When I Caught My Brothers Having Sex

Brad, the oldest of three brothers, has a kinky secret: he likes to whip it out and stroke it in public places. The risk of getting caught is what gets him off. It’s also the reason he moved out when he turned twenty.

When the chaos of the COVID pandemic forces Brad to move back home, his exhibitionist tendencies soon drive him crazy. He can’t go out in public, and he doesn’t dare get caught by his dad or brothers. He’s only getting hornier and hornier…

Until he discovers his brothers in bed together, using each other to fulfill carnal lusts. Shocked, and partly turned on, Brad is determined to use his brothers’ secret against them, yet he’s also certain there’s something else he’s missing—a bigger secret lurking in the family home.

A secret that just might make his seem vanilla in comparison…

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“Steven’s come back to stay here,” Dad told me on the phone. “Broke up with Liz. You know, that girl he moved in with.”

Guilt flashes through me every time Dad’s mentions Steve and Liz. Just before he moved out with her, in my last months living at home, Steve was rather public about his regular romps. It must have been his age—at the time he had just turned eighteen. All those teenage hormones, it seemed he couldn’t bust a nut enough times. One day, I counted eight times they were at it, each time in a different room. Talk about a honeymoon phase. Could you blame me for spying on them more than once?

Maybe not. But you probably could blame me for what I soon started thinking. I was getting bored of my usual circuit, bookstore jerking, secret bus escapades, park walking paths. Here was something new, and a new rush went through me.

The first time, I hid behind a big lampshade. They were in the spare room. They came in, hand-in-hand, so horny. They could have seen me, if they looked my way; they could have seen me, but they didn’t.

Liz got in doggy position, and my brother positioned himself behind her. They didn’t even bother to put pants back on after their previous romp in the master bathroom. They probably couldn’t see anything except their own genitals, so horny and full of lust as they were. They definitely didn’t see the pervert brother, jerking off behind them.

I snuck up, all the way until I was standing behind Steve. Of the three boys, his butt is by far the hairiest, tough and muscular. Even at eighteen he already had a manly look to him. Liz, on the other hand, though they’re the same age, looks youthful.

There was a certain novelty to the image. Horned up, stalking in the shadows, jerking my cock as my brother humped his hairy ass up against this girl’s sopping pussy, I felt like I’d stumbled on a pervert older uncle and his niece, playing their dirty little game.

Imagining it like that turned me on in a new, exotic way. It was a different kind of fear of being caught, how violated they would feel, my own brother, ten years older, caught with his niece. I imagine that…my own brother catching me, but then would he really tell our dad, risk that then I’d give his secret away? The blackmail, the chains we held over each other, the power I’d have over him to tell them they had to fuck for me, fuck in dangerous ways where they might get caught—or else!—oh yeah, something about that fantasy made it all the hotter as I jerked myself behind him in secret.

I came before he did. I aimed my shots so they went just to the right of Steve’s ass, so close they could have hit him, if I got it wrong by a sliver…so close he could have caught me, if he felt my load splatter hot on that hairy butt. That load sprayed out and the whole time he kept pounding at his girlfriend’s pussy, moaning ostentatiously now to tell the world that he was about to have yet another of the best orgasms ever. As he moaned and slammed in, pumping out his cum, my cum dripped down the bedsheets, oozed down in a stream toward the spare room’s hardwood floor.

By the time his pumping ended, all his load out and his cock still buried in his girlfriend, I was off back to my room, realizing my addiction had just levelled up.

And that was just one time. How many times did I spy on them? How many other games, just like that, could I recall right now, where I was a split second from being caught, those final months before I just couldn’t take it anymore?

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