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Locker Room Daddies 4-Pack Bundle

Nothing turns curious teenage boys on more than daddies in the locker room. In the hyper-masculine world of the gym, thin-framed Frankie attracts the attention of his school friend's father Bobby. From steam-room trysts to teaching his friend Alejandro the tricks of the gym showers, things heat up for the boys until one dad catches them in the act. Frankie is shipped off to his cousin Nico, who finds himself in a difficult position, being used by the daddies in his own life.

Locker Room Daddies: 4-pack bundle is a 56,000 word collection of four previously published short stories following dads and teens and their locker room adventures.

Included in this bundle are:
- Seducing My Teen Gym Buddy
- When Dad Forced My Boyfriend
- Selling My Teen Boyfriend's Virginity
- Shared By My Uncles in the Steam Room

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“Bobby, do you use lube when you jerk off?” Frankie asked as casually as if I’d seen the game.

“Uh, sometimes.” I was doing everything in my power to will away my hard-on. Frankie’s questions weren’t helping.

“I guess pussy feels way better than a hand, right? Once I put, like, half a tub of lube on my hand and hold it still, like this.” He was showing me. Arm held still, while gently fucking the circle shape he’d made with his fingers.”

“Uh huh.” I tried to keep the same level of interest as when my son shows me gross-out comedy. Even if I liked it, I shouldn’t encourage it. It was wrong. Not how dads should act.

“Are pussies always tight? Because I get worried I’m jerking off and holding it too tight, you know? I kinda get freaked out I’ll screw up my first time.” Fuck. I turned away, my raging boner slapping against the cold metal pipe. It didn’t help. I wondered if I could beat a load out in the three seconds before Frankie’s next question. “Do girls really like giving blow jobs? That’s why I shaved everything. My friend Trent says girls won’t suck a really hairy cock. They like only a bit of hair, you know? Like how when a girl gets her bikini waxed, she leaves this strip at the top. So you know you’re fucking a woman, that’s what Trent says.”

“Is that a fact.” This was worse than being stuck in a traffic jam with my son Bradley and his three friends speaking in literal tongues about a video game they couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of.

“Do you think my dick is big enough, Bobby? Bobby?”

I shivered under the water I’d set to freezing. It scoured my back like a whip. Frankie was the greatest temptation ever sent my way. And I’m no saint.

“Let me have a look again.” I turned around, making a show of peering at it from every angle. Frankie willingly turned to the other side, then lifted it to show me his balls, as if I this was a physical. “Son, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. God, maybe it’s even bigger than mine.”

“Nah,” Frankie laughed. “You think? But yours is way thicker.”

“It comes with age, son. And use.”


“Trust me, you’ll grow into it. You don’t need to put it into every hole that comes your way, but have fun with it. That’s the point.”

“This part gets so sensitive, though. I get freaked out that I’ll blow my load as soon as I put it in her.” Frankie was quite literally rubbing the head of his cock to show me. He leaned over, holding it up, inspecting it as he rimmed the rounded edge of his cock head, stretching as if he might be able to suck himself.

“You gotta build up some stamina.”

“How do I do that?” He genuinely wanted to know. I stepped out of the cubicle to check the corridor. No one was around. Why would they be so late on a Tuesday?

“Look,” I said, standing out of the shower and closer to Frankie so he could see exactly what I was doing, and hopefully wouldn’t have to show him again. I held my still rock-hard dick in one hand, just like he was, watching as if I was teaching him to drive stick shift. I held my palm flat in front of my cock head, and he made an unsure attempt to do the same thing. “Take your dick and rub it against the flat of your palm, like this, see?” Frankie followed my lead and shivered with a goofy grin.


“Yeah, so do that a few times, up and down, side to side, see?” I remained side on, stroking my cock head against my flat palm for him to see.

“I don’t think I can. I’m gonna…”

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Shared by My Uncles in the Steam Room (Locker Room Daddies #4)

When Frankie visits his cousin Nico, a particular type of porn video on Frankie's phone leaves Nico disturbed...and intrigued. When Uncle Tony invites the boys to a family get-together at the local gym, Nico learns just how far Tony will go to keep the men of the family satisfied. But soon Nico will understand the true meaning of "taking one for the team."

