Fisted by Daddy

Colin is reliving his childhood years by spending his weekend off from college in his PJs and watching cartoons … and then his worst nightmare happens. His father walks in holding Colin’s dildo … the one that’s as thick as his wrist. What starts as an awkward and horrifying coming out as gay to his father soon turns into an unexpectedly erotica and taboo encounter as his father reveals he’s interested to know just how wide Colin can be stretched…

Fisted By Daddy is a 3,500-word short story.

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I was reliving my childhood years by watching cartoons in my PJs on a Saturday morning in the living room when it happened … when dad walked in with the giant dildo I kept in the back of my closet.

“Son,” he said, with a stern look on his face that made me whither and desperately want to just hide under the blanket I had over my legs. “I think we need to talk.”

I felt my cheeks burn extra hot with a blush that had to be deep scarlet. “Were you snooping in my room?” I asked. I knew it was obvious I was trying to avoid the real discussion, but I was desperate to talk about anything but the massive rubber dong in dad’s hands.

“That’s not the point,” dad said, not taking any of my bullshit. “Turn off the TV.”

I did as ordered and then dad sat down next to me on the couch. He held up the dildo between us.

“So … what’s this about?”

“I…” I couldn’t get out more words than that. I felt my cheeks burn even hotter, so hot they felt like they were on fire. I looked away — I couldn’t make eye contact with dad.

“Colin, do you … do you use this on yourself?” he asked. When he said the word “this”, his gaze settled on the dildo and a look passed on his face that I couldn’t figure out. I expected it to be a look of disgust, but it wasn’t.

I couldn’t answer, couldn’t even open my mouth to utter a sound, couldn’t even bring myself to nodding or shaking my head.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes,” he said.

He put the dildo down on the couch between us. Even though I’ve had that thing shoved up my butt countless times, I was almost stunned by how massive it is. It seemed that in the heat of self-sex, I accept it for what it is, but now that I was looking at it when I’m completely not horny, it almost shocked me that my hole was capable of expanding that much. The girth of it had to be as wide as my wrist and it was about a foot long.

Dad sighed, then put his hand under my chin and forced me to look up at him.

“Colin … are you gay?”

My lip quivered in utter nervousness, but I was determined to answer this question. “Yeah, dad, I am.” I felt an instant rush of both relief and even more nervousness — I had just come out, but what would the consequences of that be? It had taken me a long time to accept this fact about myself, with only my recent discovery of the college gay club giving me the strength to do so. For dad, though, this had to be all so sudden.

“And you,” he said, picking up the massive dildo from the fake balls attached to its base, “can take this up your boy butt?”

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