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Father’s Day with the Birthday Boy: An Intergenerational Gay Incest Story (Son Makes Three #2)

Otto and his dad, Wolf, are ready to take their long-term romantic relationship to the next level by including Otto's virgin twink son, Delfin, in more of their shared sexual bonding. Last night, Delfin experienced his first kiss, first ejaculation, and first taste of man milk, shared between the three.

Unlike most teens, Delfin is different in his own way, which is why Otto and Wolf give him all the unconditional love he could ever want. But he's often felt left out and continues to want in on their way of showing love to each other.

Now, it's just hours later on Delfin's eighteenth birthday, which also happens to be Father's Day. The three of them are in their backyard pool celebrating with all the privacy they could ever need. Incest may be legal where they live, but it's still heavily frowned upon, so they have to be a close family in private.

Otto and Wolf have plans to introduce Delfin to more sexual experiences. This time, it's all about the taste in more ways than one. Delfin just might get a mouthful of sausage like never before.

But it's not the kind they plan to grill for the special dual occasion.

Father's Day with the Birthday Boy is a 4,000-word short story.

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Dad stroked my brown hair, his green eyes locking with my equally-green ones. What a sexy man whose German name, Wolf, naturally fit him. Since his blond hair wasn’t fully gray just yet, he looked younger for fifty-eight. My king, the man I worshiped every single day of my life as the patriarch of the Melker family. I was always his prince.

“I love you, Otto,” he said in his German accent.

“I love you too, Dad.”

We kissed, never able to get our hands off each other. He caressed my smooth backside and played with my trimmed hole, massaging my loose anus to make me hornier. Despite having showered and been in the pool all afternoon, he still gave off a musky scent of total man that intoxicated me every single time. I dropped my hands to play with his hairy hole. It was the beauty of being sexually versatile. We used our cocks and holes in more ways than one. Why limit ourselves?

“I want my beautiful son’s mouth on his daddy’s cock.”

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Son Makes Three: An Intergenerational Gay Incest Story (Son Makes Three #1)

Otto and Wolf are son and father, respectively, and they've had a romantic and sexual relationship for a long time, even considering themselves married. Incest is legal where they live, but it's still heavily frowned upon, so they have to love in their own way behind closed doors.

Otto also has a son of his own, Delfin, and his little boy is all grown up at eighteen. Unlike most teens, Delfin is different in his own way, so much so that it led his own mother to no longer want anything to do with him. That's okay, though. He has both his dad and grandpa to give him all the unconditional love he could ever be spoiled with.

While Otto and Wolf love Delfin with all their hearts, it's still not enough. Delfin feels left out whenever he sees his dad and grandpa showing the kind of affection he never gets to have. Since Otto and Wolf's strong family bond has romantic and sexual facets, Delfin wants a part of it too. Could he finally get his wish? Could Otto and Wolf possibly bring the three of them closer and happier in a new way?

Son Makes Three is a 4,900 word short story.

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Now, I realized Delfin had every right to learn about intimacy. Weird or not, I wanted to make things right by teaching him anything and everything, even if it meant letting him out into the world on his own one day, which Dad and I weren’t prepared for just yet.

Delfin moved away and pulled his T-shirt off his torso, tossing it onto the floor. Then, he pulled down his PJ bottoms and underwear and kicked them off his feet. “I’m naked…like you guys!”

Dad and I chuckled, and we gazed at my son with so much fondness. He was our pride and joy, and we were fiercely protective of him to the point of hurting anyone who’d hurt him. We caressed his naturally smooth and skinny body, mostly his chest. At eighteen, he was officially a twink, but he was also well-endowed from all the times I’d seen him. When I saw Dad rubbing Delfin’s right nipple with his thumb, I rubbed his left one. The goosebumps forming on his warm skin told me how much he wanted this. As long as he desired us like Dad and I started to, we’d make sure he felt good everywhere.

“Is this okay, baby boy?” I asked. “Can we do this to you?”

Delfin stifled a giggle and inhaled, as if trying to withstand what was probably ticklish to him. “Yeah. Feels good.”

“Yeah?” I said in a horny tone. I loved Dad with all my heart and desired him like no other man, but I’d recently started feeling a similar way for my own son. Dad seemed to have felt that way too, which made me relieved. Delfin was a man now, and given that his uncut cock was bigger than mine and Dad’s, he was definitely grown. I imagined his big balls were full of so much milk that needed to be released.

“Anytime you want to stop, you let us know, okay?” I said. God, I was so turned on by this. I wanted my own son in ways I’d never thought would happen.

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