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Ben’s Big Heart (My Himbo Son Is My Life #4)

Joe has punished his younger brother, Jack, for the horrible things he did to Joe's son, Ben. Ben has such a big heart that being a himbo only puts him at higher risk of being nothing but a hole to use and a doormat to stomp on. The pain Joe feels from knowing just how much Ben was taken advantage of destroys his relationship with Jack, and Jack must pay for the damage he caused.

But revenge is sweet, isn't it? Jack's hot and sexy jock son, Justin, comes into the picture just in time for Joe to show Jack a thing or two. Justin is Ben's age, and he has a whole lot of love to give and even more experience to learn. Joe calls him on the phone for some uncle/nephew catchup. They agree to get to know each other better, but just how close can they become?

Later, Joe has a heart-to-heart moment with Ben. Ben tells all, and Joe's hatred of Jack grows stronger. But what about Ben's emotional progress? He's been emotionless for years because of what Joe discovers. Could that ever change? Could Joe finally get his emotional little boy back?

Ben's Big Heart is a 5,200-word short story.

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It took Justin a moment to continue. “Well…the truth is…I think about you like a man, not just my uncle. And I want to know what Ben feels like when he has his private time with you.”

God, my cock was still hard from all this discovery. “Yeah?”

“Yeah…” Was he jacking off now? I could tell from his breathing. But I didn’t want to say anything. I just let him pleasure himself.


“What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Well…maybe suck you off and swallow you. Let you fuck me too.”

Oh, this was getting too much now. I leaked so much that I had to take care of business soon. Suddenly, I wanted to explore things with him and have him explore stuff with Ben too, maybe the three of us at once. “Justin, how about you pack your things, and I’ll get you a one-way ticket here so you can stay with us for a while, see how much you like it in this house.”

Justin gasped. “Really, Uncle Joe?”

“Really. Ben could use your company. And honestly? So could I.”

“But what about my dad?”

“I’ll keep looking after him, but if you want to help, by all means.”

“I’ll think about it because I’m still mad at him, but I’ll definitely move in with you.”

“Great, then it’s settled. Oh, and by the way. Your dad wants to fuck you.”

There was silence for a moment, and I wondered if it was even a good idea to have told Justin that. Had I freaked him out?

“Oh, okay,” he said.

“I’m sorry. But I just felt the need to warn you now that you’re moving here and will be around him every day.”

“No, I get it. Thanks for telling me, Uncle Joe. I would’ve loved to have lost my virginity to him, but not anymore.”

“You’re still a virgin?” Then again, I wasn’t too surprised since he hadn’t dated much.

Justin chuckled. “Yeah. I’ve never sucked or even kissed anyone either.”

My eyebrows flew up, and shock filled me because of the never-been-kissed factor. “But you’re gorgeous, Justin. You have a sexy, athletic body. How is that even possible?”

“Aw, thanks for the compliment. But…the reason why is because I’ve only wanted my dad and you, the only two people in my life I thought I could never have until now. And after all this talk and what my dad did to Ben, I want you to be my first sexual experience.”

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Ben’s Big Boy Butt (My Himbo Son Is My Life #3)

The big moment has come for Joe to experience what it's like to be inside his son, Ben. That big boy butt has done nothing but tease Daddy. He's tasted his son in more ways than one, and his love for him continues to grow, so taking Ben from behind is another new way to bond as father and son.

But first, Joe must confront his younger brother, Jack, about the kind of "birds and bees" talk he gave Ben. The talk was to be about sex, as thoroughly and explicitly as possible from his own perspective, to just give it to him raw, with no shame, and pound all that info into him. It's no wonder Ben has been so experienced.

When Joe confronts Jack, the conversation stirs up some new brotherly feelings for him. Maybe Jack needs to be taught a hard lesson by his big bro, a lesson he'll never forget. Only then can Joe finally move on and get to know Ben in the same way Jack already has, except with the kind of love that only a father can give to his son.

But little does Joe know about another piece of information involving Ben's big boy butt; it's more popular than Joe has ever imagined.

