Author: indieerotica

A Related Pair for Two (Beachboy Twink Twins #3)

First, the twinky Ken doll twins had a hookup with a silver daddy. Then, they had a hookup with a twunk. Now, Trent and Tyde have defied all odds by discovering the solution to their exclusivity problem as beyond just brothers. Lovers for life in a way that no other person could make them feel.

Well, except the whole time, there's been a blood-related crush for each. Trent has always wanted their beautifully-modelesque cousin, while Tyde has always wanted their hot and fit grandpa. Little do they know that the twins' exclusive romance could be put to the test when they get a secret invite to a peculiar family meeting.

Could Trent's and Tyde's feelings for their respective family crushes return and cause drama? Sometimes, looks really can be deceiving, and the twins just might be in for a rude (and raw) awakening.

But could there be a new solution to their family problems? Just how much are Trent and Tyde willing to fight for their exclusive love?

A Related Pair for Two is a 7,000-word short story.

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As horny and tempted as I was, I really just wanted Trent. But maybe this would be a first-and-last situation. Maybe we could run away somewhere together. I didn’t want to be stuck in this sex club because it put my relationship with Trent in jeopardy.

Crayden kissed me some more while groping my ass, his finger nearing my hole. “I’ve fantasized about fucking you hard like the nasty slut you are.” Then, he leaned into my ear and whispered, “And I mean in that the best way. In fact, I’d love for you to be a slut for me. I’m willing to break the rules and let you have your thing with Trent only if you serve me and give me sex whenever I want. Maybe come stay with me in my apartment one of these days?”

Ugh, of course. Even if it’d been Gramps the one to offer this, I’d still struggle because neither of them was anything like I’d imagined. As much as I wanted to let Gramps fuck me, what I’d felt for him for so long started to crack. Just watching him enjoying my twin like they were lovers didn’t sit well with me. Well, Trent wasn’t into it. I knew reluctance when I saw it.

Trent whispered something into Gramps’ ear. What was he saying to him?

Gramps sighed. “Very well. But just this once and only because I like you enough.” What could he be talking about?

I gave Trent a puzzled look, and his smile was oddly authentic for a situation like this.

Gramps let go of him and cleared his throat at me and Crayden to get us to separate. “Just for today, I’m going to fuck Tyde and Crayden will fuck Trent.”

My eyebrows rose, and I quickly knew why Trent had done this. He knew there was no way out. So, he’d decided to make the experience more tolerable for us. God, I loved him.

“Get on the bed, you two,” Gramps said. “On all fours.” Was he annoyed, reluctant, what? It was sad that he didn’t really want me like I’d wanted him for years. I knew I’d enjoy the sex, but would he?

Trent and I got on the nearest bed, and the bedding was very soft and comfy. I could picture myself sleeping here. Though, I liked my bed better because I was used to it. (Well, my and Trent’s beds because we shared each other’s while keeping the door locked.)

Gramps and Crayden shared a bottle of lube from an end table near them, and they positioned themselves right behind us. Neither of them looked particularly motivated. They’d been much more so before the switch, which really spoke volumes. What a shame. Oh, well. At least I still got to have that big granddaddy cock.

I kissed Trent and smiled. “Thanks,” I whispered.

He smiled and nuzzled my face with his like we were two deer, eventually kissing me in return.

“How serious is it between you guys?” Crayden asked, looking confused.

I’d always defend my love for Trent when confronted about it. We might’ve hidden it in general, but once out in the open, my defense was up. “Very. Inseparable too. No way to break us apart.”

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A Twunk Top for Two (Beachboy Twink Twins #2)

The tables have turned between the twinky Ken doll twins, and now it's Trent's turn to enjoy a hookup. After their first and only encounter with a silver daddy, it's time for a hot twunk to make Trent happy, much to Tyde's reluctance. After all, they have different tastes: Trent prefers jocks and twunks his age, while Tyde prefers daddies and granddaddies. The exception is each other.

If only they weren't total bottoms. If only they didn't have such a prestigious reputation to uphold because of their billionaire last name. Otherwise, they would've been exclusive by now and not have to worry about their clashing hookup experiences. And since they do everything together, hooking up on their own is out of the question.

Still, Tyde is always willing to make Trent happy because that's his broby. Lucky for Tyde, he can still enjoy Trent. But unlike their previous silver daddy hookup, this one is quite different. It's not so much that it's a twunk this time, but rather, an eye-opener that could change the twins' romantic lives for good.

