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The Contractual Commitment (The Masked Master #5)

It’s a month later, and it’s finally time for Adrian to lose his virginity. He’s seen Sir more than thirty times, and they’ve connected so well and grew close enough to give Adrian hope for something more than just temporary. By now, he’s not just smitten by Sir; he’s falling for him in a way he’s never felt before. Sir is becoming Adrian’s first love as time goes by.

But what’s going on inside Adrian’s mind right now? Why is tonight—a very important milestone in his life—suddenly…off? What’s gotten him to be so emotional? It was all supposed to be just a one-time hookup fueled by a bold lie. Once Sir takes Adrian’s virginity, they go their separate ways just as planned. But why can’t Adrian accept that anymore?

Could this really be the end?

Will Adrian never see Sir again?

The Contractual Commitment is a 7,800-word short story and part five of a five-part series.

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As soon as I reached the front porch, the door opened.

Sir gently pulled me inside the pitch-dark living room. He closed the door and held me in his strong arms.

Despite the darkness, I could still picture his looks that turned me on for him being forty-eight. He was huge in a Hulk sort of way, definitely well above six feet. There was almost no hair on his body, just a bit on his limbs and a bush for his pubic hair. But his monster cock still intimidated me.

I liked our size difference, though. Yeah, okay, so, it didn’t used to matter, and it still kind of didn’t. But it felt just right whenever he held me. Even though I still looked like a total dork at barely eighteen, I was a smooth and skinny twink with dark and fluffy hair, which he liked a lot. I didn’t have a big, brown, and uncut cock like many Latino guys had in porn, and that was okay with him. Besides, my cocklet met his approval, and so did my flat ass.

If only he’d kiss me, though. I missed his kisses, but they were probably going to be rewards that I had to earn now. If he did something that I liked a lot, he’d probably turn that into a reward too. Maybe that was the point. Of course, this was all assuming tonight wasn’t our final night together.

I snuggled in his arms while he still held me, getting semi-hard and a bit horny for him. He never failed to make me melt into a sappy mess, and it’d been that way for a while now. I didn’t want to let him go. I knew it now. I might’ve been confused as to why I had to feel like this, but I wasn’t confused about how I really felt about him. The truth was that I liked him. I liked him a lot more than I’d realized. It’d taken meeting up with him again to feel it more.

“Tonight, I’m going to take your virginity, and everything will have gone just as we planned. Got it, boy?” He’d said it as sternly as usual.

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The Video Voyeur (The Masked Master #4)

Adrian has only seen Sir on two different nights, but he’s already more taken by him than ever. He still wishes he could see Sir’s masked face, but he hasn’t earned that privilege yet. Besides, it’s all part of Sir’s mysterious charm that continues to intrigue and captivate Adrian more than ever. Maybe there’s even a little crush forming somewhere? Not that Adrian even knows what that’s like since he’s never fallen in love before.

While it’s all mostly physical, Adrian starts wondering if life as just a sub is even good enough. Sure, he’s still a virgin and is in the process of being stretched to better fit Sir’s monster size, so he’ll get to see him regularly for at least another month. But what about becoming Master’s—er, Sir’s slave? For now, Adrian is content, but the thought of enslaving himself isn’t just a coincidence. Of course, whether in person or remote, Sir continues to dominate like Adrian expects him to.

What if, one day, Sir dominates Adrian’s heart?

The Video Voyeur is a 4,500-word short story and part four in a five-part series.

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After playing for a long while, my phone rang at eleven. I grabbed it and checked the screen: Restricted. Great. I was getting a little horny because I hadn’t masturbated since I’d last seen Sir, and I wanted to play with him. I didn’t like the idea of rejecting him. In fact, it made me feel like crap just thinking about it. Sadly, I had no choice.

I finally answered. “Hello?”

“Adrian?” His deep and butch voice was probably full of hope. It was sexier than my dull, medium-pitch one with the occasional crack.

“Yeah, hi.”

“Are you available right now?”

“Um…I have a friend over and he’s spending the night, so I can’t.” I tried to mask my frown since I didn’t want Jamal to notice anything. Though, he was busy with the game. So, he probably wouldn’t.

