Doing My Tutor

Lisa has a burning lust for John, a math tutor, and has been faking difficulties in math for months now, just to get close to him. But every time she’s hit on him or dropped a hint that she liked him, he would always ignore it. John likes her, she was sure of it — it was just his morality keeping him away, his sense of the line between tutor and tutee. Lisa can’t wait any longer; she needs to seduce John today or she’ll go crazy with lust. It starts with laying her hand on his leg while they’re in the secluded back area of the library, and soon heats up when John responds in a way that confirms for her she’s been right all along.

WARNING: This 4,800-word short story contains an explicit sex scene between a student and her tutor that will leave you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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I had to make my move now — a move that neither of us could back down from. I either needed to get fucked right here and right now, or I needed to end this and go home and get off with a vibrator. While he continued to examine my answers and studiously avoid looking at me, I half-undid the button on my shirt — the one button that was holding everything in place.

“It looks like you’re getting this,” he said. His voice quivered a bit — god, he needed this as bad as I did, he just had to act on it. He finally turned toward me again and looked me in the eye. I watched as a bead of sweat gathered at his hairline and rolled down his temple. This boy had it bad. “I think you could do this step a little cleaner,” he added, pointing at a problem I deliberately messed up on, just to give us something to talk about.

“Oh?” I asked. I turned my upper body toward him and, just as I’d hoped, that crucial button popped free and my breasts fell out. “Oh my God!” I said in an urgent whisper. “I’m so sorry!”

I scooped up my breasts and put them back in my shirt. But I had won — his eyes locked onto my boobs and focussed on my nipples. His face went beet red when he realized I’d caught him staring.

“Maybe we should, uh,” John said, fumbling for words. He shoved my papers back in front of me and reached below the table for his backpack.

I put my hand on his hairy thigh and he froze. “Don’t leave,” I begged. I leaned toward him, to the point where my breasts almost fell out of my shirt again — and, fuck yes, his eyes were locked on my cleavage. “I still need some ... one on one with you ... we need to penetrate this homework assignment, really go deep...” I moved my hand further up his thigh, the hair beneath my fingers becoming coarse and thick. “I need you to help me...”

He looked around nervously, eyes scanning the room. “I, uh, I...”

I didn’t bother looking around, ensuring we were alone; it didn’t matter to me. Besides, if he’d spotted someone, I would’ve seen the panic in his eyes. I leaned in closer, bringing my lips to his ear, and slipped my fingers up the leg of his shorts, to the warm bulge that lay just a few inches away. My fingertips brushed against his long, hard cock, contained by a thin layer of cotton, and he jolted. Heat rose within me at that briefest of touches — John was much thicker and longer than I had thought he’d be.

“Stop hesitating,” I whispered into his ear, hot and heavy. “Touch me.”

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