Shared by My Uncles in the Steam Room is a 14,000-word short story.

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I drank more of the hard liquor in the plastic cup I’d brought with me from the card games. If I couldn’t get Frankie’s ass or that damn gay video out of my mind, then at least drinking didn’t make me feel so weird about it. When I was sober and those thoughts ran through my head, I wanted to curl up in a ball and sleep, although I was often haunted by similar images in my nightmares. Worst of all, I was the one on that bed, surrounded by grunting, horny men. Drunk, the images remained, but weren’t so haunting.

“C’mon, Nico,” Mikey said, bouncing over to me with a wide smile on his naked body. “Don’t want to get left behind.”

He was right. Most of my cousins, uncles, and their guests, had taken off their clothes and moved into the wet area beyond the locker-room. I heard the familiar patter of laughter and splashing. Beers being cracked open. We were almost alone in the locker room. 

“Hey Mikey,” I said, definitely keeping my boxer shorts on. “Do you find any of this—”

“Fucking weird?” Mikey grinned. He was his mid-twenties while I was barely nineteen, but I always felt we understood each other. He wasn’t dumb. I smiled back.

“I was gonna say. What the fuck is this being naked together?”

“Oh, that. It doesn’t bother me. Pretty normal in Europe and stuff.” I still looked confused. “You weren’t talking about being naked?”

“Well…” I thought for a moment. “All of it, really. I guess if it was just hanging out naked, it would be weird enough. But then all that other stuff…you know.”

Mikey shrugged. He also looked over his shoulder to make sure we were alone. “To be part of this family, sometimes you gotta take one for the team, you know. It sucks like hell, for sure, but we gotta make sacrifices. But the rewards, man, the rewards are out of this fucking world.”

Mikey slapped my shoulder, then turned and walked towards the wet area. I watched his ass saunter away, wondering what the fuck he was talking about. 

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Jeramie Lecleaux: Boyslut Detective: Four-Pack Bundle #1

Jeramie Lecleaux is an eighteen-year old teen detective and slut puppy. When trouble strikes, he uses his sharp eyes, clever wits, and well-trained boypussy to root out clues and interrogate suspects.

No matter what the case calls for, Jeramie Lecleaux is ready to give it his all, even if it means going down on his hands and knees and putting his talents to work. No criminal is safe when this boyslut detective is on duty!

This bundle collects the first four previously-published Jeramie Lecleaux stories:
- Riding Daddy For Clues (originally published as The Case of the Dinner Table Deduction)
- Dad Uses Me From Behind to Solve Crimes (originally published as The Case of the Church Kitchen Catastrophe)
- Riding the Bus Driver
- Glory Hole Interrogation

Jeramie Lecleaux: Boyslut Detective: Four-Pack Bundle #1 is a 36,500-word collection.

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“C’mere,” Daddy instructed, giving his left leg a pat once he was comfortable. “Climb up on Daddy’s lap, boy. I wanna talk about something.”

Jeramie obeyed immediately. His little legs settled across his father’s lap. One arm wrapped around Daddy’s broad shoulders, stretching as far as it could go. Jeramie’s smile was as big as a kid’s meeting Santa at the mall.

“There,” he said, grinning big as his plump little rear bounced on his father’s thick, muscular leg. “I’m all set, Daddy.”

Daddy was smiling softly as he reached up, brushing his fingers through Jeramie’s hair. “Good boy,” he whispered, combing the long honey-colored locks.

Jeramie and his father both had long hair. Some of Jeramie’s teachers told him that it made him look like a girl. He didn’t care, though.

He liked having things in common with Daddy. They both had the same green eyes and pale skin. Their faces were similar too. They each had a Roman nose, a cleft in their chin, and feet that spread slightly like a duck’s.

