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The Sick Love of Brotherly Lookalikes

Two sick-minded guys meet online and fall in love. It's the kinky, dirty stuff that keeps their lust-fuelled relationship going, especially the fact that they look so alike that they could be brothers, easing them into some pseudo-incest role-play.

Until now, they've always been apart, but today's the day they meet in person for the first time. Will that same lust-fuelled love still be there? Will they slip as easily into their taboo kinks in person as they do online?

They rent a hotel room and give in to all their dirtiest fantasies. It clicks. Everything clicks. It's even hotter in person than it is online. So much so that they consider a fast-forward move to make things permanent. After all, their in-person incestuous role-play and brotherly bond create a whole new kind of instalove...

Naked bodies included.

The Sick Love of Brotherly Lookalikes is a 10,000-word short story.

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Derek formed a slight frown but gave me a tender kiss on the lips. “Many times my words don’t show how I really feel. And look at us now. We finally met, and we’re clearly in love with each other. Don’t you see, Kiefer? I still love you like I did back then. I never stopped loving you. If anything, I love you even more now.”

I sniffled and wiped my tears. Then, I nodded and returned his tender kiss. “I love you even more too, Derek.” This romance, as beautiful and heavenly it was, made me horny for him, my concerns melting away for the moment. “I want to make love with you.”

That put a stronger smile on his face. His smiles never failed to lift my heart. Everything about him filled me with wonder, as if I was being entranced by a mysterious charm that he didn’t always realize he had. “Then, let’s make love.”

We started getting undressed, and when we were naked, we studied each other’s bodies. He had a furry body unlike my smoother one. With his build, he could probably be considered an otter, and a sexy one at that. His hard dick was six inches in length like mine.

Despite being hard myself, I tried not to let my low self-esteem get to me because of my body being thicker than his and out of shape. I knew he loved me for me. I knew it because he’d fallen for me even before he’d seen what I looked like, because our connection was strong enough to form this special bond we had. Ironically, I was shallow when it came to looks, even though personality meant a lot to me.

Derek smiled at me again. Then, he turned around to climb on the king-size bed to my right, giving me a peek of his hot ass with furry cheeks, just like I’d seen in the few photos he’d sent me. He lay on his back and stroked his dick with his right hand, his eyes locking with mine to confirm how comfortable he already was with me.

I followed and stopped at the edge of the bed to shift my gaze to his beautiful body, his beautiful dick, and back to his beautiful face. I gasped lightly but with so much emotion because of the fact that this was really happening. We hadn’t just met in person; we were on the verge of making love.

Derek gave me a gentle shush while still gazing into my eyes. “It’s okay, Kiefer. Calm down. You have me now. I’m not going anywhere. Okay?”

I nodded and tried hard to contain my overemotional state. I finally got on the bed and lay beside him to his left side, stroking my dick with my left hand.

Derek smiled again and reached for my lips for a deep kiss. He slid his tongue inside to find mine, and we made out again.

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A Related Pair for Two (Beachboy Twink Twins #3)

First, the twinky Ken doll twins had a hookup with a silver daddy. Then, they had a hookup with a twunk. Now, Trent and Tyde have defied all odds by discovering the solution to their exclusivity problem as beyond just brothers. Lovers for life in a way that no other person could make them feel.

Well, except the whole time, there's been a blood-related crush for each. Trent has always wanted their beautifully-modelesque cousin, while Tyde has always wanted their hot and fit grandpa. Little do they know that the twins' exclusive romance could be put to the test when they get a secret invite to a peculiar family meeting.

Could Trent's and Tyde's feelings for their respective family crushes return and cause drama? Sometimes, looks really can be deceiving, and the twins just might be in for a rude (and raw) awakening.

But could there be a new solution to their family problems? Just how much are Trent and Tyde willing to fight for their exclusive love?

A Related Pair for Two is a 7,000-word short story.

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As horny and tempted as I was, I really just wanted Trent. But maybe this would be a first-and-last situation. Maybe we could run away somewhere together. I didn’t want to be stuck in this sex club because it put my relationship with Trent in jeopardy.

