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Cucking Daddy: Part 4: The Morning After

Christian has never felt so ashamed in his life. He has never been more confused, nor left wanting something that he knows is wrong for him. The wedding is only a few days away. He should be able to keep himself locked up in the cabin and avoid any more temptation after lessons with the Bull.

Unfortunately, at Camp Wannakukka, temptation lurks around every corner.

Cucking Daddy: Part 4: The Morning After is a 5,200-word short story.

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The sunlight hurt poor Christian’s eyes.

It was daybreak. The sun was rising up over the tiptop’s of the trees surrounding the camp grounds. Gravel crunched under the sneakers he wore. The laces whipped back and forth at his ankles.

He hadn’t bothered to tie them before leaving. Christian had been in far too big of a hurry. He wasn’t sure what possessed him to ask about the time. He was even less sure how the Bull knew that it was nearly dawn.

When Christian’s ears registered this, he flew into a panic. He and the Bull had been fucking all night long. Christian had lost track of everything except what he and Bull experienced together. The news that it was the next day sent Christian scrambling for his clothes. He had dressed as best he could in the dim light of the shed and taken off at once.

This explained his disheveled appearance. The white undershirt he wore was on backwards. The overshirt, in turn, was open and exposed. Christian didn’t take the time to button the top of his slacks. As such, they hung loosely on his hips as he walked back toward Bunny Burrow.

The walk of shame, he had heard one of his classmates say.

It all seemed so unreal now. Everything that the Bull did to Christian’s body had pushed him over the edge. It was everything Christian had secretly hoped for and nothing at all like what he had expected.

Parts of his body ached. His little legs felt stiff. There were places all over his arms that spasmed when he moved them.

Nothing ached more than his hole, though. Christian had spent the entire night learning just how far a human sphincter could stretch. It was mind-blowing how talented the Bull had been at using a young man’s body like his. In the end, Christian could only beg for more of the same filthy, depraved treatment.

The Bull had been all too happy to oblige. He had lasted all night, after all.

Memories of the previous night swam before Christian’s eyes. Those caused his body to react. His hole flexed and spasmed. Something gurgled deep within his guts.

Fearful, Christian clamped down as hard as he could. After staying up all night and having his poor tender boypussy battered and abused in every conceivable manner possible, closing seemed out of the cards. No amount of clenching would shut it completely.

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Cucking Daddy: Part 3: The Desecration

It was supposed to be a party. That was all Christian wanted—a chance to make a few new friends and escape the drudgery of staying sequestered in the cabin. Christian isn’t the type of boy who regularly attends parties, though, and the one he is going to has some startling surprises in store.

They say that the fruit of temptation is at its ripest when it appeals to the darkness in one’s own heart. What secrets has Christian been keeping from himself? One man at Camp Hawk knows.

Christian is in for the night of his life, but it won’t be his honeymoon!

Cucking Daddy: Part 3: The Desecration is a 7,900-word short story.

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“I’m ready.”

Christian took a step back and studied himself. His reflection in the full-length mirror showed a small young man with a petite frame. If Christian were honest, he didn’t look eighteen-years-old. The small-sized clothes he wore barely fit him.

Christian had gone with his Sunday best, a white undershirt concealed by a brown button-up dress shirt and dark slacks. He had combed his blond hair as well. It lay flat against his pale face.

A belt held the pants up. He would have worn his shiny Sunday shoes, but those were still packed in his suitcase. Christian had brought those thinking he might wear them at the wedding. Daddy had told him his wedding clothes were already picked out, but Christian liked being prepared.

Just in case, he wore his sneakers tonight. Christian had already laced them up. The ties stuck out underneath his slacks a little. Overall, though, he thought he looked good. Saying as much out loud helped quell the nervousness he felt, but only a little bit.

“I can do this,” he said, speaking again to his reflection.

Try as he might, Christian couldn’t shake the feeling that he was doing something wrong. At the very least, Daddy would not approve of his actions this evening. Christian wasn’t exactly a party person. His father frowned on him going to parties where there was loud music and drinking. The most entertainment Christian saw was at youth group meetings.

“It’s just a party, though,” he told himself.

He hadn’t informed Mick or Barkley of his plans. They might not approve either. Or, he reasoned, they might not care either way. There was the possibility that they would tell his father, however. Christian decided it was safer to keep the details of his evening to himself. If either one asked, he was going out to see some friends he had made earlier today and would be back soon.