And possibly bring them closer than they've ever been before.

A Twunk Top for Two is a 5,500-word short story.

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We did have to hide the sexual and romantic facets of our brotherhood, though. While incest was legal here, it was still heavily frowned upon. I couldn’t imagine life with my own twin in it. We weren’t just brothers; we were lovers for life. We didn’t actually feel shame; we just had a pristine reputation to uphold because of our billions-worth Peenthicke last name. Granted, we weren’t the most well-known like our granduncle Bob was as the governor of Cestin Island, as well as his wife, kids, and grandkids. But our uppity family would never approve of incest. Thankfully, we were openly gay with no issues.

Crayden randomly came to mind, probably because of incest. He was a cousin who was a beautiful fashion model already with his own reality show at only twenty.

“You think I should ever call Crayden on the phone one day?” I asked.

Tyde shrugged. “You can try, but he’ll most likely be busy. You still want him bad.” There was no jealousy, though. We were practically in an open relationship despite being lovers.

“I do! Mugh, it’s so frustrating because he’s the only one besides you I’ve ever wanted as more than just sex.”

“I know the feeling, broby. I still can’t get over Gramps.”

I frowned, wishing Gramps weren’t straight and married, if just for Tyde. Gramps was a fitness coach and the owner of a gym Tyde and I had worked out in plenty of times. Even though I’d never be able to feel an iota of what Tyde felt for him, Gramps was in the best of shape for a man his age. Maybe part of it was because he kind of resembled Harrison Ford in the face, except with dark-blue eyes.

“And that anaconda of a cock,” Tyde said. “God, what I’d do to suck the daddy milk out of that big meat.”

I tittered. “I’d do the same with Crayden.”

“You’d have a better shot with him than me with Gramps. You guys at least fooled around.”

“Yeah, when we were little, which was mostly humping. He’s most likely straight since he’s had so many girlfriends.”

Tyde formed a devious grin. “Let’s invite them for a guys’ night out and get wasted so we can all fuck.”

I rolled my eyes. “Like that will ever happen. Besides, I’d never want to have sex while drunk. I’d want to enjoy it naturally.”


We reached the spot where the small bonfire was. And there he was, the brunet twunk with brown eyes, a sun-kissed tan, and a hot body that was both thin and muscled, just like in the pic. He stood to my right. What a boner-making hottie. I’d love to do all sorts of naughty things with him.

The blond guy who stood to the twunk’s left was probably his buddy. He had an average build but with a cute face, definitely our age. He was kind of dreamy in a fresh-face, all-American, boy-next-door type of way. I imagined he wasn’t attracted to me and Tyde, at least not in the way I was.

“Hey,” we said at the same time.

My heart raced. What an experience this would be. Not only would Tyde and I have sex with the twunk, but we’d do it in front of someone else. I’d always had sex in private, even though I’d only been with Tyde and the silver daddy from last week. Sex had never been something I’d consider doing in public…-ish? Where would we do it tonight?

“Damn, you’re both hot,” the twunk said with a horny grin.

“Trent thinks so too,” Tyde said, smirking. “He wants to suck your big cock.”

My eyes bulged. Oh. My. God. Tyde! I gave him a narrowed look, my lips pursing.

“What, you do!” Trent winked. “Your red face proves it.”

My heart rate sped up.

The twunk chuckled. “I look forward to that ass. I’m Kenny, by the way. This is Zacky. He’ll be watching us and getting off from a distance, but try not to talk to him or even look at him during the fuck, okay? Just pretend he’s not here.”

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Servicing My Dominant Chastity Boss in His Office (The Berlin Tales #2)

Naive Peter takes up an offer from Tomas, a dominant older bear locked in chastity, to work at his major Berlin newspaper. But Peter discovers there's not much to the job he's been hired for. A fact exploited by Mark, a young American whom Peter knows has a secret too. Hoping to discover the truth behind Tomas' chastity, Peter sneaks into the editor's office where he's put into the strange position of having to please a dominant top locked in chastity. Tomas' young husband Karl helps Peter see there's more to their chastity and cuck relationship than meets the eye. In fact, there's an entire secret society Karl and Tomas are members of which could help make Peter's dreams come true...for a price.

