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A Hot Nephew for Christmas

Don is a lonely, middle-aged man who is ready for another dull Christmas to match his equally dull life: looking after his elderly parents, his job doing data entry, and never getting married or having kids of his own.

Speaking of kids, Don’s brother, Eric, calls him and begs him to look after his out-of-control son, Phil. Don reluctantly agrees to it, but when he reunites with Phil, he quickly learns that the eighteen-year-old is not a kid anymore. Phil is a hot twink ready to get to know Uncle Don in a whole new way.

Maybe having a hot nephew for Christmas can be the most intimate gift yet.

A Hot Nephew for Christmas is a 6,300-word short story.

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Phil wrinkled his forehead. “I didn’t drop out. But I did get expelled. I just haven’t told my dad yet, and I blocked the school’s number on his phone so he wouldn’t find out on his own.”

Oh, boy. That sounded serious. Should I be worried? “What happened?”

Phil paused, lowering his gaze to the floor while his cheeks began to flush. “Can I whisper it since Grandma and Grandpa are here?”

I nodded and hunched over to have his lips reach my ear, hoping it wasn’t something too problematic to deal with.

He whispered, “I was caught having sex with two guys in the school bathroom. You know, in both ends, me in the middle. And my dad hates me now.”

My eyes widened because it was definitely not the news I had ever expected to hear from my nephew, yet for the second time since he had arrived here, but for a different reason, my bulge threatened to grow at the thought of such an illicit act. Maybe Phil really was rebellious, just as I’d thought, except for different reasons.

I tried to collect myself from the shock and made sure to stay calm enough to comfort him without judgment. It was good to know he was gay, or at least, not straight. That was one personal concern out the window because I could be myself more freely around him, provided that Mom and Dad remained in the dark about it.

Phil leaned into my ear again. “Sometimes, I can’t stop masturbating, and Dad says I have a sex problem that he can’t afford to deal with.”

Oh, no! A tent began to appear in my swim trunks from all this unintentionally horny information. My cock grew fully erect, and humiliation came over me in an instant, my face probably reddening now.

My nephew raised his eyebrows as soon as he noticed it.

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The Young Son I’ve Never Met

During his younger years, David was a professional swimmer and fashion model. Now thirty-eight, he has filled out with a belly and a few gray hairs, and worse, he feels aimless and romantically lonely in life while battling with his mental health. Granted, he's still doable enough to please many men, top and bottom, especially twinks. But he wants more from a guy, someone more special than he's ever had. He's never experienced the happily-ever-after kind of love, after all.

David's latest hookup is a never-been-kissed virgin twink who insists on having sex in the dark to conceal his identity, claiming he's in the closet. Despite his warm and wonderful mouth being put to great use, the twink already seems different from all the others. David can't put his finger on why there's something special about him, but soon, a shocking phone call unexpectedly changes his life and puts his fatherhood to the test.

A fatherhood he didn't even know about until now.

The Young Son I've Never Met is a 4,300 word short story.

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I lay naked on my king-size bed, the lights off. The only sounds tonight were the ocean waves from a distance and the two of us. I gasped as soon as his warm mouth tasted my leaking cock for the first time. Despite only being average in length, mine was pretty thick, so I’d worried it wouldn’t fit, what with him being a tiny twink. But it did. Oh, it did. Well, not the entire length, of course. More like a quarter of it with soft slurps. It felt wonderful, nonetheless.

We’d agreed not to see each other’s faces to reduce the risk since he wasn’t out of the closet, hence the moonlit darkness in my room. I had a feeling he was a real cutie if the picture of his skinny torso was anything to go by: smooth and perfectly suntanned, just like me. In fact, we had the exact same skin tone and pinkish-brown nipples—different sizes, obviously.

If only he could get naked right now, but he had chosen to keep his clothes and shoes on, claiming to be shy and insecure about his whole body. He’d struggled just to show me his chest online, which had taken a while of chat for that to happen.

