Bits of Boy Love: 8 Bite-Size Love Scenes

This is an anthology short of eight flash fiction stories about boys loving boys. Whether at their high schools or in their bedrooms, their private moments can get a bit too hot to handle. But romance always wins in this collection because it's what boyxboy love is all about. And what better way to celebrate boy love than with tasteful storytelling? Sometimes, less really is more.

Bits of Boy Love is a 5,500-word collection of flash fiction.

Publisher's note: Zay de Parco books are more steamy than explicit, but still very hot!

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He’s not just my first love; he’s my everything. Our families know, and they don’t like it very much. We’re not just different in many ways; we’re the same in one socially-triggering way: we’re both boys.

Since we’re high school seniors at eighteen, there’s not much they can do to stop us from meeting up. So, here we are at a cheap motel just outside of town. It’s amazing how a dump can seem anything but, just because of the meaning we bring to this place. I mean, the yellow-stained walls were probably white at one time, the poop-brown carpet looks worn, the dresser has chips and scratches, the TV on top of it is outdated, the hideous bathroom works when it wants to, and the lopsided bed with tacky bedding squeaks.

But I bet we’ll remember this forever. It’s where we lost our virginities to each other while wearing our promise rings.

Like all the other times, we do less talking because we can do that any other time. We’re kissing in each other’s arms while lying on the bed, clothes on the floor. He’s always on my right side because I’m left-handed. That comes in handy whenever we help each other out. I love his passionate kisses because of how they make me feel. I don’t just get excited and stimulated; I turn into a molten mess of saccharine goo. Our lower halves rub against each other, and they create the kind of friction that threatens us to finish too soon.

After a while, he breaks the kiss to smile at me. It’s not a normal smile, though; it’s the seductive kind that tells me I’m his and he’s mine. He continues his kisses. This time, he plants a trail of tender ones from my lips to my chin, and to my throat. He knows how to make me feel by kissing me this softly, goosebumps decorating my skin. He knows exactly what he’s doing because he wants me to want him. Not in a cocky way, of course.

Then, he kisses the right side of my neck and trails up to my jaw. Finally, he nibbles my earlobe. By now, I’m floating in the clouds. It may sound like a cliché, but it really does feel like that whenever he shows me this kind of passionate affection. Now, he licks my ear. His suction sounds when he swirls his tongue around tickle me in the best way, making me moan a little until I realize I should be quiet to avoid being heard from both sides of the wall.

He stops and stares at me, his eyeballs moving around just slightly to silently tell me that he’s admiring me. I only know this because he’s told me more than once. “You’re really beautiful. Both inside and out.”

My eyes flutter at the same time my heart does. He used to be a typical skinny nerd. Well, he kind of still is a skinny nerd, just not fashionably anymore. After we got together, he just changed on his own and started wearing nicer T-shirts and jeans. I never asked why because it didn’t matter to me. I would’ve never changed him. Why would I? I accepted him for him for a reason.

Me? I’m what you call an artsy jock. I like sports; I play and watch baseball. But I like art too, and I write poems and designs creatures on my drawing tablet.

He lightly traces my defined abs with his fingers, instilling a tolerably-ticklish sensation. When he reaches my taut left nipple and rubs it, he grins.

I breathe hard. “You know I’m sensitive.”

“I know.” But he continues anyway.

“But where do I…ungh…” A soft moan comes out of me.

He quickly gets on his knees in between my spread-out legs, and he starts bobbing his head with vigor. He rubs both my hard nipples while doing this, silently telling me he wants what he calls a very special part of me. He wants a taste of my sweet love.

I rest my hand on the back of his head and throw my head back against the pillow, eyes shut. I breathe harder, trying to control the intense sensation coursing through me, but I can’t. He knows it; that’s the point. And in just moments, Heaven crashes into me. My mouth opens, and I stifle a cry. Seconds pass, and I catch my breath.

He raises himself to his knees and licks his lips with a grin. Then, he snuggles into my arms and nuzzles my face with his. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

That was just the first half of our love round. Now, it’s his turn to relax and enjoy me doing the same to him. Afterward, we’ll carry on with our lives and try to make the best of it until we graduate from high school and go away together for college. We’re inseparable now. Why wouldn’t we be in the future? Heaven doesn’t just crash into me whenever we do what we just did; it crashes into me whenever I’m in the same room with him.

I guess this is what love really feels like.

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