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The Delivery Boy And The MILF

Geoffrey is nineteen and has taken a summer job as a bike courier, hustling documents from one office to another. Near the end of the day, he makes a stop at his favorite stop — the office where Cassandra works.

Cassandra is a MILF through and through. At least twice Geoffrey’s age, she’s got the maturity and experience he craves in a woman, plus the fact that she has a bangin’ bod only adds to her appeal. He’s had more than one late night one-handed session thinking about her.

Just as he’s dropped off the package and is about to head on to his next stop, Cassandra steps out of her office and beckons to him. It’s almost like something out of one of those late night fantasies — she calls him into her office, closes the door, and talks about how he needs to do better to please her.

But it crosses the line from fantasy to reality when she closes the blinds and sheds her clothes.

Soon, Geoffrey is living out all of his wildest fantasies.

The Delivery Boy And The MILF is a 4,500-word short story.

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I don’t have to look. I know that voice. Cassandra Miller, the office manager here. She is a banging hot MILF but intimidating as fuck. I always get both a boner and a shudder of fear every time we cross paths.

When I slowly turn to face her, I feel my dick grow hard and I struggle to suppress a shudder. Every damn time.

“Yes?” I squeak out. I clear my throat and try to deepen my voice. “Yes, Ms. Miller?”

She puts her hand on her hips, a position that makes the open neck of her button-up shirt stretch open just a little more, giving just a hint of the fullness of her cleavage. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Blonde hair cut just at her shoulders, smooth face, banging body, full boobs, and a hot hourglass figure.

I’ve jacked off many times while thinking about her.

“Come with me,” she says and turns on her heel, sashaying to her office door just around the corner from the reception desk. I watch her ass swing side to side in that tight black skirt of hers.

I try to look casual and hold the clipboard in front of my crotch and then hurry after her. When I round the corner to her office door, I find her waiting for me. I squeeze past her and she shuts her door. This is how some of my masturbatory fantasies have started — so it’s not helping me control my boner.

“Sit down,” she says in a tone of voice that clearly says don’t fuck with me, boy.

I obediently sit, secretly thankful for the momentary excuse to legitimately put the clipboard over my straining dick.

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Becoming My Twin Sister’s Sorority Slave

Sexy freshman Ramona would do anything to get into Zeta Zeta Kappa, especially if it means getting closer to its flirty leader, Jewel. If accepted, Ramona has the chance to become Jewel’s freshman slave, meaning she’d be at the sexy senior’s beck and call for a year.

Nervous about her chances, Ramona asks her bookish twin sister, Andie, to join her on pledge night for emotional support. Though it turns out that ZZK is too wild for studious Andie, she participates in a titillating dare with her twin, and a forbidden passion is ignited between them.

The more Ramona and Andie try to deny their desire, the stronger it gets, threatening to either ruin their relationship—or take it in a whole new direction.

Becoming My Twin Sister's Sorority Slave is a 15,000-word novella.

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I can tell by the look on Andie’s face that she’s regretting this. It’s after midnight and below freezing, and we’ve been shivering on the front steps of the Zeta Zeta Kappa house for almost a half hour.

We’re not alone, which is probably adding to my sister’s discomfort. There’s about a dozen of us, all waiting to be let inside to pledge this sorority. I take a quick glance at the other freshmen girls and can tell they’re just as excited to be here as I am. Everyone is dying to become a Zeta—everyone except my twin sister, that is.

“If they don’t open in another five minutes, I’m going back to the dorm,” Andie says through clenched teeth.

I try not to roll my eyes. My twin has always been quiet and bookish, and never much of a partier like I am. I only convinced her to come with me to pledge because ZZK has a reputation for doing tons of community service. They’re also known for throwing wild parties for girls only—so wild that they’re an off-campus sorority. Zeta house is a few blocks away from Greek Row, and not too many students know much about it. In fact, you can pledge by invite only. On the second day of classes, Andie and I were handed our invitations by Jewel, the girl I’ve been infatuated with since we first visited State while looking at colleges last year.