More slurping, his slobbery mouth jerking my cock in a slow pace as if he were shy or something.

I caressed his finger-length hair that was shorter on the sides and back, then gently stroked his soft cheek with my knuckles before playing with his hair again. The size of his bobbing head was a bit smaller than I’d realized. Not child size, of course, since he was barely eighteen, but definitely not as big as most college twinks. He was just that small and probably youthful in the face.

Ungh… His young, little mouth working me, slurp after slurp… His drool of hunger trickling down the shaft of my cock…

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My Loving Amish Father

Eli returns from a life-changing rumspringa. Now eighteen, his home is no longer the Amish community he grew up in, but rather, a rural trailer park where his excommunicated father moved to. After four years of living in a bustling big city, the quiet and simple life isn't exactly what Eli had in mind. However, he's willing to put up with it in hopes of growing close to his irresistibly handsome father.

Eli has warded off plenty of horny men just so that he could save himself for the one and only who matters most to him: the man who gave him life and even gave him his own name. He doesn't just have sexual feelings for his own father, but romantic ones too.

Now, wherever Father goes, son goes.

Even if it's right inside the shower stall where a different kind of wash could alter their father/son relationship in the most forbidden of ways.

My Loving Amish Father is a 3,500-word short story.

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The door finally opened, and Father stood tall, sporting a stunned face. Of course, he was stunned. He probably hadn’t expected to ever see me again. Four years, after all. At forty, he looked the same: short and light-brown curls, warm and hazel eyes, rough and suntanned skin, and lean all the way. He wore a white tank top that revealed some brown hairs peeking out from under his arms. He had it tucked inside a pair of fitted, dark pants he still had since before his excommunication from the community. He was still handsome and virile as ever, even with the short beard and growing moustache—Amish men didn't wear moustaches for political reasons.

In contrast, I was clean-shaven, but had recently considered growing my beard; I wondered if I’d look as handsome as him.

I suddenly couldn’t look at him anymore, but I could hear him choking up with emotion.

“Well, blessed be!” That raspy voice in a breathy tone, cracking. Yet for the first time since before I’d left, it filled me with something I shouldn’t have been feeling in my dick.

“C-can I come in, Father?” I couldn’t hide the shame in my voice.

“Oh, son, of course!” He stepped aside, allowing me to enter, and he shut the door. As I was about to burst from my emotions, his strong arms held me close.

I lost it and sobbed, quietly at first.

“It’s okay, Eli. Let it all out. There’s nothing wrong with that.” He pulled off my hood and kissed the top of my buzzed head, just prickles of brown hair barely there.

His sweet affection only made me cry harder.

“I never thought I’d see my boy again. I prayed every morning and night to see you again, and I prayed in between as well.”

I was torn again, just like when I’d started developing these feelings four years ago, shortly before rumspringa. His scent: masculine, dried sweat, light musk, and no cologne, comforting in both my heart and dick.

After some minutes, I let go and sniffled, wiping my eyes and cheeks with my sleeves.

“Thank you for this visit. Will you live with me?” Oh, Father. His hopeful tone said it all.

I nodded, too emotional to speak. I sniffled again.

That put a stronger, warm smile on his face.

I looked around the tiny place that had just one bedroom. At least, I assumed there was only one. How could another one fit in this narrow “hallway” of a home? There was wood paneling everywhere, and a couple of small, curtained windows on the front wall.

On the right side of the place was a worn, brown couch for two with random stains and a few tiny rips, and a tiny bookshelf across from it. No TV or stereo, unsurprisingly. Actually, that was it for the living room.

On the left side was a wooden kitchenette that needed updating, a small card table and two foldup chairs against the front wall, a narrow shower stall right beside the left end of the kitchenette, and a toilet beside that. The sink in the kitchenette was the only one, cluttered with dish soap, hand soap, and toiletries, and a small mirror hanging from above. Finally, an archway that revealed the edge of a seemingly-big bed. Everything was dull in color and style, which proved Father hadn’t changed a bit.

