stay buried, though. And some temptations are harder to avoid than others.

And some boys were never meant to be tied down.

Cucking Daddy: Part 5: The Wedding is a 6,500-word short story.

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“There’s a stain on the tablecloth!”

“Has anyone folded the napkins?”

“This dessert is going to melt if it stays out in the sun!”

“I can’t find the little silver spoons we ordered.”

All around Christian was pandemonium. Voices raised up toward the ceiling of the reception area, blending together. Occasionally, someone would shout loud enough to be heard above the cacophony.

It was never his father’s voice, though. They were once again abiding by tradition. The groom was not to lay eyes on his boy bride before the ceremony. Christian had found this out after he got up that morning.

In truth, Christian wasn’t as anxious to see his father. He feared what the minister might see if he took one look at Christian’s face. The poor young man was a bundle of nerves. Only a part of those anxieties had to do with it being his wedding day.

This had been the worst, most confusing week of his life. His father had brought him here, describing it as a paradise. Christian had expected the two of them to spend a fun-filled week doing camp activities and spending time together before they tied the knot.

He had barely laid eyes on his father in that entire time. Worse, Christian still wasn’t sure if his hole was back to normal.

True to his word, Mick was ready the moment Barkley left the cabin. They spent the entire day together. Neither one of them dressed the whole time. It was a bright, sunny day filled with all of the most debaucherous sex acts Christian had hoped for.

Mick had taken Christian on every single square inch of the cabin. He was pounded on the couch, drilled doggy style across the kitchen table, slammed up against the wall, and rode Mick’s cock like a bronco cowboy on the bed Mick shared with his son. They had fucked in the shower afterward as well.

The next day, Christian wanted to cry. He hid in his bedroom and refused to come out, only slipping away when the coast was clear to get food. No matter how many times he scrubbed or how hard, Christian couldn’t erase the memories. They tormented him in his sleep. He kept dreaming about Mick and the Bull, each of them taking turns using his helpless little body.

Except, in his dreams, Christian wasn’t helpless. He had welcomed everything they did, just like he had in real life. There were moments when a memory would boil to the surface, of what it had felt like to be so thoroughly taken by men like Da—like Mick and the Bull. During those moments, Christian’s body would burn hot. He would begin sweating and panting like a dog in heat. His cock would grow rock-hard and soak his shorts with pre-jizz.

It had been like that for two days. Now, with the wedding in just a few hours, Christian sat off to the side by himself at a table. The mess hall was being converted into the reception area for when the ceremony was over. Guests in Owl Village were simply told that it was reserved for a private party and that was it.

Christian had been awake for hours, unable to sleep for more than a few at a time. His dreams kept him awake. His little cock was sore from jerking himself.

Hopefully, his father wouldn’t notice.

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My Straight Brother’s Bubble Butt

Tatum has wanted his straight big brother, Tucker, since middle school. Now that they’re almost done with high school, their close brotherhood is about to get even closer. Just like Tucker has always had Tatum’s back as the supportive big brother he is, Tatum finally gets to have Tucker’s back…physically.

My Straight Brother's Bubble Butt is a 3,500-word short story.

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Because I was a gay teen and frequently horny, I’d had tons of hot sex compared to other high school boys in this coastal town down south (who were probably all straight). It had all been with a cute fuck buddy who’d gone off to college last year. I’d given him plenty of head and bottomed a lot for him; the latter was much to my discomfort. I had a thick nine-incher that had intimidated him, hence the reason I’d been stuck being a total bottom.

I’d loved eating his butt, though. He’d gone crazy for my tongue, and it’d been our favorite thing to do together until we’d both come hard. I didn’t care if he was on the flatter side back there, since I was an ass guy who thought it was the sexiest part of the male body.

Now, I was ready for my first incestuous experience with Tucker: to eat my straight brother’s bubble butt. I’d fantasized about doing it since middle school when I’d begun to develop forbidden feelings for him. I’d just never thought it would happen after all these years. Before my first experience with rimming, I hadn’t watched any porn—gay, straight, or bi—much less even heard about it from anyone because people in town were generally more traditional with stuff. I’d just had thoughts about it barging into my mind out of nowhere. Given that Tucker and I were on the verge of graduating high school soon—he’d failed a year—it meant I got even more experience by the time we started college, beyond just eating butt.