Much, much more popular.

Ben's Big Boy Butt is a 6,300-word short story.

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Jack glanced at my forming tent, and he smirked with a headshake. “When are you going to stop being a hypocrite and just accept the reality? We’re both bi, and there’s a hot piece of ass at our disposal.” He stepped closer and slid his hand through the opening of my boxers, giving me a horny smile. “You’re sexually frustrated, Joe, and I get it. Only I chose to move on after my divorce because we weren’t happy together, and you tried to make it work but failed.”

I hated that that had to be my reality. Ever since Bettie had left me for another man—a younger man in great shape, no less—things hadn’t been the same. But I was also horny and couldn’t think straight now. It didn’t take long for my erection to poke out while Jack’s rough hand still played with it.

“Be lucky you have a gay son to mess around with. I wish my gay son could pleasure me like that, especially since he’s a lean jock and just hot as fuck. Cute fucking butt too. Man, wish I could eat the fuck out of that hole.”

“You saw his ass?”

“Yeah, he’s oddly not against being naked in front of me, and he’s seen me too. But it was brief while changing clothes, just a couple of times.”

Ah, my nephew. Justin was exactly Ben’s age but already halfway through college since he didn’t have the same academic struggles Ben did. He lived in Florida and had spent a big chunk of his life there with his mother. Jack was right. Justin was hot. Though, not as hot as Ben. But if he were to ever want to join in on the fun, I’d make sure to fuck him first to get back at Jack for fucking Ben first. I wasn’t obsessed with virginity or anything, but I would’ve rather been first than Jack out of the two of us. Ben was my son, after all.

“Have you fucked him yet, Joe?”


“You should fuck Ben one of these days. Pound that hot ass for all it’s worth. You’re going to love it too.”

The thought of that boosted my hormones. What was it like being inside my own son? His big butt riding my big cock while jiggling enough to make me come.

“Just let go of every negative emotion and enjoy the feeling.”

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Ben’s Big Mouth (My Himbo Son Is My Life #2)

Joe is prepared to sleep in bed alone for the first time since before his marriage to Bettie, and it’s quite the tearful experience. Depressed, he doesn’t understand what he did wrong to end up being divorced without the ability to fix things like he’s done all the other times. Nope, the divorce is final, and he knows he has to move on. He has so much love to give but no one to give it to.

As Joe tries falling asleep, his son, Ben, surprises him by wanting to sleep with him on the same bed. He tells him he heard him crying and wants to comfort him. The challenge? It’s been a month since they had sex for the first time, and there’s no guarantee it won’t happen a second time, even though they haven’t brought it up again. After all, Ben is everything to Joe. He’s not just a son; he’s a man who’s more than willing to fulfill Joe’s needs.

But Ben has a big mouth, and he knows how to use it much to Joe’s satisfaction. There’s also another reason he has a big mouth: he’s too honest and cannot lie. So much so that he reveals something shocking that’s been going on under Joe’s nose, something both upsetting and horny.

But could it open up a new path to Joe’s incestuous journey with Ben? Joe definitely has so much love to give, but could he finally have someone to give it to?

Ben's Big Mouth is a 4,600-word short story.

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Shortly after finally falling asleep, a strong arm wrapped around me and woke me up. I turned around, and Ben lay beside me in his boxers while sporting his usual neutral expression seen through the luminance of the nightlight. His blue eyes stared into mine, making me fall. What a beautiful jock body that he took care of more than he did his brain, sometimes making me wish I could get back to that instead of my flat-assed dad bod. “Hey, son, what are you doing here?”

“I came up here to pee since Uncle Jack’s using the basement toilet, and I heard you crying.” He was emotionless and always spoke in a monotone voice—at least since middle school—but his words and actions often told me what I needed to know. “Your cries were nonstop, Dad. So, I want to make you feel better and give you some company.” He was so adorable even for being an adult at twenty. He was still too young to know what I’d been going through, since he’d never even dated anyone in his life, but it warmed my heart to know that he wanted to be here for me. We hadn’t done anything sexual since the first and only time a month ago, not even mentioned it, but I still got turned on by the closeness of our bodies. I wouldn’t bring it up, though, even though I was convinced he didn’t regret any of it. I definitely didn’t.