Ugh, I needed a drink. “Do you have alcohol?”

Father looked puzzled. “Goodness, son. Why would you need that?”

I shook my head, muttering, “Nothing, forget it.” I should’ve known better than to ask that. Of course, he didn’t drink and probably hadn’t left his old ways of living.

He inhaled and exhaled, attempting a tiny smile looking pained. “Look at you. My boy is a man now.”

I managed a tight smile, wanting to chat, but also tired and emotional and just…lost.

“Do you have any other clothes? It’s too hot to wear that, don’t you think?”

“I have nothing, Father. And I need a shower right now.”

“Go ahead. The shower stall is right over there.” He pointed to his left, just before the archway to the bedroom. “I’ll go in after you, so you may want to take a quick one because the water gets cold fast and it takes a moment for the hot water to come back.”

I decided to lower my voice to avoid being heard. The neighbors were too close, and some of their windows were open from what I remembered seeing. “Take one with me like you used to, I don’t care.” I wasted no time getting naked, feeling spaced out from the reality and confusion and whatever else I felt.

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Spring Break With Dad

It’s college spring break for nineteen-year-old Jeff, and he’s about to have the ride of his life. But instead of spending the whole week with his jock buddies in the city, he decides to drive to his dad’s little cabin in the middle of nowhere. It’s not just a typical family reunion with Dad. They have some unfinished business to get back to. What started all hot and heavy last New Year’s left them torn, frustrated, and distant…

Until now, that is.

Jeff’s in love with his own dad, and he’ll do anything to prove it. It’s a good thing he retained his butt virginity aside from adult toys of various sizes. There’s only one special man in his life who deserves to be his real first.

After all, Dad is Jeff’s happily ever after.

Spring Break With Dad is a 3,300-word short story.

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Deep in the lush woods and through the private gravel road, I finally reached the small, humble cabin and parked my decent-looking car behind Dad’s rusty, red truck on his excuse of a driveway. With my jersey jacket on, I grabbed my travel backpack and stepped out. My heart beat harder than ever the closer I approached the front door. I shivered a little since it still didn’t feel like spring yet, what with being this far north near Lake Superior.

The door opened, and there he was: tall and trim, dark-haired and brown-eyed, tanned from the sun, and as muscled and rugged as ever for a forty-year-old. He’d gotten a buzzcut months ago, his hair now grown out, and his full beard had also grown since his last clean shave. God, he was so handsome that I turned into a molten mess every time I saw him. We looked so much alike, except I was more of a lean jock with a bigger bubble butt, and he was more of a lean lumberjack who towered over me.

“Glad you came, Jeff.” That husky voice, just like mine, but sexier to my ears. A hint of a smile on his face was easy to capture in the dimness. Now that he was getting older, he started resembling Grandpa more, who was also hot in his own right.

“Are you?” I was only partly joking.

Dad looked around the woods, gently pulled me inside, and shut the door. We stood in the living room, away from the small windows. The woodstove served as the only lighting. He pulled me closer to him for a tight hug, giving me his intoxicatingly natural scent of musk. “Of course, I am. I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I gave him a squeeze. “We have to talk, though.” My heart pounded for a while because it just wasn’t normal for us to be like this.

“I know. I had a feeling you couldn’t let it go. And frankly, neither could I. I think about you every single day, Jeff.”

“Same.” I let go halfway, partially in his arms, enough to look at his serious expression. I gazed into his beautifully brown eyes that drove me nuts in a way I shouldn’t have been feeling. “I can’t help how I feel.” My voice threatened to crack.

Dad sighed. “I know, son, but it’s wrong. We should’ve never done what we did. I should’ve never allowed it to happen.”

“But it happened. It’s too late to go back.”

“Is it?” He looked hopeful.

I gave him a nod and took the hand of his that wasn’t holding me so that I could hold it in mine. I slid my fingers in between his larger ones and toyed with them. “I’ve tried dating other guys, Dad, but it’s useless. Same shit, different guy. You’re the one I want. And don’t tell me you don’t feel the same way because I remember your confession very well.”