“Okay. I’ll call you soon and see if you’re available next time.”

“Wait!” I found myself in desperation mode because I had no idea when Sir would call. Maybe I could have it both ways: see him for a little bit and not leave Jamal alone for too long.

“What is it?” Stern, but not upset.

“Would you be okay with a half-hour?” I tried to act cool in front of Jamal.

“That’s short.”

“Forty-five minutes?” That was seriously pushing it too.

“One hour is the minimum, take it or leave it.”

Damn it. Think, think, think! An idea suddenly popped into mind. “Wait, I’m going to the bathroom. Please don’t hang up.”

“Make it quick.” Sir still didn’t sound angry, but I did wonder if he was annoyed.

I looked at Jamal and attempted a little smile. “Just going to the bathroom right quick.”

He gave me a nod. “Okay.” His focus was solely on Zelda, and I figured he wouldn’t stop playing anytime soon. It was our thing whenever he spent the night, and there was no reason to change that.

I rushed to the bathroom across the hallway and shut the door. I rested my ass on the edge of the sink counter. “Are you there?”

“I’m here. So, what’s it going to be?”

“Here’s the thing. My best friend is staying the night, but we usually go to bed before two. I was wondering if that was too late for you.” I mentally crossed my fingers.

There was a pause that did nothing but make me nervous.

I groped myself and hoped he’d agree. “I want to see you so bad, Sir. I’m horny, but…I like your company too. A lot.”

“We only have sex.”

“I know, but, I mean, you really gave me a lot of hope. I thought I’d be a virgin for a very long time, and then you came along and gave me a chance.”

“Why do you doubt yourself so much?”

He’d posed a very good question, and it was something I didn’t always think about. “I’m not hot. I’ve always been a nobody growing up, especially at school. Every time I tried chatting with a guy, he either chatted back and gave me false hopes, or he didn’t pay any attention to me at all.”

“Have you considered taking another picture? Because I can assure you it doesn’t do you any justice. I would know. I’ve seen you twice.”

My heart fluttered a little at such nice words, and I suddenly wished we could chat on the phone at the very least if I couldn’t see him. Who would’ve thought a man like him would’ve existed here in Michigan suburbia? His quaint bungalow, small and cozy like many around here, yet with a basement full of dark desires that made me hard and horny. “Thank you.”

There was another pause, a longer one. Finally, a gentle sigh on his end. “You should be with your best friend right now. It’s rude to leave him there just to see me.”

I had to admit that I felt guilty to have suggested meeting up with Sir tonight while Jamal was over. The fact that Sir had pointed it out made me appreciate him more.

“When does your friend leave?”

“Tomorrow, like, in the afternoon.”

“Are you free tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I am. For the rest of the weekend, actually.” I was suddenly happy again, and it had made my night.

“Is ten o’clock good for you?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“Good. I want a longer night with you.”

I smiled and wasn’t sure why I even acted like this over a playmate. “I’d like that…Sir.”

“I told you that you don’t have to call me that outside of my place.”

“But why not if no one’s around right now? It’s your title. I feel disrespectful for not addressing you properly. Horny or not, I know my place, and you deserve to be treated with respect.”

There was yet another pause before he spoke. “Good boy. Are you still horny?”

Sir’s voice…his commanding voice with great depth, melting me. “Very much, Sir.”

“Are you still in the bathroom?”

“Yes, Sir. The door’s locked too.”

“You don’t have me on speaker, do you?” What an odd question. Paranoid, I supposed.

“Never, Sir. I always have wireless earbuds on me.”

“Good boy. Turn on your camera. Show me your bathroom.”

While he was being unnecessarily paranoid, I didn’t dare to defy him. The fact that he was staying on the phone with me meant a lot. “Yes, Sir.” I did as told, tilting my phone around to capture every angle I could. “You see, Sir? No one but me.”

“Good. Keep your camera on, but don’t expect me to turn mine on.”

“Yes, Sir.” Where was this headed? The intrigue turned into anticipation.

