Becoming My Twin Sister’s Sorority Slave

Sexy freshman Ramona would do anything to get into Zeta Zeta Kappa, especially if it means getting closer to its flirty leader, Jewel. If accepted, Ramona has the chance to become Jewel’s freshman slave, meaning she’d be at the sexy senior’s beck and call for a year.

Nervous about her chances, Ramona asks her bookish twin sister, Andie, to join her on pledge night for emotional support. Though it turns out that ZZK is too wild for studious Andie, she participates in a titillating dare with her twin, and a forbidden passion is ignited between them.

The more Ramona and Andie try to deny their desire, the stronger it gets, threatening to either ruin their relationship—or take it in a whole new direction.

Becoming My Twin Sister's Sorority Slave is a 15,000-word novella.

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I can tell by the look on Andie’s face that she’s regretting this. It’s after midnight and below freezing, and we’ve been shivering on the front steps of the Zeta Zeta Kappa house for almost a half hour.

We’re not alone, which is probably adding to my sister’s discomfort. There’s about a dozen of us, all waiting to be let inside to pledge this sorority. I take a quick glance at the other freshmen girls and can tell they’re just as excited to be here as I am. Everyone is dying to become a Zeta—everyone except my twin sister, that is.

“If they don’t open in another five minutes, I’m going back to the dorm,” Andie says through clenched teeth.

I try not to roll my eyes. My twin has always been quiet and bookish, and never much of a partier like I am. I only convinced her to come with me to pledge because ZZK has a reputation for doing tons of community service. They’re also known for throwing wild parties for girls only—so wild that they’re an off-campus sorority. Zeta house is a few blocks away from Greek Row, and not too many students know much about it. In fact, you can pledge by invite only. On the second day of classes, Andie and I were handed our invitations by Jewel, the girl I’ve been infatuated with since we first visited State while looking at colleges last year.

“If you can’t stand waiting out in the cold for a few minutes, how will you ever survive pledging?” I ask.

“I already told you, I’m not letting anyone haze me,” Andie says. She gently pokes me in the rib, the jab of her finger soft through my heavy jacket. “I’m only here to make sure this chick is worth it.”

My cheeks heat up at the thought of Jewel. To say I have a huge crush is an understatement. If becoming a Zeta means getting close to her, then I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m lucky enough to have a sister like Andie to be my wing-woman.

Though we’re identical, you wouldn’t know it at first glance. I’ll never be persuaded to ditch our natural raven hair-color, but Andie dyed hers strawberry blonde the second we graduated from high school. It looks great on her, and despite her introversion she turns more than her fair share of heads. Still, she’s way too buried in her neuroscience studies to care about dating. I’ve always wondered if she’s asexual since she’s never expressed any major interest in boys or girls.

But if Andie’s happy, then I’m happy.

The heavy wooden door to Zeta house swings open, letting out a burst of warmth. Jewel stands in the doorway, haloed in the light from inside as she smiles down at us.

“Come on in, fresh meats,” she greets us.

Jewel is so fucking gorgeous that I immediately noticed her during the campus tour last year, walking across the courtyard while giggling with friends. Her infectious smile, chin-length black hair that always looks artfully teased into a bob, and knock-out figure were enough to cast a spell over me. What I wouldn’t give to have those C-cups, narrow waist, and generous ass all to myself.

But for now I focus on the task at hand and step into Zeta house with everyone else, pulling Andie by the hand behind me.

Once we’re all gathered inside the expansive foyer, Jewel closes the door and folds her arms under her chest. “Take off your jackets,” she says, gesturing to several coat racks and hooks around us.

There seem to be a lot more racks than necessary. Andie notices the same moment I do, because she shoots me a raised eyebrow as we shake off our coats.

“Now take off your shirts and bras,” Jewel adds.

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