“If you can’t stand waiting out in the cold for a few minutes, how will you ever survive pledging?” I ask.

“I already told you, I’m not letting anyone haze me,” Andie says. She gently pokes me in the rib, the jab of her finger soft through my heavy jacket. “I’m only here to make sure this chick is worth it.”

My cheeks heat up at the thought of Jewel. To say I have a huge crush is an understatement. If becoming a Zeta means getting close to her, then I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m lucky enough to have a sister like Andie to be my wing-woman.

Though we’re identical, you wouldn’t know it at first glance. I’ll never be persuaded to ditch our natural raven hair-color, but Andie dyed hers strawberry blonde the second we graduated from high school. It looks great on her, and despite her introversion she turns more than her fair share of heads. Still, she’s way too buried in her neuroscience studies to care about dating. I’ve always wondered if she’s asexual since she’s never expressed any major interest in boys or girls.

But if Andie’s happy, then I’m happy.

The heavy wooden door to Zeta house swings open, letting out a burst of warmth. Jewel stands in the doorway, haloed in the light from inside as she smiles down at us.

“Come on in, fresh meats,” she greets us.

Jewel is so fucking gorgeous that I immediately noticed her during the campus tour last year, walking across the courtyard while giggling with friends. Her infectious smile, chin-length black hair that always looks artfully teased into a bob, and knock-out figure were enough to cast a spell over me. What I wouldn’t give to have those C-cups, narrow waist, and generous ass all to myself.

But for now I focus on the task at hand and step into Zeta house with everyone else, pulling Andie by the hand behind me.

Once we’re all gathered inside the expansive foyer, Jewel closes the door and folds her arms under her chest. “Take off your jackets,” she says, gesturing to several coat racks and hooks around us.

There seem to be a lot more racks than necessary. Andie notices the same moment I do, because she shoots me a raised eyebrow as we shake off our coats.

“Now take off your shirts and bras,” Jewel adds.

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Eating My Twin Sister’s Birthday Cake

For ten years, twins Ro and Corey have dropped everything to rendezvous at an upscale New York City to celebrate their birthday. But this is a party for only two, and instead of feasting on cake these kinky sisters feast on each other. For only one night a year, Ro can let her hair down and submit to her every desire. Nothing will prepare her for the special surprise Corey has planned for her this year…

Eating My Twin Sister's Birthday Cake is an 8,000-word short story.

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I’m so excited I’m bursting at the seams. My high heels click ferociously across the marble floor all the way to the elevator. My fingers tremble as I call the twenty-eighth floor.

The doors close. I see myself in their reflective surface. The smile on my face is enormous.

As the elevator car zips me toward our room, I look myself over. Silky, bronze-colored button-down blouse. Black pencil skirt that hugs all my curves. Long black hair tied up into a neat bun. No bra or panties. I headed for the airport immediately after leaving the office early, knowing that I couldn’t be late for our rendezvous. We only get to share this night together once a year, and this one will be extra special—the tenth anniversary of our first night in this luxury New York City hotel together.

Tonight, we’ll be staying in room 2808. Last year 2708; the year before, 2608. Our first night here we were eighteen and staying in room 1808, and have kept the same room, different floor tradition ever since. We’ve decided this will be the last time. I try not to think about it as I step off the elevator and walk down the twenty-eighth floor corridor.

Chewing my bottom lip, I stand before the closed door, key card in hand. My whole body buzzes with anticipation. I slide the key into the lock and push open the door. The curtains are drawn, the room dark and silent.

She’s not here yet.

Disappointed, I drop my duffel bag on the lush, carpeted floor beside the king-sized bed. The digital clock on the nightstand reads 7:15. Where can she be? She’s never been late before.

It’s still light outside when I peek through the thick, heavy curtains. The mid-July sun is setting, casting golden rays across Central Park. The view is more spectacular the higher and higher the room.

But we won’t be paying attention to the view.

