Forbidden Touch

Anna has always been turned on by her boss, Michael, a grizzled man twice her age, but has always restrained her desires because she has a boyfriend. Michael wants her just as bad, but has always held back for the simple fact that he’s her boss. But one cold and snowy day, Anna and Michael are trapped at work with the lights off and the fire roaring—and that’s when Anna finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Seeking comfort sex, Anna attempts to seduce her boss, eager to finally get nailed on the coffee bar like she’s wanted for so long. The only thing standing in her way is Michael and his code of ethics, and whether or not he will finally give the forbidden allure of animal lust.

WARNING: This 4,400-word short story contains an explicit sex scene between a young woman and her older male boss that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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My phone buzzed in my pocket and I pulled it out, thankful for the distraction from Michael’s presence. It was a text and photo from Serena, my sister.

I’m sorry, but you need to see this, said the text. Below it was a photo of Dylan ... with another woman. They were necking in a car, parked on some quiet road.

“That bastard!” I said.

“What?” Michael asked.

I shut off my phone and shoved it in my pocket. “Nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

I was furious with Dylan, but more furious with myself for not seeing the signs of a cheater before now. I should have known this might happen — after all, he left his ex because he was cheating with me. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

I should be upset, I should be crying ... but, no, I was angry. I was furious. I wanted revenge. If Dylan could have a little action on the side, then so could I.

I only needed to find a suitable man, someone to fuck me good and hard and give me what I really needed, give me something that Dylan and his pencil-dick couldn’t possibly do.

Michael shifted beside me and I was suddenly aware of his presence — his closeness — again. He wanted to fuck me, I knew he did — and I’ve had a burning need to get fucked by him. It’s just never been appropriate for either of us to follow through with it ... until now.

I needed to get fucked good and hard, right here, right now. I couldn’t wait for this storm to be over and we could go to one of our houses. No, I needed it here and now, in the café.

The only challenge would be to get Michael past his morals.

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