The Berlin Tales are a collection of short erotic fantasies centered on the gay men who populate Berlin, the capital of kink.

Servicing My Dominant Chastity Boss in His Office is a 10,000-word short story.

Servicing My Dominant Chastity Boss in His Office publishes on June 22.

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“I’m really grateful for this opportunity,” I said, sitting delicately down. “I’m excited. I want to make the most of it. And I’ll do everything I can to impress you.”

Tomas grinned. “You don’t have to sleep with me or my husband to be successful. This isn’t that kind of place and I’m not that kind of boss.”

“I’m not talking about work.” I stared into his eyes and the smile faded from his face. Not to a frown, but to a flash of desire. He closed the newspaper.

“Drink?” Tomas asked.

“I’d be delighted.”

He poured two neat whiskeys from the bottle atop the filing cabinet behind his desk. 

“Do you mind if I close the door?” Tomas asked.


He knocked it with his ample butt and sat down on the leather armchair, our knees close to touching as we clinked our glasses together.

“I really enjoyed last night,” I said, staring down the barrel of Tomas’ chest to the comfortable belly that sat out like a sultan.

“Good to hear. So did we. And I mean that, Peter. Not many men have made Karl scream like you did. Seems like you have quite the talent for pleasing those you’re with.” I felt a blush in my cheeks and a rush of blood to my cock. I nearly said I was only returning the favor, but quickly remembered Karl and I were supposed to have met in a bookshop, not balls deep in a dark steam room.

“Karl is really lovely. He texted me good luck this morning.”

“He’ll be a good friend to you, a good guide,” Tomas said. although it seemed strange. Like he was hinting at something far greater than what was already between us. A guide for what? Tomas gave me an odd look. “Why do I get the feeling you’re about to quit?”

I shook my head and drank quickly from the glass. “I’m not. Not at all. It’s just…” Tomas patiently waited. “I have to ask you about the chastity cage.” Tomas smiled like a sage preparing to impart wisdom. He drained his drink.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned,” Tomas said, a sheikh upon a throne, “there’s a lot of layers to this world. Often the most interesting people are the most complicated, don’t you agree?”

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A Silver Daddy for Two (Beachboy Twink Twins #1)

Trent and Tyde are eighteen-year-old twins who look like twinky Ken dolls. They love summer at the beach, and they often wear their peach-defining, blue speedos. But what they love even more is each other, and as more than just brothers. Had it not been for the fact that they're total bottoms—they've tried but failed—and that they have a prestigious last name that's worth billions, they'd be exclusive already. After all, they make out and do all other kinds of sex acts together.

So, they decide to spend their summer after high school hooking up with men for the first time, since they've only been with each other. They start with the first candidate to take both their butt virginities, a handsome silver daddy who's taken by these beachboy twins.

The problem? They each have different tastes. Trent prefers jocks and twunks his age, while Tyde prefers daddies and granddaddies. The exception is each other. Since the twins do everything together, they won't hook up on their own, which means going back and forth between their types could eventually become tedious.

But how will their first experience with a silver daddy go? Will Tyde still enjoy himself despite Trent's reluctance? Will Trent even go through with it?

A Silver Daddy for Two is a 5,500-word short story.

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We lay on our flat bellies with large, blue towels beneath us and barely any space between us because we never smothered each other enough. Tyde was the love of my life, and I was his. Sadly, we were both total bottoms, and sex was pretty damn important in life. Okay, we made out a lot, which was hot, and we sucked and swallowed each other because it felt good, as well as deepthroating and rimming. But when it came time to top each other? Barely hard, barely inside. Yeah, we’d tried multiple times and failed. Our cocks had kept deflating and slipping out of our tight holes. Would that make us demi-virgins back there since we’d managed only the heads of our penises? Who knew?

I smiled at Tyde and gave him a dreamy expression with no shame. “Are we still going through with the plan?”

He grinned, his eyes captivating me every time. “Yeah, Trent. Don’t be a little shyball now. There’s no backing out now. We didn’t douche the shit out of our asses for nothing.” He winked.

“I know,” I muttered, trying to mask a frown. I wasn’t against hooking up at all. It was just that we’d never been with others before, just each other, so it made me more nervous than I probably should’ve been. “But how are we going to do this?”

“Well? We just spot the first daddy we can find and voila. Fucked as new.”