Certain things about them that were different didn’t bother Jeramie so much. He loved that his Daddy was so muscular. He also loved the thick hair that covered Daddy on almost every part of his big body. Jeramie especially liked running his tiny fingers through it, the same way that Daddy loved combing through his hair.

“Tell me about your case, Daddy,” Jeramie said beseechingly. “I’m very curious.”

Daddy chuckled, placing a chaste kiss on the top of Jeramie’s head, one that lingered just a little longer than necessary.

“You certainly are,” he agreed. “A very curious boy. Always have been.”

Jeramie tilted his head up. Daddy’s hand left his hair, drawing the fingers out of the soft, silky locks to cup his son by the chin. Slowly, Daddy brought his lips down.

A soft moan escaped Jeramie’s throat as their mouths met. Daddy kissed his son slowly, taking his time to caress Jeramie’s lips with his tongue. A fresh shiver went through Jeramie’s body.

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Glory Hole Interrogation: The Case of the Park Bonfire Pilfering

Jeramie Lecleaux is an eighteen-year old teen detective and slut puppy who knows exactly how to milk the truth out of his suspects.

Jeramie and Ricky are excited to be attending the autumn bonfire festival in the park. There's games, surprises, and best of outdoor wiener roast. The celebration is put on hold, though, when someone swipes all the hot dog wieners.

Jeramie has a pretty good idea of who is behind the theft, but to get to the bottom of this mystery, he'll have to get down on his knees and use his patented interrogation technique on every possible suspect!

Glory Hole Interrogation is a 10,500-word short story.

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Jeramie hadn’t been lying. He fully intended to interrogate the men in the park to find out whether or not they knew anything relating to this latest case.

He simply had a better way of doing so than walking around.

Once he was sure Ricky was out of sight, Jeramie went straight for the restrooms. The air stank of urine, sweat, and bathroom cleaner. The walls had tiles on them halfway up, and the paint on the upper half was cracked and peeling.

Jeramie walked past the set of sinks, heading for the last stall on the far right. His feet skid along the dirty concrete floor, making a ‘swish’ sound. Once inside, Jeramie locked the stall door and began peeling off his clothes. He didn’t want to get them dirty, and any stains would look suspicious later.

The air inside the restroom carried a chill. Jeramie’s exposed flesh began to break out into goosepimples as he stripped down. Naked, Jeramie stood on his tiptoes and hung each piece of clothing on the hook attached to the stall door. Then, he sat down on the toilet and waited.

He didn’t have to wait long.

The inside of the restroom shook slightly as the door swung open, hitting the wall behind it. Footsteps echoed across the floor. Jeramie waited, holding his breath and crossing his fingers and toes. He had pulled his feet up to rest on the toilet seat.

Sure enough, the door to the stall next to his opened. Jeramie looked over at the wall on the right. A hole had been cut near the bottom next to the toilet paper dispenser. It was big enough to fit his arm through. Someone had drawn arrows around it in magic market. There were some very colorful instructions as well, the sort of words that Jeramie’s teachers would be appalled by.

Jeramie didn’t need the instructions, though. He already knew what to do.

The man in the next stall was peeing. Jeramie eased himself down off the toilet and crept over to the hole. The man on the other side was Latino. His pants were down around his knees, and he was holding a cock that looked very big, even though it was flaccid.

Jeramie’s eyes flicked down briefly to the shoes the man was wearing—a pair of old work boots that had seen better days. All too quickly, though, he was back to staring at the growing cock in the man’s big hands, licking his lips as the stream of piss died down.

Quickly, he tapped his foot twice on the ground. When that yielded no response, he tried stomping it twice. The Latino man turned, as though startled.

“Hey, mister!” Jeramie hissed.

Slowly, he ran one finger down along the lower half of the gloryhole. The man blinked in surprise, and after a moment’s deliberation, turned to slide his cock all the way in.

“Suck it,” the husky older man commanded.

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Riding the Bus Driver: The Case of the Scary School Bus

Jeramie Lecleaux is an eighteen-year-old teen detective and slut puppy who is always willing use his greatest ASSets to save the day.

