Ben’s Big Experience (My Himbo Son Is My Life #5)

Joe welcomes his nephew Justin into his home, and the virgin horndog wants to get it on right away while Joe's son, Ben, is asleep. Little does Justin know that his dad, Jack, is tied up in his bedroom, punishment for what he did to Ben.

When Justin sees his dad Jack in the state he's in while the three of them are naked, Joe insists it's finally time that the family bond in a whole new way. Of course, what Joe really means is that he wants revenge on Jack by taking Justin's virginity as planned, just like Jack took Ben's virginity two years ago. And he wants to do it in front of Jack who once said he'd disown Joe for doing such a thing to Justin. Revenge is both sweet and sexy.

But Ben wakes up just in time, and he knocks on the door to find out what's going on in Jack's room. Could Joe still fulfill his revenge, or could there be a change of plans? After all, Ben, being the big-hearted and loving himbo, is all about forgiveness, and Joe is willing to do anything to make his pride and joy happy.

Now, there are four naked men in one steamy bedroom. What exactly could go on? Could it shape their future together as a loving family of four, or could it tear their family apart even more? The only thing that's certain is that Ben's on the verge of having his biggest experience ever.

In more ways than one.

Ben's Big Experience is a 7,300-word short story.

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I headed back to Justin who was already naked and ready. I observed his naked body, a total jock with a decent-size cock and a round butt. Not as big as Ben’s butt, but it still made me hard. I forced a tight smile on my face because of how challenging it was to hide my emotions. “Your dad wants to watch me fuck you.”

Justin raised his eyebrows. “Really?”

“Yeah. And after I come inside you, I want you to take his cock so he can fuck your deflowered hole with my cum as lube. I mean, you wanted to be treated like Daddy’s little slut, right?”

Justin nodded, looking hornier than ever. “Damn, I can’t believe this is actually happening. It’s so surreal. Like, I’ve literally fantasized about this many times, me getting fucked by you two.”

“I know, and it’s hot, right?”

So hot.” Yep, he was leaking with anticipation.

I took his hand and kissed his lips. “Now, before I do this, I need you to be absolutely sure that you want me to be your first, since you did mention wanting your dad to be. You’re not going to end up regretting it, are you?”

Justin shook his head. “He took Ben’s virginity, so you can take mine. I’m not even obsessed about that stuff anyway. I’m ready to get fucked now. I’m tired of being a virgin.”

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