Shhh… Don’t Tell Mami or Papi

Victor is an eighteen-year-old virgin who has fantasizes about his hot big brothers, Ernesto and Ricardo, even though their religious household has no place for such unspeakable sins. Both brothers are straight, but Victor learns the hard way that looks can be deceiving, especially when Ernesto and Ricardo’s girlfriends refuse to give what their little brother can. They just have to be quiet because their parents are asleep.

Thankfully, Victor has put his big dildo to use, albeit without knowing his illicit fantasies are about to come true. After all, who says that his virginity has to be taken by only one brother? Sometimes, two heads are better than one.

Especially at the same time.

Shhh...Don't Tell Mami or Papi is a 1,600-word short story.

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Late at night, I lay face down, waking up to two warm, naked bodies on top of me, as smooth as mine. There were smells of soap and musk, like a rushed attempt at showering off the sweat and grime after a day out in the basketball court. Mami and Papi were asleep in the next room in our urban city apartment, so I couldn’t make a sound. Our family was religious like many Latinos, and as a common tradition, we didn’t move out of the house until we got married.

As I tried to move around, my arms were quickly pinned behind me. What the hell!

“Shhh…don’t tell Mami or Papi,” whispered a familiar deep voice.

“Just stay there and take it,” another familiar deep voice ordered.

It was my big brothers. Ernesto and Ricardo were twenty-five and twenty-four, respectively. They had darker hair than my brown shade, and they were a bit taller and more muscular than my lean jock build. All of us had scruff on our faces, so we looked a bit older, but it complemented our manhood.

What were they doing? Were they trying to stick it in my butthole? But they were straight and had girlfriends! And both of them at the same time? Even though I’d recently turned eighteen, I hadn’t had sex yet, so being split open and having my virginity destroyed was a big deal to me. I’d fantasized about it many times, so the incest factor didn’t bother me—it clearly didn’t bother them—but it was still mind-blowing to realize that my fantasies were finally coming true. We were family, sharing the same blood and DNA. Did I actually want this illicit experience to happen, though?

Clenching my butt, I hissed from the sharp pain from their dicks trying to enter, both long and fat like mine. It shocked me so much that I couldn’t process any of this as it was happening. “Ngh…ow, it hurts!”

Download your FREE copy now