Crayden kissed me some more while groping my ass, his finger nearing my hole. “I’ve fantasized about fucking you hard like the nasty slut you are.” Then, he leaned into my ear and whispered, “And I mean in that the best way. In fact, I’d love for you to be a slut for me. I’m willing to break the rules and let you have your thing with Trent only if you serve me and give me sex whenever I want. Maybe come stay with me in my apartment one of these days?”

Ugh, of course. Even if it’d been Gramps the one to offer this, I’d still struggle because neither of them was anything like I’d imagined. As much as I wanted to let Gramps fuck me, what I’d felt for him for so long started to crack. Just watching him enjoying my twin like they were lovers didn’t sit well with me. Well, Trent wasn’t into it. I knew reluctance when I saw it.

Trent whispered something into Gramps’ ear. What was he saying to him?

Gramps sighed. “Very well. But just this once and only because I like you enough.” What could he be talking about?

I gave Trent a puzzled look, and his smile was oddly authentic for a situation like this.

Gramps let go of him and cleared his throat at me and Crayden to get us to separate. “Just for today, I’m going to fuck Tyde and Crayden will fuck Trent.”

My eyebrows rose, and I quickly knew why Trent had done this. He knew there was no way out. So, he’d decided to make the experience more tolerable for us. God, I loved him.

“Get on the bed, you two,” Gramps said. “On all fours.” Was he annoyed, reluctant, what? It was sad that he didn’t really want me like I’d wanted him for years. I knew I’d enjoy the sex, but would he?

Trent and I got on the nearest bed, and the bedding was very soft and comfy. I could picture myself sleeping here. Though, I liked my bed better because I was used to it. (Well, my and Trent’s beds because we shared each other’s while keeping the door locked.)

Gramps and Crayden shared a bottle of lube from an end table near them, and they positioned themselves right behind us. Neither of them looked particularly motivated. They’d been much more so before the switch, which really spoke volumes. What a shame. Oh, well. At least I still got to have that big granddaddy cock.

I kissed Trent and smiled. “Thanks,” I whispered.

He smiled and nuzzled my face with his like we were two deer, eventually kissing me in return.

“How serious is it between you guys?” Crayden asked, looking confused.

I’d always defend my love for Trent when confronted about it. We might’ve hidden it in general, but once out in the open, my defense was up. “Very. Inseparable too. No way to break us apart.”

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A Twunk Top for Two (Beachboy Twink Twins #2)

The tables have turned between the twinky Ken doll twins, and now it's Trent's turn to enjoy a hookup. After their first and only encounter with a silver daddy, it's time for a hot twunk to make Trent happy, much to Tyde's reluctance. After all, they have different tastes: Trent prefers jocks and twunks his age, while Tyde prefers daddies and granddaddies. The exception is each other.

If only they weren't total bottoms. If only they didn't have such a prestigious reputation to uphold because of their billionaire last name. Otherwise, they would've been exclusive by now and not have to worry about their clashing hookup experiences. And since they do everything together, hooking up on their own is out of the question.

Still, Tyde is always willing to make Trent happy because that's his broby. Lucky for Tyde, he can still enjoy Trent. But unlike their previous silver daddy hookup, this one is quite different. It's not so much that it's a twunk this time, but rather, an eye-opener that could change the twins' romantic lives for good.

And possibly bring them closer than they've ever been before.

A Twunk Top for Two is a 5,500-word short story.

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We did have to hide the sexual and romantic facets of our brotherhood, though. While incest was legal here, it was still heavily frowned upon. I couldn’t imagine life with my own twin in it. We weren’t just brothers; we were lovers for life. We didn’t actually feel shame; we just had a pristine reputation to uphold because of our billions-worth Peenthicke last name. Granted, we weren’t the most well-known like our granduncle Bob was as the governor of Cestin Island, as well as his wife, kids, and grandkids. But our uppity family would never approve of incest. Thankfully, we were openly gay with no issues.

Crayden randomly came to mind, probably because of incest. He was a cousin who was a beautiful fashion model already with his own reality show at only twenty.

“You think I should ever call Crayden on the phone one day?” I asked.

Tyde shrugged. “You can try, but he’ll most likely be busy. You still want him bad.” There was no jealousy, though. We were practically in an open relationship despite being lovers.