“But why does it have to be a daddy?” I stifled a groan. I actually didn’t mind older men, depending on how they looked, but I wasn’t super crazy about them like Tyde was, and I especially didn’t like to call them Daddy. I much preferred someone closer to me in age like my cousin Crayden who was a beautiful fashion model already with his own reality show at only twenty. Mugh, it was bad enough that Tyde and I were a bit tallish for being bottoms since many tops seemed to prefer shorter guys. Crayden was at least taller than me, not that he’d ever see anything in me. We’d only touched and humped each other a few times during our childhood, so he was probably still as straight as I’d known him to be.

“We’ll have someone closer to our age the next time, okay?”

I sighed. “Okay.”

“Hey, cheer up, broby.” Tyde flashed his perfectly white teeth, something we’d been great about managing. We really were like twinkie Ken dolls, or so many people had told us online.

“What if he has a huge penis?” Mugh, I didn’t even want to think about taking a monster or anaconda up the butt.

Tyde sighed and rolled his eyes. “Please say ‘cock’, my love.”

“No,” I said in a whiny tone.

“Do it, Trent. Make your brother proud.” Tyde smirked.

“I don’t want to.”

“Do it. Please?” He wasn’t letting it go.

I pouted, and it took me a moment. “C-c…c-cock…” I muttered, barely saying it.

“See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

I didn’t say anything. It felt so dirty and weird to say bad words. I was able to have all the filthy sex I wanted, yet I couldn’t utter a single vulgar word.

“We’re going to work on that this summer. When we start hooking up more, I want you to say nothing but filth while getting fucked in that hot little ass of yours.”

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The Chastity Cuck of Kreuzberg (The Berlin Tales #1)

When twenty-six-year-old Peter moves to Berlin, he begins to explore his long-hidden slutty side. In the darkness of a Berlin sauna, he meets Karl, a young German married to Tomas, an older man and powerful newspaper editor who, despite his dominant nature, is locked in chastity. It’s not long before Peter is drawn into Tomas and Karl’s marriage to fulfil their cuck fantasies as he wonders about the secrets behind Tomas’ caging.

The Berlin Tales are a collection of short erotic fantasies centered on the gay men who populate Berlin, the capital of kink.

The Chastity Cuck of Kreuzberg is an 8,000-word short story.

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I was a few steps behind, but he led me to a part of the sauna I hadn’t discovered yet, and wasn’t sure I would’ve found on my own. The dry sauna was near the showers, and the sandy heat wasn’t my thing. But he led me down a dark corridor that turned into a surprising six-man shower block, then a translucent door to the steam room. The twink hung up his towel outside and slipped in, watching me as I hung my towel up too. Unsure of whether to fully commit (the story of my life), I hung my own towel up and stayed under a cool shower for a good few minutes, trying hard to let the apprehension wash away.

Surprisingly, the steam room was empty. I wondered if the twink had evaporated, but then I noticed a dark door inside the steam room itself. I went into a stifling hot, pitch black room. It seemed to be an open space rather than a maze, but I staggered with my hands out just to be sure. Yet my eyes were useless in the hot steam and thick blackness. I had to listen, to taste the air. Without a doubt there was more than just the twink and I in this hidden place. In fact, it seemed to be the reason why the men I passed by in the corridors before disappeared into nothing. They were all here.

I felt a body next to me, large and hairy. My eyes adjusted to the man standing with his back to the steamy wall. He had his towel around him and was doing nothing. Deeper in I could hear the sounds of cocksucking. There was someone on their knees, and someone else jerking off into their mouth. Then I hit the back wall with a bench. It was too hot to sit, but through the steam I picked out another man, long armed and long legged, sitting on the bench.

I didn’t make it to the other side of the dark steam room from where groaning sounds and growing sights were also coming, because the tall man reached out a long hand and grabbed my cock. In the darkness there was no need for permission, and no chance to be rejected. He smacked my balls like a cat pawing string as I discovered the outline of his large dick laying against his thigh. I’d found what I never knew I wanted.

Passion overcame me. And the thrill of being alone and utterly unseen. Dropping to my knees on the hot floor, I tongued the tip of his cock, salty and thick, exploring the shaft with my wet lips and having him moan out loud as I did. Maybe this was a signal to however many others were here, the twink included, because as I worked his cock, the heat coalesced around me, as if the men were moving to the back corner of the steam room.

