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Gay Family Incest Sex Mega-Bundle

Nothing makes gay sex hotter than doing it with your family.

Whether it’s brothers, fathers and sons, or even larger generational gaps, when these men get horny, nothing gets between them and what they crave most—the taboo bonding of sex with forbidden men.

Included in this taboo collection are the following stories:
- Son Makes Three
- Father’s Day with the Birthday Boy
- Christmas Day with the Virgin Butt
- Ben’s Big Butt Cake
- Ben’s Big Mouth
- Ben’s Big Boy Butt
- Ben’s Big Heart
- Ben’s Big Experience
- A Silver Daddy for Two
- A Twunk Top for Two
- A Related Pair for Two
- Sin
- Release
- Punishment

This 71,000-word mega-bundle will keep you up late into the night, scratching that taboo itch.

Publisher’s Note:
These stories were previously published individually, as well as in the following collections: “My Himbo Son is My Life”, “Beachboy Twink Twins”, and “Punishing My Himbo Slut Brother”.

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Now, I realized Delfin had every right to learn about intimacy. Weird or not, I wanted to make things right by teaching him anything and everything, even if it meant letting him out into the world on his own one day, which Dad and I weren’t prepared for just yet.

Delfin moved away and pulled his T-shirt off his torso, tossing it onto the floor. Then, he pulled down his PJ bottoms and underwear and kicked them off his feet. “I’m naked…like you guys!”

Dad and I chuckled, and we gazed at my son with so much fondness. He was our pride and joy, and we were fiercely protective of him to the point of hurting anyone who’d hurt him. We caressed his naturally smooth and skinny body, mostly his chest. At eighteen, he was officially a twink, but he was also well-endowed from all the times I’d seen him. When I saw Dad rubbing Delfin’s right nipple with his thumb, I rubbed his left one. The goosebumps forming on his warm skin told me how much he wanted this. As long as he desired us like Dad and I started to, we’d make sure he felt good everywhere.

“Is this okay, baby boy?” I asked. “Can we do this to you?”

Delfin stifled a giggle and inhaled, as if trying to withstand what was probably ticklish to him. “Yeah. Feels good.”

“Yeah?” I said in a horny tone. I loved Dad with all my heart and desired him like no other man, but I’d recently started feeling a similar way for my own son. Dad seemed to have felt that way too, which made me relieved. Delfin was a man now, and given that his uncut cock was bigger than mine and Dad’s, he was definitely grown. I imagined his big balls were full of so much milk that needed to be released.

“Anytime you want to stop, you let us know, okay?” I said. God, I was so turned on by this. I wanted my own son in ways I’d never thought would happen.

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Punishing My Himbo Slut Brother: The Complete Series 3-Pack Bundle

Noah is a man of God and a soon-to-be ministry student. When he discovers just how sinful his himbo brother Ark is, he’s determined to save the man and turn him away from sin and toward a better life.

But as Noah delves deeper into Ark’s sexual deviancy, Noah feels pulled toward the sin…to engage in it himself. After all, if he’s to save his brother, he must first understand the allure of that sin.

As he’s pulled deeper, Noah realizes that he loves Ark as more than just a brother, and what he wants from his brother is something God could never condone—but that doesn’t stop Noah.

Punishing My Himbo Slut Brother: The Complete Series 3-Pack Bundle collects all three stories in the series (Sin, Release, and Punishment) in one 14,000 word bundle full of taboo desires.

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“We all sin, though. Sin is sin in God’s eyes.”

“I disagree. But I get it. Ark’s your brother, so it makes sense you don’t want to accept this. Anyway, I have to go. See you in church. God bless you.”

“God bless you too.” I ended the call and stared at the text that contained nothing but the suddenly-infamous link. Our cozy little town in northern Wisconsin had no room for gays, so why would our family? Dad would disown Ark if all of this were true. He’d said so multiple times about hypothetically having a gay son, while he’d use corrective rape for a pretty and feminine lesbian daughter. I didn’t agree with the latter because it was disgusting and just wrong. Gay was gay regardless of gender, and they all had a chance to be righteous with God if they repented. I just prayed it was all a big misunderstanding and that Ark really wasn’t gay.

After staring at the link for a moment longer, I bit the bullet and tapped on the link to open the browser. Ginger The Jelloboy? But was that Ark’s face pic used on the profile? Red hair, greenish-blue eyes, lightly-freckled face…oh, goodness, it really was him, and with a horny expression I’d never seen. The fact that we strongly resembled each other was even more humiliating because I could almost see myself in his face, just that he was a jock like Dad used to be—Dad was still in good shape for his age, though. Meanwhile, my skinny body couldn’t fatten up no matter how much I ate, just like Mom. I was a lot taller than Ark too, about Dad’s height, so our faces were all we had in common.

And that bio? Why would Ark call himself a “buttslut jock with a used hole?” That was disgusting. This wasn’t right. Maybe it was a prank. Maybe someone had created this profile and used his pic.