“I do! Mugh, it’s so frustrating because he’s the only one besides you I’ve ever wanted as more than just sex.”

“I know the feeling, broby. I still can’t get over Gramps.”

I frowned, wishing Gramps weren’t straight and married, if just for Tyde. Gramps was a fitness coach and the owner of a gym Tyde and I had worked out in plenty of times. Even though I’d never be able to feel an iota of what Tyde felt for him, Gramps was in the best of shape for a man his age. Maybe part of it was because he kind of resembled Harrison Ford in the face, except with dark-blue eyes.

“And that anaconda of a cock,” Tyde said. “God, what I’d do to suck the daddy milk out of that big meat.”

I tittered. “I’d do the same with Crayden.”

“You’d have a better shot with him than me with Gramps. You guys at least fooled around.”

“Yeah, when we were little, which was mostly humping. He’s most likely straight since he’s had so many girlfriends.”

Tyde formed a devious grin. “Let’s invite them for a guys’ night out and get wasted so we can all fuck.”

I rolled my eyes. “Like that will ever happen. Besides, I’d never want to have sex while drunk. I’d want to enjoy it naturally.”


We reached the spot where the small bonfire was. And there he was, the brunet twunk with brown eyes, a sun-kissed tan, and a hot body that was both thin and muscled, just like in the pic. He stood to my right. What a boner-making hottie. I’d love to do all sorts of naughty things with him.

The blond guy who stood to the twunk’s left was probably his buddy. He had an average build but with a cute face, definitely our age. He was kind of dreamy in a fresh-face, all-American, boy-next-door type of way. I imagined he wasn’t attracted to me and Tyde, at least not in the way I was.

“Hey,” we said at the same time.

My heart raced. What an experience this would be. Not only would Tyde and I have sex with the twunk, but we’d do it in front of someone else. I’d always had sex in private, even though I’d only been with Tyde and the silver daddy from last week. Sex had never been something I’d consider doing in public…-ish? Where would we do it tonight?

“Damn, you’re both hot,” the twunk said with a horny grin.

“Trent thinks so too,” Tyde said, smirking. “He wants to suck your big cock.”

My eyes bulged. Oh. My. God. Tyde! I gave him a narrowed look, my lips pursing.

“What, you do!” Trent winked. “Your red face proves it.”

My heart rate sped up.

The twunk chuckled. “I look forward to that ass. I’m Kenny, by the way. This is Zacky. He’ll be watching us and getting off from a distance, but try not to talk to him or even look at him during the fuck, okay? Just pretend he’s not here.”

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A Silver Daddy for Two (Beachboy Twink Twins #1)

Trent and Tyde are eighteen-year-old twins who look like twinky Ken dolls. They love summer at the beach, and they often wear their peach-defining, blue speedos. But what they love even more is each other, and as more than just brothers. Had it not been for the fact that they're total bottoms—they've tried but failed—and that they have a prestigious last name that's worth billions, they'd be exclusive already. After all, they make out and do all other kinds of sex acts together.

So, they decide to spend their summer after high school hooking up with men for the first time, since they've only been with each other. They start with the first candidate to take both their butt virginities, a handsome silver daddy who's taken by these beachboy twins.

The problem? They each have different tastes. Trent prefers jocks and twunks his age, while Tyde prefers daddies and granddaddies. The exception is each other. Since the twins do everything together, they won't hook up on their own, which means going back and forth between their types could eventually become tedious.

But how will their first experience with a silver daddy go? Will Tyde still enjoy himself despite Trent's reluctance? Will Trent even go through with it?

A Silver Daddy for Two is a 5,500-word short story.

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We lay on our flat bellies with large, blue towels beneath us and barely any space between us because we never smothered each other enough. Tyde was the love of my life, and I was his. Sadly, we were both total bottoms, and sex was pretty damn important in life. Okay, we made out a lot, which was hot, and we sucked and swallowed each other because it felt good, as well as deepthroating and rimming. But when it came time to top each other? Barely hard, barely inside. Yeah, we’d tried multiple times and failed. Our cocks had kept deflating and slipping out of our tight holes. Would that make us demi-virgins back there since we’d managed only the heads of our penises? Who knew?