I sit on the foot of the bed, kicking off my heels, wondering how to pass the time before she gets here. After fixing myself a glass of bourbon—neat—at the room’s mini bar, I pick up the remote and aim it at the TV. Shopping channels, reality shows, news—I pass them all right until I get to the X-rated channel. The channel we’d stumbled upon that night ten years ago. The night that changed everything between us.

A threesome is taking place on the screen. Two busty women dressed like belly dancers writhe against some guy with an enormous erect cock. The guy reclines on a bed, much like the one I’m reclining on right now, and strokes himself as the ladies turn toward each other and kiss. They begin to undress each other, hands sliding over each other’s stiff nipples. My own nipples harden and press into the fabric of my blouse when I realize how much the two women look alike. Almost identical.

A soft beep startles me just before the door to the room flies open. I click off the TV and stand, almost losing my balance from the anticipation. Through the doorway she appears, dropping her bright pink, coral-printed carry-on bag on the floor. Her sundress is also pink and coral. Her black hair is loose and curly, flowing just past her shoulders. Different from mine, but still identical.

“Sorry I’m late,” she says as she steps toward the bed. “Flight delay.”

It doesn’t matter to me. I’m just elated to see her.

And turned on.

She steps closer toward me, close enough that I can smell the peppermint on her breath.

“Happy birthday, Corey,” I whisper.

“Happy birthday, Ro,” she says, pulling me into a deep, hard kiss. My hands tangle into her curly hair as I press her against me, wanting more of her mouth. Traces of peppermint gum linger on her tongue as I suck it.

With a low moan Corey breaks away, and before I can respond she’s popping open my blouse.

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Naughty Twin Sisters In The Closet

Twins Courtney and Brittney have made Em’s life a living hell ever since their mother married her father. Stealing her clothes and calling her names, these bitchy sisters aren’t afraid to get nasty. But when Em gets stuck in their closet one afternoon, she realizes just how nasty the twins can get—and how much they want her to join them.

Naughty Twin Sisters In The Closet is an 8,800-word short story.

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The twins are spoiled bitches. My doormat dad has been married to their gold-digging, trophy wife mom for three and a half years now. In addition to being stuck up and shallow, the twins take things from my room without asking all the time. They constantly make fun of my clothes, but think nothing of raiding my closet. Brittany and Courtney—or Brat and Cunt, as I like to call them—are the fucking worst.

After five blissful months away at college and surrounded by fellow dancers and artists, I’m stuck at home for three months with my stupid, slutty stepsisters. I have no idea how I’ll survive it.

Britt and Court were lounging in the pool in their itty-bitty bikinis when I got home from my run. If I want to make it as a ballerina, I need to keep my body in tip-top shape. But as I check myself out in the mirror before my shower, I can’t help but wish I was less athletic and more curvy. Curvy like Cunt and Brat. They’re built like pinup models, eating whatever they want without gaining a pound. Their mom is similar, but at least she does a lot of yoga. The twins are just lucky, and they spend all day in the pool and doing nothing. They’re still out there now, giggling and splashing water on each other when I get out of the shower.

I realize now is my chance to steal some of my stuff back. I get dressed in a tee and a pair of runner’s shorts before sneaking across the hall to their room.

Their place is a mess, which is no surprise considering how lazy and useless they are. Stepping over piles of clothes and bits of cosmetics, I easily spot my magenta cardigan on the floor—the same cardigan Court said made me look like a “dyke librarian.” That fucking bitch. And my bright blue tights are hanging off the headboard of Brat’s bed. After telling me how fat they made my ass look, that whore has some nerve taking them without asking.

Half a dozen articles of my clothing are tucked under my arms when my toe brushes against something hard on the floor. I reach down and see something bright pink poking out of a sock. Without thinking, I pick it up.

A vibrator?

My mouth drops. The twins just leave their sex toys lying around? I’m surprised one of them would even need a sex toy. Both twins have hot, beefy boyfriends who they’ve been fucking since high school. Do they really need masturbatory aids? At least it’s not myvibrator. The twins already make enough fun of my single status. If they stole my vibrator, I’d have to kill them.