It was the truth, after all, even if he felt guilty for leaving out certain details. “Besides,” he added, “the other guys will have their own fathers there.”

Even though, he remembered, those boys had sex with men besides their own dads. And their fathers did the same with other boys. It went against everything his own father had taught him. Sex between a father and son was supposed to be sacred. It was something secret, but also according to God’s will.

“But,” he tried vainly, “they were nice enough to me…”

Christian wasn’t sure who he was arguing with. He had already gotten changed. It was clear he intended to go. The butterflies in his stomach weren’t strong enough to stop that.

“Besides,” he added, a little more tersely than he’d intended, “it’s not like Daddy is around to stop me.”

His father had once again failed to show. No one was waiting for Christian when he came back from Hawk’s Nest. Asking around, Christian confirmed that Daddy never came by. He was once again too busy with wedding preparations to see how Christian was doing.

“If Daddy can be busy doing stuff all week long,” Christian decided, squashing down the nervousness in his tummy, “I can be busy for one night.”

A fresh wave of apprehension struck, but Christian stayed firm. His eyes took on a steely resolve in the reflection of the mirror. Nodding at himself, Christian made one last check of his clothes before heading out. Not a stitch on his body looked out of place.

With that, Christian crept toward the bedroom door. It creaked slightly when he opened it, betraying his presence. A quick peek out into the hallway confirmed that no one was around to hear it.

Christian sighed with relief. Mick and Barkley had already gone to bed. He only needed to listen closely for the sounds of Barkley moaning. Mick was feeding his heavy cock to his son yet again. The bed springs behind their bedroom door groaned loud enough to echo through the thick panel and into Christian’s ears.

Swallowing the lump that formed in his dry throat, Christian eased the door closed behind him and sneaked quietly toward the entrance. He half-hoped to find his father waiting for him in the living area—an unexpected surprise visit to make up for being absent all week long.

No one was waiting for Christian when he tip-toed through, however. The front door made no noise as Christian walked out into the dusk. The sun had already begun to set. Cliff hadn’t given Christian a time to arrive for the party. He had only said it would take place “after dark”.

Given that there was hardly any light left, Christian felt secure that he was leaving at a good time. The lack of light meant it would be harder for people to see him. He was wearing dark clothes as well, which added to the camouflage.

Crickets sang their sweet summer tune as Christian moved across the compound. The entrance to Bunny Burrow lay ahead. His footfalls were light as he passed through the gate, leaving the familiar circle of cabins behind.

It only took him a moment to find Hawk’s Nest. Christian had been worried he would run into the same trouble as before, wandering in the dark trying to read signs that lead him in all directions. This time, he turned left and followed the path in the opposite direction of the one he took that morning.

The gravel trail was deserted. No one besides Christian was out that evening, on foot or traveling by vehicle. The woods surrounding him seemed spookier at night. There was very little light to go by except for the moon.

Christian could hear his heart pounding in his chest. With each step he took, it felt like thunder was crashing inside his body. Still, he pressed onward.

Fortunately, Christian didn’t have to go very far. To his amazement, Hawk’s Nest lay just up ahead. The road didn’t feel nearly as winding as it had earlier that day. He could hear the festivities going on well before he arrived at the gate.

Christian stood in front of the entrance for a moment, looking past at the camp grounds inside. “This is it,” he said to himself. “Remember, it’s just a party.”

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Cucking Daddy: Part 2: The Invitation

It has been a couple days since Christian has laid eyes on his father. Daddy has been keeping busy preparing for the wedding. The problem is that Camp Wannakukka isn’t the sort of place you leave a lonely boy alone at for very long. Pretty soon, Christian finds himself exploring the grounds.

It is in another location on the resort grounds that Christian makes a few new friends, as well as a few startling discoveries.

The Invitation is a 4,600-word short story.

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Christian accepted the glass of lemonade from Barkley. The outside had already begun sweating. Beads of moisture clung to the glass the same way they did to the brow of the minister’s son.

“No problem,” said Barkley, taking a seat beside Christian. “Sleep good last night?”

Christian dodged the question by taking a long pull from the glass. The lemonade was slightly tart, but refreshing. Noon hadn’t arrived yet, but it was already sweltering. His body was desperate for something to keep cool with.

“Decent enough,” he answered after lowering the glass. Christian’s eyes did not meet Barkley’s, however. “I guess I just miss my dad is all.”