I smiled at Tyde and gave him a dreamy expression with no shame. “Are we still going through with the plan?”

He grinned, his eyes captivating me every time. “Yeah, Trent. Don’t be a little shyball now. There’s no backing out now. We didn’t douche the shit out of our asses for nothing.” He winked.

“I know,” I muttered, trying to mask a frown. I wasn’t against hooking up at all. It was just that we’d never been with others before, just each other, so it made me more nervous than I probably should’ve been. “But how are we going to do this?”

“Well? We just spot the first daddy we can find and voila. Fucked as new.”

“But why does it have to be a daddy?” I stifled a groan. I actually didn’t mind older men, depending on how they looked, but I wasn’t super crazy about them like Tyde was, and I especially didn’t like to call them Daddy. I much preferred someone closer to me in age like my cousin Crayden who was a beautiful fashion model already with his own reality show at only twenty. Mugh, it was bad enough that Tyde and I were a bit tallish for being bottoms since many tops seemed to prefer shorter guys. Crayden was at least taller than me, not that he’d ever see anything in me. We’d only touched and humped each other a few times during our childhood, so he was probably still as straight as I’d known him to be.

“We’ll have someone closer to our age the next time, okay?”

I sighed. “Okay.”

“Hey, cheer up, broby.” Tyde flashed his perfectly white teeth, something we’d been great about managing. We really were like twinkie Ken dolls, or so many people had told us online.

“What if he has a huge penis?” Mugh, I didn’t even want to think about taking a monster or anaconda up the butt.

Tyde sighed and rolled his eyes. “Please say ‘cock’, my love.”

“No,” I said in a whiny tone.

“Do it, Trent. Make your brother proud.” Tyde smirked.

“I don’t want to.”

“Do it. Please?” He wasn’t letting it go.

I pouted, and it took me a moment. “C-c…c-cock…” I muttered, barely saying it.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I didn’t say anything. It felt so dirty and weird to say bad words. I was able to have all the filthy sex I wanted, yet I couldn’t utter a single vulgar word.

“We’re going to work on that this summer. When we start hooking up more, I want you to say nothing but filth while getting fucked in that hot little ass of yours.”

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Wolves and Sheep

Shepley's father is a hot and sexy wolf daddy, and he's wanted a taste of that wolf meat for quite some time. He's wanted Gramps too, another wolf beauty, but Gramps doesn't seem interested, much to Shepley's disappointment.

Now that Mom is out of town and Shepley found out some dirty truths about his father, it just might be the time to have a little confrontation. After all, it's midnight, and Shepley is finally eighteen. But what could lead to a howling experience might not be a simple father-son bonding. In fact, all it takes is one bite to fall…


Wolves and Sheep is a 4,000-word short story.

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Dad made noises in his sleep, which caused me to stay still and alert, but he continued snoring a moment later. False alarm.

I continued my foreign discovery, my curious hands touching every part of him I could. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was just as dirty as he was. Maybe I should stop, but I couldn’t. I wanted so much more from him. I loved him, but I lusted him too.

I shifted my focus back to his dick. I opened his fly and pulled his dick out. My eyes bulged. Mine was practically a dicklet in comparison to this shlong in front of me. I started fondling it. What did it taste like? What did it feel like deep inside my small, round butt? The boys I’d been with weren’t this big. What was it like being with a grown man? I heard Dad fucking Mom many times whenever they thought I was asleep. I always jacked off to the sound of it while pretending it was me and not Mom he was fucking.

I grew impatient. As if possessed by the forbidden lust, I lowered my head and reached for his dick to place my lips over it. I started sucking him the way I’d learned how. Mmm, Dad tasted so good, all showered and clean with a hint of manly musk.

He let out a gentle moan. He started moving a little, and he grabbed the back of my head with a gentle grip, confirming he’d just woken up. Almost immediately, he pushed me away hard and sat upright in a jolt. “What the fuck? Shepley!”

With my heart racing fast, I smiled shyly and forced myself to confront him. “Surprise, Daddy!” I singsonged.

“What do you think you’re doing!”

I grinned. “Giving you a blowjob?”

