Seducing My Dad While Staying Safe

Last Halloween, Ronald had an unexpected sexual bonding experience with his dad, Rich. Though it was framed as one-time hands-on lesson, in the months that have followed, Ronald hasn’t been able to banish the many fantasies that abound when he takes himself in hand.

Now, with quarantined summer approaching and his mother unable to travel home, the months of social isolation are starting to take their toll. Rich has sunk into an intense daily routine of weight lifting and long sessions at the piano, and Ronald, with nowhere to go, can’t stop thinking about better ways he might help his father vent his frustrations.

Cooped up together in their house while they stay safe, Ronald doesn’t know how much longer he can ignore the elephant in the room, that secret one-time encounter his father will never talk about. If only he can convince his dad to use his son’s butt, that his tight insides are just as good as his mom’s.

If only he can give his father all the filthy things he dreams of giving him…

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It’s Tuesday now. Dad is finishing his workout in the basement. I can hear the weights dropping to the ground as he does his dead lifts. He always comes to his bedroom to shower and change out of his workout clothes, before he plays the piano. I’m waiting for him here.

I’m wearing Mom’s panties. Slipping them on for the first time, after all those times jerking off, thinking of it, my dick is instantly erect. They’re tight on me. Dad’s room has a long closet mirror, letting me see how fully my butt cheeks bulge out, the pink fabric triangle narrowing as it plunges into my butt crack, wedging in tight against my hole at the bottom.

I get up on the bed, examining my butt more in the mirror. I squat up with hands on knees, butt raised slightly, so that my cheeks spread wider, bulging rounder from each side of the panties. Up and down I rock my hips, seeing how the narrower band of fabric rides my crack, feeling how it pushes against my hole. I think of Dad’s large, hairy hand pulling that fabric down slowly, revealing my butt cheeks.

Seven loud bangs announce another set. Dad will be finished soon.

I slide forward, laying face down on the bed, but turn my head to face the mirror. I hump the bed a little, watching how my bubble butt flexes together each time I drive into the mattress. This is exactly how I want Dad to find me. I hump some more, enjoying the sensation in my erection, but it’s the sight of my squeezing buns that I focus on, the anticipation of what Dad will think when he sees it.

There are no more sounds from below. I wait, my heart racing. Any minute now, he will find me.

I see the door swing open in the mirror. Dad is standing there, his forehead beading sweat. He’s already taken his shirt off. His black, curly chest hair is also wet and glistening in the sunlit hall.

I watch his eyes, through the mirror, not moving at all. He’s staring toward me, staring in one place.

Tentatively, I hump the bed, squeezing my butt tight, never looking away from that intense gaze of his. His mouth opens slightly, a war on his face. His eyes widen a little, but they stare in the same place.

I hump again, squeeze long and hard, keeping my boy buns tight together so he can see the way the pink fabric fills my crack, the force of my muscles and just how tight they can squeeze his dick.

His mouth opens more. He’s making fists at his side. His eyes seem furious now, furious like that look he gets when he’s pounding piano chords.

Finally he comes forward. He closes the bedroom door. I follow his motion in the mirror. He stops, midway between door and bed. Slowly, he drops his shorts, but stays in his underwear. His hard-on is unmistakable, straining the gray material to its limit, pulling the underwear band away from his hips.

He comes the rest of the way, to the bed, rests his knees against the edge. His eyes, the whole time, stare at the same place. My butt.

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