A rainy day, busy parents, and no wheels of their own force Jeramie and Ricky to take the bus to school. Along the way, the grumpy driver picks up a passenger who ends up being more than he seems. Things take a dangerous turn when everyone on the bus is taken hostage.

Can Jeramie get his classmates out of this jam?

And if his quick wits can't, will his talented boy hole do the trick?

Riding the Bus Driver is a 7,900-word short story.

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“It’s true!” someone from behind them called out.

The voice shattered the silence. Jeramie felt his body slack. His eyes kept facing forward, watching the gunman shake his head.

“What?” the masked man barked.

“Jeramie never gets in trouble on the bus,” another voice added. “He’s the only one Mr. Barksdale seems to like.”

Privately, Jeramie doubted that very much. He wasn’t about to contradict any of their statements, though. The gunman was considering their words carefully now.

As if on cue, Mr. Barksdale hit a pothole, rocking the bus slightly. “Okay, fine!” the gunman barked, waving his gun. “You, go up to the front and see if you can help the old fart keep the bus steady.”

Jeramie nodded once and hopped up out of his seat. He was forced to squeeze by the masked man. The gunman didn’t want to move. As he did, Jeramie felt his rear brush against the gunman’s front. He could feel what the gunman was packing in there.

He could also feel the cock there jump when Jeramie made contact. Jeramie filed this information away for later. It would probably be useful, if what he had deduced so far proved accurate.

“Mr. Barksdale?” Jeramie said softly, getting the older man’s attention as he approached the front.

The bus driver glanced briefly toward him. Jeramie didn’t waste time, opting to climb right in Mr. Barksdale’s lap instead of waiting for permission. The old man seemed surprised, but didn’t protest.

“Just relax,” Jeramie whispered, softly as he could. “I have a plan.”

To his surprise, Mr. Barksdale was hard too. This made things much easier. Smiling to himself, Jeramie reached down, taking hold of his shorts and giving them a slight push. He could see via the mirror that no one was watching him. A couple of students had been staring when he climbed up into Mr. Barksdale’s lap, but their attention was diverted by the gunman, who had resumed waving his weapon around.

“I was trying to get him to drop the gun,” Mr. Barksdale whispered while Jeramie wiggled around. “But I’m scared he’d fire it inste—what are you doing?”

Jeramie had reached underneath his rear, freeing Mr. Barksdale’s swollen cock from his work jeans.

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A Hero Ensnared: The Complete Series

Castor, a semi-retired superhero with shapeshifting abilities who goes by the name of Phantom, is called back to duty.

A younger super-colleague of his, Corey, A.K.A. Tempest, has been rescued from a month-long imprisonment. While Corey swears he's fine and he's ready to go back to his job of protecting Selene City from the ever-present threat of supervillains, the ruling council isn't sure if they can take Corey at his word. Thus, they send Castor after him, to tail him, to watch him, and to ensure the younger superhero is safe.

But it seems Corey was never the one at's Castor. He's seductively drawn deep into submission, to ignore his charge and duty, to give everything he Marcus, A.K.A. the archvillain Imperious. The final side of himself that he has to give up? His sexual freedom.

Tempest, once one of the leading superheroes in Selene City, is about to become a sexual servant to the biggest threat to Selene City.

A Hero Ensnared: The Complete Series is a 28,000-word collection of all four stories in the A Hero Ensnared series.

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Castor flashed the broadest grin he could at Corey. “Now, now, Corey. Let’s not pretend you’re all pure and innocent either. You probably have some sort of fantasy about fucking yourself,” he said.

Corey leaned up, propping his torso up with his elbows against the mattress. “What if I did?” he said, voice dropping to a lower, huskier register. “You going to do anything about it? I bet you love to transform into me and jerk off in front of a mirror so you can watch me beating my meat.”

“Oh yeah. I love to edge your big cock while standing in front of the bathroom mirror. Did you know that you blush from your neck when you get turned on?” Castor purred.