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My Himbo Son Is My Life: The Complete Series Bundle

When Joe’s wife leaves him, he’s devastated.

His son, Ben, does everything he can to make his father happy again. Ben is twenty but he’s just…such a himbo. Joe loves Ben with all his heart, but Ben has always seemed to be lacking in the intelligence department. Joe accepts and appreciates everything Ben does to make him happy again.

But when those efforts to make Joe happy turn to a more sexual nature, Joe is hesitant. Ben might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he’s ridiculously fit and attractive…and Joe can admit to himself that he’s felt sexual urges for his son before.

Joe’s resistance to his son’s sexual overtures soon crumbles and he’s quickly pulled into a taboo relationship with Ben. But when he uncovers secrets about Ben and how he’s being taken advantage of, Joe becomes even more fiercely protective of Ben, which only leads him even further down the path of forbidden lusts.

My Himbo Son Is My Life: The Complete Series Bundle is a 28,000-word collection of the five previously-published stories in this series, including Ben’s Big Butt Cake, Ben’s Big Mouth, Ben’s Big Boy Butt, Ben’s Big Heart, and Ben’s Big Experience.

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I didn’t want Ben to see me like this. It was bad enough that his deep voice soothed me in a way it shouldn’t. I sniffled and wiped the tears off my face. I tried to sound as calm as possible. “Yeah?”

“I turned into a pony. Want to see?”

I turned around, and my eyes widened at his big, jockstrapped ass waving at me with a horse tail in the form of a butt plug. What had made him think to do that? And a butt plug too? But my cock didn’t care because it started growing at the sight of his beautiful body. He was a smooth jock who was heavily focused on his attractive looks and spent more time exercising his muscular body than his “flabby” brain. Though, I probably shouldn’t talk since I could afford to get back into shape with my flat-assed dad bod. Even Jack was muscly and defined with a perky ass, a golden wolf to be specific.

Not only did Ben seem emotionless, but he was oblivious as to how inappropriate this was. “It’s blond like my hair, so it matches. And I can make it move too.” He pressed against the skin right below his ass cheeks to make them jiggle, unintentionally luring me with so much temptation that I had to fight. God, I was so horny for him.

This was why I didn’t want to let Ben leave. He was so innocent and naïve. He was the true definition of a himbo, and I worried about him being taken advantage of by wolves in disguise. I wasn’t sure what his sexuality was, but I knew men would be as hungry for him as I was. Still, it was his chance to break out of his shell after being homeschooled his whole life, albeit with major academic struggles that Bettie and I had needed to help him with after failing twice, hence his “delayed” graduation. It was important for him to get out there into the world and do other things. He was a man now, a well-developed one at that, and he needed to grow both mentally and emotionally. I’d recently told Jack to help me out by getting it through Ben’s head, so I had hope.

But I’d always lust after my own son. I loved him more than my life, but he was a man, and so was I. I couldn’t help my feelings. Maybe it was for the best, though. Because now that Bettie was gone, and if Ben ever felt the same way, our father-and-son bond would change forever. There’d be no turning back.

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My Big Brothers Bone My Little Butt

Eighteen-year-old Iggy likes his panties…a little too much. His favorite types are the ones with slits on the back, like the one he’s wearing that’s blue with pink hearts.

He also likes his big brothers who are nineteen-year-old triplets, but he likes them in a way most people don’t like their own brothers. They haven’t always been super close, maybe a little, but definitely not in the way he’d like to them to be.

However, all that’s about to change the moment he walks into his room.

And he may have to keep his panties on for the ride of his life.

My Big Brothers Bone My Little Butt is a 4,000-word short story.

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I got inside the house and rushed upstairs to my room, forcing the thought of my new panties inside my mind to avoid getting depressed for the millionth time. Which one should I wear next? There were so many of them! I’d really gone overboard. After all, they came in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so how could I not get all of them? And the ones at the sex shop had slits on the back for “special” purposes.

As I entered my room, I stopped in shock and accidentally dropped my bags on the floor. My big brothers relaxed on my bed, completely naked and stroking their big cocks while smirking at me. They were tall, identical triplets who looked like typical blue-eyed-blond beach boys: captivating bedroom eyes; full, kissable lips; smooth, buff bodies with defined abs; tasty, pink nipples; and sexy summer tans. I, on the other hand, was the anomaly with brown hair, brown eyes, no tan, and a smooth, bony body. A twink, basically. I was eighteen, and they were nineteen.

