Cucking Daddy II: Clueless Dad: Part 6

Welcome to Camp Wannakukka! A special place for fathers and their sons. Camp Wannakukka provides a safe, relaxing environment for men who wish to bond with their young sons in a unique and permanent way. At Camp Wannakukka, we hope that the bonds forged here will last a lifetime.

It is time for the next event in the Campfire Wars. This one proves to be a huge blast for all who participate. Charlie’s son stands to be the breakout star of the competition. Will Charlie remain clueless or has the veil finally lifted from his eyes?

Clueless Dad, Part Six is a 4,400-word short story and part six of a nine-part series.

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“Looks like we’ll be split up again,” I told Nicky.

My son actually looked disappointed. “Sorry, Dad,” he said in a remorseful tone.

“Hey, it’s okay!” Smiling, I patted Little Nicky on the back. “It’s only a game. Let’s just have fun, okay?”

“That’s the spirit!” Beau chimed in helpfully. “The important thing is that we all have a great time, right?”

Beau gave Nicky an intense look. Nicky, in turn, blushed again and looked away. Something about that felt strange.

I was distracted, however, when several staff members began clearing space over by the bonfire. The men laid out a set of sleeping bags in a row. All of the bags were a bright red and sported a familiar bull insignia on the front.

“Only a handful of competitors from each team will be selected for this event,” the announcer explained, sending a hush through the crowd. “This event will be Sleeping Bag Push-ups!”

Whispers spread through the crowd. It sounded like some of the members of both teams were familiar with this one. Being the new guy, I was in the dark.

“Perfect,” I overheard Parker say softly.

“Couldn’t have planned it better ourselves,” Beau agreed.

There wasn’t time to ask them what they meant by that. The announcer was speaking again. A hush once more spilled over those gathered.

“Sons,” the announcer called out with sufficient gravitas. “When your name is called, please come forward and select a sleeping bag.”

Several of the younger men looked excited. Not all of them were from Hawk’s Nest either. One father from Bunny Burrow was giving his excited son a rather dark scowl. His expression reminded me of the four from Bunny Burrow who had kidnapped Parker. I made a note to keep an eye on him.

“Andrew Jones,” the announcer called out. “Chris Ingram. Kelly Shoemaker.”

The three young men whose names were called stepped forward. Their strides ranged from confident to nervous to thrilled. Each one picked one of the ten sleeping bags laid out in front of the campfire.

Two more names were called before Parker was chosen. Beau gave his son a nod of approval which Parker returned with a nod and a smile. Parker did give me a strange look before scampering off.

“I hope I get you,” he said to me as he rushed down to the front.

I turned to Beau, but all he did was shrug. “Guess I’ll find out,” I said, watching closely.

The announcer was still calling names. Two more sons went down to the campfire. I noticed that they all shimmied their hips once they were bundled up inside their sleeping bags.

It must have been uncomfortable lying flat on the ground, face down. Even with the sleeping bag, there wasn’t much protection between them and the hard earth.

“And finally,” said the announcer, pausing before giving the last name. “Nick Smith!”

I blinked in surprise. “Congratulations, son!” I said to my stunned son. “Well, don’t just stand here. Go!”

Little Nicky didn’t move right away. “You heard your Daddy,” Beau told my son with mock seriousness. “Your adoring public awaits.”

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