“I was drunk.”

“But you meant it.” I knew Dad had meant it when he’d told me himself that he’d been in love with me, the words I’d wanted to hear for so long.

There was a long pause, but he never looked away from me the whole time. He looked like he was trying to face me with courage.

My eyes watered. “Don’t lie to me, Dad. Please?”

His eyes watered as well, and he pulled me back toward him for the tightest hug ever, bursting into tears. He sobbed like the baby he rarely acted like. “I did mean it. With all my heart. Because I’m a sick man! I’m sick, Jeff, sick!”

“Then so am I.” I loved that Dad showed his emotions with me and not to anyone else, but I needed him to collect himself to make this trip less depressing. This time, I wanted more than what we’d had on New Year’s Eve, and sober too. “Dad, please don’t cry. It’s not like you groomed me or tried anything inappropriate when I was a minor. We’re adults. We’re men. Everything’s consensual.”

He didn’t say another word, just cries of shame.

I let go and took his hand to lead him into his moonlit room while he still cried. It was the only bedroom in the small cabin. The whole place was rustic and country-themed, except more fitting to a single man who didn’t always care about tidiness, especially with random junk lying around. There was a tiny room next to his with nothing but a twin bed and a small nightstand, next to the equally-tiny bathroom, but I knew I wouldn’t be using it during my stay here. I had other plans instead.

I undid Dad’s cowboy-style jeans and got on my knees. I could faint at any second from what I was about to do. My heart beat faster and faster, vibrating through my ears until my face flushed hot. But I’d still do this because I wanted to.

“Jeff, what are you doing?” But he didn’t stop me. He also stopped crying, just sniffling a few times.

I ignored him and pulled his dick out.

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Daddy Bear’s Horny Slut Son

As a teen jock with a perfect body, Rudy has become superficial—if he’s going to do stuff with a guy, it would have to be a guy as hot as himself. Guys like…his older brother, who Rudy secretly idolizes. One thing’s for sure, guys like his dad—older, grayer, and somewhat resembling Santa Claus—are definitely not his type.

All that changes, though, when he finds out that his dad’s job as a massage therapist is specifically as an erotic massage therapist…and that he’s been erotically massaging Rudy’s older brother for a while now. This revelation has Rudy’s mind going in overdrive and soon he’s undressing so his dad can give him some much-needed relief. After all, if it’s good enough for his brother, it’s good enough for him.

Rudy is about to discover just how magical his dad is with his hands.

Daddy Bear’s Horny Slut Son is a 3,500-word short story.

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Now, I was getting more erect, and I still couldn’t understand why. What was it like to have an erotic massage with a happy ending? I’d never even had sex or been kissed. Nick probably had, though. He’d been popular in high school, enough for it to be believable. I’d never seen him with a girlfriend, though. Maybe he was gay like me. After all, Cestin Island was very gay-friendly for being a U.S. territory. Either way, it made me want to gain experience so that I could be more like Nick. I’d always wanted to be like him because he was awesome. (And really hot in a Shawn Mendes sort of way, and I was similar, thanks to Mom’s Spanish genes.)

“Would it help if I stripped too? Maybe take the anxiety or shyness away?”

My eyes bulged. Was Dad serious? My dick got even harder than ever. What was going on? It wasn’t like I wanted my dad, but I was getting horny for no reason. Was it the challenge? Maybe it really was true about going days without jerking off. Maybe horny power really did mess with my head. I’d heard about hot guys messing around with ugly ones when horny enough, and straight guys too.

“Or how about I tell you a little secret that might make you relax more? Promise me it stays between us?”

I gave Dad a quick nod. “I promise. You know I’m not a rat.”

“I know, just making sure. Well, the truth is, Nick gets a massage from me quite often. And naked too.”

My mouth dropped. “Really?”

“Yep. Nudity isn’t a big deal, and I’d rather him come to me for massages than elsewhere. Besides, in his case, he gets hurt a lot around his back, arms, legs…and other places too.”