I scoffed. “What are you guys doing in my room? And on my bed?” My annoyance wasn’t genuine because my cocklet started growing into a tent that poked through the front of my shorts, full of hope and anticipation.

“Seems like you wanted this all along, Iggy,” said Ian. He was about five minutes older than the other two. He lay on the side to my left. The three of them were butch with deep voices, never failing to turn me on so much. My voice was softer and more feminine.

“Of course, he did,” said Ike, the middle triplet. He lay in the middle.

“Those sexy panties with holes on the back aren’t a coincidence,” said Ivan, the youngest triplet. He lay on the other side.

I lowered my eyebrows. “You snooped through my stuff?”

“We’re your big bros,” Ian said. “We’re the bosses here, so we do whatever we want.”

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Father’s Day with the Birthday Boy: An Intergenerational Gay Incest Story (Son Makes Three #2)

Otto and his dad, Wolf, are ready to take their long-term romantic relationship to the next level by including Otto's virgin twink son, Delfin, in more of their shared sexual bonding. Last night, Delfin experienced his first kiss, first ejaculation, and first taste of man milk, shared between the three.

Unlike most teens, Delfin is different in his own way, which is why Otto and Wolf give him all the unconditional love he could ever want. But he's often felt left out and continues to want in on their way of showing love to each other.

Now, it's just hours later on Delfin's eighteenth birthday, which also happens to be Father's Day. The three of them are in their backyard pool celebrating with all the privacy they could ever need. Incest may be legal where they live, but it's still heavily frowned upon, so they have to be a close family in private.

Otto and Wolf have plans to introduce Delfin to more sexual experiences. This time, it's all about the taste in more ways than one. Delfin just might get a mouthful of sausage like never before.

But it's not the kind they plan to grill for the special dual occasion.

Father's Day with the Birthday Boy is a 4,000-word short story.

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Dad stroked my brown hair, his green eyes locking with my equally-green ones. What a sexy man whose German name, Wolf, naturally fit him. Since his blond hair wasn’t fully gray just yet, he looked younger for fifty-eight. My king, the man I worshiped every single day of my life as the patriarch of the Melker family. I was always his prince.

“I love you, Otto,” he said in his German accent.

“I love you too, Dad.”

We kissed, never able to get our hands off each other. He caressed my smooth backside and played with my trimmed hole, massaging my loose anus to make me hornier. Despite having showered and been in the pool all afternoon, he still gave off a musky scent of total man that intoxicated me every single time. I dropped my hands to play with his hairy hole. It was the beauty of being sexually versatile. We used our cocks and holes in more ways than one. Why limit ourselves?

“I want my beautiful son’s mouth on his daddy’s cock.”

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Ben’s Big Experience (My Himbo Son Is My Life #5)

Joe welcomes his nephew Justin into his home, and the virgin horndog wants to get it on right away while Joe's son, Ben, is asleep. Little does Justin know that his dad, Jack, is tied up in his bedroom, punishment for what he did to Ben.

When Justin sees his dad Jack in the state he's in while the three of them are naked, Joe insists it's finally time that the family bond in a whole new way. Of course, what Joe really means is that he wants revenge on Jack by taking Justin's virginity as planned, just like Jack took Ben's virginity two years ago. And he wants to do it in front of Jack who once said he'd disown Joe for doing such a thing to Justin. Revenge is both sweet and sexy.

But Ben wakes up just in time, and he knocks on the door to find out what's going on in Jack's room. Could Joe still fulfill his revenge, or could there be a change of plans? After all, Ben, being the big-hearted and loving himbo, is all about forgiveness, and Joe is willing to do anything to make his pride and joy happy.

Now, there are four naked men in one steamy bedroom. What exactly could go on? Could it shape their future together as a loving family of four, or could it tear their family apart even more? The only thing that's certain is that Ben's on the verge of having his biggest experience ever.

In more ways than one.

Ben's Big Experience is a 7,300-word short story.