Standing tall in our shared bedroom, facing each other, Tucker was probably feeling weird and uncomfortable, but he knew I’d never force him into doing anything he didn’t want to do. It was nerve-wracking enough for me to have brought up the subject of rimming in the first place. Besides, he was here for a specific reason. He knew exactly what we were about to do, which made me feel like the luckiest brother ever.

Tucker took off his baseball T-shirt and gym shorts, keeping only his classic-style jockstrap and white gym socks on. His smooth and ripped body alone made my leaking boner stiffer than ever.

He gave my naked body a once-over, a leaner version of his medium build with a little less muscle definition (but still toned). “So…should I get naked, too?” he asked.

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Cucking Daddy: Part 4: The Morning After

Christian has never felt so ashamed in his life. He has never been more confused, nor left wanting something that he knows is wrong for him. The wedding is only a few days away. He should be able to keep himself locked up in the cabin and avoid any more temptation after lessons with the Bull.

Unfortunately, at Camp Wannakukka, temptation lurks around every corner.

Cucking Daddy: Part 4: The Morning After is a 5,200-word short story.

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The sunlight hurt poor Christian’s eyes.

It was daybreak. The sun was rising up over the tiptop’s of the trees surrounding the camp grounds. Gravel crunched under the sneakers he wore. The laces whipped back and forth at his ankles.

He hadn’t bothered to tie them before leaving. Christian had been in far too big of a hurry. He wasn’t sure what possessed him to ask about the time. He was even less sure how the Bull knew that it was nearly dawn.

When Christian’s ears registered this, he flew into a panic. He and the Bull had been fucking all night long. Christian had lost track of everything except what he and Bull experienced together. The news that it was the next day sent Christian scrambling for his clothes. He had dressed as best he could in the dim light of the shed and taken off at once.

This explained his disheveled appearance. The white undershirt he wore was on backwards. The overshirt, in turn, was open and exposed. Christian didn’t take the time to button the top of his slacks. As such, they hung loosely on his hips as he walked back toward Bunny Burrow.

The walk of shame, he had heard one of his classmates say.

It all seemed so unreal now. Everything that the Bull did to Christian’s body had pushed him over the edge. It was everything Christian had secretly hoped for and nothing at all like what he had expected.

Parts of his body ached. His little legs felt stiff. There were places all over his arms that spasmed when he moved them.

Nothing ached more than his hole, though. Christian had spent the entire night learning just how far a human sphincter could stretch. It was mind-blowing how talented the Bull had been at using a young man’s body like his. In the end, Christian could only beg for more of the same filthy, depraved treatment.

The Bull had been all too happy to oblige. He had lasted all night, after all.

Memories of the previous night swam before Christian’s eyes. Those caused his body to react. His hole flexed and spasmed. Something gurgled deep within his guts.

Fearful, Christian clamped down as hard as he could. After staying up all night and having his poor tender boypussy battered and abused in every conceivable manner possible, closing seemed out of the cards. No amount of clenching would shut it completely.

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Cucking Daddy: Part 3: The Desecration

It was supposed to be a party. That was all Christian wanted—a chance to make a few new friends and escape the drudgery of staying sequestered in the cabin. Christian isn’t the type of boy who regularly attends parties, though, and the one he is going to has some startling surprises in store.

They say that the fruit of temptation is at its ripest when it appeals to the darkness in one’s own heart. What secrets has Christian been keeping from himself? One man at Camp Hawk knows.

Christian is in for the night of his life, but it won’t be his honeymoon!

Cucking Daddy: Part 3: The Desecration is a 7,900-word short story.

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“I’m ready.”

Christian took a step back and studied himself. His reflection in the full-length mirror showed a small young man with a petite frame. If Christian were honest, he didn’t look eighteen-years-old. The small-sized clothes he wore barely fit him.

Christian had gone with his Sunday best, a white undershirt concealed by a brown button-up dress shirt and dark slacks. He had combed his blond hair as well. It lay flat against his pale face.

A belt held the pants up. He would have worn his shiny Sunday shoes, but those were still packed in his suitcase. Christian had brought those thinking he might wear them at the wedding. Daddy had told him his wedding clothes were already picked out, but Christian liked being prepared.

