Project ALPHA — Part Four: The Studio

After capturing and binding BoiBubble Studios recruiter Collin Monaghan to his will, Alpha Thomas Crane, with the help of his omega Kenny Jamison sets out to settle the score with the president of BoiBubble studios Eric Walker.

Although it would be easy enough for Thomas to pick Eric up and snap the president in half over his knee, Thomas has different plans. Assuming a new identity, he walks right into the lair of the enemy with the intent to bind Eric — and all those who helped him take advantage of Thomas and others like him — to his will.

The Studio is a 10,000-word short story and part four in a four-part series.

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Thomas wiped the sweat from his brow. He was a tad short of breath, but beside him, his boy Kenny looked about ready to keel over. He had been pretty explicit about wanting Kenny to ride a cab from their home to the office, but Kenny had been obstinate in his refusal to “abandon” him. Perhaps he should have been a bit more insistent.

Only a few weeks ago, Thomas and Kenny had managed to pull off their plan to ensnare Collin Monaghan, one of the recruiters for BoiBubble studios. Since then, not only had Collin asked the two of them to move into his cushy home in one of the better neighborhoods in the city, he had also managed to set up a meeting with the president of the studio for Kenny and Thomas.

It was almost time to move on to the next step of their grand plan to take down the company that had cost Thomas his career, but for now, Thomas was more concerned with his boy. He held out an arm, which Kenny grabbed on to with a whispered, “Thank you, Sir.”

It looked like Kenny wanted to say more, but the words seemed to escape him until he had taken a few deep breaths. “I should probably take your suggestion the next time we do something like this.” Thomas chuckled. Well, maybe Kenny coming with him on the jog to BoiBubble studios’ office wasn’t all bad. At the very least, it seemed as though Kenny had learned a good lesson the hard way.

Thomas turned his gaze toward the building in front of them. It was difficult to believe that a porn studio, even one that was as well known as BoiBubble studios, had enough money to lease a proper office building. Then again, he really shouldn’t have been surprised, given the amount of shady things that BoiBubble studios seemed to happily participate in.

As Thomas surveyed the building, he noticed that there were a few boys standing by the entrance. They were looking at him, gawking. When they noticed that he had noticed them, they giggled. A handful even had the temerity to blush. He looked down, only then realizing that his tank top was soaked through with sweat. Since it was white, it left very little to the imagination. It clung on to every muscle on his torso, and he could see his nipples almost poking through the wet fabric.

Kenny’s strained voice drew Thomas’ attention away from the boys that were openly ogling him. He appreciated the fact that they were attracted to him, but he really wasn’t interested in any of them. Thomas turned to Kenny just as Kenny stretched his arms up, his fingers only just reaching Thomas’ broad shoulders. “W-would you mind, Sir?” Kenny murmured.

Thomas lowered himself to Kenny’s level, stealing a kiss on the way down. He felt Kenny shiver, and as he pulled away he saw Kenny bite his lower lip. It was adorable. He shifted positions a little bit as Kenny braced himself against his shoulders, and he watched as Kenny shifted his weight from one foot to the other, raising each of his legs for a few seconds in turn.

For a few minutes, Kenny continued this routine, wincing whenever he raised a leg. After that, Thomas figured that it clearly wasn’t working. He gently removed Kenny’s arms from around his shoulders and straightened, his fingers wrapping loosely around Kenny’s wrist. “Come on, Kenny,” he said, gently pulling Kenny toward the steps that led up to the entrance of the building. “Sit down, boy,” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” Kenny murmured in acknowledgment of the command. He sat down on one of the steps as Thomas settled in beside him, to his left.

Thomas reached down and traced his fingers along the side of Kenny’s calves, feeling them tense under his feather-light touch. He looked up and saw that Kenny was frowning. “Do they hurt?” he said. Kenny nodded. With a sigh, Thomas closed his eyes and said, “Put your legs on my lap.”

“O-okay, Sir,” Kenny murmured, swinging his legs onto Thomas’ lap. Thomas didn’t really know what he was doing. He was acting on pure instinct. Instincts that a normal human wouldn’t have. He gathered this was probably one of the perks that being an Alpha brought with it.

Thomas grasped Kenny’s left leg and gently squeezed the straining muscles, starting from the ankle and working his way up. Kenny’s breath hitched when his fingers strayed too close to the crotch. Thomas knew Kenny knew better than to squirm, but he could see the small tent that was growing between Kenny’s legs.

