Ben’s Big Heart (My Himbo Son Is My Life #4)

Joe has punished his younger brother, Jack, for the horrible things he did to Joe's son, Ben. Ben has such a big heart that being a himbo only puts him at higher risk of being nothing but a hole to use and a doormat to stomp on. The pain Joe feels from knowing just how much Ben was taken advantage of destroys his relationship with Jack, and Jack must pay for the damage he caused.

But revenge is sweet, isn't it? Jack's hot and sexy jock son, Justin, comes into the picture just in time for Joe to show Jack a thing or two. Justin is Ben's age, and he has a whole lot of love to give and even more experience to learn. Joe calls him on the phone for some uncle/nephew catchup. They agree to get to know each other better, but just how close can they become?

Later, Joe has a heart-to-heart moment with Ben. Ben tells all, and Joe's hatred of Jack grows stronger. But what about Ben's emotional progress? He's been emotionless for years because of what Joe discovers. Could that ever change? Could Joe finally get his emotional little boy back?

Ben's Big Heart is a 5,200-word short story.

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It took Justin a moment to continue. “Well…the truth is…I think about you like a man, not just my uncle. And I want to know what Ben feels like when he has his private time with you.”

God, my cock was still hard from all this discovery. “Yeah?”

“Yeah…” Was he jacking off now? I could tell from his breathing. But I didn’t want to say anything. I just let him pleasure himself.


“What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Well…maybe suck you off and swallow you. Let you fuck me too.”

Oh, this was getting too much now. I leaked so much that I had to take care of business soon. Suddenly, I wanted to explore things with him and have him explore stuff with Ben too, maybe the three of us at once. “Justin, how about you pack your things, and I’ll get you a one-way ticket here so you can stay with us for a while, see how much you like it in this house.”

Justin gasped. “Really, Uncle Joe?”

“Really. Ben could use your company. And honestly? So could I.”

“But what about my dad?”

“I’ll keep looking after him, but if you want to help, by all means.”

“I’ll think about it because I’m still mad at him, but I’ll definitely move in with you.”

“Great, then it’s settled. Oh, and by the way. Your dad wants to fuck you.”

There was silence for a moment, and I wondered if it was even a good idea to have told Justin that. Had I freaked him out?

“Oh, okay,” he said.

“I’m sorry. But I just felt the need to warn you now that you’re moving here and will be around him every day.”

“No, I get it. Thanks for telling me, Uncle Joe. I would’ve loved to have lost my virginity to him, but not anymore.”

“You’re still a virgin?” Then again, I wasn’t too surprised since he hadn’t dated much.

Justin chuckled. “Yeah. I’ve never sucked or even kissed anyone either.”

My eyebrows flew up, and shock filled me because of the never-been-kissed factor. “But you’re gorgeous, Justin. You have a sexy, athletic body. How is that even possible?”

“Aw, thanks for the compliment. But…the reason why is because I’ve only wanted my dad and you, the only two people in my life I thought I could never have until now. And after all this talk and what my dad did to Ben, I want you to be my first sexual experience.”

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