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Felix Boni and the Reanimation of Craig Rotter

After the death of Felix's first love, Craig, a mysterious man gives Felix a proposition to bring Craig back to life. The catch? Felix and Craig have to take part in a study that records the interactions between humans and reanimated corpses. Why is this experiment a problem? Because they'll be watched with every single thing they do, including the most-intimate moments.

Despite his reluctance, Felix can at least have Craig back, which makes him so happy. Unfortunately for Craig, his new state is anything but pleasant. It's bad enough that he can't be seen in public without a mask. He can't even see his own family!

Now, Felix has to make a choice. He could continue with the experiment indefinitely, facing a rough life with no privacy. Or he could simply break it. But if he chooses the latter…

He'd lose Craig forever.

Felix Boni and the Reanimation of Craig Rotter is a 15,500-word novella.

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Someone knocked on the door several times in an off-kilter pattern. Felix’s eyes fluttered until he was fully awake. He lifted himself and sat on the edge of his full-size bed, yawning. Should he change out of his shorts into something decent? Or just throw on a T-shirt? Then again, maybe if whoever it was saw him shirtless and in this mood, they’d get the hint and leave him alone. Just because it was still his birthday didn’t mean he needed company. He’d already ignored his neighbors’ texts to go out to a bar as their way of cheering him up, but they didn’t know Craig the way he did, so they’d never understand the grief.

Felix grabbed his phone from the end table and glanced at the screen. He’d napped for three hours. He might as well have gone to sleep for the whole night. He placed the phone back on the surface and stood up. He glanced at the large window just a few feet to his left in the center of the living space, the only window in the unit. The lamp posts shone the path for the horse-drawn vehicles that strolled down the brick road with routinely pristine pavement on either side. He managed a tiny, reminiscent smile at the times he and Craig had ridden a carriage since motor vehicles were forbidden in town. They’d hung out at various places as a two-man adventure, especially in the woods at the main park, their favorite spot.

Another couple of knocks.

Felix rolled his eyes and trudged just feet away toward the entry door. If only he could afford a larger unit than his 300-square-foot one to fit more stuff, but the prices for the one- and two-bed chased his wallet away.

He stopped to rub his eyes from the temptation to crawl back into bed, and he let out another yawn.

More knocks.

He nearly jumped from the harder poundings than earlier, especially from the proximity. Incoherent grumbling from the other side of the door filled his ears, and he leaned toward the peephole.

A guy in a hoodie stood there with his head lowered and face hidden. That was a huge hoodie for someone who didn’t seem large enough to justify the size. He was about Felix’s height of five feet eleven inches with exaggeratingly baggy jeans and worn sneakers, all dressed in black. Who was he?

Felix’s heart raced. Should he answer the door? Should he open it and take the risk?

More pounding.

He jumped. “Who…who is it?”

The guy grumbled something like earlier. What was he saying?

Felix bit his lower lip. “I’m not opening the door until you tell me who you are.”

“Fe-lix,” was all the guy said in a throaty tone.

Felix’s heart pounded harder than the door at the familiarity of the voice. No, no. It was impossible. It couldn’t be!


Felix took a few steps back with widened eyes, his body quaking, and his breathing converting into a series of drawn-out puffs. No, no, no.


No! He was supposed to be dead! But who else could that voice belong to? Sure, some people sounded the same as one another, but not in an uncanny way, right? There was only one person who had a voice like the love of Felix’s life, and that was…


More knocking, more pounding. “Fe-lix!” This time, it was as whiney and whimper-like as a drunkard.

Felix gasped. “Craig…” His tone was barely audible. His speech reduced in ability.


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Cochran Brittle and the Seed of Herby Groon

Cochran is a flora appreciator who purchases a peculiar plant on his nineteenth birthday, and he names it Herby. Little does the poor virgin know that Herby can shift into the green and leafy stud of his (wet) dreams.

Could there be room for romance? Who knows? But pleasure comes first in what could turn into a unique experience.

Too bad Herby doesn’t speak English. Oh, well. He certainly speaks body language, and quite well from what Cochran is about to discover.

Cochran Brittle and the Seed of Herby Groon is a 6,200-word short story.

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Quite a distance from sullen, but not quite lively or animated. It just was, and it needed a permanent windowsill to rest on. It needed to be given not just proper care, but the tenderest of love that only an appreciator of Earth’s diverse flora could give.

