Author: indieerotica

My Big Brother’s Skilled Hands

Daren is a high school wrestling jock with a lean body—and he’s a never-been-kissed virgin with a very horny mind. After pulling a muscle in a match, Daren visit the men’s-only spa where his twenty-four-year-old brother Colin works.

Daren idolizes Colin—also a hot and buff jock—and harbors a secret illicit crush on him. Really, it’s more than a crush. Given the chance, he’d do anything with or for Colin.

This brotherhood is about to grow closer when Daren discovers that Colin is an erotic massage therapist…and that Colin harbors similar feelings for Daren.

Colin’s skilled hands have just the skills to provide Daren with some much-needed relief…the kind that forever stays behind closed doors.

My Big Brother’s Skilled Hands is a 3,500-word short story.

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A sexy smile spanned Colin’s chiseled face that had some scruff growing out. “I’m not busy at all. Anything for my little bro.”

“Thanks.” That warmed my heart with brotherly love and made my dick twitch with incestuous excitement. Colin had always been affectionate, and while I obviously wasn’t little anymore, being his little bro still felt special.

“Take your T-shirt off and unzip your jeans, then go lie on the massage table.”

I lowered my eyebrows. “Unzip my jeans?” I didn’t want Colin to see what I was wearing underneath. Could he tell from the thick waistband?

“It makes it easier for me to massage your waist and the small of your back. I mean, I’ve been doing this for a few years, so I’m not exactly a rookie.” He winked.

I nodded, reluctantly taking my shirt off. I unzipped my jeans until they accidentally dropped to my knees, my face flushing hot from embarrassment. I’d lost weight and was noticeably leaner, even though I was toned from wrestling. I really needed to remember to buy some new jeans. I couldn’t give Colin eye contact now. He saw my body whenever I changed in front of him, but never in a jockstrap, given the questionable implication it gave.

He just chuckled. “I didn’t know you started wearing jockstraps like I do.”

My eyebrows rose, but I still couldn’t get myself to look at him. “You wear them, too?”

“Yep. It’s very common. Come on, Daren, I’m surprised you don’t know that, since you’re gay and probably already exploring stuff.”

“Heh. Not…quite.”

“Oh. Well, you’re still a teen, I guess. So, what made you start wearing them? Or just the one?”

I shrugged. “I bought quite a few online with the gift card you gave me for my birthday.”

“I see. Money well spent, then.”

I chuckled. “Yeah, I just like them.”

“Nothing wrong with that.” Since Colin hadn’t worn a jockstrap in front of me, this new knowledge added to my sexual fantasies, and I could only imagine how many more times I’d jerk off thinking about him in a jock.

“Well? Now that your jeans are down, you might as well take the jock off, too. It’s actually easier with fewer clothes.”

“Really?” My dick twitched again.

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My Little Bro’s Butt

Bradley and his little brother, Tyler, have always been close. They took baths together as little boys, and they now take showers together as young men. Bradley always washes Tyler from behind. It’s a secret routine of theirs, and despite being grown up, they’ve never stopped.

With Covid lockdown in full swing, Bradley and Tyler are left alone in the house while their dad is stuck out of town. Routine is the only thing that helps them get through.

But something has changed. For Bradley, Tyler’s little butt completely captivates him and he starts to think of more than just washing it. For Tyler, there’s a longing for his big bro’s hands to do more than just massage him with soap. Bradley and Tyler are getting dangerously close, and routine is getting them through lockdown, but what if it might just forever break the sacred bond they have as brothers?

Will Bradley tame his urges, or will he follow the natural trail of his desires for his little bro’s butt?

My Little Bro's Butt is a 15,000-word short story.

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I soap up and start jerking, but there’s just nothing there. I keep thinking of how wrong it feels to shower alone, when really what I want is big bro’s hands on me.

I start to soap up my shoulders instead. That’s when I notice the shower door is open.

I startle, and in the instant I try to turn and see, I feel big bro’s hands gripping both my shoulders.

It’s not his usual grip. This grip is hard and almost hurts.

His body is pressed against mine. I feel his giant erection jutting up against my butt.