I reluctantly clicked on the videos tab, and my eyes grew wide at a slew of video thumbnails popping up. What the… I rushed to grab my earbuds and plugged them into my phone. This needed a proper investigation. It was too important to ignore. I swallowed, not wanting to accept any of this. Maybe it really was a prank. Yeah, yeah. It had to be. Ark wasn’t the type to do this. I knew him my whole life!

I clicked on the latest free teaser and started the video clip. Loud pop music with horny female moans and sexually-vulgar lyrics played, startling me enough to quickly lower the volume. Ark’s big and smooth butt bounced like jello on a huge, Black cock, moaning in a tone I’d never heard before while saying, “Fuck me like a dirty slut.” What…? Then, a big, white cock pounded his butt in hard thwacks, making it jiggle some more, along with cock after cock after cock. Even a double penetration scene involving two Black guys! Finally, his face was jizzed on by a bunch of jocks in a chorus of loud groans, his tongue wiggling around as if hungry for it. The video ended with a caption that said to subscribe to his videos “for more sinfully sweet fun.” And it had all taken place in his room.

On the other side of my left wall.

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Beachboy Twink Twins: The Complete Series 3-Pack Bundle

Twink twins Trent and Tyde have always been madly in love with each other, and have been sexually exclusive with each other for a long time. Now they’re opening up their relationship to other men.

The only problem? One likes older men and the other likes men their own age.

In this scorching-hot taboo bundle, Trent and Tyde take on a silver daddy and a twunk top, and then get pulled into a taboo secret as they indulge in a related pair of men.

Beachboy Twink Twins: The Complete Series 3-Pack Bundle is a 17,500-word collection of the three previously-published stories in this series, including A Silver Daddy for Two, a Twunk Top for Two, and A Related Pair for Two.

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We lay on our flat bellies with large, blue towels beneath us and barely any space between us because we never smothered each other enough. Tyde was the love of my life, and I was his. Sadly, we were both total bottoms, and sex was pretty damn important in life. Okay, we made out a lot, which was hot, and we sucked and swallowed each other because it felt good, as well as deepthroating and rimming. But when it came time to top each other? Barely hard, barely inside. Yeah, we’d tried multiple times and failed. Our cocks had kept deflating and slipping out of our tight holes. Would that make us demi-virgins back there since we’d managed only the heads of our penises? Who knew?

I smiled at Tyde and gave him a dreamy expression with no shame. “Are we still going through with the plan?”

He grinned, his eyes captivating me every time. “Yeah, Trent. Don’t be a little shyball now. There’s no backing out now. We didn’t douche the shit out of our asses for nothing.” He winked.

“I know,” I muttered, trying to mask a frown. I wasn’t against hooking up at all. It was just that we’d never been with others before, just each other, so it made me more nervous than I probably should’ve been. “But how are we going to do this?”

“Well? We just spot the first daddy we can find and voila. Fucked as new.”

“But why does it have to be a daddy?” I stifled a groan. I actually didn’t mind older men, depending on how they looked, but I wasn’t super crazy about them like Tyde was, and I especially didn’t like to call them Daddy. I much preferred someone closer to me in age like my cousin Crayden who was a beautiful fashion model already with his own reality show at only twenty. Mugh, it was bad enough that Tyde and I were a bit tallish for being bottoms since many tops seemed to prefer shorter guys. Crayden was at least taller than me, not that he’d ever see anything in me. We’d only touched and humped each other a few times during our childhood, so he was probably still as straight as I’d known him to be.

“We’ll have someone closer to our age the next time, okay?”

I sighed. “Okay.”

“Hey, cheer up, broby.” Tyde flashed his perfectly white teeth, something we’d been great about managing. We really were like twinkie Ken dolls, or so many people had told us online.

“What if he has a huge penis?” Mugh, I didn’t even want to think about taking a monster or anaconda up the butt.

Tyde sighed and rolled his eyes. “Please say ‘cock’, my love.”

“No,” I said in a whiny tone.

“Do it, Trent. Make your brother proud.” Tyde smirked.

“I don’t want to.”

“Do it. Please?” He wasn’t letting it go.

I pouted, and it took me a moment. “C-c…c-cock…” I muttered, barely saying it.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I didn’t say anything. It felt so dirty and weird to say bad words. I was able to have all the filthy sex I wanted, yet I couldn’t utter a single vulgar word.

“We’re going to work on that this summer. When we start hooking up more, I want you to say nothing but filth while getting fucked in that hot little ass of yours.”

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My Himbo Son Is My Life: The Complete Series Bundle

When Joe’s wife leaves him, he’s devastated.

His son, Ben, does everything he can to make his father happy again. Ben is twenty but he’s just…such a himbo. Joe loves Ben with all his heart, but Ben has always seemed to be lacking in the intelligence department. Joe accepts and appreciates everything Ben does to make him happy again.

But when those efforts to make Joe happy turn to a more sexual nature, Joe is hesitant. Ben might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he’s ridiculously fit and attractive…and Joe can admit to himself that he’s felt sexual urges for his son before.

Joe’s resistance to his son’s sexual overtures soon crumbles and he’s quickly pulled into a taboo relationship with Ben. But when he uncovers secrets about Ben and how he’s being taken advantage of, Joe becomes even more fiercely protective of Ben, which only leads him even further down the path of forbidden lusts.

