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Babysitting for the Hot Dads

Eighteen-year-old Daphne loves babysitting little Lisa, especially since her gay dads, Chadwick and Deckard, are so hot.

After putting Lisa to bed, Daphne takes advantage of some of the amenities of this expansive home by taking a soak in the hot tub. While Chadwick and Deckard have always given her permission to do so, she’s still more than a little embarrassed when the two hot dads come home early and find her in a skimpy translucent bikini and about to touch herself under the foamy hot tub waters.

But that embarrassment quickly eases, though the tension ramps up, when she learns that the gay dads are actually bi dads…and they’re giving her signals that they’re into her.

A curious young woman, two intrigued grown men, and a relaxing hot tub. What could go wrong when the night is still young?

Babysitting for the Hot Dads is a 4,300-word short story.

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Now that she was deep asleep, I could finally relax in the hot tub from all the stresses of starting college in the fall. I’d miss babysitting her once I left. I’d started working here just after her birth two years ago. Sixteen and curious then, eighteen and bolder now.

I turned off the ceiling lamp that automatically switched to a comforting nightlight below. I sauntered into the guestroom, smaller than Lisa’s room but still bigger than my room. I got undressed, showered in the main bathroom down the hallway, and slipped on my white bikini. It was the nice thing about wearing this one in particular since white showed more when wet, and the bottom defined my small-but-perky ass; both dads were gay and totally not interested in me. I could wear whatever I wanted, within reason. The attention I got at the clubs I’d started going to with my friends was annoying. Immature horndogs hounding on us, a bit too pushy for my taste.

I wouldn’t mind a bit older, though.

I gave my straight hair a few brushstrokes in front of the bathroom mirror, yanked the blonde strands and dropped them into the trashcan, and left. If only I could live in this mini mansion. Well, no, a chateau after being corrected by Chadwick, the more anal of the two. How dare I forget.

I grabbed a cherry-flavored lollipop to save for the hot tub, as well as a towel and my phone. I decided to start with a little swim in the large, artfully-shaped pool decorated with soft outdoor lights that lit rainbow colors to coincide with Pride. This June was going to be a hot month; I could already tell.

I set the folded towel near the cemented edge and laid my phone on top of it. I dove into the water in a light splash and swam random laps for a few minutes, eventually floating on my back. The deep-purple sky greeted me with its starry beauty.

I smiled, and thoughts of college life filled me with so much curiosity. Going from living at home with Mom, Dad, and my two teasingly-hot stepbrothers, to a cramped room with strangers while surrounded by more rooms and more strangers. Yet I couldn’t wait.

I swam back to the edge to check my phone, and I rolled my eyes at a text from Erwin. Again? How did he keep having a different number every time I blocked him? He was good with tech stuff, but still. I wasted no time blocking his new number, promising myself that the next time would lead to a restraining order. Ugh, had I known he’d been toxic, I wouldn’t have lost my virginity to him. It wasn’t that losing it had to be extra special. It was losing it to him for a bitter memory. Now, he was back to being “in love” with me after hating me for not wanting to date him, apologizing for calling me an ungrateful bitch who’d only used him for his monster cock, and that he’d been “joking” about wishing I’d sent him nudes to use against me.


More like a series of bad sex, one pounding after another, much to my discomfort.

I clamped my hands onto the edge and pulled myself out of the pool. I left my towel and phone there since the hot tub was really close by. But I grabbed my lollipop, unwrapped it, and headed along the stone path for a steamy soak. The immaculate garden that decorated the back of the mini man—er, chateau—made me smile, its exotic flowers exuding a pleasing scent.

Once I was in the bubbling water, I found myself sliding my hand between my legs while savoring the cherry taste. The steam and massaging jet streams combined, enhancing the “wet” experience. What was it like having good sex? Erwin was my only experience, and I refused to believe sex was always that bad. What a selfish jerk who’d only cared about getting off and then insisting he’d been too tired to wait for me to come. Why had I waited a couple of months to end it?

And then, my biggest crush ever: a hot jock with dimples, big muscles, and a nice bubble butt to look at. He was dating my best friend; so, that was out of the question. Girl code, but especially a friendship I cared too much about to break.

“Having fun, Daphne?”

I was startled by a deep, sexy voice, and I jerked my hand away from my crotch, my heart pounding. I gave Chadwick and Deckard a sheepish grin. They must’ve been ready for a swim since they wore their designer swim trunks that highlighted their smooth and muscular bodies. I’d read about the gay-wolf body type. That was definitely them. “Sorry, I-I was just relaxing.”

“I see,” Deckard said, forming a subtle smirk. Was that…intrigue in his voice? God, he was so hot. His greenish eyes sparkling with amusement, dark-blond hair in a sexy mess, his face just a touch scruffy, and his full lips asking for a nibble. He never failed to capture my attention. He was the tanner of the two, clearly enjoying the sun more.

“Mind if we join you?” Chadwick asked, always the more polite one. He was just as hot with his blue-gray eyes softening with kindness, dark hair in a combed style, paler tone, and a more-chiseled face than Deckard’s. Both had the kind of power in their voices to send electricity from my naughty brain to my wet pussy.

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