Castor leaned forward, looking up to meet Corey’s gaze. He licked his lips. With a small grin tugging at the corner of his lips, he cast his gaze down.

Corey’s eyes followed Castor’s.

Hook, line, and sinker, Castor thought to himself and chuckled. Now that he had Corey’s attention where he wanted it, he rubbed the erection growing between his own legs.

Gods,” Corey groaned. “I’m so fucking pent up.”

It was a little bit filthy, and maybe a lot crazy, but Castor had been banking on it. “Then maybe you could use a hand?” he said, feigning innocence. “Or a mouth?”

Corey sucked in a breath. He flicked his gaze out past Castor’s shoulder, at the door. “I shouldn’t—” Corey said, glancing back down between Castor’s legs. “I can’t possibly ask—”

Castor smiled. He grabbed Corey’s hand and raised it to his lips. He caught a finger in his lips and popped it in, swirling his tongue once around the tip. “You’re not asking,” he murmured, in a low and husky voice. “I’m offering.

A bright pink flush bloomed on Corey’s cheeks. It was adorable, really. It was easy to forget that Corey was a little bit on the meeker side when his heroic alter ego, Tempest, was such a fucking badass. It was really nice to see this more vulnerable, more bashful side. It awakened something inside him that he rarely got to indulge since he was more on the submissive side himself.

“A-at least a-activate the privacy screen,” Corey muttered.

Castor stood from his seat, a glint in his eye. He lowered Corey’s hand from his lips to his crotch, bumping the outline of his hard cock against the knuckles. “SIBYL, would you be able to activate the privacy screen for us?” said Castor.

I would be able to do so, yes,” chimed SIBYL in response, though she didn’t actually activate the privacy screen. “While Corey’s physical condition has experienced remarkable improvement ever since Fatima started treating him, I must advise that he refrain from any strenuous activity.”

“That’s alright, SIBYL,” said Castor, as Corey’s wrist twisted in his grip. He bit his lower lip to stifle the groan that nearly escaped him as Corey’s fingers traced at the outline of his cock. “You don’t think a blowjob would be too strenuous, would you?”

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Cucking Daddy: 6-Pack Bundle

​Welcome to Camp Wannakukka! A special place for fathers and their sons. Camp Wannakukka provides a safe, relaxing environment for men who wish to bond with their young sons in a very unique and permanent way. At Camp Wannakukka, we hope that the bonds forged here will last a lifetime.

​Christian is both nervous and excited, for it's here at Camp Wannakukka that he'll finally be married to the man of his dreams—his father. They'll have a beautiful ceremony and a wild wedding night and honeymoon.

​But these dreams are interrupted when Christian meets the other sexy older men​ at Camp Wannakukka. He loves and wants to marry his father, but he also can't resist temptation and wants to make the most of his time here at Camp. But what will his father think of this?

​Cucking Daddy: 6-Pack Bundle collects all six parts of the Cucking Daddy series in a 31,800-word bundle.

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“Wake up, sleepyhead! We’re almost there.”

Christian’s eyes fluttered open. The steady purring of the engine had made him doze off. The small, slender eighteen-year-old rubbed sleep from his tired eyes and gave a cute yawn. He saw that they were on a winding road, one that was not paved. Gravel crunched underneath the wheels. There was the occasional soft splash of a mud puddle underneath the vehicle from a recent rainfall.

Outside, the green scenery whizzed past. Deep oak trees and thick pine stood at the very edge of the dirt road they traveled on. The last thing Christian remembered was them driving through a town. They had long since left it behind, judging by the lack of any signs of civilization out the passenger window.

“Where are we?” Christian asked his father, who was sitting next to him in the driver’s seat.

Daniel smiled, letting his eyes leave the road for a brief moment so he could rake them down over his precious boy’s small frame.

“We’re right about at the camp grounds,” Daniel explained, pointing. “See?”

Christian had to take his seatbelt off and peer up over the dashboard. He had been slouching in his sleep and his short frame didn’t help. When he could see, though, the young man old let out a soft gasp.

