Seducing My Daddies (Dad Son Sex Secrets #4)

Ryan is spending a week with his dad and his dad’s new husband, Devin. Late at night, Ryan lies awake with two problems running endlessly through his mind — he’s not sure when to come out as gay and, much worse, he’s lusting for his dad and new step-dad. He’s desperate for relief from his burning libido, but knows he can’t get off by his own hand as long as he knows his dad and step-dad are sleeping in their underwear in the next room. Acting irrationally, and doing the only thing that will end his desperation, he enters his dad’s bedroom, totally naked, and openly touching himself. When his dad wakes up and finds him standing there, Ryan has no idea if he’s going to be kicked out of the house or invited into bed.

4,200-word short story

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God damn it, I was horny, but this just wasn’t working. I could tell that no matter how hot and horny I got, I just wasn’t going to be able to come tonight. No, only one thing would satisfy me. Only one thing would get me off so I could sleep.

And that one thing was taboo ... off limits ... forbidden.

Fuck it.

I stood up and left my boxers in a pile on the floor and went to stand in dad and Devin’s doorway again. I nudged the door open further so I could get an even better view. The light from the bathroom reflected down the hall and added a faint glow to the scene in front of me.

Dad and Devin were gods among men — everything I needed in a man. These were exactly the type of men that I wanted to take my virginity, to introduce me to the hedonistic world of gay sex. And, maybe, just maybe, it was something that could evolve beyond just primal sex. Fantasies filled my head of us becoming a threesome, of us sleeping in the same bed every night, of me being pumped full of their come every morning and night.

I found myself suddenly moving on instinct and desire — my mind not fully in control of my body. I nudged the door open further and walked into the room, naked and still masturbating, and stood in front of Devin. I stared down at both him and dad; their bodies were even more incredible now that I was this close to them. I could almost feel the heat emanating off of them and I could smell the musk of men, that smell sending a charge straight to my dick and making me throw my head back and moan.

“Ryan?” The sound of my dad’s voice saying my name sent a shock of cold fear through me. I’d been caught. I’d been fucking caught. “Ryan, what are you doing?”

But then I looked at him and Devin — who had also woken up and was looking me — and I didn’t see disgust in their eyes. No, I saw acceptance, like they were totally okay with me standing over them and masturbating.

Acting on instinct again, and not saying a word, I got into bed with them, lying between Devin and dad, facing dad. Behind me, Devin rolled over and I felt his bulge brush against my ass crack. Dad looked at me, the weak light glinting off his eyes, and as he parted his lips to say something else, I put a hand on his cheek and leaned in to kiss him. It was long and passionate — at least on my end. Dad’s lips didn’t move. He didn’t reject my kiss, didn’t push me away, but he didn’t kiss me back, either.

I kept kissing him, kept getting something I’d been aching to do. And then, so subtly that I almost missed it, dad let out a low groan that rumbled in his chest. That groan, that rumble, that sound of base desire, was like flipping a switch. Dad put a hand on my slim waist and leaned into me, kissing me hard, his tongue flicking into my mouth. Devin leaned into me, too, pressing his bulge against my ass and nibbling at the back of my neck, his facial hair adding hot friction to his touch.

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