And there it was, among the other equally-small plants on the purchase rack: an herbesco succidus, according to the information tag. Er-bess-coh soo-chee-doos? Who knew how it was pronounced? Oh, but lush it was in its semicircular pot like half a blue ball. And it was verdant despite its patchiness, with a thick, six-inch stem resembling a small cactus, but without spines or thorns. No, instead, the smoothness of the non-bushy sections called for a stroke just for kicks.

“You seem rather interested in that plant.”

Cochran Brittle didn’t break his gaze from the herbesco succidus after the male clerk’s words filled his ears. “I can’t stop looking at it. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen. I can promise you that. Virtually all my customers have found this plant to be ugly and it’s just been a tough sell for me.”

Cochran shifted his focus on the clerk whose nametag read Dick. “Hmm.” A barely visible slit on the round tip of the herbesco succidus caught Cochran’s eye, and he hadn’t noticed it before. “Did someone try to cut this plant trying to be funny or something?” He pointed at the inspection.

Dick chuckled. “No, no. That’s the secretion opening, another reason my customers wouldn’t dare to buy this plant. They tend to think it looks a bit vulgar.” He cleared his throat and looked around his shoulders. Only two other customers remained in the shop, standing from afar in a different section. He inched closer to the plant and wrapped his fingers around a smooth section of the thick base. With a nonchalant face, he gave it a repetitive stroking motion, up and down, up and down.

Cochran arched an eyebrow, and he, too, glanced around his shoulders before taking another glimpse with slightly tingly cheeks. He pursed his lips to suppress a giggle.

Stroke after stroke in a speedy pace for about one minute, and a translucent, sap-like substance oozed out of the opening in the speed of molasses. “There’s the sap. If it’s sappy, it’s happy, I always say.”

Cochran’s eyes bulged. Er…more like fappy. His head turned toward the other customers once again before returning his gaze to the herbesco succidus. His cheeks became hotter than ever. How could a plant do such a thing? Was it magical? No way, it couldn’t be. Magic didn’t exist. Real life said so. Just like the one time he’d thought he’d seen a mermaid in the lake. Nope. Not real.

“Too bad it doesn’t have a mate. It could use some company.”

Cochran raised his eyebrows. “A…mate?”

“It’s just lonely, that’s all.”


Dick smiled. “Taste it.” He said it so coolly.

Cochran furrowed his eyebrows. “Really?”

“Of course. Unlike most sap, this one’s edible.” Dick lifted an eyebrow. “Would I seriously put my customers in danger after running the most successful flower shop in town?”

Maybe he had a point. What harm could the sap do? It looked neither gross nor delicious. It just was.

Cochran swallowed, his heart rate increasing a little. Yet again, he checked on the other customers first. Everything clear. He extended his finger toward the opening and scooped a decent amount of the sticky sap on it. He bit his lower lip and stared at it.

Dick let out a chuckle. “Oh, it’s not going to kill you. I promise. Go on. Taste it.”

Cochran licked his lips. Was he actually going to do it? Oh, well. He supposed he could sue the shop if something terrible happened to him. After all, he could use the money to afford an apartment larger than his tiny downtown studio.

Cochran aimed for his mouth, froze for several seconds, and his trembling tongue met the sap.

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Little Blue Tail and the Big Bad Wolf

Blue Tail is a young merman with a secret desire to walk on land like people do. In desperation to make his dreams come true, Blue Tail strikes a deal with the sea witch—she gives him legs, but for an undisclosed steep price.

Blue Tail is soon captured by a crew of hungry wolves on a ship. While Blue Tail should feel fear and terror, he instead feels something…pleasurable. And this only serves to attract the attention of Captain Wolf and his whole crew, putting his life at risk. What a price to pay for human legs!

Given Captain Wolf’s keeping an eye on Blue Tail, and keeping him safe from the crew, is he perhaps not the big bad wolf he appears to be? Could he offer Blue Tail his protection?

Of course, there’s a catch. And it could change Blue Tail’s life forever.

“From a physical proximity, to a shared experience, to a permanent attachment…” Blue Tail has just this hint from the sea witch to go by. These words may not make sense to him, but they definitely make sense to his destiny.

A destiny that could make room for another existence in his life.

Little Blue Tail and the Big Bad Wolf is an 8,000-word short story.

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What was this hungry man going to do me?