Up ahead were twin poles rising out of the earth on each of the road. They formed a gate with a sign that arched high overhead. The sign was made of wood and had been hand-carved. Words were printed on it, and as Daniel slowed the car down, Christian was able to read what they said.

“’Welcome to Camp Wannakukka,’” he read aloud.

“This is the place,” Daniel said, grinning to himself. “Told you I could find it without a GPS app, didn’t I?”

Christian settled back into his seat and put his seatbelt back on. The clasp went back into the slot with a ‘snap’. The belt, however, had pushed his My Hero Academia t-shirt up, exposing his belly.

Daniel saw this. His tongue slipped out between his lips. It ran along the lower half, wetting his lip and spreading a small trail of slimy drool on his chin. He had neglected to shave that morning. Fortunately, Daniel wasn’t the type who needed to. He could let his stubble grow for almost a week before it started to show.

Christian didn’t notice the look his father was giving him. He was too occupied with what lay outside his window. Or rather, what wasn’t.

“Is this really a special camp, Daddy?” he asked, growing worried.

Daniel tore his gaze away and went back to the road. “It sure is,” the father said with some assurance in his voice. “I learned all about it from one of my friends online. Someone built this place for people like us so we won’t have to hide. Isn’t that wonderful?”

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A Reanimation to Remember

After the death of his first love, Craig, Felix meets a mysterious man who gives him a proposition to bring Craig back to life. The catch? Felix and Craig have to take part in a study that records the interactions between humans and reanimated corpses. Why is this experiment a problem? Because they'll be watched with every single thing they do, including the most-intimate moments.

Despite his reluctance, Felix can at least have Craig back, which makes him so happy. Unfortunately for Craig, his new state is anything but pleasant. It's bad enough that he can't be seen in public without a mask. He can't even see his own family!

Now, Felix has to make a choice. He could continue with the experiment indefinitely, facing a rough life with no privacy. Or he could simply break it. But if he chooses the latter?

He'd lose Craig forever.

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Someone knocked on the door several times in an off-kilter pattern. Felix’s eyes fluttered until he was fully awake. He lifted himself and sat on the edge of his full-size bed, yawning. Should he change out of his shorts into something decent? Or just throw on a T-shirt? Then again, maybe if whoever it was saw him shirtless and in this mood, they’d get the hint and leave him alone. Just because it was still his birthday didn’t mean he needed company. He’d already ignored his neighbors’ texts to go out to a bar as their way of cheering him up. They didn’t know Craig the way he did; they wouldn’t understand the grief.

Felix grabbed his phone from the nightstand and glanced at the screen. He’d napped for three hours. He might as well have gone to sleep for the whole night. He placed the phone back on the surface and stood up. He glanced at the large window just a few feet to his left in the center of the living space, the only window in the unit. The lamp posts shone the path for the horse-drawn vehicles that strolled down the brick road with routinely pristine pavement on either side. He managed a tiny, reminiscent smile at the times he and Craig had ridden a carriage, since motor vehicles were forbidden in town. They’d hung out at various places as a two-man adventure, especially in the woods at the main park, their favorite spot.

Another few knocks.

Felix rolled his eyes and trudged just feet away toward the entry door. If only he could afford a larger unit than his 300-square-foot one to fit more stuff, but the prices for the one- and two-bed chased his wallet away.

He stopped to rub his eyes from the temptation to crawl back into bed, and he let out another yawn.

More knocks.

He nearly jumped from the now-harder poundings as he neared. Incoherent grumbling from the other side of the door filled his ears, and he leaned toward the peephole.

A guy in a hoodie stood there with his head lowered and face hidden. That was a huge hoodie for someone who didn’t seem large enough to justify the size. He was about Felix’s height of five feet eleven inches, with exaggeratingly baggy jeans and worn sneakers, all dressed in black. Who was he?

Felix’s heart raced. Should he answer the door? Should he open it and take the risk?

More pounding.

He jumped. “Who…who is it?”

The guy grumbled something like earlier. What was he saying?

