Glory Hole Interrogation: The Case of the Park Bonfire Pilfering

Jeramie Lecleaux is an eighteen-year old teen detective and slut puppy who knows exactly how to milk the truth out of his suspects.

Jeramie and Ricky are excited to be attending the autumn bonfire festival in the park. There's games, surprises, and best of outdoor wiener roast. The celebration is put on hold, though, when someone swipes all the hot dog wieners.

Jeramie has a pretty good idea of who is behind the theft, but to get to the bottom of this mystery, he'll have to get down on his knees and use his patented interrogation technique on every possible suspect!

Glory Hole Interrogation is a 10,500-word short story.

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Jeramie hadn’t been lying. He fully intended to interrogate the men in the park to find out whether or not they knew anything relating to this latest case.

He simply had a better way of doing so than walking around.

Once he was sure Ricky was out of sight, Jeramie went straight for the restrooms. The air stank of urine, sweat, and bathroom cleaner. The walls had tiles on them halfway up, and the paint on the upper half was cracked and peeling.

Jeramie walked past the set of sinks, heading for the last stall on the far right. His feet skid along the dirty concrete floor, making a ‘swish’ sound. Once inside, Jeramie locked the stall door and began peeling off his clothes. He didn’t want to get them dirty, and any stains would look suspicious later.

The air inside the restroom carried a chill. Jeramie’s exposed flesh began to break out into goosepimples as he stripped down. Naked, Jeramie stood on his tiptoes and hung each piece of clothing on the hook attached to the stall door. Then, he sat down on the toilet and waited.

He didn’t have to wait long.

The inside of the restroom shook slightly as the door swung open, hitting the wall behind it. Footsteps echoed across the floor. Jeramie waited, holding his breath and crossing his fingers and toes. He had pulled his feet up to rest on the toilet seat.

Sure enough, the door to the stall next to his opened. Jeramie looked over at the wall on the right. A hole had been cut near the bottom next to the toilet paper dispenser. It was big enough to fit his arm through. Someone had drawn arrows around it in magic market. There were some very colorful instructions as well, the sort of words that Jeramie’s teachers would be appalled by.

Jeramie didn’t need the instructions, though. He already knew what to do.

The man in the next stall was peeing. Jeramie eased himself down off the toilet and crept over to the hole. The man on the other side was Latino. His pants were down around his knees, and he was holding a cock that looked very big, even though it was flaccid.

Jeramie’s eyes flicked down briefly to the shoes the man was wearing—a pair of old work boots that had seen better days. All too quickly, though, he was back to staring at the growing cock in the man’s big hands, licking his lips as the stream of piss died down.

Quickly, he tapped his foot twice on the ground. When that yielded no response, he tried stomping it twice. The Latino man turned, as though startled.

“Hey, mister!” Jeramie hissed.

Slowly, he ran one finger down along the lower half of the gloryhole. The man blinked in surprise, and after a moment’s deliberation, turned to slide his cock all the way in.

“Suck it,” the husky older man commanded.

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