Just in case, he wore his sneakers tonight. Christian had already laced them up. The ties stuck out underneath his slacks a little. Overall, though, he thought he looked good. Saying as much out loud helped quell the nervousness he felt, but only a little bit.

“I can do this,” he said, speaking again to his reflection.

Try as he might, Christian couldn’t shake the feeling that he was doing something wrong. At the very least, Daddy would not approve of his actions this evening. Christian wasn’t exactly a party person. His father frowned on him going to parties where there was loud music and drinking. The most entertainment Christian saw was at youth group meetings.

“It’s just a party, though,” he told himself.

He hadn’t informed Mick or Barkley of his plans. They might not approve either. Or, he reasoned, they might not care either way. There was the possibility that they would tell his father, however. Christian decided it was safer to keep the details of his evening to himself. If either one asked, he was going out to see some friends he had made earlier today and would be back soon.

It was the truth, after all, even if he felt guilty for leaving out certain details. “Besides,” he added, “the other guys will have their own fathers there.”

Even though, he remembered, those boys had sex with men besides their own dads. And their fathers did the same with other boys. It went against everything his own father had taught him. Sex between a father and son was supposed to be sacred. It was something secret, but also according to God’s will.

“But,” he tried vainly, “they were nice enough to me…”

Christian wasn’t sure who he was arguing with. He had already gotten changed. It was clear he intended to go. The butterflies in his stomach weren’t strong enough to stop that.

“Besides,” he added, a little more tersely than he’d intended, “it’s not like Daddy is around to stop me.”

His father had once again failed to show. No one was waiting for Christian when he came back from Hawk’s Nest. Asking around, Christian confirmed that Daddy never came by. He was once again too busy with wedding preparations to see how Christian was doing.

“If Daddy can be busy doing stuff all week long,” Christian decided, squashing down the nervousness in his tummy, “I can be busy for one night.”

A fresh wave of apprehension struck, but Christian stayed firm. His eyes took on a steely resolve in the reflection of the mirror. Nodding at himself, Christian made one last check of his clothes before heading out. Not a stitch on his body looked out of place.

With that, Christian crept toward the bedroom door. It creaked slightly when he opened it, betraying his presence. A quick peek out into the hallway confirmed that no one was around to hear it.

Christian sighed with relief. Mick and Barkley had already gone to bed. He only needed to listen closely for the sounds of Barkley moaning. Mick was feeding his heavy cock to his son yet again. The bed springs behind their bedroom door groaned loud enough to echo through the thick panel and into Christian’s ears.

Swallowing the lump that formed in his dry throat, Christian eased the door closed behind him and sneaked quietly toward the entrance. He half-hoped to find his father waiting for him in the living area—an unexpected surprise visit to make up for being absent all week long.

No one was waiting for Christian when he tip-toed through, however. The front door made no noise as Christian walked out into the dusk. The sun had already begun to set. Cliff hadn’t given Christian a time to arrive for the party. He had only said it would take place “after dark”.

Given that there was hardly any light left, Christian felt secure that he was leaving at a good time. The lack of light meant it would be harder for people to see him. He was wearing dark clothes as well, which added to the camouflage.

Crickets sang their sweet summer tune as Christian moved across the compound. The entrance to Bunny Burrow lay ahead. His footfalls were light as he passed through the gate, leaving the familiar circle of cabins behind.

It only took him a moment to find Hawk’s Nest. Christian had been worried he would run into the same trouble as before, wandering in the dark trying to read signs that lead him in all directions. This time, he turned left and followed the path in the opposite direction of the one he took that morning.

The gravel trail was deserted. No one besides Christian was out that evening, on foot or traveling by vehicle. The woods surrounding him seemed spookier at night. There was very little light to go by except for the moon.

Christian could hear his heart pounding in his chest. With each step he took, it felt like thunder was crashing inside his body. Still, he pressed onward.

Fortunately, Christian didn’t have to go very far. To his amazement, Hawk’s Nest lay just up ahead. The road didn’t feel nearly as winding as it had earlier that day. He could hear the festivities going on well before he arrived at the gate.

Christian stood in front of the entrance for a moment, looking past at the camp grounds inside. “This is it,” he said to himself. “Remember, it’s just a party.”

