Real Brotherly Loving: The Complete 3-Pack Bundle

Carlo harbors illicit desires for his younger brothers—twins Paolo and Marco—but he knows his desires are wrong and he can never have what he wants.

But after coming home from his third year at university, Carlo hears a strange noise in the middle of the night. When he investigates, he's shocked to discover that the twins are having sex with each other. Maybe that illicit desire of his isn't so taboo and far-fetched?

What starts as a surprising act of voyeurism quickly turns into an unexpected instance of dreams coming true when the twins invite their older brother to join them. Together, the three of them will discover what real brotherly loving is all about.

Publisher's Note:
This three-story collection includes the previously-published stories "Real Brotherly Loving", "Two Become Three", and "Summer Road Trip".

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I quietly went upstairs to Marco and Paolo’s room. The anxiousness took over me, leaving a grin on my face. The central heater was on, so they wouldn’t hear my creaking steps. I tiptoed down the short, squared hallway and stopped at the door on the right, which was cracked open. Their room and mine were the only two upstairs, along with a full bathroom in between that only the three of us used. Mom and Dad had the master bedroom downstairs with their own spa-like bathroom.

I reached the door and peered through the crack. My eyes widened. Boy, oh, boy! Marco stood behind Paolo against a new king-size bed I’d never seen before. They were naked, their clothes on the wood floor.

The central heater turned off, and their heavy breathing was now the only sound.

I fought hard to control my own breaths because of how silent it suddenly was in the whole house. Why were they doing this? When had this been going on? We were family, known by everyone as the Campo brothers because of how much we stood out in a WASP town. We shared the same DNA. We had been raised Catholic and didn’t even believe in cussing, let alone fornication. This was wrong!

Marco rubbed himself in between Paolo’s small, round buns. Both released the horniest breaths I’d ever heard from them. Paolo’s hands were on the edge of the bed while Marco had his arms hanging down, their brown eyes full of lust. It might have been humping, but it was still forbidden.

Yet the more I watched, the bigger the bulge in my jeans grew.

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