Barkley nodded sympathetically. “Don’t blame you,” he replied, folding both arms behind his head. “I’d be missing my old man something fierce. Stinks that they put you two in different camp grounds.”

Christian took another drink from his glass. He had very nearly gone straight home. Dad was livid after they walked in on Barkley and his own father going at it on the couch. Mr. Wyatt was called immediately and had to come straight down.

Christian’s Dad wanted his son moved to a different area at once. It took several tries on Mr. Wyatt’s part before his father was convinced that there was simply no other place to accommodate them. It was summertime, after all—their busiest part of the year. Cancellations did happen, but unless another guest pulled out, Christian would have to remain with Barkley and his father, Mick.

Daniel was further appeased when Mick stepped in and apologized once more. Mick smoothed things over by swearing that he and his son would behave themselves around Christian. Christian himself promised to stay in his room when he wasn’t making use of the camp’s facilities.

In the end, Daniel acquiesced and Christian settled in.

Spending time together proved a lot harder than Daniel or Christian thought, however. Sure, there were lots of things to do. The Arts & Crafts building was always open during the day. Sons could use paints to draw pictures for their fathers while the dads made little keychains or wallets for their sons.

A lifeguard was always by the lake in case someone wanted to go swimming. They could also use a paddle boat or take a canoe out in the deep regions of the water. A dock had also been set aside farther down for fathers to take their boys fishing.

The camp also had a rec hall. Most of the games were old-fashioned, like ping-pong and foosball. There were also a couple of pool tables, though, and an air hockey table. It was a great place to be when the summer sun hung high in the sky.

Unfortunately, Daniel spent most of his time apart from Christian. He had been right when he told his son that planning a wedding was difficult. It turned out to be even harder than Daniel realized.

In fact, the camp staffer had been waiting at their cabin when they got back from breakfast the next morning, ready to get started. Every single little detail had to be approved by Daniel. This left poor little Christian with a lot of free time on his hands.

It was not a good thing to leave a young boy alone and bored, even under the best of circumstances. A place like Camp Wannakukka was especially not safe.

And then there were the nights.

True to his word, Mick no longer engaged in any sexual antics with his son while Christian was around. They also abstained from the casual nudity that Bunny Burrow members partook in. Father and son remained fully clothed while inside the cabin. Neither did more than a subtle touch or light kiss on the lips while Christian was around.

That didn’t mean their relationship was chaste. Christian had been serenaded each night with the sounds of Mick making wild, passionate love to his boy. The two could go for hours, and often did.

Christian would lie awake on his bed staring at the ceiling. His mind raced while his body throbbed. Barkley would scream, crying out over his dad’s sexual prowess. The sounds and the filthy language they used made Christian’s flesh burn.

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Cucking Daddy: Part 1: The Arrival

Welcome to Camp Wannakukka! A special place for fathers and their sons. Camp Wannakukka provides a safe, relaxing environment for men who wish to bond with their young sons in a very unique and permanent way. At Camp Wannakukka, we hope that the bonds forged here will last a lifetime.

Christian is excited to be attending Camp Wannakukka. For years, his father—the minister of a small Southern church—has been grooming him to take on the role of his dad’s wife. Now the two will be married in a real ceremony. It can’t be done legally, but the staff at the summer camp resort have assured the minister that they will do everything in their power to accommodate the holy man.

However, the resort is far more than just a summer camp for fathers and sons. This is a place for fathers who already have a very unique relationship with their boys. And it is a place for fathers who may have entertained thoughts about their sons that are not so pure.

Most of all, however, it is a place where boys can discover the real truth—that their holes are made for taking hard cock and thick loads deep inside.

Cucking Daddy: Part 1: The Arrival is a 5,800-word short story.

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“Wake up, sleepyhead! We’re almost there.”

Christian’s eyes fluttered open. The steady purring of the engine had made him doze off. The small, slender eighteen-year-old rubbed sleep from his tired eyes and gave a cute yawn. He saw that they were on a winding road, one that was not paved. Gravel crunched underneath the wheels. There was the occasional soft splash of a mud puddle underneath the vehicle from a recent rainfall.

Outside, the green scenery whizzed past. Deep oak trees and thick pine stood at the very edge of the dirt road they traveled on. The last thing Christian remembered was them driving through a town. They had long since left it behind, judging by the lack of any signs of civilization out the passenger window.

“Where are we?” Christian asked his father, who was sitting next to him in the driver’s seat.