There are no words. I surrender in that grip, willing to do whatever big bro wants.

He seizes the soap from my hands, then I feel his hands slicking up his erection, and my ass. He pulls me back, away from the shower spray. I don’t resist.

With one hand, he pushes my butt up a little. I feel that deep pressure of his dick against my hole. He eases up with the hand against me, letting my hips fall with gravity…down on that slick big bro dick I’ve wanted all day.

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A Brotherly Holiday Series: 4-Pack Bundle

The holidays bring out special bonds between brothers, but for some brothers that bond runs far too deep. For some young men, that bond includes hot taboo sex with their brother.

This four-pack bundle of forbidden lusts includes the following previously-published stories:

A Brotherly Christmas
Through a little bit of Christmas magic and holding onto hope, Josh's most taboo wish might come true.

A Brotherly Valentines
Eighteen-year-old Adam plans to lose his virginity on Valentine's Day...but the man who shares this experience with him is the biggest, sexiest surprise of Adam's life.

A Brotherly Halloween
Brothers Liam and Lyle have always been close, but when Liam crossdresses and plays into Lyle's domination fantasies, they cross lines brothers never should.

A Brotherly New Year’s
A secret taboo reunion could change Dane's life forever, and prove that a deep brotherly bond can create the strongest connection of all.

Explore these four seductive tales of brothers getting it on in this 24,000-word bundle.

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In the dimly-lit living room, I sat on the bear rug with my legs crossed in anticipation, just a few feet away from the large Christmas tree. The heater had turned off for the cycle, and the embers in the rustic fireplace barely glowed. The only sound in the house was Dad’s snoring, drowning out any of Jake’s snores. At least the stench of cheap cigarettes had finally faded away, which did nothing but yellow the chipped walls.

I wore an old set of Christmassy PJs that still fit me because I was a twink who could fit into practically any small size. To be fair, it had originally belonged to a cousin of mine who had grown into a twunk.

Even though Mom was no longer around to tell me to be a good boy, I already knew to carefully leave a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk on the wobbly coffee table, just like every year. Please, as if I didn’t know what the surprise was. I’d just kept it to myself because it was part of the fun. Life was hard, and so was family life. Let me have something magical to hold onto, at least.

Now that it was past midnight, I was officially eighteen. So, this year, I wanted to have some fun and mix things up. I’d jerked off and shot a big load inside the glass of milk as a devious little prank. I couldn’t wait for Santa to drink it all up so that I could see his reaction.

After more minutes of waiting, Santa finally came from right behind me in quiet steps. I never turned around because I wanted to wait until he circled around to face me for a proper surprise. He always stood right by the Christmas tree.

Like every year, I forced myself to believe Santa really was here again, albeit slimmer and younger than the old and jolly version, but still much bigger than me. He towered over me in his famous red suit and hat that made me melt in ways I couldn’t begin to explain. “Ho, ho, ho!” he cheered in a low tone, his voice so deep in a contrived way.

He knew just how much this meant to me. He knew I didn’t want to grow up, but since I had to at my age, I might as well cling onto this part of my childhood. That was the whole point of this yearly experience. Some things, I just didn’t want to let go of, even though I was expected to.

Santa ate the cookies, looking pleased. Then, he gulped down the milk, but he made an awkward and pensive face. He sighed, shaking his head. “I think I know why this milk tastes a bit funny.” He didn’t sound mad, though.

I pursed my lips, trying my hardest to suppress a giggle. I was so naughty this year!

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A Brotherly New Year’s

Now that Dane is eighteen, he’s ready to meet his first hookup in hopes of losing his virginity. And what better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve? Of course, the faceless hookup, whose hot body is suspiciously familiar, will never be as special as Dane’s big brother, Dalton.

Dalton is the love of Dane’s life, and he’s the one whom Dane wishes he could give his all to, including his virginity. Dalton is shunned by the family, and Dane isn’t allowed to associate with him.

But what happens when the faceless hookup turns out to surprise Dane in the most pleasant way? Maybe a secret reunion can change his life forever. Maybe it can prove that a “deep” bond that goes all the way can make for a strong and healthy brotherhood.