Other places? That made the head of my dick peek out of the waistband of my jockstrap. Great. Dad could really see my erection now.

But he just chuckled, making me realize how open he actually was and how unnecessarily prudish I was being. “You’re a horny teen, just like your brother and just like I was when I was your age.”

Nick did seem like he could be horny since we jerked off together. Why hadn’t we ever done anything, though? Did he think it’d be weird even though incest was legal here? Or maybe he really was straight?

“So, Rudy. Ready for the massage?”

I nodded and found myself taking off my jockstrap. At this point, if Nick did it, then I would too. I’d do anything he told me to; it didn’t matter what it was. Maybe I really was more on the submissive side.

That’s my boy.” Then, Dad shifted his gaze to my erection. “You have a real nice cock too. Almost as big as mine and about the same as Nick’s.”

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The Sick Love of Brotherly Lookalikes

Two sick-minded guys meet online and fall in love. It's the kinky, dirty stuff that keeps their lust-fuelled relationship going, especially the fact that they look so alike that they could be brothers, easing them into some pseudo-incest role-play.

Until now, they've always been apart, but today's the day they meet in person for the first time. Will that same lust-fuelled love still be there? Will they slip as easily into their taboo kinks in person as they do online?

They rent a hotel room and give in to all their dirtiest fantasies. It clicks. Everything clicks. It's even hotter in person than it is online. So much so that they consider a fast-forward move to make things permanent. After all, their in-person incestuous role-play and brotherly bond create a whole new kind of instalove...

Naked bodies included.

The Sick Love of Brotherly Lookalikes is a 10,000-word short story.

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Derek formed a slight frown but gave me a tender kiss on the lips. “Many times my words don’t show how I really feel. And look at us now. We finally met, and we’re clearly in love with each other. Don’t you see, Kiefer? I still love you like I did back then. I never stopped loving you. If anything, I love you even more now.”

I sniffled and wiped my tears. Then, I nodded and returned his tender kiss. “I love you even more too, Derek.” This romance, as beautiful and heavenly it was, made me horny for him, my concerns melting away for the moment. “I want to make love with you.”

That put a stronger smile on his face. His smiles never failed to lift my heart. Everything about him filled me with wonder, as if I was being entranced by a mysterious charm that he didn’t always realize he had. “Then, let’s make love.”

We started getting undressed, and when we were naked, we studied each other’s bodies. He had a furry body unlike my smoother one. With his build, he could probably be considered an otter, and a sexy one at that. His hard dick was six inches in length like mine.

Despite being hard myself, I tried not to let my low self-esteem get to me because of my body being thicker than his and out of shape. I knew he loved me for me. I knew it because he’d fallen for me even before he’d seen what I looked like, because our connection was strong enough to form this special bond we had. Ironically, I was shallow when it came to looks, even though personality meant a lot to me.

Derek smiled at me again. Then, he turned around to climb on the king-size bed to my right, giving me a peek of his hot ass with furry cheeks, just like I’d seen in the few photos he’d sent me. He lay on his back and stroked his dick with his right hand, his eyes locking with mine to confirm how comfortable he already was with me.

I followed and stopped at the edge of the bed to shift my gaze to his beautiful body, his beautiful dick, and back to his beautiful face. I gasped lightly but with so much emotion because of the fact that this was really happening. We hadn’t just met in person; we were on the verge of making love.

Derek gave me a gentle shush while still gazing into my eyes. “It’s okay, Kiefer. Calm down. You have me now. I’m not going anywhere. Okay?”

I nodded and tried hard to contain my overemotional state. I finally got on the bed and lay beside him to his left side, stroking my dick with my left hand.

Derek smiled again and reached for my lips for a deep kiss. He slid his tongue inside to find mine, and we made out again.

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Wolves and Sheep

Shepley's father is a hot and sexy wolf daddy, and he's wanted a taste of that wolf meat for quite some time. He's wanted Gramps too, another wolf beauty, but Gramps doesn't seem interested, much to Shepley's disappointment.

