Parking Lot Hook-Up

Jay is an older man who likes his twinks—he takes them home and pounds them hard. But Chris, the cutie he’s been chatting up online, wants something a little more dangerous. Chris is into public sex and exhibitionism and talks Jay into having a hook-up in Jay’s car in the local park. Things get hot really quick, but the risk of getting discovered only adds to the thrill, especially when they’re almost caught.

WARNING: This 3.000-word short story contains an explicit oral sex scene between a younger man and an older man that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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Someone appeared on the path ahead. They were short—probably 5’5”, dark-haired, cute...yeah, Jay was sure after a few tense heartbeats this was wildandfree from the hookup site who he’d been chatting with for the last week. The young man walked with a sway in his hips, so slender, and he had a naughty smile on his face as he searched around and locked on Jay’s lone car in the parking lot. He headed straight for him, and Jay’s heart hammered some more.

It took a few deep breaths, but Jay calmed himself just in time as this dream-come-true opened the passenger door and sunk into the seat.

“Hey, I’m Chris,” he said, low, seductive. He grinned, blushing, and Jay caught the scent of his shampoo and hair products—it was sweet and fragrant, taking the edge off Jay’s nerves as arousal swept through him. There was definitely desire in this boy’s eyes.

Chris. Jay loved the name, making this experience suddenly feel so much more personal. He put his hand on the young man’s thigh possessively. He loved how it felt so warm, soft under his touch. It was surreal to have it here now. “God, you’re hotter than I imagined. Fuck.” An erection stiffened against Jay’s tight jeans, forcing him to shift awkwardly in his seat.

Chris bit his lip. “What do you want to do with me, daddy?”

The word set off a cascade inside Jay. He loved dad/son play, especially with the bottoms he often took home with him. He forgot all about the parking lot, slipping his hand higher on Chris’s thigh, touching his crotch, where his hand met a firm bulge. He squeezed repeatedly, fixing Chris with lusty eyes. He really wanted to take this young man home and dominate him, give him a wild night, but all talk of that during their online chatting had led to so-so interest. No, Chris really wanted to suck him off where he might get caught, where the thrill would be heightened. If Jay wanted to really score with this young guy, he had to give him exactly what he wanted.

“Daddy wants to make you suck his meat, boy,” Jay grated.

Chris moaned, his eyes seeming to glaze. He licked his lips. “Right here? What if we get caught?”

“Fuck it. I want you to suck me now, out in the open. No one will know.”

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