“Are you able to prop your phone up somewhere so that you can be hands-free?”

“I can try, Sir. Can you hold on a minute, please?” I made sure to add a hint of plea to my softening voice to avoid being mistaken as a command.

“Go ahead.”

I scanned everywhere, and the best location was the shower’s built-in soap cubby. Thankfully, the edge protruded a bit, enough to hold the phone since the phone was longer in height than the cubby. I sat on the toilet lid, and the cam captured most of me. I waved until I realized I was a dork, my cheeks feeling flushed.

“Take your clothes off. All of them.”

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The Rapturous Release (The Masked Master #3)

It’s time for Adrian and Sir’s second hookup, but it won’t be the last one. After Adrian received his painful punishment, they agreed that Sir could take his virginity before they go their separate ways. But because of Sir’s monster size down there, it requires a gradual process for a more comfortable experience. That starts tonight.

By now, Adrian is more submissive than ever. He wants to see more of Sir, hence the reason he looks forward to the hole-stretching process. He has yet to earn the privilege of seeing Sir’s face, but that’s become part of his mysterious charm. Though, Adrian doesn’t get to ejaculate until Sir says so, which has been torturous these past couple of days. Could that change tonight?

And what about Adrian’s feelings? Now that he’s getting to know Sir, albeit mostly physical, he continues to be intrigued by the mystery of Sir’s masked face and secret life that he’d do whatever it takes to see him indefinitely. Could there be room for a little something extra?

Beyond just physical?

The Rapturous Release is a 4,400-word short story and part three in a five-part series.

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Sir closed the door and pulled me into his huge arms for a kiss on the lips, having to hunch over because of being well above six feet tall. My shirted back was pressed against his front. From what I could feel, he didn’t have any clothes on, and his smooth, hulky body got me harder. His monster cock that intimidated me poked my clothed little butt.

Since I hadn’t come since before meeting him for the first time, the pressure bubbled up inside my balls the longer he held and kissed me. We made out with tongue for a long while, which surprised me. I’d just assumed we’d go straight to the basement for some kink. I tried to keep up with his pace while we kissed, and I felt like I was already getting better than the other night.

He stopped kissing to yank my shorts down enough to reach for my ass, and he stretched to his left to grab something. It sounded like a bottle squeezing, probably some lube. He placed the bottle back somewhere and found my hole. He rubbed it with his lubed fingertip. At first, it felt strange and slimy, but then, it felt okay. It was weird how easy I was able to melt in his embrace, though. Why did I have to feel this way? Why did the affectionate nature he’d kept so hidden most of the time make me feel different in a good way? Why did I suddenly enjoy it more than the rough stuff?

Sir continued rubbing my hole for minutes with our mouths still connected, and he managed to burrow his way inside with his fingertip.

I felt a little uncomfortable again, but it was only because the feeling was something I had to get used to, slimy and all. I hoped it would go away soon. At least, he cut his nails, which helped.

After a bit more of our tongues wrapping around each other, Sir moved away from my mouth down to my throat for a few sucks, moved back up to ear for another few sucks, and then on my mouth again. He was enjoying me before the kinky stuff came, and I could get used to it.

His finger slowly entered farther inside me until it felt like he was all the way in, and I practically rested my ass against his hand. The discomfort started melting away, and in came a pleasure I’d never felt before. I let out a gentle moan, continually melting under the power he had over me. I was entranced by his touch, his kisses, his embrace, and the pleasure he gave me from behind. It was all a new feeling because I’d never done any of this before. I’d masturbated so many times since middle school, and the greatest release of all time still didn’t compare to actual sex.

Sir broke the kiss, slowly pulled his finger out of my ass, and tugged at my shirt. “Take off your clothes, boy.” His tone was still as stern as ever.

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The Painful Punishment (The Masked Master #2)

Adrian gained a little experience with Sir by putting his mouth to use beyond finally being kissed for the first time. It’s still the same night they met, and by now, Adrian has agreed to submit to Sir. That includes being punished for lying about being an inexperienced virgin. After all, a bad little boy needs to learn his lesson.