But I concentrated on sucking this ever-expanding cock. His balls were so heavy they rested on the hot tiles themselves, and it took both hands to twist and play with them. He liked that, lifting a heavy leg over my shoulder to draw me in closer. With his hand pushing the back of my head almost to the base of his cock, wiry pubes scratched my nose and it was getting harder to breathe. Eventually I had to retreat from his cock, the hot, wet air reflating my lungs. But he wasn’t letting me go.

I had to stand and stretch my back and click my sore knees, so his hand found my ass. He squeezed and slapped it, ringing the bell out to the men around who I sensed were nearer. I saw the door at the other end of the dark room, the crushed light flicking in the moving shadows of naked bodies. More seemed to be coming in than going out.

He was sitting forward now, jerking his cock as two thick fingers explored my hole. Perhaps he was content to do just that, but I had not come this far, over seas and mountains, carrying luggage and drinking from strange water bottles, to not take what I’d come for. Maybe tomorrow I would wake up feeling different. Maybe I would retreat back to my own world, but I couldn’t come all this way, come to Berlin to have sex, and run away the second it presented itself.

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Wolves and Sheep

Shepley's father is a hot and sexy wolf daddy, and he's wanted a taste of that wolf meat for quite some time. He's wanted Gramps too, another wolf beauty, but Gramps doesn't seem interested, much to Shepley's disappointment.

Now that Mom is out of town and Shepley found out some dirty truths about his father, it just might be the time to have a little confrontation. After all, it's midnight, and Shepley is finally eighteen. But what could lead to a howling experience might not be a simple father-son bonding. In fact, all it takes is one bite to fall…


Wolves and Sheep is a 4,000-word short story.

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Dad made noises in his sleep, which caused me to stay still and alert, but he continued snoring a moment later. False alarm.

I continued my foreign discovery, my curious hands touching every part of him I could. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was just as dirty as he was. Maybe I should stop, but I couldn’t. I wanted so much more from him. I loved him, but I lusted him too.

I shifted my focus back to his dick. I opened his fly and pulled his dick out. My eyes bulged. Mine was practically a dicklet in comparison to this shlong in front of me. I started fondling it. What did it taste like? What did it feel like deep inside my small, round butt? The boys I’d been with weren’t this big. What was it like being with a grown man? I heard Dad fucking Mom many times whenever they thought I was asleep. I always jacked off to the sound of it while pretending it was me and not Mom he was fucking.

I grew impatient. As if possessed by the forbidden lust, I lowered my head and reached for his dick to place my lips over it. I started sucking him the way I’d learned how. Mmm, Dad tasted so good, all showered and clean with a hint of manly musk.

He let out a gentle moan. He started moving a little, and he grabbed the back of my head with a gentle grip, confirming he’d just woken up. Almost immediately, he pushed me away hard and sat upright in a jolt. “What the fuck? Shepley!”

With my heart racing fast, I smiled shyly and forced myself to confront him. “Surprise, Daddy!” I singsonged.

“What do you think you’re doing!”

I grinned. “Giving you a blowjob?”

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A Rent Boy to Own

Rodrigo is a sex worker who’s had a few years of great experiences. But lately he’s been wanting someone special enough to give him a reason to quit. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with sex work, but he’s finally ready to move on.

Enter Bernie and Edgar, two older husbears who become Rodrigo’s next clients. Given that Rodrigo loves older men—the older the better—he’s in for a treat. But it’s not just sex like it’s been with the other clients. In fact, Bernie and Edgar are quite taken by his beauty, and they have room for a third with an offer that’s hard to refuse.

So, Rodrigo needs a little time to ponder such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. These men are so much his type, and sex with them would probably be fantastic. But are they really enough to solidify his decision that could change his life forever?

Or maybe what Rodrigo’s really missing in his life is something a little more…furry?

A Rent Boy to Own is a 9,000-word short story.

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Bernie walked straight ahead and entered the dining room where a small bar with a marble surface was. The wide staircase was next to the archway, off to the right and also marble. The kitchen was to my left and past a narrow hallway. What a big place.

“We like to have some wine to relax a bit,” Edgar said. “Imported from numerous countries or purchased there whenever we travel, depending on our mood. We never drink the cheap kind, but we’ll buy the occasional wine from California.”

I just smiled politely since it was irrelevant to me. I was more of a brew guy, so a cold beer would do for me.

