Seducing My Son (Dad Son Sex Secrets #3)

David is a buff, forty-four year old dad in a sexless marriage. When his son, Adam, turns eighteen, David throws a drinking party for Adam’s friends at his house while his wife is out of town and decides to join the fun. In a house full of youthful testosterone, David reminisces over his own youth, only, he finds his thoughts wandering somewhere unexpected as he eyes Adam’s lanky, muscular body. He catches his son staring at him all too often, and soon his libido ventures into the forbidden, to lusts that a father should not indulge. With the buzz of alcohol, though, David can’t hold himself back. He decides to seduce Adam, no matter what the consequences.

5,200-word short story

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Fuck it. I down my glass of rum, set it on the glass end table with a clink. I can’t stand the teasing anymore. Either my son is flirting with me, or I’m drunk and horny and full of wishful thinking, but if he wants me, I’m not holding back. I’m going to have him how I want him.

“Adam.” I stand in front of him, hands on hips.

He looks up at me, eyes briefly cruising my chest and bulk. Then he looks into my eyes and sees how rapt I am, how I can’t take my lustful gaze off his pretty boy face. He looks concerned. “Yeah, dad?”

I look around the basement rec room. Everyone is in some form of drunkenness. Yeah, let them party. What I’m about to do will be something secret, something no one will know about but me and Adam.

“I need you to come with upstairs, right now.”

Adam looks at me, confused, but he doesn’t disobey. “Okay, dad,” he says, hoisting himself up. He stands on his athletic legs, showing off his shapely buns. On the way up the stairs, he turns to me. “I hope nothing is wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I tell him. “I just need you to come upstairs with me. Now.”

“Okay,” he says, continuing up, and I watch him, my cock throbbing, heart pounding.

I can feel the alcohol burning in my veins as we continue upstairs and into the hall that leads to the den and master bedroom. My wife is out of town on a business trip, so we have the house to ourselves. I feel like I’m following Abigail again down the dorm hall to my room, knowing that soon my cock is going to be erupting between her tits.

The house upstairs is dark. At the top of the stairs, Adam stops and I let myself collide gently into him. I casually lift my arm around his shoulder, pressing our bodies close.

“Where do you want to go?” he asks me. Although I’m close against him, he doesn’t move away. He turns his head towards me. In the dark I see the outline of his plump lips, the shadows of his gorgeous eyes. I want to kiss him.

I hold back. “Do you trust me, son?”

“Of course.” He doesn’t hesitate. I feel his breath against me, tangy with the scent of beer.

“I want to take you to the bedroom and show you something.” My erection is tantalizingly close to his leg. I can’t resist. I turn subtly and press it against his thigh muscle, relishing the hard warmth and rush of pleasure that sweeps through my groin.

“Okay.” He whispers the word. I can tell he doesn’t know what to do, but he doesn’t pull away from me, even though I’m certain he can feel my cock against his leg. I know he wants this, but he needs me to lead, to take charge and do what he only dares to do.

“It’s okay, son. Don’t be ashamed. I know what you want. It’s normal. I want it too.”

I reach with my free hand to his crotch. The moment the spongy bulge of his manhood meets my palm I shudder. I give it a squeeze, making sure he knows what I want. He gasps, his shadowed eyes widen, his lips part. He doesn’t pull away.

I lean closer to him, bringing my lips to the angle of his jaw, an inch from his ears. “I don’t know why, but I want you so bad,” I whisper. “I’m sorry, son, but I can’t help it.”

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