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Forced on a Plane

Kyle is a twink on a mission.

Two months ago, while flying to Australia for vacation, the two hunky seat mates next to him took him to the Mile High Club. They blew his mind while he blew his…you know.

That first time he was nervous, uncertain, a little inexperienced.

But now, on the flight home, he’s prepared. He doesn’t know who his seat mates will be this time around, but if they’re anything like the ones he had on the flight down under, he’ll eagerly give in to any advances they make.

As the lights dim and the seatbelt sign switches off, carnal lust is about to take over.

Forced on a Plane is a 3,500-word short story and the unofficial (though author-approved) sequel to Forced in Public by Sandra Claire.

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Peering up at the man, his eyes were still focused on his papers, his pen moving quickly as he wrote. Glancing down, I noticed the briefcase had been moved a bit further down on his lap but still in comfortable writing distance. Looking up again, I saw the man’s forehead glistening, despite the coolness of the plane.

I smirked as I adjusted my eyes to the darkness beneath the man’s arms, along the handle of the briefcase. I noticed the man’s zipper was down and a red sleeve was partially disappeared within, creating an extra lumpy bulge. Raising an eye, the businessman was now panting slightly, both of his hands in clear view on the briefcase, although the pen had stalled in its work.

A leg bumped into mine and I startled, glancing up into the brown eyes of the man, then focused on the forked tongue grazing his lips as he stared right at me. I felt a wave a panic overcome me, unsure what this stranger would do for catching me watching. I started to tremble when the man leaned toward me and flicked his tongue against my lips, then sat back again, going back to his writing.

Was that an invitation?

My heart pounded heavily in my chest, one of my legs trembled, and I started to sweat as I was reminded of the original flight. Will this be like the previous time? Was I going to get to suck on this guy’s cock? What did the cock look like? Smell like? Taste like?

Glancing down again, licking my bottom lip, I saw more of the red sleeve as it began to retract from the crotch. As much as I wanted to know who was attached to that sleeve, the sudden appearance of a dripping cock head distracted me, and it pointed directly at me. Bulbous, cut, I watched as a drop of pre-cum dangled, on the verge of falling. Before I knew it, that single drop fell upon my finger I hadn’t realized I moved toward the tasty treat.

Bringing the finger up to my lips, I tasted the drop, and reveled in its taste. My vision blurred as I lost all sensation of the aircraft and my surroundings. The only thing that mattered was that cock.

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