The Lustful Lie (The Masked Master #1)

Adrian is an eighteen-year-old virgin twink who likes older men. But he doesn’t just want to be with them; he wants to submit to them. BDSM has appealed to him for quite some time, and he intends to make his kinky fantasies come true, one nervous step at a time. Anything to lose his virginity and gain some experience.

Enter Sir, the first man Adrian meets. It’s supposed to be an adventurous hookup tonight with no strings attached, and Adrian is nervously ready for it. After all, Sir doesn’t have a profile picture on the app they met on, and there’s certainly no way to see his face in his pitch-dark house. Touching, smelling, and tasting are all that Adrian can rely on, as well as hearing the kind of deep voice that sends him over the edge (in a good way, of course). He simply hasn’t earned the privilege to see Sir’s mysterious face, but it’s also part of the intrigue that both frustrates and excites Adrian.

But what Sir doesn’t know is that Adrian is completely inexperienced and a terrible liar. The skinny little twink who’s never been kissed boldly claimed to be otherwise upon meeting Sir online. How exactly would this play out when Sir expected a different experience? Anything but having to teach Adrian a thing or two. Besides, lying deserves a punishment, doesn’t it?

The only thing certain is that it’s going to be one interesting night.

The Lustful Lie is a 3,600-word short story and part one of a five-part series.

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I observed the man’s house some more. It was a quaint bungalow that really didn’t seem all that special, like any other in Michigan, including my home. Judging by the windows just above the ground, there was a basement. The porch was small but had a couple of plants hanging from under the awning. It all looked picturesque; ironic because of a kinky man living inside.

I sighed. The dizziness got to me and caused my heart to pound. I had to be brave, though. It was finally my chance to lose my virginity when just about every other man rejected me or showed no interest without stating so. Maybe it was my dorky profile picture in dim lighting. I never felt comfortable taking photos in clear lighting to where my face could be seen more.

I trudged toward the cemented pathway leading to the porch and climbed the few steps leading to the entrance. By then, my palms were moist, my forehead was slightly damp, and I felt more lightheaded. My stomach tightened too. Still, I could do it.

I opened the screen door to knock on the main wooden one until the main door opened and startled me. I couldn’t see a thing through the pitch darkness.

“Adrian?” It was a deep and butch voice that threatened to erect me, sexier than my dull, medium-pitch one with the occasional crack.

I nodded and gave the unseen man a polite wave like the dork I was.

After just seconds of awkward silence, he quickly grabbed my arm, pulled me into the darkness, and shut the door.

My heart pumped even faster than ever. Was it the end? Was I going to die? I didn’t even get to say “I love you” to my parents, and what about—

He pulled me into his strong arms and planted a tender kiss on my neck, his short facial hair tickling me a little. “You’re a real cutie, you know that?”

I swallowed a lump in my throat, and my heart slowed down from his affection and soft tone. I was safe, after all. Though, I couldn’t see a thing, and it drove me nuts. “H-hi.”

“Hi.” His voice really was sexy, though. It erected me.

“What’s…your name?”

The man turned me around, pressed himself against my backside, and gave me another kiss on the neck. “You don’t need to know that. You are to call me Sir at all times and nothing else. Got it, boy?”

Crap. Where were things even headed? Still, I didn’t dare be disobedient now that he’d hardened his tone in a stern way and had instantly done away with the soft affection I already missed. “O-kay.”

“Okay, what?” His tone wasn’t angry, though, just stern.

“Okay, S-Sir.”

“Use the word ‘yes’, don’t use ‘okay’ with me.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.” He turned me back around to face him, not that I could see a thing in the pitch-dark room. “We’re going to have some real fun tonight. I already have everything planned.”

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