My Himbo Son Is My Life: The Complete Series Bundle is a 28,000-word collection of the five previously-published stories in this series, including Ben’s Big Butt Cake, Ben’s Big Mouth, Ben’s Big Boy Butt, Ben’s Big Heart, and Ben’s Big Experience.

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I didn’t want Ben to see me like this. It was bad enough that his deep voice soothed me in a way it shouldn’t. I sniffled and wiped the tears off my face. I tried to sound as calm as possible. “Yeah?”

“I turned into a pony. Want to see?”

I turned around, and my eyes widened at his big, jockstrapped ass waving at me with a horse tail in the form of a butt plug. What had made him think to do that? And a butt plug too? But my cock didn’t care because it started growing at the sight of his beautiful body. He was a smooth jock who was heavily focused on his attractive looks and spent more time exercising his muscular body than his “flabby” brain. Though, I probably shouldn’t talk since I could afford to get back into shape with my flat-assed dad bod. Even Jack was muscly and defined with a perky ass, a golden wolf to be specific.

Not only did Ben seem emotionless, but he was oblivious as to how inappropriate this was. “It’s blond like my hair, so it matches. And I can make it move too.” He pressed against the skin right below his ass cheeks to make them jiggle, unintentionally luring me with so much temptation that I had to fight. God, I was so horny for him.

This was why I didn’t want to let Ben leave. He was so innocent and naïve. He was the true definition of a himbo, and I worried about him being taken advantage of by wolves in disguise. I wasn’t sure what his sexuality was, but I knew men would be as hungry for him as I was. Still, it was his chance to break out of his shell after being homeschooled his whole life, albeit with major academic struggles that Bettie and I had needed to help him with after failing twice, hence his “delayed” graduation. It was important for him to get out there into the world and do other things. He was a man now, a well-developed one at that, and he needed to grow both mentally and emotionally. I’d recently told Jack to help me out by getting it through Ben’s head, so I had hope.

But I’d always lust after my own son. I loved him more than my life, but he was a man, and so was I. I couldn’t help my feelings. Maybe it was for the best, though. Because now that Bettie was gone, and if Ben ever felt the same way, our father-and-son bond would change forever. There’d be no turning back.

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Father Me With… 4-Pack Bundle

Evan and his father, Adam, don’t really get along but with his mom gone it’s just the two of them living together. It’s hard to avoid the older man. Harder still when on one hot and sweaty evening, Evan notices his dad’s bedroom door is slightly open, and he can hear and see his dad pleasuring himself.

Evan is determined to ignore it. After all, though incest is legal where they live, Evan can’t possibly watch his dad. He can’t…do stuff…with his dad. Right?

But a moment of weakness, an attraction he wants to deny, and a burning need for some sexual release with the man that made him lead Evan out of the hallway and into the bedroom.

And thus begins the coming together of father and son.

Once estranged, now in love, Evan and Adam now have to renegotiate their relationship, because it will never be the same again.

Father Me With… 4-Pack Bundle is an 18,000-word collection of previously published stories, including "Father Me With Temptation", "Father Me With Desire", "Father Me With Hunger", and "Father Me With Love".

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I wrapped my towel around my waist and stepped into the hallway. As I turned right and headed back to my room, I noticed Mom and Dad’s room door was cracked open at the far left where the darkening hallway ended. I could’ve sworn it’d been shut all the way. Had Dad come back from wherever he’d gone after yet another big fight with Mom? Since she was out of town staying with family, he and I were alone.

The idea that he was alone in his room was enough to make my toweled cock twitch a few times while it slowly rose to the illicit occasion. It was wrong to feel like this, but my body didn’t care about what was forbidden. It just felt, period. Besides, incest between adults was legal in this island fittingly shaped like a flaccid penis, and I was eighteen now. It was just highly frowned upon. Like I’d ever get lucky to do anything with my own father, anyway.

I decided to be bold and sneak toward the door, my heart vibrating through my chest. The closer I got, the more I trembled because of the risk. It was amazing how I didn’t know what was going on or if Dad was even in the room, but staring at that cracked-open space was powerful enough to send horny signals from naughty brain to leaking cock. I swallowed and tried my hardest to control my breathing that was too stubborn to decrease.

Just a few inches closer, and I stopped almost against the wall of the hallway’s end, peering into the crack. My eyes grew wide, and my mouth was slightly open. Dad must’ve returned while I’d been in the shower because he was right in there, but he was also naked on the bed, his left side facing me. His mostly-smooth and muscular body with just sprinkles of brown hair was too hot not to notice, and he tanned nicely under the sun, unlike my paler skin. His fingers were wrapped around his pink cock while making the squishy sound of lube with each stroke, looking lost in his own world.

That size, though! It wasn’t a whole lot slimmer than a beer can. How long was it? Nine inches? It couldn’t be any longer than that, which was long enough. Mom could take that monster meat? Even his lightly-hairy balls were big.

And very, very suckable.

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