The Young Son I’ve Never Met

During his younger years, David was a professional swimmer and fashion model. Now thirty-eight, he has filled out with a belly and a few gray hairs, and worse, he feels aimless and romantically lonely in life while battling with his mental health. Granted, he's still doable enough to please many men, top and bottom, especially twinks. But he wants more from a guy, someone more special than he's ever had. He's never experienced the happily-ever-after kind of love, after all.

David's latest hookup is a never-been-kissed virgin twink who insists on having sex in the dark to conceal his identity, claiming he's in the closet. Despite his warm and wonderful mouth being put to great use, the twink already seems different from all the others. David can't put his finger on why there's something special about him, but soon, a shocking phone call unexpectedly changes his life and puts his fatherhood to the test.

A fatherhood he didn't even know about until now.

The Young Son I've Never Met is a 4,300 word short story.

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I lay naked on my king-size bed, the lights off. The only sounds tonight were the ocean waves from a distance and the two of us. I gasped as soon as his warm mouth tasted my leaking cock for the first time. Despite only being average in length, mine was pretty thick, so I’d worried it wouldn’t fit, what with him being a tiny twink. But it did. Oh, it did. Well, not the entire length, of course. More like a quarter of it with soft slurps. It felt wonderful, nonetheless.

We’d agreed not to see each other’s faces to reduce the risk since he wasn’t out of the closet, hence the moonlit darkness in my room. I had a feeling he was a real cutie if the picture of his skinny torso was anything to go by: smooth and perfectly suntanned, just like me. In fact, we had the exact same skin tone and pinkish-brown nipples—different sizes, obviously.

If only he could get naked right now, but he had chosen to keep his clothes and shoes on, claiming to be shy and insecure about his whole body. He’d struggled just to show me his chest online, which had taken a while of chat for that to happen.

More slurping, his slobbery mouth jerking my cock in a slow pace as if he were shy or something.

I caressed his finger-length hair that was shorter on the sides and back, then gently stroked his soft cheek with my knuckles before playing with his hair again. The size of his bobbing head was a bit smaller than I’d realized. Not child size, of course, since he was barely eighteen, but definitely not as big as most college twinks. He was just that small and probably youthful in the face.

Ungh… His young, little mouth working me, slurp after slurp… His drool of hunger trickling down the shaft of my cock…

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