Felix bit his lower lip. “I’m not opening the door until you tell me who you are.”

“Fe-lix,” was all the guy said in a throaty tone.

Felix’s heart pounded harder than the door at the familiarity of the voice. No, no. It was impossible. It couldn’t be!


Felix took a few steps back, his eyes wide and his body quaking, and his breathing converting into a series of drawn-out puffs. No, no, no.


No! He was supposed to be dead! But who else could that voice belong to? Sure, some people sounded the same as one another, but not in an uncanny way, right? There was only one person who had a voice like the love of Felix’s life, and that was…


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Learning to Pup (Waggy Tails #1)

Young man Max has recently moved into Phil's apartment complex and he loves helping out his new boss. Phil knows Max's true self, that he's a pup at heart. One day on a walk in the hills, Phil helps Max embrace his pup-self, running around on all fours and acting just like an eager pup should do on a walk. Phil buys Max his first pieces of pup gear, and pup and his Handler have their first play time together where Max is learning the ropes of how to pup.

Learning to Pup is a 6,700 word short story.

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Puppy Max prided himself on being a very good boy. Like all puppies, he loved to run around, he loved to paw at things, to sniff things, and of course, play with his owner, Handler Phil. Puppy Max was quite new to being a pup. In human years, Puppy Max had just turned twenty-one. Handler Phil liked to say Max still had a lot of growing to do. He was quite short, about five foot eight inches, and light enough that Handler Phil could easily scoop Max up in his arms when it was time for a bath, or to get put to bed.

Although he was twenty-one in human years, Handler Phil liked to say Puppy Max was only three in doggy years. But the truth was Puppy Max was even younger than that. About six months. That’s how long he had been a puppy for. Not only did Puppy Max have a lot of growing to do, he also had a lot to learn about being a pup.

Max had been a stray pup. He’d been left behind by those people who were supposed to care for him, and not treated very well when they did remember he existed. That was back in the country, with its open roads and endless fields. Lots of places for young Max to get lost in, but it was lonely being the pup no one wanted. So, Max had run away to the big city. He’d lived in alleys among the cats of the big city, but at heart, he was a pup who just wanted a loving home, and someone to love him in return.

By chance, Max had stumbled into Handler Phil’s life. Handler Phil owned and ran an apartment complex downtown. It was nice and modern with a pool and a gym for guests who would stay a week or two, sometimes a month or two. Max had stumbled into Handler Phil’s open office door one day. He’d been following a help wanted sign, but Handler Phil had known in an instant Max was truly a Puppy. Like many pups without homes and handlers without pups, they were quickly drawn to each other. For instance, Puppy Max’s pup-tail had instantly grown stiff the moment he saw Handler Phil. Like at the pound, in that brief interview in the office, Phil had seen how excited Max’s pup-tail was, he practically wagging it at the thought Handler Phil might take him home.

But Handler Phil was a good man. Although he knew Max was a pup, he also believed pup’s had rights and should have independent lives. Handler Phil offered Puppy Max a deal. It was hard to run a twenty-apartment complex by himself. He needed some help. He needed a pup who could sniff out bad people, clean up the crumbs left by the other guests, and, one day, grow from a pup into a fully-fledged guard dog. Maybe in the future with some pups of his own.

Handler Phil gave Puppy Max his own apartment in the complex, on the ground floor near the gate and the pool. That was so Puppy Max could learn to keep a watch out for intruders and bark at them if needed, while Handler Phil was back in his office or asleep in his penthouse apartment. They called Max’s apartment the kennel. It was the smallest of all of them, but pretty. It had a lot of light, a kitchen, a bedroom, a playroom and all the amenities a puppy could want in his very own kennel. Not to mention it didn’t cost Max anything, and Handler Phil paid Max a wage for his services cleaning the common areas, the apartment, and keeping an eye on the guests when Handler Phil was out on business.

Soon after they’d found each other, Handler Phil bought Puppy Max his very first puppy hood. Max didn’t know what it was when the wrapped-up gift was on his doorstep. He found it with a note which said: Come and play?

