Little Willy

These are the big adventures of Little Willy.

Little Willy was thrust into the world, unprepared for life and all the cockblocks that get thrown in his way. But he's managed to edge out a life worth living, even if it sometimes means his back gets a little stiff from working hard. Thankfully, he's got his boyfriend Peter Pecker who's always up for giving back massages; Peter is really good at finding the knots in Willy's back and then rubbing one out.

Not everyone wants to see Little Willy happy, though. His evil twin brother One-Eyed Jack sometimes forces himself in Willy's life and finds a way to beat his meat. And then there's Willy's nosy neighbour Chlamydia. She has a way of showing up at the most inconvenient times and greatly overstaying her welcome.

The Big Adventures of Little Willy can be found on Twitter (@69LittleWilly). If you'd like to contact Little Willy, you can do so by emailing littlewilly(at)indieerotica(dot)com.

Little Willy

Little Willy is a good-natured soul who likes to seek out the pleasure of everyday life. Between his boring day job in the office and his evenings and weekends spent with his boyfriend Peter Pecker, Willy has a full life. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, but generally isn't a fan of pussy (cats).

Peter Pecker

Peter Pecker has been Little Willy's boyfriend for so long that it feels like forever. But it's a good forever. Peter enjoys sports, barbecues (especially sausages), and being naked in nature. He has a secret passion for spelunking; there's something about those deep, dark, tight, warm spaces that makes Peter heady with excitement.

One-Eyed Jack

One-Eyed Jack is Little Willy's evil twin brother. Really, he hasn't always been evil, but after an accident involving mayonnaise and a tuning fork -- the accident that claimed his eye -- Jack has never quite been the same. He mostly leaves Little Willy alone, but every once in a while, his head pops up and he makes Willy's day unpleasant.

Chlamydia (Photo Coming Soon!)

Chlamydia is Little Willy's next door neighbor. She's the nosy kind of neighbor. Chlamydia will often show up unexpectedly and uninvited and will usually overstay her welcome. When Chlamydia is around, it makes it impossible for Little Willy and Peter Pecker to have some sexy private time together.