I tried to smile but only managed a weak expression. “Ben, I don’t have any clothes on, just warning you.”

As expected, he wasn’t fazed since I’d never taught him that nudity was a bad thing. Plus, after rimming him, sucking his cock, and swallowing his cum in a moment of father-and-son lust, anything went at this point. Though, he did pause for a few seconds as if pensive. “Why are you naked?”

“Because I get real hot at night when I sleep, so sleeping naked makes me feel better.” That was the thing about the U.S. territory of Cestin Island being off the Atlantic coast of Florida; the summers were often too hot around the clock. But the fact that it was LGBTQ-friendly here and that incest between consenting adults was legal made it the best place to be. I’d never trade the white, sandy beaches and beautifully-blue ocean for anywhere else. And who wouldn’t like to live on an island shaped like a flaccid penis?

“Oh…” Another pensive pause. “Can I sleep naked with you?”

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Ben’s Big Butt Cake (My Himbo Son Is My Life #1)

On the verge of getting a divorce, Joe is in for a long night alone in his bed. Bettie leaves him for a younger, fitter man who only makes him realize how much of a turn-off his dad bod is to her. Granted, he’s had deep desires for their son, Ben, the perfect match for him, who happens to be forbidden. But he’s never cheated on his wife and has managed to be a faithful and loyal husband.

Joe has hidden his secret desires for too long now, and therapy has been useless. When Ben finds out about the divorce, he wants to console Joe like the good, loving son he’s always been. He can’t express his emotions like most people can, and he speaks in a monotone. What he can do, however, is make Daddy happy in his own way. He knows just the thing too: making a butt cake. It may seem silly, but what it could lead to is anything but. Could it actually bring them closer than ever and redefine their relationship as father and son?

Ben’s Big Butt Cake is a 5,700-word short story.

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I didn’t want Ben to see me like this. It was bad enough that his deep voice soothed me in a way it shouldn’t. I sniffled and wiped the tears off my face. I tried to sound as calm as possible. “Yeah?”

“I turned into a pony. Want to see?”

I turned around, and my eyes widened at his big, jockstrapped ass waving at me with a horse tail in the form of a butt plug. What had made him think to do that? And a butt plug too? But my cock didn’t care because it started growing at the sight of his beautiful body. He was a smooth jock who was heavily focused on his attractive looks and spent more time exercising his muscular body than his “flabby” brain. Though, I probably shouldn’t talk since I could afford to get back into shape with my flat-assed dad bod. Even Jack was muscly and defined with a perky ass, a golden wolf to be specific.

Not only did Ben seem emotionless, but he was oblivious as to how inappropriate this was. “It’s blond like my hair, so it matches. And I can make it move too.” He pressed against the skin right below his ass cheeks to make them jiggle, unintentionally luring me with so much temptation that I had to fight. God, I was so horny for him.

This was why I didn’t want to let Ben leave. He was so innocent and naïve. He was the true definition of a himbo, and I worried about him being taken advantage of by wolves in disguise. I wasn’t sure what his sexuality was, but I knew men would be as hungry for him as I was. Still, it was his chance to break out of his shell after being homeschooled his whole life, albeit with major academic struggles that Bettie and I had needed to help him with after failing twice, hence his “delayed” graduation. It was important for him to get out there into the world and do other things. He was a man now, a well-developed one at that, and he needed to grow both mentally and emotionally. I’d recently told Jack to help me out by getting it through Ben’s head, so I had hope.

But I’d always lust after my own son. I loved him more than my life, but he was a man, and so was I. I couldn’t help my feelings. Maybe it was for the best, though. Because now that Bettie was gone, and if Ben ever felt the same way, our father-and-son bond would change forever. There’d be no turning back.

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