Cucking Daddy: Part 6: The Homecumming

The wedding is off. Christian has made his choice, deciding he is better suited for a life of uninhibited hedonism instead of monogamy with his father. Daniel just wants to leave and forget the trip ever happened. But Christian has become quite the local celebrity during his stay. Plenty of people have heard about the boy’s sexual prowess.

And there are always those who would like to sample the fruits of paradise while they linger.

The Homecumming is an 1,800-word short story and the conclusion to the Cucking Daddy series.

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It was not the honeymoon that Daniel had expected.

Of course, it was not the wedding that he had planned and paid for, either. The guests had long since gone back to their cabins. All of the food in the mess hall had been devoured. No one bothered to wait very long to see if he or his son would make an appearance. In the end, the resort employees had taken down the decorations.

Daniel was informed that he would not be getting a refund, either.

In the end, there was nothing to do but pack up and return home. Daniel knew he would be facing a lot of uncomfortable questions after he arrived. There was the matter of so much money that went missing from the church fund. He would be lucky if he could continue preaching after this.

His car was parked in the Bunny Burrow section. Daniel had not been here since he first arrived. It looked much the same as he remembered.

Quite a few of the guests recognized him. Some refused to meet his gaze while others shook their heads and laughed quietly.

Daniel couldn’t blame them.

He was loading his son’s luggage into the car when Christian came out. The sight made Daniel give pause. Christian was dressed very differently than how he had arrived. A thin, sheer muscle shirt covered his upper half—albeit barely. Jean shorts cut off just above the crotch kept him from flashing everyone.

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