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Cucking Daddy: Part 2: The Invitation

It has been a couple days since Christian has laid eyes on his father. Daddy has been keeping busy preparing for the wedding. The problem is that Camp Wannakukka isn’t the sort of place you leave a lonely boy alone at for very long. Pretty soon, Christian finds himself exploring the grounds.

It is in another location on the resort grounds that Christian makes a few new friends, as well as a few startling discoveries.

The Invitation is a 4,600-word short story.

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Christian accepted the glass of lemonade from Barkley. The outside had already begun sweating. Beads of moisture clung to the glass the same way they did to the brow of the minister’s son.

“No problem,” said Barkley, taking a seat beside Christian. “Sleep good last night?”

Christian dodged the question by taking a long pull from the glass. The lemonade was slightly tart, but refreshing. Noon hadn’t arrived yet, but it was already sweltering. His body was desperate for something to keep cool with.

“Decent enough,” he answered after lowering the glass. Christian’s eyes did not meet Barkley’s, however. “I guess I just miss my dad is all.”

Barkley nodded sympathetically. “Don’t blame you,” he replied, folding both arms behind his head. “I’d be missing my old man something fierce. Stinks that they put you two in different camp grounds.”

Christian took another drink from his glass. He had very nearly gone straight home. Dad was livid after they walked in on Barkley and his own father going at it on the couch. Mr. Wyatt was called immediately and had to come straight down.

Christian’s Dad wanted his son moved to a different area at once. It took several tries on Mr. Wyatt’s part before his father was convinced that there was simply no other place to accommodate them. It was summertime, after all—their busiest part of the year. Cancellations did happen, but unless another guest pulled out, Christian would have to remain with Barkley and his father, Mick.

Daniel was further appeased when Mick stepped in and apologized once more. Mick smoothed things over by swearing that he and his son would behave themselves around Christian. Christian himself promised to stay in his room when he wasn’t making use of the camp’s facilities.

In the end, Daniel acquiesced and Christian settled in.

Spending time together proved a lot harder than Daniel or Christian thought, however. Sure, there were lots of things to do. The Arts & Crafts building was always open during the day. Sons could use paints to draw pictures for their fathers while the dads made little keychains or wallets for their sons.

A lifeguard was always by the lake in case someone wanted to go swimming. They could also use a paddle boat or take a canoe out in the deep regions of the water. A dock had also been set aside farther down for fathers to take their boys fishing.

The camp also had a rec hall. Most of the games were old-fashioned, like ping-pong and foosball. There were also a couple of pool tables, though, and an air hockey table. It was a great place to be when the summer sun hung high in the sky.

Unfortunately, Daniel spent most of his time apart from Christian. He had been right when he told his son that planning a wedding was difficult. It turned out to be even harder than Daniel realized.

In fact, the camp staffer had been waiting at their cabin when they got back from breakfast the next morning, ready to get started. Every single little detail had to be approved by Daniel. This left poor little Christian with a lot of free time on his hands.

It was not a good thing to leave a young boy alone and bored, even under the best of circumstances. A place like Camp Wannakukka was especially not safe.

And then there were the nights.

True to his word, Mick no longer engaged in any sexual antics with his son while Christian was around. They also abstained from the casual nudity that Bunny Burrow members partook in. Father and son remained fully clothed while inside the cabin. Neither did more than a subtle touch or light kiss on the lips while Christian was around.

That didn’t mean their relationship was chaste. Christian had been serenaded each night with the sounds of Mick making wild, passionate love to his boy. The two could go for hours, and often did.

Christian would lie awake on his bed staring at the ceiling. His mind raced while his body throbbed. Barkley would scream, crying out over his dad’s sexual prowess. The sounds and the filthy language they used made Christian’s flesh burn.

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Cucking Daddy: Part 1: The Arrival

Welcome to Camp Wannakukka! A special place for fathers and their sons. Camp Wannakukka provides a safe, relaxing environment for men who wish to bond with their young sons in a very unique and permanent way. At Camp Wannakukka, we hope that the bonds forged here will last a lifetime.