Daniel smiled, letting his eyes leave the road for a brief moment so he could rake them down over his precious boy’s small frame.

“We’re right about at the camp grounds,” Daniel explained, pointing. “See?”

Christian had to take his seatbelt off and peer up over the dashboard. He had been slouching in his sleep and his short frame didn’t help. When he could see, though, the young man old let out a soft gasp.

Up ahead were twin poles rising out of the earth on each of the road. They formed a gate with a sign that arched high overhead. The sign was made of wood and had been hand-carved. Words were printed on it, and as Daniel slowed the car down, Christian was able to read what they said.

“’Welcome to Camp Wannakukka,’” he read aloud.

“This is the place,” Daniel said, grinning to himself. “Told you I could find it without a GPS app, didn’t I?”

Christian settled back into his seat and put his seatbelt back on. The clasp went back into the slot with a ‘snap’. The belt, however, had pushed his My Hero Academia t-shirt up, exposing his belly.

Daniel saw this. His tongue slipped out between his lips. It ran along the lower half, wetting his lip and spreading a small trail of slimy drool on his chin. He had neglected to shave that morning. Fortunately, Daniel wasn’t the type who needed to. He could let his stubble grow for almost a week before it started to show.

Christian didn’t notice the look his father was giving him. He was too occupied with what lay outside his window. Or rather, what wasn’t.

“Is this really a special camp, Daddy?” he asked, growing worried.

Daniel tore his gaze away and went back to the road. “It sure is,” the father said with some assurance in his voice. “I learned all about it from one of my friends online. Someone built this place for people like us so we won’t have to hide. Isn’t that wonderful?”

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Dad Uses Me From Behind to Solve Crimes: The Case of the Church Kitchen Catastrophe

Jeramie Lecleaux is an eighteen-year old teen detective and slut puppy. When trouble strikes, he uses his sharp eyes, clever wits, and well-trained boypussy to root out clues and interrogate suspects.

A fire at the local Baptist church on a Sunday morning would be scandalous enough, but someone made off with the church cash box. Once the smoke clears, Jeramie is on the case. Can the boyslut detective track down who took the latest tithes while having several of the older men in the congregation scratch his needy itch?

Dad Uses Me From Behind to Solve Crimes: The Case of the Church Kitchen Catastrophe is an 11,000-word short story.

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Mr. DuPree was dressed in his usual Sunday suit, a pair of slack pants with shined shoes and dress socks. A slick coat covered a blue button-up shirt. His tie hung out at the moment, as though Mr. DuPree had been worrying with it. His brown beard had a few flakes of white, and he had a slight paunch sticking out in front.

Overall, though, Jeramie thought Mr. DuPree was quite handsome, in his own way.

“I wanted to ask you,” Jeramie began, “if you had any peppermint. I’m fresh out.”

Mr. DuPree always carried peppermint around. He claimed that it helped him sit still during church services. He kept plenty in his coat pocket, and would offer it to anyone if they asked.

“Oh!” said Mr. DuPree, lighting up a little. “Of course. Here, just lemme check real quick…”

Jeramie waited, watching Mr. DuPree closely. The first pocket he checked was empty, but the second one had several pieces. Mr. DuPree pulled out a fist full and held it out for Jeramie to choose.

“Help yourself,” said Mr. DuPree.

Jeramie reached for the pile in Mr. DuPree’s hand, then hesitated. The movement was on purpose. He looked up then, right into Mr. DuPree’s vivid blue eyes.

“You know,” he said, “I found a piece like these in the kitchen.”

Mr. DuPree’s fingers closed around the handful of peppermints. His hand jerked back reflexively. Jeramie took note of the movements and smiled, giving Mr. DuPree another one of his cherubic grins.

“It was on the floor,” he went on. “Someone had stepped on it.”

“I…” Mr. DuPree began, sweating. “You shouldn’t have been in there, Jeramie. Not after a fire. It’s very dangerous.”

Jeramie’s smile widened. “I was helping my Dad,” he explained, pretending to look sad at the admonishment. “Besides, it wasn’t a real fire. Just burned meatloaf.”

“Oh,” said Mr. DuPree, and he relaxed a little. “Yeah, I suppose…”

“Funny, though.” Jeramie moved in closer, pretending to go for the peppermint again. “The oven was still warm.”