After Bernie returned with their glasses of red wine, they stood right near me with what looked like horny smiles. Bernie was closer to my left side, and Edgar was directly in front of me.

“Whenever you’re ready,” I said, “I can list all my fees for the services I provide and give you whatever details and exceptions there are. I even do some light BDSM if you’re into that. And you do know that I charge an hourly rate for my visit on top of additional fees for each service, right?”

“Yes, we do,” Edgar said. “But that might not be necessary since we told you we had an offer to make, a very big one, and we hope it’s more than enough for you to strongly consider it.”

Bernie’s eyes sparkled with anticipation. “We really hope you do.”

“Okay, what is it?” I asked.

“We understand you’re a rent boy,” Edgar said, “but we’d like to buy your way out. We have no issues with sex workers. This is solely based on a young man like you because you’re very much our type. You’ll never have to work for the rest of your life, unless you want to, of course. You’ll have a new car of your choice. I’m not sure if you’re in college, but we’ll take care of that too. We have a vacation home in both Germany and France, so rest assured we’ll never be in any financial trouble. We know how to budget and manage our finances.” He took a sip of his wine.

I had no idea what to say. They wanted to buy me? I’d be kept? This was definitely unexpected. I’d never had a client make such an offer. I suddenly felt like a rent boy to own.

Bernie finished a large sip of his wine. “In case you’re wondering what we do for a living, we manage a number of rental properties in multiple college towns across the country, including Hickeyhook, and a few in Germany and France. And, yes, we do speak a lot of German and French.”

“Makes our business lives easier. And the reason we live in Michigan is because it’s where we’re from, and we like to be discreet about our careers, so people generally don’t assume what we do living here compared to living in, say, New York or Paris.”

“Yeah, we don’t really talk about that outside of our close-knit friend group.”

“And we did bring this up to the private agency you work for,” Edgar said. “We’ll compensate them quite well. So, the choice is yours, Rodrigo.”

I inhaled and blew a big breath. “Wow, I…um…” I released a tiny laugh of astonishment, not knowing what else to say.

“We understand it’s a big offer, and if you need some time to think it over, we’ll give you that time. But do know that you will be coming here quite often because we already know we’ll enjoy you, and we’ll want you to come back here many times.”

Bernie nodded. “We’re going to be regulars even if you decline. We’re that into you.”

“So…I’d be wealthy,” I said in realization. “A kept guy, pretty much.” 

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Felix Boni and the Reanimation of Craig Rotter

After the death of Felix's first love, Craig, a mysterious man gives Felix a proposition to bring Craig back to life. The catch? Felix and Craig have to take part in a study that records the interactions between humans and reanimated corpses. Why is this experiment a problem? Because they'll be watched with every single thing they do, including the most-intimate moments.

Despite his reluctance, Felix can at least have Craig back, which makes him so happy. Unfortunately for Craig, his new state is anything but pleasant. It's bad enough that he can't be seen in public without a mask. He can't even see his own family!

Now, Felix has to make a choice. He could continue with the experiment indefinitely, facing a rough life with no privacy. Or he could simply break it. But if he chooses the latter…

He'd lose Craig forever.

Felix Boni and the Reanimation of Craig Rotter is a 15,500-word novella.

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Someone knocked on the door several times in an off-kilter pattern. Felix’s eyes fluttered until he was fully awake. He lifted himself and sat on the edge of his full-size bed, yawning. Should he change out of his shorts into something decent? Or just throw on a T-shirt? Then again, maybe if whoever it was saw him shirtless and in this mood, they’d get the hint and leave him alone. Just because it was still his birthday didn’t mean he needed company. He’d already ignored his neighbors’ texts to go out to a bar as their way of cheering him up, but they didn’t know Craig the way he did, so they’d never understand the grief.

Felix grabbed his phone from the end table and glanced at the screen. He’d napped for three hours. He might as well have gone to sleep for the whole night. He placed the phone back on the surface and stood up. He glanced at the large window just a few feet to his left in the center of the living space, the only window in the unit. The lamp posts shone the path for the horse-drawn vehicles that strolled down the brick road with routinely pristine pavement on either side. He managed a tiny, reminiscent smile at the times he and Craig had ridden a carriage since motor vehicles were forbidden in town. They’d hung out at various places as a two-man adventure, especially in the woods at the main park, their favorite spot.

Another couple of knocks.

