A Dark Merman Obsession

Truman is a merman in love with a human. But there’s a problem—two humans love him.

On land and with legs, thanks to the help of the sea witch, Truman must do something he dreads to do…break a human’s heart. Alan loves Truman, but Truman doesn’t love him back and knows he never will. Instead, Truman’s heart belongs with Henley.

And in Alan’s eyes, Henley is a dangerous threat. Alan can’t let Truman go and won’t allow him to leave. He’s willing to go down some dark paths to keep Truman for himself, paths that could permanently alter his life and those involved.

A Dark Merman Obsession is a 13,000 word novella.

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I scooted down until his physical joy greeted me. I’d never seen anyone else’s but my own. Well, perhaps unintentionally and from afar, but it would’ve been brief out of respect. It was smaller and thinner than my larger and thicker one.

As I was ready to explore this part of Henley, he wrapped his lips around mine. In an instant, a warm wetness hit me with an erotic sensation. This glorious feeling. So new, yet so right. He moaned with a mouthful, which aided in my arousal. I gave the glistening head a kiss, and I used my tongue to circle around it, tasting the saltiness it produced that was unusually intoxicating. I reached behind him and groped his round buttocks. I’d never known just how enjoyable this experience could be, and I didn’t want to stop. Those tiny sounds of the delight I instilled in him affected me in sensual ways, continually.

I took more of him into my mouth, bobbing my head slowly. I kneaded his buttocks. Just touching him in this manner while receiving his warm mouth was so delightful that I grew closer to my release.

My fingers traveled toward the cleft, and as much as I was curious to explore inside, I refrained. I pulled him out of my mouth and tried to look at him from this position. “Henley?”

He stopped and looked back with a hungry expression. “What is it?”

“I’d like to explore more than just what we’re doing. Someday, anyway.”

“We have plenty of time. I’m not going anywhere, Truman, and neither are you.”

I smiled. “Would you ever let me be inside of you?”

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