Mr. DuPree’s eyes widened. Jeramie saw his opening, and moved his hand past the peppermints. His fingers went for the front of Mr. DuPree’s slacks. Mr. DuPree let out a soft gasp as Jeramie wrapped his small digits around the older man’s cock through the soft fabric.

“Like the oven had been turned up on high,” Jeramine continued, as though nothing out of the ordinary were happening.

Fresh sweat popped out on Mr. DuPree’s forehead. His mouth hung open, and his breath deepened. Mr. DuPree stared in shock for a moment while Jeramine’s hand worked his shaft up and down through the front of the older man’s slacks.

Jeramie could feel the shaft growing thicker, harder, in his hand. “You shouldn’t…” Mr. DuPree stammered. “Jeramie, that’s very wrong, you know! I could get in trouble!”

Mr. DuPree was doing his damnedest to sound authoritative, but it had no effect whatsoever on Jeramie. He merely smiled and pushed Mr. DuPree’s hand away so he could move closer.

“I like this candy better,” Jeramie said, sinking to his knees.

Mr. DuPree remained rooted to his chair. He didn’t stop Jeramie from undoing the button on his trousers with his tiny fingers. He didn’t move when Jeramie slid the zipper all the way down, nor did he use his hands to force Jeramie away when the little slut puppy fished his cock out.

Cold air blew over Mr. DuPree’s thick shaft once it was freed. It was quickly followed by Jeramie’s hot breath. The randy teenager heated the already smoldering man cock in front of him with a few quick puffs of air. His fingers slid back around the eight inches of meat, gripping it tight.

Mr. DuPree moaned. “Oh, God!” he whimpered. “God… no!”

Jeramie knew he had his suspect right where he wanted him now. His pink tongue slid out between his soft, puckered lips. The tip ran up along the underside of the shaft, sending a shiver up through Mr. DuPree’s much bigger body.

“Mmm!” Jeramie moaned, making sure it was loud enough for Mr. DuPree to hear. “Definitely better than peppermint.”

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Riding Daddy for Clues: The Case of the Dinner Table Deduction

Jeramie Lecleaux is an eighteen-year old teen detective and slut puppy. When trouble strikes, he uses his sharp eyes, clever wits, and well-trained boypussy to root out clues and interrogate suspects. Detective Bryce Lecleaux is the reason why criminals avoid the small town of Pembrooke Falls.

This time, though, he’s been handed a case that is too difficult for even his deductive mind to crack. Fortunately, Bryce has a secret weapon in the form of his son, Jeramie.

Riding Daddy for Clues: The Case of the Dinner Table Deduction is a 7,000-word short story.

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“C’mere,” Daddy instructed, giving his left leg a pat once he was comfortable. “Climb up on Daddy’s lap, boy. I wanna talk about something.”

Jeramie obeyed immediately. His little legs settled across his father’s lap. One arm wrapped around Daddy’s broad shoulders, stretching as far as it could go. Jeramie’s smile was as big as a kid’s meeting Santa at the mall.

“There,” he said, grinning big as his plump little rear bounced on his father’s thick, muscular leg. “I’m all set, Daddy.”

Daddy was smiling softly as he reached up, brushing his fingers through Jeramie’s hair. “Good boy,” he whispered, combing the long honey-colored locks.

Jeramie and his father both had long hair. Some of Jeramie’s teachers told him that it made him look like a girl. He didn’t care, though.

He liked having things in common with Daddy. They both had the same green eyes and pale skin. Their faces were similar too. They each had a Roman nose, a cleft in their chin, and feet that spread slightly like a duck’s.

Certain things about them that were different didn’t bother Jeramie so much. He loved that his Daddy was so muscular. He also loved the thick hair that covered Daddy on almost every part of his big body. Jeramie especially liked running his tiny fingers through it, the same way that Daddy loved combing through his hair.

“Tell me about your case, Daddy,” Jeramie said beseechingly. “I’m very curious.”

Daddy chuckled, placing a chaste kiss on the top of Jeramie’s head, one that lingered just a little longer than necessary.

“You certainly are,” he agreed. “A very curious boy. Always have been.”

Jeramie tilted his head up. Daddy’s hand left his hair, drawing the fingers out of the soft, silky locks to cup his son by the chin. Slowly, Daddy brought his lips down.

A soft moan escaped Jeramie’s throat as their mouths met. Daddy kissed his son slowly, taking his time to caress Jeramie’s lips with his tongue. A fresh shiver went through Jeramie’s body.

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