My Black Master Protector

Adam has been Tyrone’s sub for a couple months now, and with every passing day, he’s living more and more into his submissive role. His Master provides him with everything he needs and gives him sexual pleasures Adam never thought possible. It’s certainly helping him survive jail. But not everyone is happy with the arrangement. Paco, one of the most dangerous men in prison, is determined to take Tyrone down a notch or two — and he plans to do that by claiming Adam as his. A violent confrontation turns into a struggle for domination over Adam and it’s complicated by a realization Adam recently had… that Tyrone, his Master, is falling in love with him.

Protected By My Black Master picks up after the events of Pleasing My Black Master.

Warning, this 8,300-word short story contains explicit sex scenes between a submissive twink and a dominating alpha male that will get you hot and bothered, and is intended for mature adults only.

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We had just come back from the showers and my skin was still wet, making me feel chilly in the cool air of the prison cell. My skinny twink body didn’t hold much heat — especially since I was hairless and completely naked. I spread my legs about shoulder-width apart and placed my hands on the frame of the upper bunk, then took a deep breath.

I felt Master’s hands on me a second later. It was our regular morning inspection. He wanted to be sure that I — his submissive, his property — was clean, intact, and ready for sex at any given moment. His skin was rough, his fingertips calloused, but there were no other hands I wanted on my body.

The way he ran his hands up and down my back and sides, the way he pinched my nipples, cupped my balls, pressed his finger against my hole, gripped my dick ... it made me feel like I was completely and totally his possession. I lived to serve my Master and it made me pleased when he was happy with me. More than that, it made me horny when I knew Master liked what he saw. Already, my dick was swelling and growing hard, pointing straight out in front of me.

Master came closer to me, pressed his body against mine, and I felt his fat cock nestle in the crack of my ass. He felt massive, making me wonder, yet again, how I managed to take that sausage deep inside me every day. His skin was hotter than mine, warming me as he pressed his muscular chest against my slender back. His dark-skinned hands travelled up my chest and to my neck, and then he curved a couple fingers around my chin so they poked in my mouth.

I closed my lips around his fingers, suckling on them like they were a couple of cocks. It was nowhere near as good as the real thing, but just having any part of Master inside me, even simply his fingers, made me feel good.

He slipped his fingers out of my mouth and he gripped my shoulders, then suddenly spun me around. I almost lost my balance as I turned to face him, but his strong grip kept me standing upright. I looked up at him, into his dark and deep eyes, but while I saw a hint of emotion there — perhaps, love? No, not love — I also saw dominance. I was not to be making eye contact with Master. I quickly cast my gaze downward, looking instead at the scar that slid across his pec.

“You’re looking good, boy,” he said, his words barely more than a whisper.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said. It was an automatic reply, one that slipped out of my mouth without even having to think about it, but it was still one I felt deeply. I served my Master and I was grateful for it.

He pushed me down to the floor and I fell hard onto my knees. I managed to hold back a yelp at the sudden burst of pain — Master would not appreciate me making noise. I stabilized myself and waited for him to make the next move. His cock hung in front of my face. It was huge — thick and long — and my mouth was almost watering as I waited for the opportunity to taste it. But I couldn’t take that initiative. Yes, I knew I’d be sucking that meat soon, but I had to wait until Master gave me the privilege to do so.

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