He stood tall and confident while ordering the other hungry men who followed him. All of them smelled like woods with a hint of musk, and they resembled the lumbermen I’d seen multiple times from the surface of the sea, probably somewhere between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. I feared them because they were much larger and more muscular than my lean build, capable of anything and everything. I especially feared the captain of this gently-rocking ship I was captured in. Despite his being a young man like I was at twenty-one years old, he led with intimidation. He wasn’t hostile or unreasonably unfair, but he was firmly strict with rules to obey.

From a wooden post, I turned my head everywhere to get as much of a visual grasp as I could from my tied position, my skin still scratched from the pressure of the rope. My hair—damp and tousled—fell in red strings over my face like a veil. The large fishing net had won this time, much to my misery. If only I’d listened to Mother and Father not to stray far from the path to Grandmother’s grotto. I was stubborn and adventurous.

Nevertheless, if I hadn’t taken the risk of reaching the surface for another peek into the world of land beings, if only to live my own life, the outcome would’ve been different. Yet here I was, caught like the numerous fish humans typically ate, trapped with a possibly-grim future headed my way. Even the seagulls cried no more and were long gone by now, leaving an empty blue sky.

From afar, the other men looked at me with possessive eyes, mostly at my blue tail wiggling uncontrollably from my emotions getting the best of me. It wasn’t only the carnal kind of hunger the way it’d been with other men; it was also the true kind because of their rabid nature.

These big bad wolves liked fish!

I didn’t want to have to use my luring ability, since I could lure either of these men with a single stare, as long as they were weak enough to stare in return, the way many foolish men had done. But I needed to escape, and Captain Wolf was my most practical target. Human or not, it shouldn’t have had to matter.

I strongly hoped that the request I’d made to the sea witch for the ability to walk on land didn’t come with too much of a price. She’d refused to reveal what the steep price was, but the moment I chose to use my luring ability was the moment I’d walk like a human. The only thing she’d hinted was that a special marking could change my life forever. But what kind of marking? Her words had been: “From a physical proximity, to a shared experience, to a permanent attachment.” It was much too vague for me to understand it.

Anyway, unlike all the other times I’d used my luring ability, the next time I used it would be my last because humans weren’t able to lure the way merfolk could.

I stared at Captain Wolf who’d just poured water over his dark hair, probably because of the summer heat. Then, he looked my way as if to keep an eye on me. Why had he captured me, and what did he want from me? I swallowed and tried to calm myself. I softened my eyes and focused on his cautious ones. I could see speckles of amber mixed with the overall brownness of his eyes, possibly with the ability to change into full amber in his nonhuman form, his natural form.

I decided to speak softly as a start. After all, I wanted to calm him too. “You’re Captain Wolf, I see.” He was the biggest and baddest of the wolves, and his being in charge made sense.

That captured his attention quicker than I’d imagined. “I am.” He remained guarded by his restricted emotions that were responsible for his huskier voice, never failing to let go of his deep glimpse of me as if making sure I’d never escape.

“You’re quite strong and virile with defined muscles, and handsome as well.”

He took heavy steps toward me in a way that caused the wooden planks to pound. “So, you sing and speak, after all. With compliments, no less.” His deep voice traveled down my spine and threatened to erect my retractable penis. But despite his enticing looks, I’d never fall the way other male-attracted merfolk had done. I was probably capable of a romantic connection with a man like any other, but such a connection came with risks, so I didn’t want it in my life. Captain Wolf was also not of my kind.

I stared into his eyes for a moment longer, forming a deeper focus. “How is it possible that you don’t have a lady in your lonely life?”

He rolled his eyes. “I don’t need a lady.”

“Do you prefer the company of a man, then?”

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A Merman Owned By Two Wolves

When Jordan was born, his parents feared he'd go to the sea. So, they made a request to the sea witch to have him stripped of his merman abilities, leaving him with just his DNA, their last name, and a magical pendant known as Mermother's Tear. Now at twenty-two and a recent college graduate, Jordan longs to live life underwater. Sure, he's had memorable experiences as a human, but he yearns to return to his destiny.

He’s not alone in being a nonhuman creature trapped in human form. He connected online with twin wolves Rowdy and Roar, and tonight is the night to finally meet in person. Though both twins are attractive, something about Roar captivates him more than Rowdy, and Roar seems to feel the same way. But little does Jordan know what they have planned, particularly Rowdy who's the Alpha of his pack.

