My Son’s First Time: A Dad/Son Gay Incest Story

Rick is a single dad and is concerned about his son Colin. Though Colin's an adult now, in many ways he's still rather juvenile. Having failed calculus twice, he's still in high school. But more concerning, Rick is sure that Colin is inexperienced in certain ways of sex, and even self-pleasure.

On a hot summer day, the kind of day where Rick and Colin would spend the afternoon lounging by the backyard pool, Colin seems different somehow. They play their usual pool games, but Colin takes it a step further, demanding certain closeness and body touches from his father.

Rick struggles to maintain that hard line between father and son. But despite his best efforts, a different hardness comes between them, a hardness that leads to Rick not thinking straight.

The games escalate until it's no longer a game, and Rick is afraid that soon he won't be able to hold back on that hard line no father should cross…that soon, he'll be instructing Colin on those lessons about his body he's been ignoring for far too long…

My Son's First Time is a 13,000-word short story.

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Colin slides back down, pressing his butt hard against my crotch. This time there’s no denying how deliberate the motion is, no denying the pleasure that throbs in my shaft.

“You need good leverage, Dad,” he says. “Don’t worry, it’s just a game.”

Just a game. That’s what I try to tell myself, as the dull pleasure builds, as I don’t pull my hard cock away like I should.

Just a game. I need to flip him over. That’s all. I ignore the pleasure, leaning forward, using my leverage. I’ll flip him over so fast, this will be over so soon, and we’ll never talk about this.

He’s moving. There, just like I wanted. Except…

He flexes his butt tight against my shaft. The way I’m leaning over him, the length is buried between his cheeks. I’ll have him flipped over in one swift motion now, but my heart is pounding, and a part of me wants to stop, just for a moment. Stop and feel those meaty, smooth buns flexing around my shaft, wrap my arms around him and tell him to keep squeezing just like that, keep squeezing until my hot load blasts out, squirting through my shorts, carried away on the water. Just this once, then we’d never talk about it again, we’d go back to our beers and the rest of our day. I’d get off and wouldn’t have these stupid thoughts anymore, and I’d masturbate every day to keep these hormones in check.

Just this once. Yeah, all I have to do is hold him here, press a little with my dick, spike this pleasure higher. I can already tell by how my heart’s pounding and the shaft is throbbing that it would take just a few seconds, just a bit of pressure, a few covert thrusts, and I’d shoot my jizz out through my shorts, empty these fucking balls and get back on track. 

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