Boys in Heat (Go-Go Boys of Club 21 #3)

One week ago, Liam's lover Ryan had to fly back home to L.A.  Before he left, he asked Liam to come with him, move into his mansion, be his boyfriend...and become a star for Ryan's porn company. Liam doesn't want to leave his dancing life in New York, but as the week winds on, he feels empty. Worse, last weekend Lance finally took his crush on Liam to another level when they shared a passionate kiss. Liam wants to forget, but the excitement of it haunts him.

Lance, however, is sure there were sparks in his kiss with Liam, and with Ryan now out of the picture, Lance figures it's only a matter of time before Liam realizes how good his life would be with Lance. Lance is on the hunt, but will his persistence break through and win him the boy of his dreams, or only drive him away?

Enter the hot, sexy world of Liam, Lance and Ken as another Saturday night comes to Club 21. When the boys are in heat, anything can happen, be that surprises or dreams come true.

Boys in Heat is a 12,000-word novella.

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Fuck, why did I have to jerk off? Yanking my cock meant I was now late for work. I tried not to shove people aside as I charged down the sidewalk and through the intersection.

I stepped off the curb and a taxi blared its horn at me, nearly taking my knees out. Shit! I slammed my fist on the trunk of the cab as it zipped past me. The cabbie flipped me the bird, hand sailing through the air. Another car honked and whizzed by and I nearly lost it with him too. What was wrong with these assholes? I looked up at the lights, then saw the cars had right of way.

That didn’t make me feel any less angry. I swore under my breath and avoided eye contact with a nearby grandma glaring at me.

My phone chirped. I pulled it out and read the message from Ken. You coming, man?

I texted back that I was almost there. God damn it, I’ve never been late for a shift at the club before. I was supposed to be in the back room ten minutes ago.

This was all Ryan’s fault. I met him two weeks ago at the club—a former porn star and now a porn director—and we hit it off immediately. We fucked, every night for a week. It was intense. We had something real...something hot. But then he flew back to L.A. Before he left, he asked me to move in with him, to abandon everything here in New York and fly across the country. More than that, he wanted me to star in some of his porn vids. I was tempted, so fucking tempted.

The need to be with Ryan had me aching in my bones and made my cock permanently hard. I spent the past week alternating between missing him and masturbating over him. I jacked off this afternoon and then fell asleep, and then before I left for work I had to jack off one more time—and now I was running late.

Finally, I rounded the last corner and Club 21 came into view. There was a small line-up across the front of the building. Max, the bouncer, stood at the head of the line with his arms across his chest. He was so massive. No one fucked with Max.

When he saw me running up, Max grinned and held the door open. It must have been an enviable sight to those wannabe daddies in the crowd watching how we smiled at each other, but make no mistake—Max was straight. “Have a good night, Liam,” he said as I rushed past him. Before I was out of reach, he gave my bum a quick grope. Okay, so he was mostly straight; even the straight daddies liked a firm twink bum now and then.

Inside the club, it was dark, hot, and the music was already thumping. The crowd was a little thin, but the line outside promised a crowded night. I bit my lip as I passed the pool tables, the place where I first spotted Ryan two weeks ago.

“Liam, you’re late.” Rachel’s voice pulled me out of my disjointed thoughts. Somehow, I had come up right beside her and not even noticed.

I nodded. “I’m sorry. I really am. I’ve just been having a bad week.”

Rachel smiled. I suspected she knew bits and pieces of what had happened between Ryan and I. “That’s okay,” she said. “I’ll let you off the hook this time. Try to shake it out of your system tonight and just have fun, okay?”

I gave her a weak smile. “I’ll try. Thanks.”

She gave me another smile and nodded toward the back of the club. I rushed around the dance floor and past the bar, toward the back. I took a deep breath before opening the door to the back room. There was a second reason I was late, and it was to avoid who was waiting inside.

Lance. He’d kissed me last weekend. To my surprise—shock, confusion—I kissed back and...I liked it. But I was with Ryan. My future was with Ryan, if I could just grow some balls and take what the man was offering me. I was on the cusp of finally doing something with my life and then Lance went and made a move on me. Fuck.

I pushed the door open and plastered a smile on my face. Both Lance and Ken were facing each other wearing only their dancing shorts, which were hooked under their balls.

“Perfect timing,” Ken said, holding his cock in his hand. “We were just about to start.”

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