Summer Road Trip (Real Brotherly Loving #3)

Carlo and his twin brothers, Marco and Paolo, are back together for the summer, ready for a weekend road trip. With high school done for the teen twins, and only a year left of college for Carlo, they waste no time giving each other some real brotherly loving. Being the horndogs they are, hot sex is the highlight of their adventurous vacation. However, the three brothers are no longer settling for anything minimal like they’ve been doing all this time. Instead, they’re going to take it all the way, pain or no pain.

And who knows? Maybe Carlo and Paolo could finally be next in line for their virginities to be taken like Marco’s was, even though the twins have hung monsters for a virgin to be scared of. But if they go all the way, who will take whom? Could there be room for two lucky brothers inside one?

At the same time?

Summer Road Trip is an 11,500-word short story.

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Waking up naked was different from wearing PJs all my life, especially in a conservative little town in the northern states of America. But what made it more taboo was having Marco and Paolo on either side of me, sharing blood and DNA just as much as we shared our forbidden love through heart and body. My eighteen-year-old identical twin brothers. Yep, I could get used to this new life—spoiled even. Who cared if they had their own room with a king-size bed? I had my own little apartment in the basement of our small farmhouse, also with a king-size bed that made room for them every single night while Mom and Dad were asleep—we set an alarm on our phones.

There was one problem, though. Sex. And lots of it. Well, maybe not sex in and of itself, but the fact that I had beautiful twins for brothers was a constant distraction if we were in the same room. Being naked together didn’t help, especially with their sexy bodies, hence the reason I’d come three times last night before bed—with them, of course. How many would there be this morning?

It was Friday, the start of the weekend. Well, for the three of us because we’d planned a road trip for the weekend, the first of hopefully many. I was still in bed, smiling at my sleeping brothers on either side of me. Soon, they would wake up when the alarm went off. I smiled at the thought of embarking on a new adventure in my life—in our lives. Now that it was summer, it was the perfect time to celebrate the end of my third year of college and the twins’ last year of high school.

Marco and Paolo’s emotional high school graduation in May had brought me to tears the moment I’d watched them walk across the stage together with proud faces—yes, together. From teasing and bickering just a few years back, to the most beautiful bond a brotherhood could offer. It wasn’t even all about the hot sex, but also our feelings for each other. While it would take a while longer for the shame to go away because of the social stigma, I knew more than ever that I couldn’t be apart from them in a sexual sense.

But what about romantically? What would that be like? How did it work, and when could it happen? Did it hurt as much as those with broken hearts claimed it did? I had never fallen in love with anyone before, not even when I’d been Jenny’s boyfriend for over six months, an exhausting lie I was relieved to finally be out of.

Jenny. She had been as heartbroken as I’d worried she’d be, but I’d had no choice. The love and happiness hadn’t existed on my part. I still felt like a coward because I couldn’t have told her the truth. Now, she believed I would join the monastery after I graduated from university next year. I’d be twenty-two by then, still young enough for that kind of life, since it was more common to start young. While she had wanted to be supportive, given she was more faithfully Catholic than I was, she’d needed time to ponder whether she could talk to me again. Well, we did see each other at church every Sunday, but she’d put me on ignore for the time being. She wasn’t ready yet, and I couldn’t blame her. I prayed she’d find a man who could truly love her the way she deserved to be loved.

I cuddled against Paolo who slept on my left side, the wall side. My average-size erection grew with anticipation from both the feeling of him and his natural manly scent. I ran my fingers through his dark hair, longish and beanie-friendly—the twins often wore beanies. I planted a light kiss on the nape of his neck, and another, and another. Why did I now feel dreamy about him? Well, about both of my brothers, but Paolo seemed to love me as beyond just a sibling, which made me question my own feelings and emotions.

The next thing I knew, Marco snuggled with me. My backside felt good against his frontside. Unlike Paolo, he showed his feelings less often, but still enough for me to see how his heart worked and what it told me (in private). While he probably might not feel exactly what Paolo did, he still acted as if he had a crush on me whenever he felt bold enough to reveal his heart to me. Taking after our macho father, it wasn’t a surprise he had slowly warmed up to being that way with me. We were supposed to be the Campo men who never cried, after all.

Marco let out a little moan, telling me how comfortable he was. He rubbed his monster erection slowly against my trimmed crack.

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