Roar gives Jordan so much hope for something special he's never had before. Equally so when Jordan later meets Rumbly, another wolf like no other. These two wolves aren't just hot, sexy, and loving, but they could become the start of a foreign journey for Jordan. After all, not all wolves are evil. Some just want what Jordan wants: true love.

Others want something else entirely, such as Jordan’s Mermother's Tear.

But all Jordan wants is to return to the sea. And that's the problem. He's been stripped of his abilities, so he can never do so.

Or could he?

A Merman Owned By Two Wolves is a 17,000-word novella.

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I sauntered toward the bar counter to my right that was a bit away from the dancefloor. Even the bartenders were hot, as if the club owner were quite selective on hiring staff. Or maybe I just had good taste, who knew?

I smiled. “A Long Island, please?”

“Sweet or strong?”

I had to consider that for a moment. Did I want to get drunk? It’d been a while, and I’d been a bit stressed and anxious over getting the new job. In fact, I still had yet to celebrate properly, since getting that job was a huge deal and an even bigger life-changer. I started in just days. I sensed others waiting and knew I had to decide right away. “Make that…strong, I guess.” I clenched my teeth with guilty anticipation over Cerie’s lingering words. One strong drink couldn’t hurt, and I’d be meeting Rowdy and Roar here, a public venue.

And if one didn’t hurt, neither would a second.

“Right up!” He got back to work and mixed away.

I scanned the crowd some more, plenty of eyes all over me. What was on their minds? I smiled, nonetheless. I stared at the dancefloor while it called my name loud enough to get to dancing at once. But then, I realized…how would I know when Rowdy and Roar would come? And what exactly would they wear? I hadn’t even thought to ask because I’d been so consumed with excitement. Luckily, they could recognize me through scent. If only I could like I was supposed to.

“Strong Long Island!”

I snapped back to reality and rushed back to the counter. I paid, tipped, and grabbed my drink with a smile. I stirred my drink and took a quick sip. I wrinkled my face. Blech, this was strong. Oh, well. Why waste a drop? I sipped some more and ignored the bitterness.

After getting my second strong Long Island, I scoped around, feeling so buzzed and ready to dance. I finished my drink, joined the crowd, and swayed to the synthpop beat. One couldn’t go wrong with an ‘80s sound, even if mostly modern. I moved to what seemed more midtempo than fast. I swayed my arms and moved my hips side by side to the rhythm. This was life right now. I needed this celebratory escape tonight. Even if Rowdy and Roar ended up standing me up, I’d probably still have a blast.

But I didn’t expect they would.

More songs later with the drunkenness still hitting me hard, someone asked near my ear, “Jordan?” While I didn’t recognize the deep and sexy voice, I had a feeling who it was. I turned around, stunned.

No longer blurry, two brown-haired men with hazel eyes around my age stood there shirtless with bulge-defining jeans, sexy abs that could grate cheese, and dashing smiles of perfect teeth. They were beautiful twins and well-sculpted like models, built like man wolves, and even better than the measly pic I’d seen.

And for the first time, they aroused me.

They grinned and seemed just as interested as I was. Two hot brothers who were completely identical in face and body.

They started dancing along with me, slowly at first to warm up.

I didn’t even care that I got in between with probably a loopy grin on my face. I swayed in the middle of them and got a bit too close, the light scent of their cologne triggering my pheromones. As drunk as I was, I was probably  at risk of sleeping with them despite not knowing them too well. And it didn’t help that they allowed me to be this close to them, tempting me. I just wasn’t sure if I really wanted to hook up with anyone tonight.

One of them stared into my eyes while we continued swaying to some dance remix I vaguely remembered. His face was dangerously close to mine, our lips just inches apart. “I’m the louder twin, Rowdy.” What a deep, sexy voice that made me rise to the occasion. “That’s Roar, but he doesn’t talk much at all.”

For the first time, I had the chance to get to know them better in person. Maybe it was a last-minute outing, but an interesting one, nonetheless. Then again, I was too drunk to care about how we met. The room spun me around at times that I wasn’t always sure it was my own dancing going on.

Roar smiled at me with interest, acting rather bashful, and he got closer to my ear. “Pretty,” he said. He handed me a red rose, and his eyes sparkled with emotion. What a charmer. No one had given me a rose before.

I bit my lower lip. “Um…thanks.” I stared at the rose for a moment. Not expected at all.


I sniffed the center, and the floral scent calmed me. I’d smelled flowers before, but why was this one so intense and relaxing? I felt…different.

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