Christian is excited to be attending Camp Wannakukka. For years, his father—the minister of a small Southern church—has been grooming him to take on the role of his dad’s wife. Now the two will be married in a real ceremony. It can’t be done legally, but the staff at the summer camp resort have assured the minister that they will do everything in their power to accommodate the holy man.

However, the resort is far more than just a summer camp for fathers and sons. This is a place for fathers who already have a very unique relationship with their boys. And it is a place for fathers who may have entertained thoughts about their sons that are not so pure.

Most of all, however, it is a place where boys can discover the real truth—that their holes are made for taking hard cock and thick loads deep inside.

Cucking Daddy: Part 1: The Arrival is a 5,800-word short story.

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“Wake up, sleepyhead! We’re almost there.”

Christian’s eyes fluttered open. The steady purring of the engine had made him doze off. The small, slender eighteen-year-old rubbed sleep from his tired eyes and gave a cute yawn. He saw that they were on a winding road, one that was not paved. Gravel crunched underneath the wheels. There was the occasional soft splash of a mud puddle underneath the vehicle from a recent rainfall.

Outside, the green scenery whizzed past. Deep oak trees and thick pine stood at the very edge of the dirt road they traveled on. The last thing Christian remembered was them driving through a town. They had long since left it behind, judging by the lack of any signs of civilization out the passenger window.

“Where are we?” Christian asked his father, who was sitting next to him in the driver’s seat.

Daniel smiled, letting his eyes leave the road for a brief moment so he could rake them down over his precious boy’s small frame.

“We’re right about at the camp grounds,” Daniel explained, pointing. “See?”

Christian had to take his seatbelt off and peer up over the dashboard. He had been slouching in his sleep and his short frame didn’t help. When he could see, though, the young man old let out a soft gasp.

Up ahead were twin poles rising out of the earth on each of the road. They formed a gate with a sign that arched high overhead. The sign was made of wood and had been hand-carved. Words were printed on it, and as Daniel slowed the car down, Christian was able to read what they said.

“’Welcome to Camp Wannakukka,’” he read aloud.

“This is the place,” Daniel said, grinning to himself. “Told you I could find it without a GPS app, didn’t I?”

Christian settled back into his seat and put his seatbelt back on. The clasp went back into the slot with a ‘snap’. The belt, however, had pushed his My Hero Academia t-shirt up, exposing his belly.

Daniel saw this. His tongue slipped out between his lips. It ran along the lower half, wetting his lip and spreading a small trail of slimy drool on his chin. He had neglected to shave that morning. Fortunately, Daniel wasn’t the type who needed to. He could let his stubble grow for almost a week before it started to show.

Christian didn’t notice the look his father was giving him. He was too occupied with what lay outside his window. Or rather, what wasn’t.

“Is this really a special camp, Daddy?” he asked, growing worried.

Daniel tore his gaze away and went back to the road. “It sure is,” the father said with some assurance in his voice. “I learned all about it from one of my friends online. Someone built this place for people like us so we won’t have to hide. Isn’t that wonderful?”

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Shhh… Don’t Tell Mami or Papi

Victor is an eighteen-year-old virgin who has fantasizes about his hot big brothers, Ernesto and Ricardo, even though their religious household has no place for such unspeakable sins. Both brothers are straight, but Victor learns the hard way that looks can be deceiving, especially when Ernesto and Ricardo’s girlfriends refuse to give what their little brother can. They just have to be quiet because their parents are asleep.

Thankfully, Victor has put his big dildo to use, albeit without knowing his illicit fantasies are about to come true. After all, who says that his virginity has to be taken by only one brother? Sometimes, two heads are better than one.

Especially at the same time.

Shhh...Don't Tell Mami or Papi is a 1,600-word short story.

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Late at night, I lay face down, waking up to two warm, naked bodies on top of me, as smooth as mine. There were smells of soap and musk, like a rushed attempt at showering off the sweat and grime after a day out in the basketball court. Mami and Papi were asleep in the next room in our urban city apartment, so I couldn’t make a sound. Our family was religious like many Latinos, and as a common tradition, we didn’t move out of the house until we got married.

As I tried to move around, my arms were quickly pinned behind me. What the hell!

“Shhh…don’t tell Mami or Papi,” whispered a familiar deep voice.

“Just stay there and take it,” another familiar deep voice ordered.