I hear giggling and footsteps coming up the stairs—the twins are out of the pool already! And though I have every right to take my clothes back, I freeze. With the vibrator in my hand I feel guilty for being in here. When I hear them on the landing I panic and dash into their closet, closing the door partway so that I’m hidden. Hopefully they won’t stick around too long, and as soon as they leave I can slip back into my room with my stuff.

“I am bursting at the seams,” I hear one of them say, just outside the room.

It’s Court the Cunt. She’s two minutes older than Britt, and maybe that’s why she always acts like she’s in charge. She talks down to me all the time even though I’m five months older than her. Actually, Court talks down to everyone, especially her mom. With her long blonde hair, C-cup breasts, and pouty lips, she gets away with being a controlling bitch. She enters the room first, and even I have to admit she looks smoking in her sapphire blue bikini. Her wet tresses are plastered to her back. Her ass is practically spilling out of her bikini bottoms. I finger the vibrator in my hand.

“We should have stayed in the pool,” Britt replies. Britt the Brat isn’t as cruel and nasty as her twin, but she’s shallow and spoiled. She throws tantrums, and her mom always convinces my dad to buy her expensive things to win her over. My dad’s so naïve, but Britt is not without her charms. Her hair is shorter than Court’s, and curly. She’s got the same knockout body, though, and her black one-piece leaves very little to the imagination.

“No way,” Court says. I hear her close the door, but can’t see her. “Em’s car is here. And we can’t have that bitch narcing on us.”

Narcing? What is she talking about? I turn a blind eye to all the twins’ stupid shit. In fact, since I’ve been home from school I’ve been going out of my way to ignore them.

“Forget her,” Britt says, “And get over here.”

Court giggles, and then it gets quiet. I can’t see them from my spot in the closet, but soon I’m hearing more giggles and soft smacking sounds. Followed by a soft moan. What is going on out there?

As silently as possible, I inch closer to the edge of the closet and peer outside. Britt and Court are kissing—with tongue!

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Spiraling Down (Ruff Times #4)

Emotions make everything complicated, especially when you have a business-like relationship with your dominant. Simon is sure that Adrian feels the same way about him that he does about Adrian. Little does he know that one little question has the potential to change everything.

Spiraling Down is an 11,000-word short story and part four in a four-part series.

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Obedience Training (Ruff Times #3)

With the agreement signed and his rent covered for as long as he wants it to be, Simon takes the plunge into a whole new world of hypnosis, submission, and domination. Adrian's gentle touch and soothing voice never fails to make him melt, but there's more to their relationship than just slipping into trance.

Simon has agreed to submit to Adrian, but the problem is that he doesn't have a lot of experience in BDSM, much less in pup play. Luckily for him, Adrian is a patient and willing teacher. All he needs to do is sit back, relax, and listen to Adrian's words.

It's time for Simon to learn and he has a lot to catch up on, least of all how to be a good pup for his new owner. He will learn how to submit. He will learn how to bark. He will learn how to sit and stay and roll over. But most importantly, he will learn to obey.

Obedience Training is an 11,000-word short story and is part three in a series.

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Becoming The Young Boy Again: A Hypno Roleplay Dad-Son Master-Student Seduction Novel

Ethan wants to be young again, the son who his Daddy seduces. He wants to be a student whose teacher takes him as his slave and teaches him the secrets of his body. Now, thanks to an advanced hypno program, he will have it all, and more. He will never be the same…

Becoming the Young Boy Again is a 54,000-word gay erotic novel full of taboo roleplay, domination and submission, and kinky, deviant desires — even a light sprinkle of piss play. This book will make you cum. Multiple times. Do not read this book with friends in the room. Unless you want to make them cum too.

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Ethan’s first day of high school was almost normal.

His dad wakes him up at seven. It’s a ritual between them. The room is dark and Ethan is curled up under the covers, then hall light slivers into his room and soon the man’s muscular form looms over him.

