A Hot Nephew for Christmas

Don is a lonely, middle-aged man who is ready for another dull Christmas to match his equally dull life: looking after his elderly parents, his job doing data entry, and never getting married or having kids of his own.

Speaking of kids, Don’s brother, Eric, calls him and begs him to look after his out-of-control son, Phil. Don reluctantly agrees to it, but when he reunites with Phil, he quickly learns that the eighteen-year-old is not a kid anymore. Phil is a hot twink ready to get to know Uncle Don in a whole new way.

Maybe having a hot nephew for Christmas can be the most intimate gift yet.

A Hot Nephew for Christmas is a 6,300-word short story.

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Phil wrinkled his forehead. “I didn’t drop out. But I did get expelled. I just haven’t told my dad yet, and I blocked the school’s number on his phone so he wouldn’t find out on his own.”

Oh, boy. That sounded serious. Should I be worried? “What happened?”

Phil paused, lowering his gaze to the floor while his cheeks began to flush. “Can I whisper it since Grandma and Grandpa are here?”

I nodded and hunched over to have his lips reach my ear, hoping it wasn’t something too problematic to deal with.

He whispered, “I was caught having sex with two guys in the school bathroom. You know, in both ends, me in the middle. And my dad hates me now.”

My eyes widened because it was definitely not the news I had ever expected to hear from my nephew, yet for the second time since he had arrived here, but for a different reason, my bulge threatened to grow at the thought of such an illicit act. Maybe Phil really was rebellious, just as I’d thought, except for different reasons.

I tried to collect myself from the shock and made sure to stay calm enough to comfort him without judgment. It was good to know he was gay, or at least, not straight. That was one personal concern out the window because I could be myself more freely around him, provided that Mom and Dad remained in the dark about it.

Phil leaned into my ear again. “Sometimes, I can’t stop masturbating, and Dad says I have a sex problem that he can’t afford to deal with.”

Oh, no! A tent began to appear in my swim trunks from all this unintentionally horny information. My cock grew fully erect, and humiliation came over me in an instant, my face probably reddening now.

My nephew raised his eyebrows as soon as he noticed it.

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