Father Me With… 4-Pack Bundle

Evan and his father, Adam, don’t really get along but with his mom gone it’s just the two of them living together. It’s hard to avoid the older man. Harder still when on one hot and sweaty evening, Evan notices his dad’s bedroom door is slightly open, and he can hear and see his dad pleasuring himself.

Evan is determined to ignore it. After all, though incest is legal where they live, Evan can’t possibly watch his dad. He can’t…do stuff…with his dad. Right?

But a moment of weakness, an attraction he wants to deny, and a burning need for some sexual release with the man that made him lead Evan out of the hallway and into the bedroom.

And thus begins the coming together of father and son.

Once estranged, now in love, Evan and Adam now have to renegotiate their relationship, because it will never be the same again.

Father Me With… 4-Pack Bundle is an 18,000-word collection of previously published stories, including "Father Me With Temptation", "Father Me With Desire", "Father Me With Hunger", and "Father Me With Love".

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I wrapped my towel around my waist and stepped into the hallway. As I turned right and headed back to my room, I noticed Mom and Dad’s room door was cracked open at the far left where the darkening hallway ended. I could’ve sworn it’d been shut all the way. Had Dad come back from wherever he’d gone after yet another big fight with Mom? Since she was out of town staying with family, he and I were alone.

The idea that he was alone in his room was enough to make my toweled cock twitch a few times while it slowly rose to the illicit occasion. It was wrong to feel like this, but my body didn’t care about what was forbidden. It just felt, period. Besides, incest between adults was legal in this island fittingly shaped like a flaccid penis, and I was eighteen now. It was just highly frowned upon. Like I’d ever get lucky to do anything with my own father, anyway.

I decided to be bold and sneak toward the door, my heart vibrating through my chest. The closer I got, the more I trembled because of the risk. It was amazing how I didn’t know what was going on or if Dad was even in the room, but staring at that cracked-open space was powerful enough to send horny signals from naughty brain to leaking cock. I swallowed and tried my hardest to control my breathing that was too stubborn to decrease.

Just a few inches closer, and I stopped almost against the wall of the hallway’s end, peering into the crack. My eyes grew wide, and my mouth was slightly open. Dad must’ve returned while I’d been in the shower because he was right in there, but he was also naked on the bed, his left side facing me. His mostly-smooth and muscular body with just sprinkles of brown hair was too hot not to notice, and he tanned nicely under the sun, unlike my paler skin. His fingers were wrapped around his pink cock while making the squishy sound of lube with each stroke, looking lost in his own world.

That size, though! It wasn’t a whole lot slimmer than a beer can. How long was it? Nine inches? It couldn’t be any longer than that, which was long enough. Mom could take that monster meat? Even his lightly-hairy balls were big.

And very, very suckable.

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