“It’s that time,” his dad says. Then he reaches out and strokes Ethan’s cheek. His hand is like a rock that flexes. It’s rough with calluses from the 500lbs he deadlifts at the gym. When his fingers dust Ethan’s cheek, his heart flutters and his morning wood gets stiffer.

Then his dad’s gone and Ethan moans into his pillow. His dad showers first. He leaves his son’s room door wide open and Ethan can hear the sprinkle of the shower as the man washes himself. Ethan lies half-awake, his cock still stiff, driven point-first into his body pillow. Usually he humps the bed a bit, as he still thinks about that coarse hand on his cheek. It feels so good and tingly, but he also has to pee, so usually that’s the point where he gets up.

His dad is still showering when Ethan comes into the bathroom. They have a “who cares” policy in his house when it comes to nudity.

The toilet is next to the glass-door shower. Ethan pulls his boxers down and tries to bend his stiff erection to piss.

“Need help with that?” his dad asks.

Yeah, Ethan wants to tell him, but of course he knows his dad’s joking. This is the humor that runs between them. If his dad ever thought that Ethan wished the man would take his cock in hand, or that he’d come and snuggle under the sheets with him and press that whole muscular body hard against him, pin him down under all that weight, cock stiff and flush against his smooth butt cheeks…

Fuck. Ethan has to piss, but instead he’s got the tingly sensation in his cock and as he holds it he wants to keep squeezing.

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Kinky Daddies: A Dad/Son Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle

For a twink, nothing is hotter than sex with his father. Except when his father is super kinky.

This taboo bundle features four stories of masculine, powerful, and kinky daddies seducing their sons, stretching their limits, and exploring their deepest, most forbidden desires. From father/son piss play, to fisting, to gang bangs and more, this bundle has it all.

Kinky Daddies is a 16,000-word bundle and includes the following previously-published short stories: Drinking My Dad’s Piss, Tag-Teamed By My Dad And My Uncle, Fisted By Daddy, and Gangbanged By My Dad And His Friends.

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I turn my head slightly, looking to Chad and Derek. They’re both engrossed in the game. I turn back toward dad, my lips just a mere inch from his.

“Dad…” I say. I try to keep my voice low and steady, but it comes out with a crack. I sound like a pubescent teenager.

He glances past me, toward his friends, then his eyes meet mine again. “They know,” he says.

Then it hits me. It all hits me. Dad does remember that night. I thought I was the only one living with this guilt, but he is too. But … he doesn’t seem like he feels guilty. He seems… Dad takes my hand and puts it on his hard, massive bulge.

“Dad…” I say again, my voice cracking again.

“Trevor…” he says. I moan at the sound of my name on his lips.

Absently, I realize the game is over. I hear the theme music emanating from the TV, but it sounds like it’s a million miles away. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me close to him for a kiss, his lips crushing against mine, and it’s like all I can focus on, like my whole world exists in this kiss and nowhere else. Everything drops away — the TV, Derek, Chad — they’re all gone and it’s just dad and I and our kiss. I can taste the beer on his lips and his tongue, and the warmth of his body soaks through his clothes and through mine and warms me to my core. His hand falls to rest on my hard bulge and he starts rubbing it.

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Putting Him Under: A Straight-to-Gay Hypnotism 4-Pack Bundle

Inside every straight guy is a sex-obsessed gay man waiting to burst free. And sometimes the only way to reach that inner gay man is to hypnotize him.

This taboo bundle features four stories of seemingly straight men being hypnotized to unleash their insatiable gay desires, and then submitting to the very men who put them under. From jocks to hunks to roommates to cops — every straight alpha male secretly yearns for sweaty gay sex.

Putting Him Under is a 15,000-word bundle and includes the following previously-published short stories: Hypnotizing the Straight Jock, Hypnotizing the Straight Hunk, Hypnotizing My Straight Roommate, and Hypnotizing the Straight Cop.