Felix rolled his eyes and trudged just feet away toward the entry door. If only he could afford a larger unit than his 300-square-foot one to fit more stuff, but the prices for the one- and two-bed chased his wallet away.

He stopped to rub his eyes from the temptation to crawl back into bed, and he let out another yawn.

More knocks.

He nearly jumped from the harder poundings than earlier, especially from the proximity. Incoherent grumbling from the other side of the door filled his ears, and he leaned toward the peephole.

A guy in a hoodie stood there with his head lowered and face hidden. That was a huge hoodie for someone who didn’t seem large enough to justify the size. He was about Felix’s height of five feet eleven inches with exaggeratingly baggy jeans and worn sneakers, all dressed in black. Who was he?

Felix’s heart raced. Should he answer the door? Should he open it and take the risk?

More pounding.

He jumped. “Who…who is it?”

The guy grumbled something like earlier. What was he saying?

Felix bit his lower lip. “I’m not opening the door until you tell me who you are.”

“Fe-lix,” was all the guy said in a throaty tone.

Felix’s heart pounded harder than the door at the familiarity of the voice. No, no. It was impossible. It couldn’t be!


Felix took a few steps back with widened eyes, his body quaking, and his breathing converting into a series of drawn-out puffs. No, no, no.


No! He was supposed to be dead! But who else could that voice belong to? Sure, some people sounded the same as one another, but not in an uncanny way, right? There was only one person who had a voice like the love of Felix’s life, and that was…


More knocking, more pounding. “Fe-lix!” This time, it was as whiney and whimper-like as a drunkard.

Felix gasped. “Craig…” His tone was barely audible. His speech reduced in ability.


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Cochran Brittle and the Seed of Herby Groon

Cochran is a flora appreciator who purchases a peculiar plant on his nineteenth birthday, and he names it Herby. Little does the poor virgin know that Herby can shift into the green and leafy stud of his (wet) dreams.

Could there be room for romance? Who knows? But pleasure comes first in what could turn into a unique experience.

Too bad Herby doesn’t speak English. Oh, well. He certainly speaks body language, and quite well from what Cochran is about to discover.

Cochran Brittle and the Seed of Herby Groon is a 6,200-word short story.

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Quite a distance from sullen, but not quite lively or animated. It just was, and it needed a permanent windowsill to rest on. It needed to be given not just proper care, but the tenderest of love that only an appreciator of Earth’s diverse flora could give.

And there it was, among the other equally-small plants on the purchase rack: an herbesco succidus, according to the information tag. Er-bess-coh soo-chee-doos? Who knew how it was pronounced? Oh, but lush it was in its semicircular pot like half a blue ball. And it was verdant despite its patchiness, with a thick, six-inch stem resembling a small cactus, but without spines or thorns. No, instead, the smoothness of the non-bushy sections called for a stroke just for kicks.

“You seem rather interested in that plant.”

Cochran Brittle didn’t break his gaze from the herbesco succidus after the male clerk’s words filled his ears. “I can’t stop looking at it. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen. I can promise you that. Virtually all my customers have found this plant to be ugly and it’s just been a tough sell for me.”

Cochran shifted his focus on the clerk whose nametag read Dick. “Hmm.” A barely visible slit on the round tip of the herbesco succidus caught Cochran’s eye, and he hadn’t noticed it before. “Did someone try to cut this plant trying to be funny or something?” He pointed at the inspection.

Dick chuckled. “No, no. That’s the secretion opening, another reason my customers wouldn’t dare to buy this plant. They tend to think it looks a bit vulgar.” He cleared his throat and looked around his shoulders. Only two other customers remained in the shop, standing from afar in a different section. He inched closer to the plant and wrapped his fingers around a smooth section of the thick base. With a nonchalant face, he gave it a repetitive stroking motion, up and down, up and down.

Cochran arched an eyebrow, and he, too, glanced around his shoulders before taking another glimpse with slightly tingly cheeks. He pursed his lips to suppress a giggle.

Stroke after stroke in a speedy pace for about one minute, and a translucent, sap-like substance oozed out of the opening in the speed of molasses. “There’s the sap. If it’s sappy, it’s happy, I always say.”

Cochran’s eyes bulged. Er…more like fappy. His head turned toward the other customers once again before returning his gaze to the herbesco succidus. His cheeks became hotter than ever. How could a plant do such a thing? Was it magical? No way, it couldn’t be. Magic didn’t exist. Real life said so. Just like the one time he’d thought he’d seen a mermaid in the lake. Nope. Not real.