A Brotherly New Year's is a 6,200-word short story.

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“Look, Dane. Your mother and I just don’t want you to be like your brother now, okay? Dalton is a lost cause. Two years out of our lives and counting, and you won’t be an exception if you screw up.”

Why did Dad have to bring that up now? Even though my parents refused to give me the full details, I doubted that anything could ever change the way I saw Dalton.

Mom glanced at the clock. “Well, the countdown is in an hour, so please come back in time.”

I gave her a nod. “I will. It’s not like I’ve ever missed a countdown with the family.”

“Have a good time, son,” Dad said with a smile that looked like a mix between proud and cautious. Hopeful?

I waved goodbye and stepped out in a nice salmon-colored button-down tucked inside a pair of olive-green khaki shorts. Complete with my designer boat shoes, I was confident enough to know I looked decent, but would it be obvious that I was wealthy? I tried not to worry about it too much, instead relaxing and keeping a positive mind while the nerves of my first hookup bubbled up a little.

Surrounded by fields and woods, I felt at peace. The cool night breeze put a smile on my face, and I was glad our winters largely felt like summer, since Christmas was commonly associated with snow. The starry sky looked beautiful as always. Crickets were the only sound out here this late at night, sometimes a rodent or two depending on where I walked.

I turned on the flashlight from my phone and lit the way down the gravel road where I’d meet the man parking farther ahead. Now was when my heart really started racing because of how bold I was, especially doing something so illicit behind my parents’ backs, but I’d been horny and curious long enough. In fact, I’d had fantasies of having sex with guys for a few years, only it hadn’t been until now that I’d felt ready to try it.

Most of those fantasies included Dalton. I’d never forget how he used to always leave the bathroom door cracked open whenever he’d taken a shower, allowing me to creep inside for a quick and careful peek. He was so beautiful that he could be a model. He had blue eyes like mine (but so much prettier), a chiseled face that looked a bit older because of the scruff, and blond hair that was cut short. What I’d give to belong to him and only him. I’d marry him if possible because I knew deep down that my feelings for him weren’t just sexual.

God, I missed my brother so much…

A parked car with the headlights off appeared from a distance. It had to be the man. Who else could it be? No one in town did that. Also, the car wasn’t even a luxury model, so he was clearly not from the area.

I kept walking a little faster until I reached the car. I peered through the window to capture the silhouette of a man.

He opened the door for me.

Panting, I reluctantly got in and shut it. My heart pounded, and my hands trembled while I turned off the flashlight with jittery hands. It was now pitch-dark and dead silent.

He gently shushed me and pulled me into his arms, and the touch of his clothes confirmed he wore and tank top and shorts. “I promise you’re safe with me. I’d never hurt you.” Huh? That deep and soothing voice, sending electricity down my spine and making my dick hard, sounded eerily familiar. Sure, it was nice to finally hear it, better than I’d imagined, but I was also confused.

No, it couldn’t be!

I started relaxing fast the more he cuddled with me, and I really liked his clean, manly scent. There must have been an air freshener in here, too. Cherry?

“Hi,” I muttered, my cheeks flushing.

“Shy now?” He chuckled.


“You’re fine.”

God, that voice and even the chuckle. But there was no way. No way at all. Right?

I faced him, and even though I couldn’t see his face, touching it made me think of him as hot. His clean-shaven skin felt nice, neither smooth nor rough. But I really wanted to see him. His familiar voice burning into my memory demanded it. “Can I see your face?”

“As long as you promise not to step out of the car when you see it.”

“I promise.” Why would I do that, anyway? I was sure he was hot. The real question was if he was who I thought he was.

He flicked on the light above us, and I froze. “Surprise, little bro.”

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Silent Night, Unholy Night: A Taboo Tale of Brothers and Cousins

Eighteen-year-old John is the middle of three brothers who look like triplets but aren’t. John is especially close to Jacob, the oldest, while Jared, the youngest, has a bit more distance and is more focused on his serious girlfriend. The family is devoutly Christian, and the house rules are so religious that not even masturbation is allowed. Of course, that doesn’t stop John from doing it, and it also doesn’t stop his mind from wondering if his brothers do it, too, particularly Jacob.