Now that Mom is out of town and Shepley found out some dirty truths about his father, it just might be the time to have a little confrontation. After all, it's midnight, and Shepley is finally eighteen. But what could lead to a howling experience might not be a simple father-son bonding. In fact, all it takes is one bite to fall…


Wolves and Sheep is a 4,000-word short story.

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Dad made noises in his sleep, which caused me to stay still and alert, but he continued snoring a moment later. False alarm.

I continued my foreign discovery, my curious hands touching every part of him I could. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was just as dirty as he was. Maybe I should stop, but I couldn’t. I wanted so much more from him. I loved him, but I lusted him too.

I shifted my focus back to his dick. I opened his fly and pulled his dick out. My eyes bulged. Mine was practically a dicklet in comparison to this shlong in front of me. I started fondling it. What did it taste like? What did it feel like deep inside my small, round butt? The boys I’d been with weren’t this big. What was it like being with a grown man? I heard Dad fucking Mom many times whenever they thought I was asleep. I always jacked off to the sound of it while pretending it was me and not Mom he was fucking.

I grew impatient. As if possessed by the forbidden lust, I lowered my head and reached for his dick to place my lips over it. I started sucking him the way I’d learned how. Mmm, Dad tasted so good, all showered and clean with a hint of manly musk.

He let out a gentle moan. He started moving a little, and he grabbed the back of my head with a gentle grip, confirming he’d just woken up. Almost immediately, he pushed me away hard and sat upright in a jolt. “What the fuck? Shepley!”

With my heart racing fast, I smiled shyly and forced myself to confront him. “Surprise, Daddy!” I singsonged.

“What do you think you’re doing!”

I grinned. “Giving you a blowjob?”

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My Big Brothers Bone My Little Butt

Eighteen-year-old Iggy likes his panties…a little too much. His favorite types are the ones with slits on the back, like the one he’s wearing that’s blue with pink hearts.

He also likes his big brothers who are nineteen-year-old triplets, but he likes them in a way most people don’t like their own brothers. They haven’t always been super close, maybe a little, but definitely not in the way he’d like to them to be.

However, all that’s about to change the moment he walks into his room.

And he may have to keep his panties on for the ride of his life.

My Big Brothers Bone My Little Butt is a 4,000-word short story.

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I got inside the house and rushed upstairs to my room, forcing the thought of my new panties inside my mind to avoid getting depressed for the millionth time. Which one should I wear next? There were so many of them! I’d really gone overboard. After all, they came in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so how could I not get all of them? And the ones at the sex shop had slits on the back for “special” purposes.

As I entered my room, I stopped in shock and accidentally dropped my bags on the floor. My big brothers relaxed on my bed, completely naked and stroking their big cocks while smirking at me. They were tall, identical triplets who looked like typical blue-eyed-blond beach boys: captivating bedroom eyes; full, kissable lips; smooth, buff bodies with defined abs; tasty, pink nipples; and sexy summer tans. I, on the other hand, was the anomaly with brown hair, brown eyes, no tan, and a smooth, bony body. A twink, basically. I was eighteen, and they were nineteen.

I scoffed. “What are you guys doing in my room? And on my bed?” My annoyance wasn’t genuine because my cocklet started growing into a tent that poked through the front of my shorts, full of hope and anticipation.

“Seems like you wanted this all along, Iggy,” said Ian. He was about five minutes older than the other two. He lay on the side to my left. The three of them were butch with deep voices, never failing to turn me on so much. My voice was softer and more feminine.

“Of course, he did,” said Ike, the middle triplet. He lay in the middle.

“Those sexy panties with holes on the back aren’t a coincidence,” said Ivan, the youngest triplet. He lay on the other side.

I lowered my eyebrows. “You snooped through my stuff?”

“We’re your big bros,” Ian said. “We’re the bosses here, so we do whatever we want.”

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