My Little Bro’s Butt

Bradley and his little brother, Tyler, have always been close. They took baths together as little boys, and they now take showers together as young men. Bradley always washes Tyler from behind. It’s a secret routine of theirs, and despite being grown up, they’ve never stopped.

With Covid lockdown in full swing, Bradley and Tyler are left alone in the house while their dad is stuck out of town. Routine is the only thing that helps them get through.

But something has changed. For Bradley, Tyler’s little butt completely captivates him and he starts to think of more than just washing it. For Tyler, there’s a longing for his big bro’s hands to do more than just massage him with soap. Bradley and Tyler are getting dangerously close, and routine is getting them through lockdown, but what if it might just forever break the sacred bond they have as brothers?

Will Bradley tame his urges, or will he follow the natural trail of his desires for his little bro’s butt?

My Little Bro's Butt is a 15,000-word short story.

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I soap up and start jerking, but there’s just nothing there. I keep thinking of how wrong it feels to shower alone, when really what I want is big bro’s hands on me.

I start to soap up my shoulders instead. That’s when I notice the shower door is open.

I startle, and in the instant I try to turn and see, I feel big bro’s hands gripping both my shoulders.

It’s not his usual grip. This grip is hard and almost hurts.

His body is pressed against mine. I feel his giant erection jutting up against my butt.

There are no words. I surrender in that grip, willing to do whatever big bro wants.

He seizes the soap from my hands, then I feel his hands slicking up his erection, and my ass. He pulls me back, away from the shower spray. I don’t resist.

With one hand, he pushes my butt up a little. I feel that deep pressure of his dick against my hole. He eases up with the hand against me, letting my hips fall with gravity…down on that slick big bro dick I’ve wanted all day.

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