It's Christmas, and twin cousins, Peter and Paul, are staying for the holiday weekend. The house is quiet because everyone is asleep. However, John can’t sleep and decides to take care of business in the bathroom. He notices that Jacob isn’t in their shared bedroom, and Jared is deep asleep in the top bunk. Jacob didn’t even say his special goodnight phrase like he does every single night, something that’s reserved for John. Where could Jacob be?

As John quietly steps out of the room, a series of unfamiliar sounds come out of the guestroom where Peter and Paul sleep. Could Jacob be in there? But they aren’t just any sounds; they’re the sounds of fornication, strong enough to lure John into listening as a private audience with a curious hand. These taboo sounds confirm that rules are meant to be broken, and John quickly learns that a silent night can unexpectedly turn into an unholy night.

Silent Night, Unholy Night is a 5,700-word short story.

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As I quietly got up, I noticed Jacob wasn’t there from what I could make out through the moonlit window. Hmm, that was strange. It was silent at home, save for a mild cacophony of crickets and the others snoring, so that explained why I couldn’t hear him snoring. Since everyone else was asleep, I wondered where he could be. Maybe he’d gone out with our twin cousins, Peter and Paul, who were staying here for the holiday weekend. The four of us were around the same age, so we’d always been close and shared similar interests. What I felt for Jacob, I felt similar for both cousins.

I tiptoed across the room to make as little noise as possible. I carefully opened the door and stepped into the dark hallway, the carpeted floor making it easier to remain silent. Mom and Dad were deep asleep by the faint sounds of their snoring. Their room was to my left where the bathroom was, so it was safer for me to masturbate at this time because of no interruptions.

As I was about to go to the bathroom, breathy sounds coming from the guestroom down to my right captured my attention. I lowered my eyebrows because it sounded like the bed was squeaking. I tiptoed toward the door and leaned closer with my ear facing it. My eyes bulged in shock because it sounded like a series of hard breaths. But they weren’t the kind people made when exercising. They were the kind that sounded…sexual?

A few gentle moans made my penis twitch, followed by a shush. The sound of friction came next, and I got even harder. Who was in there with Peter and Paul? Was it Jacob? There was no girl in the house besides Joanna, and the noises sounded masculine.

Ungh, don’t stop,” one of them whispered in a deep tone.

“Yeah, take it in both ends,” whispered another one in a deeper voice.

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A Hot Nephew for Christmas

Don is a lonely, middle-aged man who is ready for another dull Christmas to match his equally dull life: looking after his elderly parents, his job doing data entry, and never getting married or having kids of his own.

Speaking of kids, Don’s brother, Eric, calls him and begs him to look after his out-of-control son, Phil. Don reluctantly agrees to it, but when he reunites with Phil, he quickly learns that the eighteen-year-old is not a kid anymore. Phil is a hot twink ready to get to know Uncle Don in a whole new way.

Maybe having a hot nephew for Christmas can be the most intimate gift yet.

A Hot Nephew for Christmas is a 6,300-word short story.

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Phil wrinkled his forehead. “I didn’t drop out. But I did get expelled. I just haven’t told my dad yet, and I blocked the school’s number on his phone so he wouldn’t find out on his own.”

Oh, boy. That sounded serious. Should I be worried? “What happened?”

Phil paused, lowering his gaze to the floor while his cheeks began to flush. “Can I whisper it since Grandma and Grandpa are here?”

I nodded and hunched over to have his lips reach my ear, hoping it wasn’t something too problematic to deal with.

He whispered, “I was caught having sex with two guys in the school bathroom. You know, in both ends, me in the middle. And my dad hates me now.”

My eyes widened because it was definitely not the news I had ever expected to hear from my nephew, yet for the second time since he had arrived here, but for a different reason, my bulge threatened to grow at the thought of such an illicit act. Maybe Phil really was rebellious, just as I’d thought, except for different reasons.