It was my big brothers. Ernesto and Ricardo were twenty-five and twenty-four, respectively. They had darker hair than my brown shade, and they were a bit taller and more muscular than my lean jock build. All of us had scruff on our faces, so we looked a bit older, but it complemented our manhood.

What were they doing? Were they trying to stick it in my butthole? But they were straight and had girlfriends! And both of them at the same time? Even though I’d recently turned eighteen, I hadn’t had sex yet, so being split open and having my virginity destroyed was a big deal to me. I’d fantasized about it many times, so the incest factor didn’t bother me—it clearly didn’t bother them—but it was still mind-blowing to realize that my fantasies were finally coming true. We were family, sharing the same blood and DNA. Did I actually want this illicit experience to happen, though?

Clenching my butt, I hissed from the sharp pain from their dicks trying to enter, both long and fat like mine. It shocked me so much that I couldn’t process any of this as it was happening. “Ngh…ow, it hurts!”

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My Big Brother’s Skilled Hands

Daren is a high school wrestling jock with a lean body—and he’s a never-been-kissed virgin with a very horny mind. After pulling a muscle in a match, Daren visit the men’s-only spa where his twenty-four-year-old brother Colin works.

Daren idolizes Colin—also a hot and buff jock—and harbors a secret illicit crush on him. Really, it’s more than a crush. Given the chance, he’d do anything with or for Colin.

This brotherhood is about to grow closer when Daren discovers that Colin is an erotic massage therapist…and that Colin harbors similar feelings for Daren.

Colin’s skilled hands have just the skills to provide Daren with some much-needed relief…the kind that forever stays behind closed doors.

My Big Brother’s Skilled Hands is a 3,500-word short story.

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A sexy smile spanned Colin’s chiseled face that had some scruff growing out. “I’m not busy at all. Anything for my little bro.”

“Thanks.” That warmed my heart with brotherly love and made my dick twitch with incestuous excitement. Colin had always been affectionate, and while I obviously wasn’t little anymore, being his little bro still felt special.

“Take your T-shirt off and unzip your jeans, then go lie on the massage table.”

I lowered my eyebrows. “Unzip my jeans?” I didn’t want Colin to see what I was wearing underneath. Could he tell from the thick waistband?

“It makes it easier for me to massage your waist and the small of your back. I mean, I’ve been doing this for a few years, so I’m not exactly a rookie.” He winked.

I nodded, reluctantly taking my shirt off. I unzipped my jeans until they accidentally dropped to my knees, my face flushing hot from embarrassment. I’d lost weight and was noticeably leaner, even though I was toned from wrestling. I really needed to remember to buy some new jeans. I couldn’t give Colin eye contact now. He saw my body whenever I changed in front of him, but never in a jockstrap, given the questionable implication it gave.

He just chuckled. “I didn’t know you started wearing jockstraps like I do.”

My eyebrows rose, but I still couldn’t get myself to look at him. “You wear them, too?”

“Yep. It’s very common. Come on, Daren, I’m surprised you don’t know that, since you’re gay and probably already exploring stuff.”

“Heh. Not…quite.”

“Oh. Well, you’re still a teen, I guess. So, what made you start wearing them? Or just the one?”

I shrugged. “I bought quite a few online with the gift card you gave me for my birthday.”

“I see. Money well spent, then.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, I just like them.”

“Nothing wrong with that.” Since Colin hadn’t worn a jockstrap in front of me, this new knowledge added to my sexual fantasies, and I could only imagine how many more times I’d jerk off thinking about him in a jock.

“Well? Now that your jeans are down, you might as well take the jock off, too. It’s actually easier with fewer clothes.”

“Really?” My dick twitched again.

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My Little Bro’s Butt

Bradley and his little brother, Tyler, have always been close. They took baths together as little boys, and they now take showers together as young men. Bradley always washes Tyler from behind. It’s a secret routine of theirs, and despite being grown up, they’ve never stopped.

With Covid lockdown in full swing, Bradley and Tyler are left alone in the house while their dad is stuck out of town. Routine is the only thing that helps them get through.