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My Boyfriend’s Hot Cowboy Dad

Ozzie and Ezra are a cute gay teenage couple with one important difference from other gay couples. They’ve decided to save their virginity until they’re married.

But with Ozzie being a typical horny teenager, the four years minimum until marriage and finally sex seems like a lifetime and it’s leaving him sexually frustrated. After all, his boyfriend Ezra is a hot jock and it’s a rock-hard situation anytime he’s around.

Enter Elijah, Ezra’s hot cowboy dad—married, though technically separated. When Ozzie spends the night and Ezra goes to bed early, the conversation between Ozzie and Ezra gets really steamy really quickly and it’s making Ozzie see the older man in a whole new light. He’s a sexy, rugged, masculine cowboy…and it’s doing something to Ozzie.

But with Ezra sleeping in the other room, they have to be quiet…so Elijah takes Ozzie into his bedroom. The question now is: Will Ozzie finally alleviate his sexual frustration by cheating on Ezra with his hot cowboy dad?

My Boyfriend’s Hot Cowboy Dad is a 12,000-word short story.

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“Goodnight.” He waved at both me and Elijah.

Elijah gave him a warm expression. “Goodnight, son. Sleep well.”

Ezra walked away, oblivious to how bummed I felt. He marched upstairs until the sound of his door closing confirmed the night was no longer young. He wasn’t careless or anything, and he was always good to me, but things often had to go his way. He probably didn’t realize it, but I did.

Elijah remained on the couch adjacent to mine, his cowboy hat still in place. His and Ezra’s resemblance to each other was much stronger than mine to Dad. He also had a deeper voice than Ezra’s, more like mine. “Ozzie, you don’t have to go to bed right away if you don’t want to. You can hang out here all night, as long as you don’t have the TV on too loud.”

I tried to smile, but feeling stupid soured my mood. “Alone?”

Elijah checked his old flip phone that fit perfectly in the palm of his large hand. “I guess I can join you for a while.”

“I mean…you don’t have to if you really don’t want to.”

“Nah, you’re fine. If anything, I figured you wouldn’t want to hang out with an old man like me.” He let out a low chuckle.

I took a thorough glimpse of him. He might’ve been in his forties, but he kept himself in way better shape than my big bear of a dad who was still in his thirties, not that Dad cared. Elijah was medium-built and toned in a wolfy kind of way, similar to Ezra’s build. Plus, he was actually hot for his age, something I’d come to realize only recently. He was also charming in a way I couldn’t explain, so warm and welcoming whenever I was around him.

My smile grew a bit stronger, but a twitch in my bulge also confused me. “You’re not old.”

“Hey, I had Ezra when I was going on thirty. Yeah, I’d say I’m pretty old.”

“But you’re not even fifty yet. So, no, you’re not that old.” Even if society said otherwise, I personally didn’t think so. Besides, wasn’t age just a number?

“I’ll take that as a compliment, then.” What a nice, toothy smile. Elijah definitely cared about his general hygiene, even if he was unshowered at the moment.

I laughed softly, then sighed after a moment of silence. “Not gonna lie, I kind of wish I could have another beer.”

“You want another?”

My eyebrows rose. “Really? I can have another bottle?”

Elijah shrugged. “It’s beer, not poison. Besides, you’re in my house where it’s safe. Just don’t tell your parents about it.” He winked.

Please. I had to fight them to let me stay here in the first place. Why would I ruin the chance to stay again?”

“Good point.” Elijah got up, adjusted the front of his jeans like I didn’t notice, and headed to the kitchen.

For the first time without Ezra being here, my dick got erect. Why would Elijah need to adjust his bulge? Confusion filled my head. I didn’t know what it meant. I knew I wanted to be sexual with Ezra, but that was part of what the promise ring included. We’d be virgins until marriage, or so we’d promised.

Elijah returned with two bottles of beer. He handed me one, then took a seat back on the couch. He gave me another warm smile. “I can already hear Ezra snoring.”

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