When he reached the top of Kenny’s leg, Thomas removed his hands and started again from the ankles. He did this a few times, just gently squeezing and gradually feeling the muscles relax under his grasp. Five times, Thomas repeated the process, but at the end of it, he felt a slight moisture at his fingertips. He brought his hands closer to his face and he caught a whiff of the sharp scent of mint. It was strange, but his gut told him that it was a good thing.

As he felt the moist sensation spread through his entire hand, Thomas took to gently rubbing Kenny’s leg in circles. His fingers left behind a glistening sheen, like sweat, but as he worked it into Kenny’s skin, he felt the muscles relaxing. Kenny let out an audible groan as he did the same thing for the other leg. By the end of it, Kenny looked like he was in a trance. Not one caused by Thomas’ pheromones, but simply out of relief from the pain.

“Thank you, Sir,” said Kenny, when Thomas let go of his legs. He had an adorable tinge of pink on his cheeks. Thomas couldn’t resist leaning in and pinching them.

Thomas smiled at his boy and patted him on the head. Kenny blushed even deeper. “Only the best for you, love,” he said. He leaned in and caught Kenny’s chin between his thumb and index finger, pulling his boy closer for a brief, chaste kiss. “Now, come on. We’ve got some work to do.”

Grabbing on to the rail, Thomas pulled himself up. He held out a hand and pulled Kenny up, too. He brushed himself down and let Kenny loop an arm around the crook of his elbow as the two of them made their way up the stairs.

With all the self-importance that he could muster, Thomas strode through the sliding doors. He entered the building, clad in only his soaked tank top, shorts, and runners. Everyone inside stopped to stare at him. A few frowned, their disdain barely-concealed, but Thomas met all of their looks with an easy confidence that made them avert their eyes and get on with their days.

Thomas let an arrogant smirk settle on his lips as he made his way to reception. Out of the corner of his vision, he noticed Kenny rolling his eyes at the display of bravado, and gave the boy a quick pinch in the side as punishment. Kenny pouted and rubbed the spot just as Thomas leaned over the reception desk and said, “Thomas Wayne. Here to meet the president. Let him know I’m here.”

As he said the alias that he was using, Thomas shot a sidelong glance at his boy. Kenny was just barely keeping in a giggle. Thomas glanced back at the receptionist, a young man seated behind the desk, who blushed and averted his gaze immediately afterward.

“Y-yes, Sir!” the receptionist stuttered, quietly reaching for the receiver of the nearby phone. He refused to look up at Thomas the whole time he was dialling a number, and even when he was talking to the person on the other end of the line. He set down the receiver and looked up at Thomas. “Y-you’re good to go on up, Sir,” said the receptionist.

“Good,” said Thomas. The boy froze when Thomas reached over the counter, eyes glued to his hand. With a smirk, he patted the boy on the head and managed to elicit a low moan from the boy for his efforts. By the time he pulled his hand back, the boy was thoroughly flustered, cheeks and ears red.

As they made their way toward the stairs, Kenny tugged on Thomas’ arm. Thomas leaned down as his boy whispered in his ear, “Sir, I still can’t believe you had Collin set up the meeting under the name Thomas Wayne.” Kenny giggled. “I still don’t think they would have caught the fact that you used to work for them if you had given them your real name, Sir.”

“Well I think they would have,” said Thomas, reaching down to give Kenny’s butt a pinch. The boy jumped, rubbing his butt.

“Ow!” Kenny complained, pouting up at Thomas. “Thomas Wayne, though, Sir?” Thomas heard the boy snicker. Snicker! He put on his best mock-offended face and pinched Kenny again. “Ow! You’re being mean, Sir. To me and the staff!”

“What?” said Thomas, nipping at Kenny’s ear as he whispered into it. “I think I’m actually being rather nice. I just made that boy cream his pants.”

When Kenny let go of Thomas’ arm to grab a hold of the railing along the side of the stairwell, there was a pink tinge on his cheeks. “I’m not sure that’s a very nice thing to do, Sir,” he said.

“I think it’s a very nice thing to do,” said Thomas. He motioned for Kenny to climb up ahead of him. Both of them knew why. Thomas appreciated the view of that pert little bottom bouncing as Kenny went up the stairs. He reached up and gave Kenny’s butt a squeeze. “You seem to like it when I do it to you.”

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