I tried to collect myself from the shock and made sure to stay calm enough to comfort him without judgment. It was good to know he was gay, or at least, not straight. That was one personal concern out the window because I could be myself more freely around him, provided that Mom and Dad remained in the dark about it.

Phil leaned into my ear again. “Sometimes, I can’t stop masturbating, and Dad says I have a sex problem that he can’t afford to deal with.”

Oh, no! A tent began to appear in my swim trunks from all this unintentionally horny information. My cock grew fully erect, and humiliation came over me in an instant, my face probably reddening now.

My nephew raised his eyebrows as soon as he noticed it.

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Gay Family Incest Sex Mega-Bundle

Nothing makes gay sex hotter than doing it with your family.

Whether it’s brothers, fathers and sons, or even larger generational gaps, when these men get horny, nothing gets between them and what they crave most—the taboo bonding of sex with forbidden men.

Included in this taboo collection are the following stories:
- Son Makes Three
- Father’s Day with the Birthday Boy
- Christmas Day with the Virgin Butt
- Ben’s Big Butt Cake
- Ben’s Big Mouth
- Ben’s Big Boy Butt
- Ben’s Big Heart
- Ben’s Big Experience
- A Silver Daddy for Two
- A Twunk Top for Two
- A Related Pair for Two
- Sin
- Release
- Punishment

This 71,000-word mega-bundle will keep you up late into the night, scratching that taboo itch.

Publisher’s Note:
These stories were previously published individually, as well as in the following collections: “My Himbo Son is My Life”, “Beachboy Twink Twins”, and “Punishing My Himbo Slut Brother”.

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Now, I realized Delfin had every right to learn about intimacy. Weird or not, I wanted to make things right by teaching him anything and everything, even if it meant letting him out into the world on his own one day, which Dad and I weren’t prepared for just yet.

Delfin moved away and pulled his T-shirt off his torso, tossing it onto the floor. Then, he pulled down his PJ bottoms and underwear and kicked them off his feet. “I’m naked…like you guys!”

Dad and I chuckled, and we gazed at my son with so much fondness. He was our pride and joy, and we were fiercely protective of him to the point of hurting anyone who’d hurt him. We caressed his naturally smooth and skinny body, mostly his chest. At eighteen, he was officially a twink, but he was also well-endowed from all the times I’d seen him. When I saw Dad rubbing Delfin’s right nipple with his thumb, I rubbed his left one. The goosebumps forming on his warm skin told me how much he wanted this. As long as he desired us like Dad and I started to, we’d make sure he felt good everywhere.

“Is this okay, baby boy?” I asked. “Can we do this to you?”

Delfin stifled a giggle and inhaled, as if trying to withstand what was probably ticklish to him. “Yeah. Feels good.”

“Yeah?” I said in a horny tone. I loved Dad with all my heart and desired him like no other man, but I’d recently started feeling a similar way for my own son. Dad seemed to have felt that way too, which made me relieved. Delfin was a man now, and given that his uncut cock was bigger than mine and Dad’s, he was definitely grown. I imagined his big balls were full of so much milk that needed to be released.

“Anytime you want to stop, you let us know, okay?” I said. God, I was so turned on by this. I wanted my own son in ways I’d never thought would happen.

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Withdrawal (A Hero Ensnared #4)

Marcus, A.K.A. the archvillain Imperious, is not a man that takes “no,” for an answer. When Castor refuses to surrender himself mind, body, and soul to Marcus’ service, he ends up locked in an enchanted filigree chastity cage.

While he is able to resist the temptation for a while, his body’s needs eventually drive him up the wall, and only one man can give him what he needs. Despite his better judgment he approaches Marcus, principles and morals discarded for the need that’s eating him up from the inside.

Withdrawal is an 8,000-word short story and part four of a four-part series.

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Again, Marcus shook his head. “No,” he said. “I want you to give yourself to me. Body, mind, and soul. Serve me at and for my pleasure.”

Castor gulped. His cock twitched. “What? Like a sex slave?”

Marcus smirked. “Like a sex slave.”

