Sexy Vibes (Go-Go Boys of Club 21 #2)

It’s been one week since go-go boy Liam met porn star Ryan—a week filled with mind-blowing sex. And with that week of sex, feelings have grown in Liam, feelings he isn’t yet ready to acknowledge. Finally, it’s Saturday night again and time for Liam’s next dancing shift, but that also means Ryan has to fly back to L.A. in the morning. Before he leaves, Ryan has a proposal for Liam, one that threatens to change his life—for better or for worse.

Go-go boy Lance has been crushing on Liam for months, since before he started working at Club 21. It’s been torture sitting on the sidelines, watching Liam and Ryan’s evolving escapade. With Ryan leaving New York and heading home, Lance sees his opportunity to take the leap and make Liam his, but will he take it? Or will he end up living in regret over a love that could’ve been but failed because he was too scared to believe in it?

Ken, the slut of the group, is on the prowl, but tonight’s quest for domination will take him by surprise when a stranger helps ignite a new spark in an old relationship. The lights go down, the music throbs, and the heat rolls off a crowd of leering men. For Liam, Lance, and Ken, this is a night when everything they thought they knew about love and lust will change.

Sexy Vibes is a 15,000-word novella.

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Now that no one was in the corridor of the hotel, I stopped trying to hide my boner. I rushed down the hall, the same as I’d done every night this week, to room 1239. I knocked on the door.

“Just a second,” a voice called from inside. That voice. That deep and masculine voice that came from the hottest man I’d ever fucked—the hottest man I’d ever met.

My already-hard cock stiffened more. I’d seen him only a few hours ago, but I had to go to my day job at the bookstore—the longest shift of my life. I couldn’t wait to get inside, rip off all my clothes, and get on all fours on his bed.

My heart skipped a few beats when I heard the lock click and the door opened just a crack.


He had trimmed his facial hair down to just a trace of sexy stubble. He glanced up the corridor to ensure no one else was around then stepped back, swinging the door wide open.

Good God, he was in nothing but his underwear. His chest and abs were covered in defined muscles and dusted with sexy hair.

“Hi,” I said.

He stood aside to let me pass. “Come in.”

His bulge strained against the hot pink cotton of his too-tight briefs. I’d seen all of him before, but seeing his cock concealed like this made it all exciting again.

Ryan was a former porn star, Jeremy Caber, and his body definitely showed it. He had the hot daddy look down to a T—tanned skin, beefy chest, hair sprawled across his pecs, and a monster cock.

I was sure to rub against him when I slipped past. I shrugged off my jacket, letting it fall to the floor. With a quick glance around the room, I catalogued the past week by the places we’d fucked. Sunday was the bed (twice), Monday was the chair by the window, Tuesday was the leather reclining office chair, Wednesday was the shower—or wait, that was Thursday and Wednesday. Friday was the bed again, and the shower, and the balcony door, then at midnight, after taking me out for ribs he folded me up on the carpet right in front of the coffee table, ripped my pants down, and pounded me like a wild dog in heat—he even growled when he blasted his hot load in my guts...fuck I could come just thinking about that. Friday was my day off from the bookstore and I’d spent the whole day with Ryan.

Today was Saturday and I knew exactly where it was going to happen this time. I met Ryan’s eyes and rushed across the room. I collided with his solid bulk and he wrapped his strong arms around me. I brought my mouth up to his and kissed him, tentatively at first, and then with deeper lust. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I tasted him. The faint tang of whiskey was on his breath again, just like drove me wild. I ran my hands up and down his back, feeling his muscles, his strength.

Ryan scooped me up and set me down at the edge of the bed. “Fuck, I’ve missed you, Liam.”

He undid my jeans and pulled them down my legs, slipping off my socks with them. I propped myself up on my elbows and bit my lip as he brought his mouth tantalizingly close to my crotch, his breath hot on my bulge. I pushed my hips up, desperate for contact with his mouth, my cock tingling.

He teased me. Ryan’s mouth drifted upward, so close to touching—to kissing—my body, but it never did. His breath heated my skin, moved up over my waistband as he pushed up the hem of my shirt. His tongue finally touched me, circling my navel, pressing in, the touch like blazing fire.

I gasped and arched my back. “Oh, God, Ryan. You’re driving me crazy.”

“Good. This is how I feel every minute I’m with you.” He bit one of my nipples and I whimpered, dropping my head back and grinding my cock against his abs.

Ryan pulled my shirt over my head, but before I could slip out of it, he pulled it tight across my face, trapping my arms. I shivered when he dug his tongue into my pits. It felt so good—fuck, it drove me crazy. I bucked my hips up and my hard cock met his, our cotton-clad shafts grinding together.

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