Love’s Last Dance (Go-Go Boys of Club 21 #5)

Not even a week into his move to L.A., Liam has the feeling that things are slightly off. Liam's new life in porn and Ryan's big mansion and flashy car can't seem to mask the fact that Ryan is more distant than he's been before. L.A. was supposed to be a new stage of Liam's life, full of happiness and partying, but none of that seems to be happening. Still, he tries to hold on desperately to love he's certain will last.

Back in New York, Lance has hit it off with the new dancer, Zack. He can't believe his luck, that this hot young guy has eyes for only him. But as the week goes on, the edges of this life with Zack begin to fray. Lance tries to deny it, but can't avoid the fact that something is wrong, that Zack isn't as into him as he wants, and ultimately, the love Lance so longs for just doesn't seem to be in reach.

While Liam and Lance make compromises to find the love they so desperately need, Ken is immersed in love with his new boyfriend Dan. But this is all new for Ken — he's never done the "boyfriend" thing before. Will it mean the end of his carefree life that he loves so much? Or will it mean the beginning of a new adventure, one where two can play and more can join?

Amid the misleading pull of lust, the call of love will bring the boys together for one last dance. Hearts will break, and hearts will mend, and as the beat goes on in Club 21, the go-go boys will embrace a new life where they will never be the same.

Love's Last Dance is a 23,000-word novella.

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I bit back a moan as my cock slipped into Zack’s tight ass. I gripped his ankles so hard I worried I’d leave bruises when I eventually let go. But the boy could take it. My cock slid in right to the base without having to slow down for his ass to adjust.

“I love how you fill me,” he said, sheer ecstasy contorting his face.

When I was balls-deep inside of him, I pushed his legs closer to his chest and leaned over him, pressing my mouth against his. I pushed my tongue past my lips and his, exploring the inside of his mouth. And slowly, drawing out the moment, I slid my hips back, pulling out my cock until just the tip was still in, then I slammed it home, a loud smack filling the room.

“And I love how you take it so deep and hard,” I grated.

Zack moaned and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer, holding me tighter. He moaned and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. The twink liked it rough — these hard slams of my pelvis against him drove him wild.

I picked up speed, sliding out and in again, our bodies smacking together each time. Sweat broke out on my brow, beading and dripping down on Zack’s face. He stopped kissing me to chuckle, then ran his hands over my forehead, brushing the sweat back into my hairline, then he pulled me close again and kissed my forehead.

“Oh, fuck,” I said, barely more than a moan. He was pulling me closer to that edge.

My breathing became quicker, reedier, as I worked my way to climax. We’d fucked a couple times since our foursome with Ken and Dan on Sunday, so Zack already knew my cues, already knew I was close. He slipped a hand between us and furiously stroked his long, hard cock. His fist bumped into my abs with every yank on his meat.

“I’m gonna cum,” Zack blurted out. His eyes opened wide and then screwed shut as a tremble ran through his body and a thick load spurted out from his cock, painting both our chests with thick lines of his hot cum.

With ejaculation, his ass muscles clamped down tight on my cock, finally shoving me over that edge. I screwed my eyes shut, too, and grunted as fire shot through my body and my cock erupted, filling the condom with my load. When I could open my eyes again, I saw Zack looking up at me, panting and smiling. A sheen of sweat covered his face.

I kissed him, much more gentle and tender than mere moments ago.

“That was amazing,” I said to him, voice hoarse.

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