For once, Castor was able to shut down the arousal. The shock was too much. He gawped at Marcus for a moment, his mind spinning at the thought. “W-what the hell?!” he said. “N-no way!”

Despite how far he’d fallen, he still had some scruples. Just because he’d let his penis corrupt him into a filthy pervert didn’t mean he wanted to serve as a villain’s fucktoy.

Not that the prospect wasn’t tempting. His cock certainly made no secret of that. Despite having come only minutes before, he was starting to chub up again, and all because of Marcus’ offer.

Castor shook his head. No. He had to focus. This was a step too far and he couldn’t believe part of him was seriously considering it.

He hadn’t fallen that far, had he? Just because he didn’t consider himself a hero anymore didn’t mean he didn’t give a shit about the cause anymore.

But the idea was just so hot. He and the tiny voice in the back of his head agreed on that. He had to at least admit that.

But just because it was hot didn’t mean he had to do it. No. No. No matter how hard the prospect made him, that was a step he couldn’t take.

Marcus chuckled. It was almost predictable that he’d enjoy the conflict raging inside Castor. A villain through and through, no matter how handsome he looked.

“Do you mean to tell me you are happy with the way things are?” said Marcus.

Castor’s cheeks took on a faint pink tinge. “W-what do you mean?” he stammered.

“Oh, you must be feeling it now,” said Marcus. “Guilt. Remorse. A sinking feeling in your gut. Not because you are a cock-obsessed pervert—I know you accept that and part of you, indeed, is actually quite proud of the fact—but because of what you have failed to do.”

Castor gulped audibly. Marcus’ insight proved once again to be unerringly accurate.

He did feel bad. Not because he’d played with himself and gooned out on his penis on the job, but because he’d ruined things for Corey as a result.

The only reason he wasn’t beating himself up over it was that Marcus had talked about rescheduling the date being a net benefit. Otherwise, he might well have hated himself into the next week.

Marcus grabbed Castor by the face, placing his thumb on his chin and hooking his index finger underneath. He forced him to look into his enchanting blue eyes as he said, “Are you satisfied with being a cock-addicted, porn-addicted loser that lets his friends down because he is too much of a reprobate to know even the slightest hint of restraint?”

A smirk tugged at the corner of Marcus’ mouth as he continued. “You and I both know this will only get worse. Degenerates like you only ever do. There will come the occasion when you goon on your batestick at the wrong time and hurt someone you love.”

Marcus’ blue eyes felt like they were boring into the very depths of Castor’s soul, where all his fears and insecurities lay. “Is that the life you want to live, pervert?” Marcus whispered, his voice like ice water pouring down the curve of Castor’s spine.

“N-no,” Castor gasped, tears brimming in his eyes, “No! Never! B-but I can’t join you.”

Marcus laughed as Castor felt something cold and hard cinch around the base of his cock. “I think you’ll find, Mr. Caldwell, I am not a man who is used to hearing the word ‘No.’ You will come around. One way or another.”

Castor looked down as Marcus released his chin. Just in time to watch the man’s hand fasten a tight filigree cage around his cock.

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Addiction (A Hero Ensnared #3)

The encounter in the forest haunts Castor. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t get those blue eyes out of his mind. He’d heard the stories but he’d never imagined the archvillain Imperious could leave such an indelible first impression.

He’s almost helpless to resist his body’s wants. Even when he has a mission of utmost importance, he can’t help but indulge his carnal nature—a nature that Imperious had exposed not too long ago.

Addiction is a 6,800-word short story and part three of a four-part series.

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This was bad.

He needed to stop.

He needed to resist. Just this once.

He had to pull his hand out of his pants, fix his clothes, and look presentable. Corey’s date was due to arrive any minute now to pick him up. But his hard, swollen cock just felt too good to ignore.

And if there was anything he’d come to understand over the last month, it was that he was powerless to resist the insistent, needy throbbing of his arousal. Fuck.

There was no use fighting. He couldn’t win. He didn’t have the strength, the discipline, or the willpower.

Once upon a time—back when he’d been a real hero—he might have managed to put duty before self-pleasure. Not anymore. That was abundantly clear.