Adrian knows all too well that if he doesn’t go through with the punishment, he’ll have to cut ties with Sir forever. Adrian doesn’t want that. Tired of being a virgin, he soon learns that he no longer has a choice but to withstand whatever punishment comes his way just to gain the experience he wants.

The two of them are now in Sir’s lit basement after being in the pitch-dark living room. This is where all the action continues. But just because it’s no longer dark doesn’t mean Adrian gets to see Sir’s face. Nope, he hasn’t earned that privilege yet.

But Adrian starts learning more about this supposed no-strings hookup the longer he’s around Sir. That includes seeing a new side of Sir that’s as mysterious and intriguing as his masked face. What is Sir hiding? Is he hiding anything? Why is Adrian suddenly more drawn to Sir than he ever thought he’d be? It’s not even supposed to go beyond one night, just like they agreed when they came across each other online.

But given Adrian’s virginity, could this one-time hookup actually lead to a second time?

The Painful Punishment is a 4,400-word short story and part two of a five-part series.

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This Monday night, Sir carried me over his muscled shoulder, and he headed across the pitch-dark living room of his suburban bungalow and stopped at a door. I only knew it was a door because of the sound of it opening. He flicked a light switch on and marched downstairs to what I presumed was the basement. What else could be below ground?

The brick-walled basement was bright and caused me to squint from having been in the dark for too long. He took a few more steps and stopped, letting me off his shoulder and laying me face down on what looked like a big swing made of leather.

“Stay put.” His deep and butch voice threatened to erect me, sexier than my dull, medium-pitch one with the occasional crack.

I swallowed because of having no idea what his plans were. There was probably nothing vanilla about what I was going to experience. It both frightened and excited me.

I rested on my flat belly and tried to turn my head to take a glimpse of him, but he gently pushed my head back forward as if stopping me from seeing his face.

“Don’t you dare look at my face, Adrian!” Why had he raised his voice? Was he mad? And Adrian? He’d only called me by my name the first time he’d seen me, and he’d called me “boy” ever since.

“B-but, Sir…I thought I could get to see you.”

He seemed to have calmed down. “In due time.” His tone was back to normal, at least, which still intimidated me.

But he’d said I would, hadn’t he? I wasn’t sure what to feel about that. On one hand, the mystery was what intrigued me in the first place. The only thing I could tell was that he was a white man because of a quick peek at his hands. Plus, his voice sounded like he was, even though race didn’t matter to me. On the other hand, I really wanted to know because I hated surprises other than birthday and Christmas presents. I wanted to know whether I could be sexually attracted to him.

Besides, he knew what I looked like: a smooth, skinny, and flat-assed twink with dark and fluffy hair who still looked like a total dork at barely eighteen. I didn’t have a big, brown, and uncut cock like many Latino guys had in porn, but he did like my “cocklet” as he called it.

I heard him doing something from feet away, as if slipping a few things on, but I couldn’t tell what was going on.

“You may look now, boy.”

I did as told from the mere desperation of wanting to see Sir, finally. Wow! He was huge in a Hulk sort of way, definitely well above six feet. He had to have worked out every single day to maintain a body like that, especially for being forty-eight. He had no body hair like I’d figured from feeling his body upstairs, just a bit on his limbs and a trimmed, brown bush for his pubic hair. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see his face because he had on a black mask with tiny spikes decorated all over it, leaving just his seemingly-hazel eyes and sexy mouth visible like a masked Master. It matched his leather boots that also had tiny spikes for decoration. His erect cock was the next thing I witnessed, which was leaking into a stringy mess and hanging stickily from his piss slit. It stuck out of a fitted hole as part of some kind of fetish underwear in black and made of mesh. My eyes glared at such a sight. It was a monster! How would I ever take him with a size like that?!

“Once I punish you and teach you how to be a good boy again, you’ll eventually get to see my face as a reward. That’s a promise in exchange of your promise to me that you’ll never tell anyone about it.”

