Ruff Times 4-Pack Bundle

The economy is shit, exams are on the way, he’s behind on the rent, and Simon is losing it. An online ad, promising a hefty sum for a hypnosis subject catches his eye, and by mere happenstance he meets the person who put the ad up. What ensues is an adventure in submission, obedience, and hypnosis that leaves Simon irrevocably changed.

Ruff Times 4-Pack Bundle is a 40,500-word collection of all four of the Ruff Times stories in one ebook.

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Erotic Hypnosis: Willing Subject Wanted.

It sounded like a simple enough deal, but it scared Simon. The five grand attached to it was very attractive, especially given his current situation. But he couldn’t afford the distraction of the ad. He felt like he would be better off looking for a real job. And he certainly felt like going under and letting some stranger he didn’t know root around in his head was the worst kind of idea.

The money was good. Really good. But he didn’t think that the risk was worth it. He closed out of the tab and rubbed his face, his shoulders slumping forward. He dropped his pen on the notebook that was laying open by his keyboard, and slammed the thing shut.

He yawned, stretching his arms over his head. He blinked blearily. He felt tired. So tired. He looked at the clock on the bottom right hand corner of his desktop and realized that it had only been an hour since he last looked.

Midterms were just over the horizon, and he couldn’t even find the willpower to concentrate. It was a big problem. But he just couldn’t bring himself to study. He somehow managed to find an excuse every time he started, but the truth was that there was simply too much on his mind. The finer points of memory allocation and garbage collection in certain programming languages, in particular, weren’t pretty high up on his current list of priorities.

Times were tough for pretty much everyone in town. A local auto plant had just shut down, leaving hundreds without a job, and the university students who needed the money were left facing even tighter competition than usual. Simon felt like it was a big “fuck you, in particular,” from the universe.

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