There was only one option now: surrender. He could struggle vainly for the next few minutes only to fail or he could just…let his cock take control.

That way, at least, there was the faint hope he’d finish in the few minutes he had left to spare. If he was lucky, he’d finish with enough time to spare to get all presentable again.

Reluctantly, Castor pulled his hand out of his pants. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped, sighing with relief as the tightness eased on his erection.

He looked down between his legs and licked his lips as he fished his cock out of his underwear. It twitched in the cool air, pre-cum dripping down the underside. It was a wonder he hadn’t yet made a wet spot in his pants.


Castor was so godsdamned horny. His cock was so godsdamned hard. He needed this so bad the first stroke alone produced a thrill of pleasure so powerful his mind went momentarily blank.

His breathing became shallower. His chest rose and fell rapidly, his eyes fluttering. He moaned as he worked his hand up and down the length of his shaft.

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Voyeurism (A Hero Ensnared #2)

Castor Caldwell, A.K.A. Phantom, retired from active superhero duty years ago for good reason. He’s just not suited to that life anymore. He much prefers the relative luxury of using his shapeshifting powers to stand in for the front-liners, making sure their secret identities stay secret.

When Tempest is called back to duty, however, Castor is called up from retirement to keep an eye on him just in case there are some lingering effects from the younger super’s month-long capture. Unfortunately for him, things only get worse from there as an encounter with a fallen hero reveals that things are not quite as they seem with Tempest.

Voyeurism is a 7,000-word short story and part two of a four-part series.

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Castor squirmed in his restraints. His cock throbbed. There was now a sizable lump in the front of his suit and thanks to the way Luxus had tied him up, he had no way to hide it.

He felt like he was watching a cheap B-reel superhero porno, complete with the awful acting and hammy dialogue. It was so bad it went right back around to being hot and his obvious arousal made that fact readily apparent.

Imperious turned away from the action and faced Castor. “Do you understand now?” he said. “Why you are nothing like him?”

Castor gulped. He could guess what Imperious was getting at. And considering where those bright blue eyes were currently pointed, he was all but certain.

“Nothing to say for yourself?” said Imperious, a small smirk playing on his lips. “That is perfectly acceptable. Allow me to elucidate.”

Imperious walked up to Castor. Uncomfortably close.

Despite Castor being tied to the tree as to essentially be at eye level with Imperious, the latter seemed to nevertheless loom over him. There was just something so undeniably imposing in the sheer weight of presence Imperious threw around.

Castor’s inner thigh trembled as Imperious’ fingers drifted feather-light along the curve of his leg. He could feel the nails tracing thin lines on his skin as if the suit wasn’t there at all.

His breath caught in his throat as Imperious’ fingers drifted to his crotch. The archvillain cupped his balls with the tips of his fingers.

“You’re not a real hero, are you, Castor?” Imperious murmured.

Castor’s heart skipped a beat. “W-what kind of nonsense is that? F-fuck you! I am a real hero!”

Imperious smirked. He slipped his hand forward, letting Castor’s balls rest in his palm as he massaged them with his thumb. Castor had to suck in a breath to suppress the moan that threatened to spill from his lips at the sensation.

The corner of Imperious’ mouth twitched. “You cannot mean to say you really think so. You know, deep down, you are a sorry excuse for a hero.”

Castor’s cheeks burned. Just because he’d chosen to retire didn’t mean he was any less of a hero than Tempest was.

He’d shed blood, sweat, and tears in the name of justice. He’d done his time. He was just done with the tragedy of all of it.

He was a hero, still. He wouldn’t have stayed on with the Hall, otherwise. There were Supers all over the place that led normal lives, perfectly aware of their powers and in control of their own destinies. Castor was with the Hall because he wanted to help, still, just not by being on the front lines of the war against villainy.

Imperious traced a single finger up along the underside of Castor’s cock. “Right about now, I imagine you are trying to rationalize to yourself that you are still a hero. That I am wrong…”

Heat bloomed across Castor’s cheeks. It seemed Imperious had him dead to rights.

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