Strip Searched By The Cops

Donovan never would have imagined that for his eighteenth birthday, he’d be getting strip searched by the cops. Nevertheless, after he’s pulled over for joyriding, the dominant female officer and her hulk of a partner proceed to teach Donovan a lesson he’ll never forget. The only thing is, getting Donovan naked is just the start of what these older officers have in mind…and Donovan is soon taking orders he can’t resist.

WARNING: This 4,400-word short story contains an explicit menage sex scene between a hot young man, a hunky older man, and a seductive older woman that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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“Do you have any other drugs on you, sir?” she asked, all business now.

“No, ma’am.” I had bought myself one birthday joint. After testing what my new baby could do on the road, I was planning to swing past my buddy’s place and share it with him.

She looked at me like she didn’t believe me. “Hands on the car, sir, feet spread apart.”

“I don’t have anything else!”

Her hand touched her weapon. “Hands on the car.”

I turned around and put my hands on my car. She stepped up behind me and nudged my feet apart with one of her heavy-duty boots.

With boots like that, maybe she’s a lesbian. Why else would she come down so hard on me on my birthday?

Her firm hands patted down my shoulders, arms, back, chest, ass, groin...groin...she kept patting my groin and feeling up my hard cock, I’m sure of it...and then down my legs. I heard her boots scuff against the asphalt as she backed up a few steps.

“Miller, I need you out here,” she said into the crackle of her radio. “We need to do a strip search for contraband.”

I whipped around. “Strip search?”

She gripped her gun. “Hands on the car!”

I did as she demanded. My heart raced, my palms and forehead were slick with sweat, and I had nervous quivers in my stomach. Why was I being searched? And what was she feeling up my cock so much for?

A dirty thought passed through my mind—totally the wrong place and time for it—but what if her partner was another sexy MILF and they were on the prowl for a young man like me? But then I saw Miller and that idea died. Miller was a hairy, muscular man, about the same age as Thompson. He got out of the cop car and swaggered over to us.

There was something sexy about the way his hips moved—what the fuck? I don’t like guys! I looked at the car, focusing on my reflection instead of anything else.

“You can turn around, sir,” a very deep voice said, sending a shiver through my core. This Miller meant business and I was in no position to screw with him.

I turned around and got a better look at Miller as he stood beside Thompson. He had a day or two of scruff on his face, clear green eyes, a strong jaw, and muscles that bulged against his shirt. He pulled on a latex glove, snapping it against his wrist.

“Take off your shirt,” he said.

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