“Y-yes, Sir.” What choice did I have at this point? I’d consented to everything, even though I hadn’t known what I’d consented to. As scary as it continued to be, I was still intrigued. For some reason, I didn’t want to leave just yet. My fast-beating heart kind of said otherwise, but my cock said something else entirely.

Sir walked to a section of the wall nearby where an assortment of chains, ropes, floggers, and paddles hung in an organized order. He stopped and eyed me again. “You get a choice for your punishment. Pick any one you’d like.”

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The Lustful Lie (The Masked Master #1)

Adrian is an eighteen-year-old virgin twink who likes older men. But he doesn’t just want to be with them; he wants to submit to them. BDSM has appealed to him for quite some time, and he intends to make his kinky fantasies come true, one nervous step at a time. Anything to lose his virginity and gain some experience.

Enter Sir, the first man Adrian meets. It’s supposed to be an adventurous hookup tonight with no strings attached, and Adrian is nervously ready for it. After all, Sir doesn’t have a profile picture on the app they met on, and there’s certainly no way to see his face in his pitch-dark house. Touching, smelling, and tasting are all that Adrian can rely on, as well as hearing the kind of deep voice that sends him over the edge (in a good way, of course). He simply hasn’t earned the privilege to see Sir’s mysterious face, but it’s also part of the intrigue that both frustrates and excites Adrian.

But what Sir doesn’t know is that Adrian is completely inexperienced and a terrible liar. The skinny little twink who’s never been kissed boldly claimed to be otherwise upon meeting Sir online. How exactly would this play out when Sir expected a different experience? Anything but having to teach Adrian a thing or two. Besides, lying deserves a punishment, doesn’t it?

The only thing certain is that it’s going to be one interesting night.

The Lustful Lie is a 3,600-word short story and part one of a five-part series.

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I observed the man’s house some more. It was a quaint bungalow that really didn’t seem all that special, like any other in Michigan, including my home. Judging by the windows just above the ground, there was a basement. The porch was small but had a couple of plants hanging from under the awning. It all looked picturesque; ironic because of a kinky man living inside.

I sighed. The dizziness got to me and caused my heart to pound. I had to be brave, though. It was finally my chance to lose my virginity when just about every other man rejected me or showed no interest without stating so. Maybe it was my dorky profile picture in dim lighting. I never felt comfortable taking photos in clear lighting to where my face could be seen more.

I trudged toward the cemented pathway leading to the porch and climbed the few steps leading to the entrance. By then, my palms were moist, my forehead was slightly damp, and I felt more lightheaded. My stomach tightened too. Still, I could do it.

I opened the screen door to knock on the main wooden one until the main door opened and startled me. I couldn’t see a thing through the pitch darkness.

“Adrian?” It was a deep and butch voice that threatened to erect me, sexier than my dull, medium-pitch one with the occasional crack.

I nodded and gave the unseen man a polite wave like the dork I was.

After just seconds of awkward silence, he quickly grabbed my arm, pulled me into the darkness, and shut the door.

My heart pumped even faster than ever. Was it the end? Was I going to die? I didn’t even get to say “I love you” to my parents, and what about—

He pulled me into his strong arms and planted a tender kiss on my neck, his short facial hair tickling me a little. “You’re a real cutie, you know that?”

I swallowed a lump in my throat, and my heart slowed down from his affection and soft tone. I was safe, after all. Though, I couldn’t see a thing, and it drove me nuts. “H-hi.”

“Hi.” His voice really was sexy, though. It erected me.

“What’s…your name?”

The man turned me around, pressed himself against my backside, and gave me another kiss on the neck. “You don’t need to know that. You are to call me Sir at all times and nothing else. Got it, boy?”

Crap. Where were things even headed? Still, I didn’t dare be disobedient now that he’d hardened his tone in a stern way and had instantly done away with the soft affection I already missed. “O-kay.”

“Okay, what?” His tone wasn’t angry, though, just stern.

“Okay, S-Sir.”

“Use the word ‘yes’, don’t use ‘okay’ with me.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.” He turned me back around to face him, not that I could see a thing in the pitch-dark room. “We’re going to have some real fun tonight. I already have everything planned.”

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