“Too bad it doesn’t have a mate. It could use some company.”

Cochran raised his eyebrows. “A…mate?”

“It’s just lonely, that’s all.”


Dick smiled. “Taste it.” He said it so coolly.

Cochran furrowed his eyebrows. “Really?”

“Of course. Unlike most sap, this one’s edible.” Dick lifted an eyebrow. “Would I seriously put my customers in danger after running the most successful flower shop in town?”

Maybe he had a point. What harm could the sap do? It looked neither gross nor delicious. It just was.

Cochran swallowed, his heart rate increasing a little. Yet again, he checked on the other customers first. Everything clear. He extended his finger toward the opening and scooped a decent amount of the sticky sap on it. He bit his lower lip and stared at it.

Dick let out a chuckle. “Oh, it’s not going to kill you. I promise. Go on. Taste it.”

Cochran licked his lips. Was he actually going to do it? Oh, well. He supposed he could sue the shop if something terrible happened to him. After all, he could use the money to afford an apartment larger than his tiny downtown studio.

Cochran aimed for his mouth, froze for several seconds, and his trembling tongue met the sap.

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My Himbo Son Is My Life: The Complete Series Bundle

When Joe’s wife leaves him, he’s devastated.

His son, Ben, does everything he can to make his father happy again. Ben is twenty but he’s just…such a himbo. Joe loves Ben with all his heart, but Ben has always seemed to be lacking in the intelligence department. Joe accepts and appreciates everything Ben does to make him happy again.

But when those efforts to make Joe happy turn to a more sexual nature, Joe is hesitant. Ben might not be the brightest crayon in the box, but he’s ridiculously fit and attractive…and Joe can admit to himself that he’s felt sexual urges for his son before.

Joe’s resistance to his son’s sexual overtures soon crumbles and he’s quickly pulled into a taboo relationship with Ben. But when he uncovers secrets about Ben and how he’s being taken advantage of, Joe becomes even more fiercely protective of Ben, which only leads him even further down the path of forbidden lusts.

My Himbo Son Is My Life: The Complete Series Bundle is a 28,000-word collection of the five previously-published stories in this series, including Ben’s Big Butt Cake, Ben’s Big Mouth, Ben’s Big Boy Butt, Ben’s Big Heart, and Ben’s Big Experience.

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I didn’t want Ben to see me like this. It was bad enough that his deep voice soothed me in a way it shouldn’t. I sniffled and wiped the tears off my face. I tried to sound as calm as possible. “Yeah?”

“I turned into a pony. Want to see?”

I turned around, and my eyes widened at his big, jockstrapped ass waving at me with a horse tail in the form of a butt plug. What had made him think to do that? And a butt plug too? But my cock didn’t care because it started growing at the sight of his beautiful body. He was a smooth jock who was heavily focused on his attractive looks and spent more time exercising his muscular body than his “flabby” brain. Though, I probably shouldn’t talk since I could afford to get back into shape with my flat-assed dad bod. Even Jack was muscly and defined with a perky ass, a golden wolf to be specific.

Not only did Ben seem emotionless, but he was oblivious as to how inappropriate this was. “It’s blond like my hair, so it matches. And I can make it move too.” He pressed against the skin right below his ass cheeks to make them jiggle, unintentionally luring me with so much temptation that I had to fight. God, I was so horny for him.

This was why I didn’t want to let Ben leave. He was so innocent and naïve. He was the true definition of a himbo, and I worried about him being taken advantage of by wolves in disguise. I wasn’t sure what his sexuality was, but I knew men would be as hungry for him as I was. Still, it was his chance to break out of his shell after being homeschooled his whole life, albeit with major academic struggles that Bettie and I had needed to help him with after failing twice, hence his “delayed” graduation. It was important for him to get out there into the world and do other things. He was a man now, a well-developed one at that, and he needed to grow both mentally and emotionally. I’d recently told Jack to help me out by getting it through Ben’s head, so I had hope.

But I’d always lust after my own son. I loved him more than my life, but he was a man, and so was I. I couldn’t help my feelings. Maybe it was for the best, though. Because now that Bettie was gone, and if Ben ever felt the same way, our father-and-son bond would change forever. There’d be no turning back.

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