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Dad Son Sex Secrets 4-Pack Bundle

It’s natural for a young twink to fall for his older, muscular, masculine father, but few follow through on these forbidden lusts. For the young men that do, their sexual adventures open them to new worlds of intense pleasure and taboo sex. This 4-Pack of father/son incest stories will satiate your fantasies, as these young men get to know their fathers in ways that they never dreamed possible.

This taboo bundle includes:
SPANKING MY NAUGHTY BOY: Mark’s adult son, Brendan, is acting up and getting into drugs. He pulls out the only discipline he can think of — a good, hard spanking. But that punishment forces out a sexy confession.
DAD TOOK MY VIRGINITY: Darren finally works up the courage to explore his gay side and enter the bathhouse. Unfortunately, the first person he encounters there is his father, but it soon leads to unexpected ecstasy.
SEDUCING MY SON: David is trying to suppress a crush he’s developing on his son — but after a night of drinking, he gives in to his forbidden lusts and seduces his son… and his son’s boyfriend.
SEDUCING MY DADDIES: Ryan is spending a week with his dad and his dad’s new husband, Devin. Taboo lusts and some late night urges lead Ryan to crawl into bed with his two dads… naked.

18,800-word bundle

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I slapped him two more times, one on each cheek. His ass rippled with the impact, blushed pink from the strike. He shouted in pain — now it was hurting. Now, he was feeling his punishment. But I really wanted to teach him a lesson he wouldn’t forget. I struck his ass again and again, alternating from cheek to cheek. The slaps of my hand on his ass ricocheted through the room, the silences between smacks were filled with his whimpers. His ass glowed red from the spanking.

Brendan’s yelps of pains had softened. I paused in his punishment and listened as he sniffled. He was crying.

Fuck. What was I doing? I’d never laid a hand on Brendan before — never even spanked him when he was a kid. What the hell had gotten into me?

It was us, I knew — the dynamics of our father-son relationship had changed. I didn’t even fully know how or why or what the new dynamics were. But something had changed. And it wasn’t just the death of Marie — our relationship had changed in the year leading up to Marie’s death, even before we knew she was sick. The pain of losing Marie, of Brendan losing his mom, seemed to have heightened whatever it was that was complicating us.

I gently laid my hand on Brendan’s ass. He flinched with the touch, even though it was soft. “Shh…” I said. I massaged his ass, smoothing my hand over the tender skin, wishing I could heal the hurt I’d caused. His ass radiated heat from the spanking, warming my palm. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m sorry, Brendan. I’m sorry for everything — for doing this, for your mom passing away, for the gulf that’s grown between us … everything.”

“Dad?” Brendan said, his voice sounding frail.


“Can you let me up?”

I didn’t even realize I was still holding him down with my left arm. I lifted it off him and then helped him into a sitting position next to me — I saw him wince as his ass touched down on the leather couch. And then I saw something I didn’t know if I ever wanted to see — something I certainly never expected to see.

Brendan had an erection. His cock was rock-hard and standing straight up. I felt an odd surge of pride, knowing my son was so well-hung. I bet the girls he fucked liked the size of his dick, too.

I tore my gaze from his crotch when I realized he was looking up at me. I finally met his eyes — they were red-rimmed with tears, but they were also sober. The spanking had cleared his mid, at least.

“I have to tell you something,” Brendan said. His lips quivered, as if he was scared.

“What is it, son? You can tell me anything, you know that.”

“Dad … I…” his words faltered and he looked away from me. I took the opportunity to look down at his dick again — there was something oddly entrancing about it. I’d never really looked at another guy’s meat before, and the fact that it was my son’s sent an illicit shiver through me. He looked at me again and there was new steel in his eyes. “Dad, I’m gay.”

It took a moment for that to sink in, but then I threw my arm around his shoulders and pulled him in for a half-hug and kissed him on the top of his head. It didn’t really surprise me — a father knew these things about his kids. Brendan had never had a girlfriend that lasted more than a week, and he was very close to some male friends who I knew were gay.

“I love you son, you know that. Nothing can ever change that. Thank you for telling me.” I kissed him again.

“There’s more…” he said.

I let go of him so that I could look into his eyes. This was good — we were getting to the bottom of what had been tearing him apart these past several months. I was ready for anything he could tell me — anything.

“Dad, I … I’m in love with you,” Brendan said. He laid his hand on my briefs, cupping my bulge.

That … was unexpected. I sat, frozen, for several long moments, trying to process what Brendan had just told me … and process the fact that my son was groping my cock and balls. I looked down at his dick again with a new perspective. That erection was for me. My son was horny for me.

A completely unexpected thrill ran through me and I shivered with anticipation. Acting on desires I didn’t comprehend and wasn’t ready to even think about, I reached for his cock, tentatively wrapping my fingers around it. The warmth of his cock felt good on my fingers, so I tightened my grip. Brendan gasped and sunk deeper into the couch.

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Piss-Loving Boys 4-Pack

Sometimes guys like to get raunchy, wet, and messy — and given the chance, they’ll give into their dirtiest fantasies. This 4-pack of gay watersports stories will satiate your fantasies, as these boys get soaked in piss. This taboo bundle includes:

PISSED ON BY THE BULLY: Joel tries to entrap the closeted homophobic bully, Brian, but the tables turn when Joel lets loose with a golden stream.
HUMAN URINAL: Cocky and disrespectful, Andrew gets what’s coming to him when a dominating daddy ties him up in the men’s room urinal.
GOLDEN SHOWERS: Thinking he’s alone, Christopher gives into his wettest fantasies — until he’s caught by his straight roommate.
FRAT HOUSE PISS PARTY: Ian is new to the frat house and ready for initiation, until he finds out they know about his secret piss-drinking fetish.

16,700-word bundle

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I stepped closer to him and closed the stall door behind me, locking it. My heart was racing and my body was tensing for a beating, but I couldn’t back down now. “I know you want something,” I told him in a whisper, “something I can give you.”

And without waiting for him to even react, I fell to my knees in front of him and undid his jeans. He let me open his fly, he let me reach in and grab his cock, and he let me put my mouth on it. Oh, yeah, this guy’s gay.

I stretched my mouth wide to fit it all in me and I sucked on it like a lollipop. He tasted sweaty, like he didn’t shower after a workout at the gym, but I fucking loved it. I like my men dirty and sweaty and masculine. I fondled his balls in my hand, rolling them between my fingers, tugging on the sac, driving him wild.

Joel moaned, but quickly shut his mouth. He sat back down on the toilet and I moved a little closer to him, resting my arms on his muscular thighs. He put his hand on my head and grabbed my hair, forcing me to bob up and down at the pace he wanted.

“That’s good,” Joel muttered, his voice flooded with obvious desire. “Fucking take it, bitch.”

An odd feeling rushed through me — I was enjoying this. I was no longer doing this to take down Joel, to take one for the team. No, I was somehow turned on by sucking off this guy that’s been so brutally mean to me and my closest friends.

Suddenly — far too soon — he held my head in place, stopped me from bobbing up and down on his dick. Please don’t come, please don’t come, please don’t come, I kept pleading in my head. If he shot his load, this would be over before it started and it would be the most disappointing hook-up I’ve ever had. My mind spun with the fact that I wanted a hook-up with Joel to last longer, but there was just something about this encounter that had instantly turned me on.

Sure enough, his cock suddenly pulsed and my mouth filled with his hot — wait ... fuck ... this wasn’t come — this was piss! The douchebag was pissing in my mouth.

I tried to pull my head away from him, but he held me firm in place. “Drink it, bitch. Swallow it all,” he commanded.

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