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I headed back to Justin who was already naked and ready. I observed his naked body, a total jock with a decent-size cock and a round butt. Not as big as Ben’s butt, but it still made me hard. I forced a tight smile on my face because of how challenging it was to hide my emotions. “Your dad wants to watch me fuck you.”

Justin raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

“Yeah. And after I come inside you, I want you to take his cock so he can fuck your deflowered hole with my cum as lube. I mean, you wanted to be treated like Daddy’s little slut, right?”

Justin nodded, looking hornier than ever. “Damn, I can’t believe this is actually happening. It’s so surreal. Like, I’ve literally fantasized about this many times, me getting fucked by you two.”

“I know, and it’s hot, right?”

So hot.” Yep, he was leaking with anticipation.

I took his hand and kissed his lips. “Now, before I do this, I need you to be absolutely sure that you want me to be your first, since you did mention wanting your dad to be. You’re not going to end up regretting it, are you?”

Justin shook his head. “He took Ben’s virginity, so you can take mine. I’m not even obsessed about that stuff anyway. I’m ready to get fucked now. I’m tired of being a virgin.”

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Ben’s Big Heart (My Himbo Son Is My Life #4)

Joe has punished his younger brother, Jack, for the horrible things he did to Joe's son, Ben. Ben has such a big heart that being a himbo only puts him at higher risk of being nothing but a hole to use and a doormat to stomp on. The pain Joe feels from knowing just how much Ben was taken advantage of destroys his relationship with Jack, and Jack must pay for the damage he caused.

But revenge is sweet, isn't it? Jack's hot and sexy jock son, Justin, comes into the picture just in time for Joe to show Jack a thing or two. Justin is Ben's age, and he has a whole lot of love to give and even more experience to learn. Joe calls him on the phone for some uncle/nephew catchup. They agree to get to know each other better, but just how close can they become?

Later, Joe has a heart-to-heart moment with Ben. Ben tells all, and Joe's hatred of Jack grows stronger. But what about Ben's emotional progress? He's been emotionless for years because of what Joe discovers. Could that ever change? Could Joe finally get his emotional little boy back?

Ben's Big Heart is a 5,200-word short story.

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It took Justin a moment to continue. “Well…the truth is…I think about you like a man, not just my uncle. And I want to know what Ben feels like when he has his private time with you.”

God, my cock was still hard from all this discovery. “Yeah?”

“Yeah…” Was he jacking off now? I could tell from his breathing. But I didn’t want to say anything. I just let him pleasure himself.


“What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Well…maybe suck you off and swallow you. Let you fuck me too.”

Oh, this was getting too much now. I leaked so much that I had to take care of business soon. Suddenly, I wanted to explore things with him and have him explore stuff with Ben too, maybe the three of us at once. “Justin, how about you pack your things, and I’ll get you a one-way ticket here so you can stay with us for a while, see how much you like it in this house.”

Justin gasped. “Really, Uncle Joe?”

“Really. Ben could use your company. And honestly? So could I.”

“But what about my dad?”

“I’ll keep looking after him, but if you want to help, by all means.”

“I’ll think about it because I’m still mad at him, but I’ll definitely move in with you.”

“Great, then it’s settled. Oh, and by the way. Your dad wants to fuck you.”

There was silence for a moment, and I wondered if it was even a good idea to have told Justin that. Had I freaked him out?

“Oh, okay,” he said.

“I’m sorry. But I just felt the need to warn you now that you’re moving here and will be around him every day.”

“No, I get it. Thanks for telling me, Uncle Joe. I would’ve loved to have lost my virginity to him, but not anymore.”

“You’re still a virgin?” Then again, I wasn’t too surprised since he hadn’t dated much.

Justin chuckled. “Yeah. I’ve never sucked or even kissed anyone either.”

My eyebrows flew up, and shock filled me because of the never-been-kissed factor. “But you’re gorgeous, Justin. You have a sexy, athletic body. How is that even possible?”

“Aw, thanks for the compliment. But…the reason why is because I’ve only wanted my dad and you, the only two people in my life I thought I could never have until now. And after all this talk and what my dad did to Ben, I want you to be my first sexual experience.”

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