Naughty Twin Sisters In The Closet

Twins Courtney and Brittney have made Em’s life a living hell ever since their mother married her father. Stealing her clothes and calling her names, these bitchy sisters aren’t afraid to get nasty. But when Em gets stuck in their closet one afternoon, she realizes just how nasty the twins can get—and how much they want her to join them.

Naughty Twin Sisters In The Closet is an 8,800-word short story.

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The twins are spoiled bitches. My doormat dad has been married to their gold-digging, trophy wife mom for three and a half years now. In addition to being stuck up and shallow, the twins take things from my room without asking all the time. They constantly make fun of my clothes, but think nothing of raiding my closet. Brittany and Courtney—or Brat and Cunt, as I like to call them—are the fucking worst.

After five blissful months away at college and surrounded by fellow dancers and artists, I’m stuck at home for three months with my stupid, slutty stepsisters. I have no idea how I’ll survive it.

Britt and Court were lounging in the pool in their itty-bitty bikinis when I got home from my run. If I want to make it as a ballerina, I need to keep my body in tip-top shape. But as I check myself out in the mirror before my shower, I can’t help but wish I was less athletic and more curvy. Curvy like Cunt and Brat. They’re built like pinup models, eating whatever they want without gaining a pound. Their mom is similar, but at least she does a lot of yoga. The twins are just lucky, and they spend all day in the pool and doing nothing. They’re still out there now, giggling and splashing water on each other when I get out of the shower.

I realize now is my chance to steal some of my stuff back. I get dressed in a tee and a pair of runner’s shorts before sneaking across the hall to their room.

Their place is a mess, which is no surprise considering how lazy and useless they are. Stepping over piles of clothes and bits of cosmetics, I easily spot my magenta cardigan on the floor—the same cardigan Court said made me look like a “dyke librarian.” That fucking bitch. And my bright blue tights are hanging off the headboard of Brat’s bed. After telling me how fat they made my ass look, that whore has some nerve taking them without asking.

Half a dozen articles of my clothing are tucked under my arms when my toe brushes against something hard on the floor. I reach down and see something bright pink poking out of a sock. Without thinking, I pick it up.

A vibrator?

My mouth drops. The twins just leave their sex toys lying around? I’m surprised one of them would even need a sex toy. Both twins have hot, beefy boyfriends who they’ve been fucking since high school. Do they really need masturbatory aids? At least it’s not myvibrator. The twins already make enough fun of my single status. If they stole my vibrator, I’d have to kill them.

I hear giggling and footsteps coming up the stairs—the twins are out of the pool already! And though I have every right to take my clothes back, I freeze. With the vibrator in my hand I feel guilty for being in here. When I hear them on the landing I panic and dash into their closet, closing the door partway so that I’m hidden. Hopefully they won’t stick around too long, and as soon as they leave I can slip back into my room with my stuff.

“I am bursting at the seams,” I hear one of them say, just outside the room.

It’s Court the Cunt. She’s two minutes older than Britt, and maybe that’s why she always acts like she’s in charge. She talks down to me all the time even though I’m five months older than her. Actually, Court talks down to everyone, especially her mom. With her long blonde hair, C-cup breasts, and pouty lips, she gets away with being a controlling bitch. She enters the room first, and even I have to admit she looks smoking in her sapphire blue bikini. Her wet tresses are plastered to her back. Her ass is practically spilling out of her bikini bottoms. I finger the vibrator in my hand.

“We should have stayed in the pool,” Britt replies. Britt the Brat isn’t as cruel and nasty as her twin, but she’s shallow and spoiled. She throws tantrums, and her mom always convinces my dad to buy her expensive things to win her over. My dad’s so naïve, but Britt is not without her charms. Her hair is shorter than Court’s, and curly. She’s got the same knockout body, though, and her black one-piece leaves very little to the imagination.

“No way,” Court says. I hear her close the door, but can’t see her. “Em’s car is here. And we can’t have that bitch narcing on us.”

Narcing? What is she talking about? I turn a blind eye to all the twins’ stupid shit. In fact, since I’ve been home from school I’ve been going out of my way to ignore them.

“Forget her,” Britt says, “And get over here.”

Court giggles, and then it gets quiet. I can’t see them from my spot in the closet, but soon I’m hearing more giggles and soft smacking sounds. Followed by a soft moan. What is going on out there?

As silently as possible, I inch closer to the edge of the closet and peer outside. Britt and Court are kissing—with tongue!

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