But something has changed. For Bradley, Tyler’s little butt completely captivates him and he starts to think of more than just washing it. For Tyler, there’s a longing for his big bro’s hands to do more than just massage him with soap. Bradley and Tyler are getting dangerously close, and routine is getting them through lockdown, but what if it might just forever break the sacred bond they have as brothers?

Will Bradley tame his urges, or will he follow the natural trail of his desires for his little bro’s butt?

My Little Bro's Butt is a 15,000-word short story.

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I soap up and start jerking, but there’s just nothing there. I keep thinking of how wrong it feels to shower alone, when really what I want is big bro’s hands on me.

I start to soap up my shoulders instead. That’s when I notice the shower door is open.

I startle, and in the instant I try to turn and see, I feel big bro’s hands gripping both my shoulders.

It’s not his usual grip. This grip is hard and almost hurts.

His body is pressed against mine. I feel his giant erection jutting up against my butt.

There are no words. I surrender in that grip, willing to do whatever big bro wants.

He seizes the soap from my hands, then I feel his hands slicking up his erection, and my ass. He pulls me back, away from the shower spray. I don’t resist.

With one hand, he pushes my butt up a little. I feel that deep pressure of his dick against my hole. He eases up with the hand against me, letting my hips fall with gravity…down on that slick big bro dick I’ve wanted all day.

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A Brotherly Holiday Series: 4-Pack Bundle

The holidays bring out special bonds between brothers, but for some brothers that bond runs far too deep. For some young men, that bond includes hot taboo sex with their brother.

This four-pack bundle of forbidden lusts includes the following previously-published stories:

A Brotherly Christmas
Through a little bit of Christmas magic and holding onto hope, Josh's most taboo wish might come true.

A Brotherly Valentines
Eighteen-year-old Adam plans to lose his virginity on Valentine's Day...but the man who shares this experience with him is the biggest, sexiest surprise of Adam's life.

A Brotherly Halloween
Brothers Liam and Lyle have always been close, but when Liam crossdresses and plays into Lyle's domination fantasies, they cross lines brothers never should.

A Brotherly New Year’s
A secret taboo reunion could change Dane's life forever, and prove that a deep brotherly bond can create the strongest connection of all.

Explore these four seductive tales of brothers getting it on in this 24,000-word bundle.

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In the dimly-lit living room, I sat on the bear rug with my legs crossed in anticipation, just a few feet away from the large Christmas tree. The heater had turned off for the cycle, and the embers in the rustic fireplace barely glowed. The only sound in the house was Dad’s snoring, drowning out any of Jake’s snores. At least the stench of cheap cigarettes had finally faded away, which did nothing but yellow the chipped walls.

I wore an old set of Christmassy PJs that still fit me because I was a twink who could fit into practically any small size. To be fair, it had originally belonged to a cousin of mine who had grown into a twunk.

Even though Mom was no longer around to tell me to be a good boy, I already knew to carefully leave a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk on the wobbly coffee table, just like every year. Please, as if I didn’t know what the surprise was. I’d just kept it to myself because it was part of the fun. Life was hard, and so was family life. Let me have something magical to hold onto, at least.

Now that it was past midnight, I was officially eighteen. So, this year, I wanted to have some fun and mix things up. I’d jerked off and shot a big load inside the glass of milk as a devious little prank. I couldn’t wait for Santa to drink it all up so that I could see his reaction.

After more minutes of waiting, Santa finally came from right behind me in quiet steps. I never turned around because I wanted to wait until he circled around to face me for a proper surprise. He always stood right by the Christmas tree.

Like every year, I forced myself to believe Santa really was here again, albeit slimmer and younger than the old and jolly version, but still much bigger than me. He towered over me in his famous red suit and hat that made me melt in ways I couldn’t begin to explain. “Ho, ho, ho!” he cheered in a low tone, his voice so deep in a contrived way.

He knew just how much this meant to me. He knew I didn’t want to grow up, but since I had to at my age, I might as well cling onto this part of my childhood. That was the whole point of this yearly experience. Some things, I just didn’t want to let go of, even though I was expected to.

Santa ate the cookies, looking pleased. Then, he gulped down the milk, but he made an awkward and pensive face. He sighed, shaking his head. “I think I know why this milk tastes a bit funny.” He didn’t sound mad, though.

I pursed my lips, trying my hardest to suppress a giggle. I was so naughty this year!

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