I bite my lip, nervous with indecision. Looking in the mirror again, I catch the cop look up at me again from the seat of his car. Despite his mirrored sunglasses, the look of disgust is clear. Yeah, he’s a fag. He’s probably sucked more cock than me — probably taken more loads up the ass too. I can’t stand those two-faced homophobes who secretly have an insatiable desire for cock. Either own up to it or fuck off.

My cheeks are burning hot again, but now with anger. Fuck. I pick up my phone and dig through the links I have bookmarked. Near the bottom of the list is the hypno soundtrack that worked the best on my ex. I look in the mirror one more time, weighing whether or not to actually try this. I catch him glaring at me once more before getting out of his car — and I also take a moment to ensure that he is, indeed, alone — and I decide that I’m fucking doing this.

I hit the link, then start the audio track that pops up. I place my phone on my dash, pointing the speakers toward where the cop will be standing. A loud droning noise fills the car. A moment later, that perfect view of his crotch happens again. Then he bends over. He’s about to say something, but then he eyes my phone.

“Turn that off,” he says, command clear in his voice.

“Listen to it … it’s soothing … it’s calming…”

“I said turn that fucking thing off.”

My heart suddenly beats at something like three times the speed, hammering against my ribs. This is the do-or-die moment.

“Listen to the sound of my voice …

Loving Daddies: A Dad/Son Gay Incest 4-Pack Bundle

Virgin twinks need a lesson in sex education — and there’s no one better suited to give it to them than their fathers.

This taboo bundle features four stories of masculine and powerful daddies seducing their innocent sons, and showing them just how raunchy and hot gay sex can be. From teaching his son how to perform at the glory hole, to showing his son what daddy learned in prison, to giving his son the first taste of gay sex, this collection has it all.

Loving Daddies is a 15,000-word bundle and includes the following previously-published short stories: At The Glory Hole With Dad, Seduced By My Ex-Con Father, Taking My Dad’s Hot Load, and Watching Gay Porn With My Dad.

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I turn down the music on my laptop and listen to the noises in the house. It’s just dad and me at home, and I’m sure I heard him swearing.

Instead, what I hear is something like an alert siren, but it sounds tinny, like it’s coming from computer speakers. I chuckle to myself and get to my feet, leaving my anthropology homework behind. Dad probably got some noisy pop-up ad that he’s having trouble closing. He’s not good with technology.

I wander through the house until I find him. He’s in his room, sitting on the bed, with his laptop across his knees. He looks up at me, startled, like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Need help, dad?” I ask, and start crossing the room to him.

“No,” he says, shaking his head franticly. “I’ll figure it out!”

I almost stumble when I see why he doesn’t want my help. His shorts and briefs are partway down his thighs and his hard, thick cock is laying across his lap.

“Uh…” I say, not able to put together words. I take in the sight of it — thick, veiny, dark, hard. It’s far bigger than mine. When I finally pull my gaze away from dad’s cock, I see his cheeks burning bright with shame. I probably look as red as him.

The only sound in the room, which is only barely overcoming the incredibly loud thudding of my heart, is the irritating shrill coming from the pop-up ad. Dad and I stare at each other for far too long.

Finally, he turns the laptop toward me, not bothering to pull his shorts up. “Can you get rid of this fucking thing?”

I nod, then get on my knees next to the bed. Though I try to focus solely on the laptop, I can’t help but glance at dad’s dick, only inches from my face. I try closing the pop-up, which I’m sure dad had attempted, and I was caught in an endless cycle of warnings, forcing the ad to stay open. It took a few moments of fiddling, but I managed to finally close the ad.

With the ad gone, I could see what dad had been looking at.

I never should’ve come in here.

Gay porn filled the screen.

An older man is fucking a younger man, his thick cock completely buried in the younger man’s smooth ass. I glance again at dad’s cock and feel my cheeks burning hot with a blush. Then I look over to the other side of the bed, mom’s side.

“You okay, son?” dad asks. His voice has a little quiver to it, like he’s as nervous as I am right now.

I bite my lip, trying to figure out what to say. Should I tell him what I really want to tell him? Fuck it. I’ll just do it.

“Let me show you a better site for gay porn,” I finally say.

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