Cucking Daddy II: Clueless Dad: Part 9

Welcome to Camp Wannakukka! A special place for fathers and their sons. Camp Wannakukka provides a safe, relaxing environment for men who wish to bond with their young sons in a unique and permanent way. At Camp Wannakukka, we hope that the bonds forged here will last a lifetime.

The truth is out.

Charlie has been made aware of his son’s escapades since the day that they arrived at the resort. Now he must come to grips with who and what his son is. Charlie may be a nice guy and a little clueless, but he isn’t above taking some revenge against the man who has been fooling him this whole time!

Clueless Dad, Part Nine is a 7,000-word short story and part nine of a nine-part series.

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“Parker's cool,” he explained, still giving me an annoyed look. “As a friend. As somebody to mess around with. He and his dad both.”

I swallowed, trying to hold my feelings in check.

“But not…” Nicky hesitated, then slowly reached up with one trembling hand. “Not like… not the way I wish…”

His hand came down tenderly on my chest. I felt the warmth between us. It tingled like static. I felt my heart skip a beat.

“...the way I want you,” Little Nicky finished hoarsely.

The inside of my shorts felt cramped. I was harder than I had ever been in my life. Each pounding beat of my heart felt like thunder in my ears. Worse, it made my cock jump.

For a moment, I was scared I’d pissed myself. The front of my shorts felt soaked. With a jolt, I realized that I was leaking precum. Hearing my son confess to being in lust with me had turned my cock into a faucet.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

“Son,” I croaked out.

My voice sounded thick and heavy. The inside of my mouth felt like I had swallowed cotton. Everything around my son's face was hazy.

“Daddy,” my son whispered.

Nicky brought his face closer to mine. “We can't,” I said weakly, not moving away.

“Please, Daddy?”

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